Tai Chi


Tai Chi has been practised by the Chinese for more than 700 years. The Chinese concept of chi or life force is cultivated with Tai Chi. The free flowing chi is essential for a healthy life. Blockages to the chi are caused by stress. Tai Chi replaces the stress with relaxation, bringing balance and harmony.

Signs which indicate stress are:
Inability to slowdown and relax
Inability to focus your attention
Explosive anger to minor irritation
Sleep disturbances
Heart palpitations
Cold hands or feet
Allergy or asthma attacks
Aching neck and shoulder muscles
Tension headaches
Diarrhoea or constipation
Anxiety or tension

If you notice an intensification of some of these symptoms, its time to do something about it. Tai Chi tones and stretches every muscle of your body. When doing Tai Chi breathing is very important, deep abdominal breathing which tenses and relaxes your abdominal muscles. It improves circulation of particularly the liver and spleen, the blood reservoirs of the body, all the body organs are effected. Tai Chi stimulates and releases blocked energy and enhances yin/yang balance. The ancient Chinese philosophers believed the universe was void and boundless Wu Chi. From Wu CHI EVOLVED MOTION YANG, AND STILLNESS, YIN.

The state which included both aspects was called Tai Chi.

The set of exercises known as Qigong Shibashi, illustrated in the uTube video, is a comprehensive health plan designed to cultivate health and energy in every part of the body.

When learning a movement divide it into steps, first practice the legwork, then the arm movement. Then put them together with the breathing. Twenty minutes of practice 5 times a week is recommended.

Tai Chi teaches you to regain inactivity in your life. When everything around you seems chaotic, Tai Chi helps centre you and makes all things possible from a free and peaceful mind.
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