Camino by car


Our modern version of the Camino has taken us by car from St Jean Port de Pied to the sea, at Finisterre where the leyline goes into the sea. While our modern version is certainly less arduous than walking, there were still trials and tribulations.

We were too old to walk the Camino, I had a pacemaker and diabetes and Marion is 10 year older than I, so really we had no choice but to drive. We hired a car in France and drove from Velines in Aquitane, to Spain.

This journey will form the basis of my next book: Camino by Car which will be available as an ebook. I am just home from France and have a 1st draft written, so it will take some time. but if you are interested in reading it here are the links

These are the links to my Camino book chapters:

The latest energy upgrade

New Earth01

Energy Update: Huge Jumps ~ Lots More Coming…

April 07, 2016

By Lisa Brown, 04/06/2016

Okay loves… we had huge jumps the last couple of nights… we still have lots more coming… yet each jump, the energy of things to “deal” with speed up as timelines collapse…. so GET UP AND MOVE ENERGY in the direction of that which you do desire… StarGate Hops, as I call them, means we are moving from one timeline to the next and any physical world stuff undone/unresolved…. causes you to get caught with your pants down and scrambling….

Sleep disturbances are common with these energies, as much clearing takes place when you sleep. Body movement is a part of timeline clearing, and new reality activations.

Quantum photon(ic)-magnetic light is moving …. and the frequencies are activating to higher frequencies now. We had “heaven clouds” visible, with Sylphs clearing out the old programs/realities behind them….

Today is a huge marker day, as is 4/8, 4/9, 4/11 & 4/15…. yet it’s not about that day, it’s everything that culminates up to that point, what we do, don’t do, how much we’ve cleared, how much peace/love/light that we hold when those marker points arrive…

So, focus on you, your reality and choose the timeline you do desire to experience…. sleep to anchor/integrate where called, utilize nature to connect/balance out magnetics if the nervous system goes into overload and stop old programs in their tracks. Raise your vibration/consciousness and expand out as far as you can intentionally. Come to peace inside and move from there…. or do what it takes to bring peace within you….
We are all moving a whole lot out these days, physically or energetically depends on how much you exist as energy again. Physical re-alignments are a response or occur for you. As MASTERS they are a response to that which we DO/allow/focus energetically. Mastering Energy means you are present, aware, choosing and shifting your vibration to what is appropriate/called for in every second.

Human aspects have a hard time dealing with the speed at which things move…. fast, slow, strong, soft… all over the place sometimes as we process all realities and timelines visible simultaneously. We don’t have the delay of “human thinking” or the barriers between dimensions anymore. WE act with the energies in every moment… it catches humans off-guard, as “processing time” is much different here. It’s hard when they cannot see or understand. It’s our job to open the ability to see, yet when they are not open and don’t want to, It’s harder, for we have to allow them to go experience their own realities their way…. WE have to make the decisions, when it affects our realities….. The more inner-twined our realities, the more each affects the whole. All must stand in their own power, responsibility, reality and do themselves… As each awaken further, roles and responsibilities as a NEW Earth HUman change dramatically. The old programs don’t get to play out anymore…

The frequencies are high with solar winds in the mix…. these create “softness” as you move through realities however is most productive for you!

Love love love and happy Heaven and NEW Earth realities to you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Light Embodiment Guide, Transformational Speaker and Energy Master

Camino Pilgrimage

Joy, generosity, small words of kindness, humility and patience, a simple thought to others, our ways to be quiet, to listen, to look, to forgive, to speak. Here are the true drops of love. Mother …

Source: Camino Pilgrimage

Camino Pilgrimage

Rainbow WarriorsJoy, generosity, small words of kindness, humility and patience, a simple thought to others, our ways to be quiet, to listen, to look, to forgive, to speak. Here are the true drops of love.

Mother Theresa

I thought I’d begin to talk and write about my next adventure. I have been invited to France later this year and ever since, I have been thinking and reading about the Camino Trail. I first heard about it from a potter friend of mine, Pam who lived on Tamborine until recently and moved to Cairns. She made heart-shaped clay pieces which she gave to people she met, and asked them to take them home and hang them on a tree, or and take them to where ever they were going and hang them there. The message on these medallions is Peace. I have passed them to many visitors to the mountain. I’m sure they have been around the world many times. She had done a Camino walk and had changed her surname to one of the places en route.

Such a simple idea and an effective way of promoting peace, I thought. I have no idea how far she walked or any other details but it had obviously profoundly affected her life. So after being invited to the south of France this year I wanted to find out more and whether it was possible for me, so I have been busy researching and thinking how I might do part of it. Since my physical condition is not good, but I have been following my guidance since my own pilgrimage around Australia in 1996, described in my Uluru by Arunda book (available on line through my Facebook site), I thought I would allow myself to be guided to where I needed to go.

Claude Tranchant in her `Boots to Bliss’ book describes meeting two old women sitting on an outdoor bench. They had difficulty believing someone at the other end of the earth, Australia, could have heard of St James Way and that is what the Camino had been known as for thousands of years. Later she placed a heart shaped stone at the foot of a cross for the people she had known in her life and each time she found a cross, she deposited a heart-shaped stone for someone at its base. I’m sure I’ll be quoting from Claude’s book again as its the best book on the Camino I’ve found to date.

At Easter I was invited by a medium friend to meet someone I should meet. It turned out to be a most momentous meeting with another earth healer who has worked on the Camino, Sharon Bela-Verdy. We had lots to share and we set up a light point where she is living and I believe I’ll be working with her when I go to France. She is launching a Foundation – Green Beautiful Foundation to bring in the new energies for healing Gaia the Earth Mother. As a result of the weekend, a new level of energy has come in for me and relates to Te Aho the Maori leader who I tuned into previously and wrote about. I am now resting and integrating the new energies.

When I got home there was a pile of photocopied books left for me, including one on Atlantis by Shirley Andrews: Atlantis Insights from a Lost Civilization. In it she describes the Atlantean colonies which settled on the coast of Spain after Atlantis sank.

Hardy inhabitants of the community of Tarshish on Spain’s Atlantic coast returned when the water retreated around 10,000 BC, and by 7,000 BC Tarshish was again a thriving community renowned for its poetry laws and books. In 533 BC the Carthaginians sacked and burned the beautiful city but there are remains off the Spanish coast on the continental shelf which are visible to divers. Edgar Cayce also describes Atlanteans settling inland from the Bay of Biscay and settling in the Pyrenees where they lived in relative isolation, their descendants are the Basques. Their blood type has a much higher percentage of RH negative blood which is a characteristic of Atlantean descendants everywhere. The Basque language Eushera, reflects the prehistoric language and has common origin with Central American Guatemalan language. They are believed to be another Atlantean group, as are the Tuartha in Ireland. This book has a wealth of information on the Pleiadian contact and working with the leylines.

Kakadu Dreaming
Kakadu Dreaming
By Christine A Deacon

Photo book

March Madness


The month of March so far has been filled with energy upgrades and transformations. So many huge insights have come through for many light beings. This is necessary because the reality of 3D needs to now change fast and is changing. The darkness is leaving as we transmute the energy into light. We build our light bodies each time more darkness leaves. The new timelines then have an easier time to come in, integrate and anchor themselves in. As we jump the timelines to 5D, so does the earth. The earth is our chariot to the new golden earth that awaits us.

We will be seeing more energy changes, more light body building and more transmuting of dark energies all this month. Thank you again to all of your service all the thousands of light servers across the planet that serve the light. You shine bright to help transmit all things to light and love. This is why we have made the progress we have. Even though it has been difficult at times, hang in there-> we are strong for each other. Our unique energies are needed and help to serve others to get through this process. Some are just starting the ascension process and they will need extra help ,

We entered a new timeline through the energies of the Eclipse on March 8/9 as I said in my last article. We are now sealing and entwining this energy with the March 20 Equinox and the next Lunar Eclipse on March 23. These energies all work in harmony together to bring us the needed changes of the light body to be able to go further into the 5th dimension, consciously and physically. By December and through the winter Solstice the world will no longer seem the same as it does now, so much will have changed.

We are creating the changes now. We are all involved in this process of moving to the higher realms of light. Each day brings a new day to transform, ascend and come closer to our Creator and Christ Consciousness. We are bring this beautiful creation of LOVE to 3D so we can transmute it into 5D of heavenly cities of light.

Keep focusing on the change we want to happen and leave the distractions for others. Ascension requires a lot of our attention to manifest the reality we desire. We are given this gift in this lifetime, what a beautiful journey are on together ,

I love you all ! In service and Love,
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher- Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert
Copyright © 2016 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved.

In Service to the Light


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