The beginning of the Age of Aquarius

img_0387Sue Lie: This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Part 1/3
February 4, 2017 by Steve Beckow

Sue LieI promised you a series on Sue Lie and the Arcturians’ view of gamma waves or photons. (1)

And then I found a transcript from An Hour with an Angel that, by way of a general introduction, gives most of the picture.

I’m going to excerpt from it in the next two posts and add a third on the ages or yugas and states of consciousness.

Sue Lie: Beta, alpha, theta, delta, then gamma waves. Gamma waves are Fifth-Dimensional states of consciousness. …

Some planets or solar systems will actually emit gamma waves.

Gamma waves are only in the outer atmosphere. They don’t normally pierce the inner atmosphere of a planet.

Steve: They’re up there in our upper atmosphere but not in our lower atmosphere?

Sue: Well, very often they’re not in the atmosphere of the planet at all. There’s the ionosphere, the lithosphere, different spheres. [Gamma rays] stay outside the spheres of the planet.

Within the atmosphere of the Earth, there is the effluvia of all the pain and suffering. So it hits this wall. You’ve got this immensely-high frequency and then it hits this wall. And it doesn’t go in it.

Steve: Yes. Now is that why we’re doing all this clearing?

Sue: Yes. We’re doing the clearing so we can receive it. We always have known that this was a very special time coming up.

Moving through outer space is like being on an ocean. You’re in the ocean and you’ll have warm sections of water and really cold sections of water.

In outer space, there’ll be lower-frequency sections and higher-frequency sections. And [the higher-frequency sections have] these gamma rays that we have been moving into.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which actually involves moving into this area of space where there really are gamma rays….

Sue: Light is alive. And especially gamma rays. Gamma rays are very powerful, formative rays. Gamma rays are intelligent waves. They will respect the barrier.

And also there’s been a quarantine around Earth.

But as we move deeper and deeper into alpha waves — there’s more and more of them coming in – the shields of the Planet are beginning to say “Maybe this is okay.” …

Remember they talked a while back about the wave of higher light coming in. That wave of higher light is the gamma waves.

Steve: Yes, I’m not surprised.

Sue: The gamma is that higher frequency of light.

Steve: And that’s the Ascension energy.

Sue: That’s the Ascension energy.

Now it’s difficult. Humanity seems to hold to a belief that all these humans are alive and sometimes some animals are alive but plants are just plants and light is just light.

Steve: Yes. I have that point of view.

Sue: Everything is alive. Planets are alive.

Steve: What does it mean to say “alive” when we’re talking about a gamma ray?

Sue: It’s light. In the beginning there was light. Light is what created life. (2)

(Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.)


(1) See “Sandra Walter on the Nature and Impact of Photonic Light – Part 1/4,” January 27, 2017, at

(2) “Transcript: Sue Lie and the Arcturians on Gamma Waves, the Ascension Energies, February 22, 2016, at

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Rain for Gaia


Rain for Gaia and Plea for Peace Now Meditations, Saturday and Sunday
February 3, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis

Rain 13
3:15 pm Saturdays

Wherever You Are On Gaia,

Meditation: Gentle Rains For Global Drought

Please Set A Reminder On Your Phone,

Join With Us

Last week it snowed in parts of Israel, Syria and the Middle East. What an amazing way to lift spirits, the power of play. . . Thank you so much for your wondrous group energy of change and hope!

Our meditation for global rain for areas of drought, done in partnership with Mother/Father One, Gaia and the Water Element, our Star Family, the Ascended Masters and the Enlightened Ones, is for the elimination of all lack and limitation everywhere on Earth.

Gathering with the energies of the sacred waters of Gaia — bringing gentle restoring rains to areas of drought in California, the western Carolinas, northern and central Alabama, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, South America, Australia, the Middle East — we are washing away thoughts, feelings, ways of being, that are not of love, uniting heart-to-heart-to-heart around the globe.

As we meditate and visualize, the expansion of our creator selves as re-constructors, as restorers of Earth in alignment with Universal Law, alongside the Healers of Tralana, Archangel Raphael, Sanat Kumara and the Halion Engineers, is emerging.

We welcome you to join with us in this sacred meditation.

Below are maps of Earth showing precipitation:

Who knew rain patterns around the world could be this beautiful?

A link to view where there is drought on Earth:

Archangel Uriel: “You are mighty, and you are strong, and you are gentle, and you are joy! Go with my love always, and do this meditation, as we refresh and renew our Beloved Gaia.”
peace 13
9:00 pm Sunday,
Wherever You Are On Gaia,

Please Join With Archangel Michael,

The Council Of Love, Our Star Brothers And Sisters,

Plea For Peace Now — meditation begins 10:00 minutes in

Archangel Michael, in this meditation, tells us that, “All beings yearn for peace.”
He entreats us to put down our swords and shields — to relax, to let go of our tendency to ‘fight’ — and to allow The Gentle Breeze of Peace of His Breath, of His Essence to join with our tri-flames, to expand us, to anchor us, and then to pass through us. .

He asks us to surrender to The Blue Breeze — for it to wash away any dregs of fear, to remove the sorrow and grief from our heart and lungs — to feel this in every cell and fibre of our beings.

As The Blue Gentle Breeze of Peace passes through us, it is passing through each of us to humanity, and Archangel Michael says we are holding:

“The Breath of Peace, The Blue Flame of Peace, The Blue Flame of Truth, and The Truth Is there is no violence, no war, no abuse that can ever be justified. . . there is no room for this on Our Beloved Planet.”

“Peace is gentle. Peace is kind. Peace is loving and considerate.”

Please join with Archangel Michael, Mother/Father One and many in this sacred meditation, Plea For Peace Now, to anchor gentleness — peaceful loving kindness in every way — during this time of creative chaos upon Gaia.

Archangel Michael: “Now, long ago, we have talked about doing the Meditation for Karmic Dispensation and most of you have done this. What we would recommend is that you do this meditation, and you take — you can choose, you can take countries or tribes or situations — take them along with you to the Karmic Board, and allow them to receive the karmic forgiveness, erasure that can take place and finish this off rapidly. That will contribute mightily to the peace brigade.” (1)

What the Council of Love calls our ‘addiction to pain’ is connected to our lack of forgiveness of everything. Our Star Brothers and Sisters with the Porlana C Sheer Energy and Saint Germaine entreat us to call on them.

In this time of karmic dispensation connect daily with Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame, the Violet Bonfire, The I Am, and the Life Force Energy of Porlana C for conscious awareness, forgiveness of self for everything, hope, Love and The Peace For All.



If the meditation times are not appropriate for your schedule — know that we can jump time, forwards or backwards — from the time you are able to do the meditation, to the group time. For example: “I jump time to the group time of 9:00 PM for the Plea for Peace Now meditation.”

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Tooloom Falls 2

I have been back to Tooloom Falls with some new techniques and a Selenite Light Sword to strengthen the work I did previously.

I went to the circle at sunset and did a toning as Guboo taught me. I unwrapped the sword and held it while meditating. first I felt a sore left lower leg an used the sword till it cleared, then I crossed each shoulder and moved it between the two hills,back and forth, over my right shoulder to strengthen the leyline. I saw a blue wren in the circle as I did previously when I worked here. I held the sword in my lap for a while and noticed a beautiful aroma. I looked around to see where it had come from, but there was nothing in flower. The smell got stronger and was lifting my energy. Was it ‘lily of the valley’, I asked? Yes. Who has that as an aroma signature? Is it Mother Mary? Yes. It was lovely energy. Then the sun came from behind a cloudy sky and shone brilliantly for about 10 minutes, lighting the circle the trees and the creek. All the time the aroma was present, uplifting me.

The sun had set and pale ble vibrant sky was on the horizon with rose gold light reflecting in a full sky reflection of rose gold on the trees and ground. I took a video of it which is on my Facebook page.
Lily of the Valley from a Higher perspective:
“Creates an intersection of two planes that look like a + (cross) creating the internal supporting structure for a sphere. It connects the circuitry between Higher Self and human brain, activating a sphere of All-That-Is to raise the frequency of the brain, connecting into higher frequency dimensions. Heart is an important part of this essence. Neural cells (“brain”) of the heart connect with the higher emotional functions (“heart”) of the brain allowing consciousness to permeate the body, unifying Spirit and matter. At the center of the sphere with cross is the heart.

All humans used to operate at this level, but it was lost to most people since Lemuria broke up and sank. Christ was one of the advanced humans who brought back these teachings. However, over the centuries church leaders misinterpreted the multidimensional teachings of Christ. We lost the training to access these multidimensional circuits and we lost the teaching that our bodies are a hologram of the Tree of Life. These losses have caused great distress and a sense of powerlessness with our personal and societal spiritual growth and development.

Currently some humans remember these ancient teachings. It is time for Divine Consciousness Presence, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Mind/Nature to be an everyday facet of all human life. More and more people are having tastes, periodic experiences of this level of consciousness. You are forerunners. The potential is strong that this could be the normal experience for humans once again.

Portal of New Beginnings – Melchizedek The Company of Heaven

Greetings everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well! The last few weeks have been incredibly transformational, turbulent and chaotic to say the least for many of you. Much has transpired…

Source: Portal of New Beginnings – Melchizedek &The Company of Heaven

Camino by car


Our modern version of the Camino has taken us by car from St Jean Port de Pied to the sea, at Finisterre where the leyline goes into the sea. While our modern version is certainly less arduous than walking, there were still trials and tribulations.

We were too old to walk the Camino, I had a pacemaker and diabetes and Marion is 10 year older than I, so really we had no choice but to drive. We hired a car in France and drove from Velines in Aquitane, to Spain.

This journey will form the basis of my next book: Camino by Car which will be available as an ebook. I am just home from France and have a 1st draft written, so it will take some time. but if you are interested in reading it here are the links

These are the links to my Camino book chapters:

Camino Pilgrimage

Joy, generosity, small words of kindness, humility and patience, a simple thought to others, our ways to be quiet, to listen, to look, to forgive, to speak. Here are the true drops of love. Mother …

Source: Camino Pilgrimage

Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension – Golden Age of Gaia

I’m working with a reader, D, on documenting and mapping her consciousness shift. The invitation I extended to her, I told her I think I need to extend to everybody.  Here’s that invitation. Start to become an ethnographer of your own consciousness shift. What’s an ethnographer? My understanding of an ethnographer is that the kind …

Source: Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension – Golden Age of Gaia