Light Language Attunement and Integration

I have been interested in Light Language since the beginning of the year and reading and writing about it ever since. I have been fascinated and interested and finally got a message to go to a retreat in the Numinbah Valley where I stated my intention and received an attunement to Light Language from one of the participants Mia. I am very grateful to Mia for the attunement and to my guides, for this event.

Since then I have been integrating the new energy and this has brought out some old issues and processing and healing on ever deeper levels. I haven’t yet brought though light Language as spoken language and I’ve been told to trust that it will come through at the right time and place. I believe I now am able to work on earth healing without being physically present. This is a whole new level of attunement.

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Eclipse experiences 6 Gatekeepers and Unity Meditations

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
The effects of the Equinox Gateway passage are anchoring into the collective consciousness. The Cosmic Mother/Divine Feminine energies bring us fully into the experience of consistent NOW dynamics; the absolute Presence of the Multidimensional Self.

While the newness and beauty of this state of BEingness is difficult to convey, the key quality is it’s unshakeable nature. This consistent Zero-Point awareness demonstrates the new phase of our embodiment. Many Wayshowers are experiencing this merge of past, present, future and multidimensional aspects of Self in synchronous time. A true taste of consistent 5D consciousness at last.

Embodiment of the Divine Multidimensional Self has been the goal of the Wayshowers, in order to anchor this state into the collective, the grids, and beloved Gaia. This has been a message for years: Embodiment first, then a profound acceleration of Ascension can unfold. The continual amplification with every Gateway this year is palpable for many. Strong Cosmic factors are assisting us along this path, however the shifts to Christed/Unity consciousness are a Divine HUman choice.

Remember we are here to demonstrate what is possible with Ascension, as well as transform realities. Divine HUman DNA, the miraculous crystalline DNA, is a powerful conduit for Pure Source consciousness. When we pair it with the availability of Primary Christed timelines, which don’t feel like timelines in this state, we open brand new Gateways within the cosmos for brilliant unfoldments to occur.

Podcasts with the Sedona Tribe

I depart Sedona this day, so I will write more about these new experiences when I return to Mount Shasta next week. Kindwhile, the Presence is described – and perhaps felt – through a podcast recorded this week with a beautiful Sedona siSTAR.

Emergence of the Divine HUman: Podcast with Giselle Koy

Giselle is the creator of the Conscious Media Festival, an event I had the pleasure of presenting at last year. She is also a dear Soul siSTAR who attended the Sedona gathering and New Moon ceremony. We share experiences during the events, the new embodiment level, and what is unfolding with Ascension.

Unity Meditations this SUNday
Infinite LoveLight to all who are embracing this next level of Ascension. We continue to infuse the Unity Meditations with the highest level activations, healings and amplification possible. Intentions for peace, balance (Pacific Rim focus this week) and the experience of embodiment for all willing hearts will be surged through the field and New Earth grids.

Join us in SUNday, October 1 at 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm PT to connect in Divine Service to the Ascension.

Open Invite from the Divine Mother

Open Invite from the Divine Mother
September 27, 2017 By Steve Beckow

The Mother will show up in the form the devotee worships
I asked myself recently, what’s the highest subject I could possibly research?

I wanted to create a project while waiting for the major events to happen.

The answer was: The nature, laws, and essence of the Divine Mother. There is no higher subject.

OK, OK, OK, there is a higher subject. But studying That yields no insights. OK, OK, OK, it does yield insights. But studying That is impossible. That is not knowable.

Only the Mother is. Hence I say one can study no higher subject.

That project has now become a book. I’ve finished the book, but, by way of proofreading it, I’m getting the quotes out of it and into the First Contact dictionary.

I believe that a person cannot even ponder a subject like the Divine Mother without benefitting.

And she not only wants us to think about her, but to come and talk with her. What generation ever heard an invitation like this one from her?

“Conceive of this – anchor this truth that I remind you of this day and this year – we are one. I am not some distant Deity needing to be praised, adored, honoured, prayed to. You do this because you love me and you love us and of course those prayers and that adoration are heard and received graciously and with great glee.

“But what about just talking? What about just visiting? What about simply sitting together? My sweet family, you have placed me at a distance. You have placed me out of reach. You have placed your family out of reach. And so often that has come to be the fulfilment of the belief, that you do not fully feel our presence, our assistance, our guidance, our help, or our love. And that is the most important factor.

“This is the time of the fulfillment of the family plan. …

“I want you, I ask you, I invite you – I plead with you – discuss your hopes and dreams, your plans with me in the silence of your heart, in the excitement of exchanges. I will let you know – Mi-ki-el, Yeshua, St Germaine will let you know if there is a course correction to be had.” (1)

I can’t think of a warmer, more open-hearted invitation than this. I challenge anyone to find a similar statement directly from her to any other generation than ours. I don’t think it has ever happened.

She tells us that the only barriers between us and her are the ones we create.

Contrast that picture with how religion represents the situation: That the Holy Spirit, an aspect of the Mother, is a distant, exalted, and holy being. We need the intercession of religious leaders if we even want to be noticed by it. And more intercession would prevent our being punished for our sins.

Nothing could be further from the truth, it turns out. No intercession is needed. And she’s right here, with us.

This is just one example of the incredible new information that’s coming to us spiritually.

I think this was in part what Archangel Michael had in mind when he said:

“If no [lightworker] steps forward into [leadership] then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

“So [when non-lightworkers] are assigned … or try to step up … to create and to take the leadership role, they do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable. … So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

“Now, who, upon this wondrous planet, has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? … Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers.” (2)

“They do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable.” How could one put a price tag on knowing that the Great Being in charge of creating worlds and universes is not only approachable but wants to talk with us?

How could one say how important it is to our work to know that we cocreate with the mightiest forces (the archangels, elohim, ascended masters, etc.) in the universe?

Or to know about the universal laws, which actually work (I can tell you), or to ask for protection, help, etc. These are skills lightworkers have and the general populace probably does not.

If a potential executive doesn’t believe in archangels, how am I to have them serve me as extensions of my co-creative partnership with one?

A lightworker having been through the lessons taught in the many messages we’ve received from the higher realms is an invaluable asset in the new society and economy.


(1) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year’s Message 2017,” December 29, 2016, through Linda Dillon, at

(2) “Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015,” at

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The Ancient Prophesies won’t be Happening

The Ancient Prophecies Won’t be Happening
September 26, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Most of us have either read or heard about the end-time prophecies in sources like the Book of Revelation. They promise catastrophe for humanity.

Here’s one prominent lightworker pointing to them as determining present events.

“World religions and prophecies throughout the Ages have all talked about these end times. What Humanity is experiencing now has been referred to time and again in various ancient scriptures as the time of screaming and the gnashing of teeth.

“Despite that ominous description, ALL of us volunteered to be here during this purging process.”

What’s new today is that many of our galactic and celestial sources deny that the old prophecies any longer apply.

Let’s listen to SaLuSa of Sirius on the matter. He denies the continuing applicability of the old-time prophecies:

“You may have noted that you have not been beset with catastrophes of a physical nature, in spite of the ancient prophecies for this period of time. We have been able to control such issues, but certain Earth changes will have to take place as part of the cleansing.

“Whatever happens know that we are working behind the scenes to keep damage and death to a minimum, and we will do all we can to warn you in advance of any major event.” (1)

He explains how it comes about that prophecies fall by the wayside.

“As might be expected prophesies come and go, and you will find that periodically certain groups will feel that they have been guided to one that supports their beliefs. You may wonder how it comes about, and in many instances it is the result of energy given to an event of a religious significance. It can go back hundreds if not thousands of years, gradually becoming so powerful that it will impinge upon the consciousness of its followers who bring it to a conclusion.

“The factor that results in a non-event is more likely to be because times have changed, along with the levels of consciousness and the Light has become the pacifier. As a result the prediction no longer carries forward and it does not manifest. In other words it is no longer necessary to bring in the changes that were expected, as Humanity has moved on to a new paradigm. The Apocalypse will not therefore take place as expected although there will still be many Earth changes, but no longer associated with mass death and destruction.” (2)

SaLuSa sees the hand of the dark in promoting the prophecies:

“I am … pleased that through various channels you at least have sources of news about Ascension. If left to your media you would hear little or nothing about it, because the dark Ones do not want you to know of the opportunity to leave the cycle of duality.

“They would rather depict the end as the Armageddon, playing on the death and destruction associated with it. In fact they planned events to coincide with the prophecies, to frighten people into believing in the end of the World. Fear not, dear Ones, as we will ensure that it is as easy as it can be made, and life will continue according to your freewill and well into the future.” (3)

He congratulates lightworkers for rising above the fear-ridden messages.

“Currently you are raising your levels in seeking an end to the old systems of control. That is helping speed up the changes, and the energy for change cannot be denied. It means that you have taken a positive approach and risen above the fear-laden prophecies that are being made about your future.” (4)

Fear will be replaced by faith in the Divine Plan, he says.

“Others who expect a different scenario will cling to what they believe, until it becomes apparent that there is a New Age coming into existence. Fear will be replaced by faith in the Plan of God that is destined to bring you joy and happiness. It will be clear that your future is to lift up out of the darkness, and that a pathway has been created to the higher realms.

“Gone are the prophecies that told of vast physical changes and the death of millions of souls, as you are stepping onto the path of Light that ensures the minimum effect upon you. You have created the opportunity for such changes, and Heaven has responded by moving you out of the lower vibrations.” (5)

I’ve already posted articles discussing the fact that HAARP was decommissioned some time ago and that the storms, earthquakes and other Earth changes happening now are Gaia doing her work of releasing humanity’s residual negativity. (6)

Now we hear that the dire predictions of the Book of Revelation and other sources will not occur, even if Gaia will go forward with her cleansing. The galactics are mitigating their impact on humanity, even if they cannot interfere with Gaia’s work on preparing for her own Ascension.


(1) SaLuSa, Aug. 17, 2011, at

(2) SaLuSa, May 23, 2011.

(3) SaLuSa, April 6, 2011. Archangel Sandalphon also suggests that the ancient prophecies were the work of the dark ones.

“Earth will not be destroyed and old prophecies do not apply anymore! These prophecies have been written with reference to those who have always intended to destroy humanity and to take over your beautiful planet earth and even the whole universe. The celestial signs have been used for misinterpretation to serve their destructive goals.

“But these plans have been defeated by the Sacred Will of the Highest Divinity.” (“Archangel Sandalphon: You are Changing Your Destiny at a Large Scale,” channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, July 17, 2013 at

According to him, many advanced beings incarnated on Earth to defeat the prophecies:

“So many Divine Beings took incarnation on your earth … in order to make obsolete the prophecies about a human development that would increasingly separate itself from their Divine Source, as hoped and intended by the ill-disposed ones.” (Loc. cit.)

(4) SaLuSa, Aug. 17, 2011.

(5) SaLuSa, Dec. 15, 2008.

(6) “What Happened to HAARP – Part 1/2,” Sept. 17, 2017, at

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Preparing for First Contact

Dear Readers,

We have been engaged in some pretty interesting conversations with the Arcturians and our Multidimensional Leaders and TEAM Galactic interns. I am sure that you are noticing that something is very different since the eclipse. We will be sharing the details that have been coming through from our higher guidance since these topics are very pertinent and important for each of you to hear.

In the meantime, if you feel that you could benefit from some direct guidance, I encourage you to sign up for a personal session with the Arcturians.

If you’d like to connect with us in unity, we encourage you to join us in October. The focus has already shifted a bit to include preparations for what lies ahead.
A Blessing from the Arcturians

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

We the Arcturians, appreciate and bless the many humans, animals and plants in the lower United States and Mexico who have greatly suffered. We are sorry that dear Gaia needs to “shake her self out” a bit before she can begin her transmutation from the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension.

However, humanity has banded together, assisted each other, and greatly expanded their compassion and their consciousness due to their “Service to Others.” Service to Others is what will allow the landings to occur. In other words, the Galactics can not land to assist Gaia and humanity before the humans show that they can work as ONE to assist each other and to assist their planet.

Gaia is a “Free Will Planet.” What that means is that the humans, who were meant to be the most evolved beings on the planet, must expand into the frequency of consciousness to the frequency in which they innately “bond together and offer service to others” during a crises, as well as during their everyday life.

When humanity has come to the point of evolution that they realize that “helping each other” expands beyond just humans and encompasses the entire planet, as well as ALL of Gaia’s creatures, elements and elementals, we, your Galactic Family, will gain the “go-ahead” from the higher dimensions that “IT IS THE NOW” to directly interface with humanity in preparation for First Contact.

We, your Galactic Family, are very pleased to see that humanity has expanded their consciousness and given help and great compassion for those who are suffering—which includes the earth, the waters, and the air.

NO! the Galactics did NOT create any of these events, but the dark ones have been planning these situations for much of your time. We will not get into how the dark ones have learned how to “assist disaster,” as humanity must discover that for themselves.

In order to assist with planetary ascension, our “volunteers to take an earth vessel on Gaia” assist humanity to expand their consciousness into the next octave of reality, which is the fifth dimension.

Some humans have learned/remembered a sense of mastery over their third dimensional reality. This mastery has been revealed by the great “service to others” that has been revealed from the recent disasters.

Those who have gained this mastery of “Service to Others—including Service to Gaia” will become the “teacher of ascension,” for which they will be trained when they journey to their specific Starship and/or Home World in their third, fourth or even fifth dimensional bodies.

We, your Galactic Family, regret the great challenges of “ascension from a third dimensional human and return to your innate fifth dimensional SELF!” However, because the “forces of darkness—the Illuminati” want to take over Gaia to be one of their planets, humanity must face all their own inner darkness.
Read the Full Message

Preparing for First Contact

Landing in a Frequency
Near You
“Our Dear Emissaries to Earth, We come to you in this NOW to inform you that we will be landing soon, but only in a frequency of reality in which “Power Within Self” has replaced all remnants of “Power Over Others.”

Get Your Copy Now

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“The positive focus of the book, Preparing for First Contact, will assure people that they are not alone, and have never been alone. The landings are not “extraterrestrials,” but humanity’s own fifth-dimensional self. Hence, instead of the landing being any kind of “new people” coming to Earth, or any form of invasion, there will be a grand reunion with everyone’s fifth dimensional expression of SELF.”
~ The Arcturians

Join us for this fun and energetic event, which will include
in-depth discussions and engaging activities as we unite
to share this important and hopeful truth about our upcoming galactic reunion.

Let’s co-create our galactic reality!

Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017
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To each Lightworkers an Organisation

To Each Lightworker an Organization
September 22, 2017 By Steve Beckow

More and more of our sources are coming out and predicting the Reval … what? In the near offing? Whoever knows. But there is a growing consensus.

But I want to talk about after the Reval. May I? Just some points that won’t leave.

You’d think I’d be a voice of lightworker unity.

You’d think I’d be encouraging lightworkers to come together after the Reval, to band together, cluster in one company or a few companies.

(And I’m talking only to lightworkers who are inclined to act as financial stewards.)

That’d be marvellous. A brain trust. A concentration of talent.

To a degree, I am. Let’s meet in roundtables and congresses. But when it comes to individual enterprises, I encourage it to be one lightworker, one organziation.

People who’ve kept up with the baseline of conversation among credible channeled sources – who know what’s happening – will be invaluable in the new economy, government, education, medicine, and spirituality.

In my view, it’s ineffective to concentrate them in one place. Again in my opinion, I’d like to see us spread far and wide, like seeds in a field. To the seeds, each one a small piece of land; to lightworkers, each one an organization.

I remember saying to the Nova Earth team years ago that my vision for the group was that after the Pre-NESARA money (as it was called in those days) arrived, everyone would be president of their own company.

If we clustered together in one enterprise, it’d be a poor use of valuable, in-the-know talent. There won’t be time to train people in what we know. We’ll be too busy.

Archangel Michael talked about the matter in a more general way. I want to extend what he says to lightworkers leading organizations. My argument is a specific application of his more general point.

“If no [lightworker] steps forward into [leadership] then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

“So [when non-lightworkers] are assigned … or try to step up … to create and to take the leadership role, they do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable. … So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

“Now, who, upon this wondrous planet, has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? … Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers.” (1)

I’m saying if lightworkers don’t spread themselves as widely as possible, unless circumstances don’t permit, we’ll have underutilized a valuable resource.

We need to leaven a loaf of 7/8 billion people. That’s a big beat, a lot of territory to cover.

But you do what seems best for you. (2)

May I add another piece of unsolicited advice I’d like to express? If you’d indulge me, I’d appreciate it.

You folks who live in the country? If you don’t mind me humbly saying, please don’t look for charitable causes to support in the city. The city will be well looked after. They tend to concentrate wealth.

Attend first to your own locale and region. Those who can and will take care of your local region are far smaller in number than those who can and will take care of any major city. … That’s probably why you’re there.

See to the home front first … and that includes ourselves. Only if we maintain our own health and sanity in what’s about to hit us (buckle up) will we be able to serve the Mother. (3)

Yes, serve the Mother. If you remember nothing else from this article, may it be: Serve the Mother.

No, I don’t know anything more than you about the Reval. But I sense that if we don’t have these discussions now, we won’t have them after.

It’ll just be too hectic.


(1) “Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015,” at

(2) We need to spread our light as far and wide as possible, in my view. One lightworker aware of the Mother’s Plan for Ascension, Abundance, Disclosure, and Reconstruction can shape the initial culture of the whole company. And shifts of this kind at this level are probably exactly what we need to have happen to wake up anyone still sleeping.

(3) And, yes, remind me I said it. When stress goes up, awareness goes down. Add to that a Teflon memory – a memory to which nothing sticks – and I’ll be well served by being reminded.

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