Egypt – first trip Day 2

The visit to a perfumery was a surprise. We had an entertaining lecture by Reiki Master Gamal Abdul Sami Zakinthos, who can see auras and is extremely knowledgable about essences. To summarise:

Crown chakra – Blue Lotus-  spiritual communication- use on the body

Third Eye chakra – Sandlewood and Oil of Peppermint – use in burner

Throat chakra – Amber cashmere -use in bath or massage

  • Musk – oil burner

Heartchakra – Rose – in oil burner – for headaches, back pain, emotional stress

Third chakra – Jasmin, double Jasmin – digestive, lose weight

Second chakra – Musk Oil –  Balance yin/yang, heal inner child

Base chakra – Red Amer Oil

Higher Chakra Oils

Spikenard – Mary Magdelene

Papyrus – Body as Temple of Soul

Lily of the Valley – Nature Spirits

Frankincense – crown chakra – clear entities

Myrr  – crown chakra

Flower of Seqqara – Astral travel, angel communication

Fruit Oils – help us enjoy our freedom and joy in the home

Perhaps more importantly, Gamal showed us his amazing generosity of spirit, a true Master in every sense.

Our next stop was Saqqara, an outer Cairo area about an hour away, a green belt where Cairo’s food is grown. We had lunch in a date palm forest and saw local women baking bread in a clay oven, and were serenaded by local musicians.

Saqqara is the site of the Step Pyramid  of  Zoser, ( Djoser), an earlier stage in Pyramid construction, The whole area is a burial ground from earliest times. It was also a place for sound healing and we were shown an alcove where I played the 528 Hz miracle tone, which I had brought along for Yvonne, who had stomach cramps. Haytham also showed us a symbol of Pharoh’s power, which was confirmed every 30 years, by a meeting of all the officials. This was later reduced to every 5 years.This was the Heb-sed festival conducted in the great courtyard. On its north and south are three chapels. The first two chapels originally had a group of 4 statues of which only the pedestals and two large pair of feet remain and two smnaller ones on the left represent Djjoser, his mother and his wife and daughter.

The  symbol of 4 circles  in the great courtyard, which were walked around, reminds me of the 8 original circles in the Flower of life. I felt it’s the symbol that’s important in the ceremonies. It in the corner of a huge arena and in the middle a bull was sacrificed after they had walked around the circles, so it very important symbol in confirming the power of the Pharoh.The Great FRENCH Egyptologist Jean.-Phillips Lauer who reconstructed the site Said Saqqara is the clue to Egyptian civilisation.

I felt this whole area had once been very well watered with waterways running beside the sound healing temples, which some say is still connected underground to the Pyramids. You can hear water in the sound alcove, which has a set of feet sculptured beneath. It a limestone plateau, so tunnels are quite a likelihood. So underground tunnels – I said they may need clearing. Haytham said it would be impossible because of official attitude, which we’d seen previously at the Sphinx, and again here. We had to stop chiming. I said you can do it remotely,

We then paid an extra fee to get into a new tomb. I sat down on a ledge in front of a wall which Haytham said was a fake door, indicated by gold paint and red brown. I was picking up a set of stairs going down and was asking ‘where are the stairs? since I hadn’t seen the rest of the tomb and did’t at that stage know it was a fake door. My physical energy was low, but psychic energy high, so I was having trouble walking once we got outside. Leisa loaned me a cool towel which helped and Pam supported me walking. I was definitely seeing things shape shift, the energy was high as we walked back to the bus.

At 3 am I was contemplating the day and felt Oannases, the fish and felt Saqqara may have been where the Sirian Connection came in, I saw it like my painting of Sirius, where man and dolphins interacted in temples like water gardens. The energy is still there, but why has the land become so barren, a lowering of the water table, seems a likely explanation.

Perhaps in acknowledging the feminine, it could come back and help this poor land and its people. The contrasts between the extremes is very great and needs to be personally integrated to come into unity consciousness.

Tthis whole area of Saqqara deserves greater attention as there are many tombs including that of Maya and Merit, mentioned in ‘Secret Places of the Lion’ the book recommended for me in a 1990’s channeling.


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Life is Everywhere

Life is Everywhere

Alleged depiction of Cdr. Hatonn

Since so many people are awakening to the fact of the existence of life elsewhere in the universe, I’d like to review some of the basics of what we think of as “Extraterrestrial Disclosure.”

Adamu the Pleiadian assures us that life exists not just on a few planets, but everywhere in the universe.

“You on Earth peer out to the stars and ponder “is there life out there?” I tell you there is nothing BUT life out there! You are in for a wonderful surprise very shortly. You are about to be introduced to your galactic family. …

“As my consciousness expands so I encounter more and more life.” (1)

Our universe, Mike Quinsey’s source tells us, “is teeming with life at levels mostly in advance of your own.”  (2)

Consequently, SaLuSa of Sirius explains, “there will never be a time when you will be able to claim to have seen it all, because the Creator is thinking new creations into being all of the time.” (3)

Semjase from the Pleiades

Moreover the life in the cosmos is, he continues, “not just in the dimensions that are open to your physical eyes. ”

“There are dimensions beyond your reckoning, and still life is present in abundance. It would be difficult to explain such vastness as an accidental occurrence, when it is clear that a mighty intelligence must exist that embraces all that exists.” (4)

Given that life is everywhere, Ker-on of Venus asks, “what could be more natural than contact being made with you?” (5)

The problem we’ve faced is that our governments have hid the existence of our star family from us. They block the knowledge of them. For example, Ker-on says: “Evidence of life upon your Moon and Mars has been found, although your Governments try to hide that information from you.” (6)

SaLuSa also discusses Mars:

“The [Hubble] telescope and the roving camera on Mars have beamed back pictures of incontrovertible ‘intelligent life’ that your government does not want you to know about. You had heard that the roving camera on Mars briefly had lost contact with receivers on Earth but you gave it little thought other than a fleeting: I wonder what it picked up that we’re not supposed to see. It had indeed done that!” (7)

Adamu informs us that everything is alive:

“In time you will meet more and more and more life-forms from all over the galaxy. And then you’ll begin to gain the awareness that EVERYTHING in the galaxy is actually a life-form. Your planet, the stars… all of it is actually alive. The galaxy is alive. And wherever you go you find life. You reside in one density. So you think that your solar system is almost sterile but for the life on your planet. If you could see as we do you’d know that there is much life in your solar system.

“Truly. And your own planet? You think you are the only so-called intelligent life form? You are not. Firstly because you vastly underestimate the other life forms you are aware of and secondly because your planet has much more going on in the other dimensions than you are aware of.” (8)

What will they look like? Are they all little grey men with big eyes? Or reptiles?

Most extraterrestrials are – and most we see will be – human in appearance, like us, SaLuSa tells us. He suggests that “Beings like us are very similar to you.” (9)

“I am SaLuSa of Sirius, and along with the Pleiadians and Venusians we are very much like you in appearance. After all, you are genetically linked with us and we have more in common than you might imagine. Many of you are aware of other humanoid forms, and these are simply variations that are more suited to the different planetary conditions.” (10)

Archangel Michael reveals that the Adam Kadmon template – or human form – designed by the Divine Mother, is the most common form throughout the multiverse.

Archangel Michael: There are many humanoids. Well, you will see as you encounter your star brothers and sisters, your family, that the humanoid form is the largest percentage of forms throughout the multiverse.

Steve Beckow:  Again, Adam Kadmon template?

AAM: Yes.

SB:  Why is that preferred, Lord?

AAM: It was a design that could incorporate a magnitude of light that would resemble and allow beings, who were in that form, to shift back to their angelic form very easily.

SB:  And who designed it?

AAM: The Mother.  She is the ultimate architect, you know. (11)

And yet other forms exist as well, as SaLuSa explains:  “There are intelligent life forms beyond your present imagination, and some are entirely different to what you have been used to so far.” (12) But they’re being kept away from Earth so as not to startle us or send us into fear.

Whatever form the being appears in is right for its conditions, Atmos of Sirius tells us:

“The Universe abounds with life in all types of manifestation, and regardless of which form it represents, it is correct for the conditions in which it lives.” (13)

“Outer appearances will not concern you,” SaLuSa predicts, “as in the future you will recognize all souls through their energy signature which will be similar to your own.” (14)

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday)

Therefore extraterrestrials exist, life is everywhere in the multiverse, and the human form or Adam Kadmon template is common.

I’d like to turn now to the more specific question of who is here and why.

SaLuSa explained to us in 2009 that humanity “could not live forever in the illusion of being at the centre of the Universe.”

“With the knowledge of other life forms that have also existed within your solar system and in fact still do, it is time to accept that they have accompanied you for thousands upon thousands of years. They have a place in your lives and your evolution, and are every bit a part of the grand experiment of duality as you are.” (1)

How is it that we don’t remember their place in our lives? SaLuSa answers: “You accepted the veils that were drawn across your eyes as you dropped deeper into the lower vibrations. Now you are emerging once again, and being reminded of your true selves and your history upon Earth.” (2)

What is the nature of their societies when compared with our own?

The off-planet races, SaLuSa tells us, “have never lost their level of high consciousness and are fully aware of your history together.” (3) They are therefore higher dimensional than we are.

Adamu observed that our society is not unity conscious while other societies gathered here are. He says:

“We, the Pleiadian culture are, for the most part, of unity consciousness. That means we see all other beings as brothers or, more correctly, as another manifestation of a greater Self. So we say, no matter who you are, you are I and I am you.” (4)

Perhaps they are stepping stones: first, seeing all others as our sisters and brothers and, second, as another manifestation of a greater Self.

“Some cultures we see in a state of pain. Sometimes they are so confused and traumatized that they attack and attempt to destroy themselves. Such as has often happened on your planet and continues to happen in many parts.” (5)

How many attempts have we seen to start World War III? If able to do so, the deep state would have blown the world up when sufficiently threatened – something our star family, gathered here to help us, will not allow.

“Sometimes the ‘self’ they attack is another space race as has happened throughout galactic history. Our galaxy is littered with war zones, old and new. There are many races here that still do not know their oneness with all. And such races are, I’m afraid, prone to aggression.

“And that is how I would characterize the races and the cultures: to simply divide them into Unity Conscious and Non-Unity Conscious races.” (6)

He then relates this to Service to Other and Service to Self.

“You might have heard, we often speak in terms of Service to Other and Service to Self mindsets. Well, these things correlate very well because if you are of Unity Consciousness then you cannot but have a Service to Other mindset. Can you see that?

“So Unity Conscious races will always try to do the very best thing they can to the benefit of All, including you. Non-Unity Conscious ones will try to do the best for themselves no matter what that does to you.

“There are some races that have had dealings with your planet that are of the Non-unity Conscious mindset. They have caused some damage to your view of your star brothers. But that is being turned to the good now. Soon all shall see.”  (7)

So the galactics themselves are helping us to achieve unity consciousnsess and ascend.

SaLuSa reminds us of another factor: “The higher vibrations beaming to you are raising your levels of consciousness.” (8) And I’m led to believe that there are many other factors and efforts present to make our Ascension a success.

Finally, I’d like to look at one of the confederations of space folks here to help us: the Galactic Federation of Light.

SaLuSa says that the GFL may have been the vehicle by which we as the first inhabitants of Earth were first transplanted here. He says:

“You will find that Galactic Federation members are no strangers to your early evolution, and in fact have had more than a hand in it. There is more of a connection between us than you might imagine, and we have had a part to play in your genetic engineering resulting in what you are today. When you get to see the various types of Beings in our Federation, you will marvel at how many have a close resemblance to how you look now.” (9)

He informs us that they collaborate with other races outside the GFL.

“You will find that many different types of Beings from other civilizations work side by side for the Galactic Federation of Light. We enjoy the knowledge and differences that other Extraterrestrials bring with them that we can all share. Sharing is the operative word that expresses everything that we do, and it is done for the good of all.” (10)

He describes their evolutionary standing.

“The Galactic Federation is comprised of civilisations of ascended Beings carrying the status of Masters. They are spiritually evolved and their energy is of Love and Light, with the intent of spreading it far and wide.” (11)

Notice: They live in a higher dimension (spiritually evolved) and their energy is Love and Light.  When all of us live in a higher dimension, we too will be in a permanent state of love and bliss. That is to say, when we ascend, his description will fit us as well.  Then, if not before, the world will work for everyone. (13)

Who does the GFL work for and why?

“We act on the Divine orders that direct our activities and we are committed to helping civilisations such as yours. You can understand your position at this time and know that you are on the verge of a momentous leap in your evolution. We are here to travel with you, and even beyond as you make your way through the next level of dimensions.

“Nothing will be allowed to interfere with your progress, and it is our responsibility to ensure you safely achieve Ascension.” (12)

Similar things could be said by or about the Ashtar Command, the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and other space forces and commands.

Thus, there is life everywhere in the universe. Around our planet, at the present time, are members of our space family, including races that seeded Earth in the first place, here to help us emerge from the control of the cabal and ascend to a dimension where love and bliss ensure that the world works for everyone.


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The Arcturians Group on Current Energy

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, Nov. 4, 2018


NOVEMBER 4, 2018

Dear readers, once again we offer love through these messages of hope and information. You are the way showers and as such, some of you are experiencing criticism from those around you who want you to be more three dimensionally involved and who interpret your “silence” as doing nothing.

Because you are aware of the bigger picture, you are bringing in and holding Light for the collective. It may seem as if you are doing nothing, but in reality you are doing everything. You are the mechanics helping to keep the engine of ascension running, creating a new world consciousness. Never believe that resting in silent awareness of Oneness and truth, is doing nothing.

Be patient dear ones, for there is much more to come. Try not to get emotionally involved in troubling situations, but rather learn to step back as observers, silently and secretly knowing that a spiritual reality always underlies the outer scene. Staying centered and aligned with truth rather than with appearances opens you to receive information from within about what is going on.

Take this understanding with you into the voting booth as it will enable you to intuitively bypass the rhetoric and political bluff towards the candidate most closely aligned with unselfish motives. Spiritual gifts are to be lived and utilized in every moment of ordinary daily living, not to be filed away and called upon only for special occasions.

Be prepared to hear about the exposure of pockets of dense, dark energy. Practices, beliefs, and actions long hidden from the majority are beginning to surface. The Light created by every enlightened consciousness as well as that flowing through now open spiritual gateways is dissolving heretofore closed doors allowing access to hidden places that have served the energetically dark.

Many will be shocked by some exposures, especially those who remain asleep in third dimensional living. They will deny or say that the world has reached a new low, but nothing being exposed is or will be new, rather these things are only now being brought to light and this will continue for some time yet.

Current events are forcing many who have been living comfortably in duality and separation to begin examining their personal belief system which is an important step toward awakening. Moving to a new level of awareness always begins with introspection, a pondering of the aspects of one’s life that have begun to feel complete–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Ascension is not a one time event as many believe, but is infinite. As you attain and live from each new level of spiritual understanding, more unfolds that moves you beyond your present level and into the next. Evolution is the infinite process of remembering one’s self to be SELF and all that this means. This is what mankind has been doing in each of their hundreds of lifetimes.

Evolution is slower and more of a process in three dimensional energy because the density of the physical body only allows it to integrate the higher Light frequencies gradually. Each individual’s readiness is determined by their Higher Self.

Know that conditions of good human-hood are no more real than bad human-hood. Most religious teachings give you techniques for attaining “good human-hood” and everyone rejoices when a “bad” appearance changes into a “good” appearance. As creators, never forget that if you believe in and seek human good, you are automatically in alignment with human bad for they are simply two ends of the same three dimensional duality stick.

You as spiritually aware individuals, are ready to cease seeking for good appearances while trying to eliminate the bad ones. Your work now is to realize that the Divine Consciousness you are, is already whole and complete. When you attain that state of consciousness, it will automatically manifest outwardly as what appears as human “good” in accord with your individual needs or preferences.

Because there is only ONE, consciousness is always seeking to align with Itself. Each person’s consciousness acts like a magnet drawing to them whatever energies are in alignment and then automatically expressing them. THERE IS NO UNEXPRESSED CONSCIOUSNESS. This is why it is so important to ask yourselves; “What am I holding as truth in my consciousness?

Because wholeness and completeness are qualities of Divine Consciousness, they are the reality, held infinitely in place by Divine law. At this point your primary goal must become the realization that every quality of God is already fully present within you even if it doesn’t seem that way, rather than dillydallying around in third dimensional concepts and beliefs which can only serve to keep you experiencing them.

Truth is infinite and real but for the most part mankind’s awareness of it has been blocked because third dimensional energy is unable to align with anything higher. The higher frequencies of Light now flowing to the collective are enabling many to align with and receive information from previously unavailable sources in the higher dimensions. Because of this, many of you are starting to have or are having more psychic experiences.

Lives lived completely in third dimensional energy are like going to a movie where the curtain remains closed. You hear and see bits and pieces, but are unable to actually understand what is really happening and so make up what you think is happening. Every person there will have a different story based on their life experiences and states of consciousness. This is what every life lived fully in dimensional energy has been lifetime after lifetime.

The curtain is opening, the wizard is being exposed as nothingness, and mankind is beginning to see. Some will try and are now attempting to re-close the curtain, because having it remain shut is comfortable and familiar. Others are desperately holding the curtain shut because they do not want you to see the real story. Know that you have the power to choose how you want to view the movie.

As good as things may have seemed in the past, everything still resonating with old energy is quickly becoming obsolete in order to make room for new universal awareness. Always remember that nothing real can ever be lost, but rather simply returns again and again in higher and better forms. Do not grieve the past dear ones, everything real is forever held in place by Divine Law. Relationships may change, but the love the creates them is forever.

Rest when you feel the need, eat lighter and more nutritious foods or don’t eat at all if you are guided to. You are experiencing tremendous change on many levels at this time that often leave you feeling tired, sick, and depressed. Try not to immediately run toward three dimensional solutions for your discomfort because drugs alter your energy field. Use natural remedies if you feel the need for relief from “ascension symptoms”. It is better to just ride them out in trust, resting often and listening to your intuition.

Some of you continue to struggle in an effort to keep certain parts of your life working the same way they have in the past. In order for anything to “work” (relationships, friends, foods, entertainments etc.) there must be energetic alignment. Your inner work has shifted your frequencies to new levels leaving you out of alignment with many things that up to now have been a big part of your life. This does not mean that any of these things were wrong, it simply means that you have graduated and are no longer in energetic alignment with them.

Because your energy has become more refined, certain foods that you enjoyed in the past have become energetically denser than your personal energy. This is often the point at which some become vegetarian. If you enjoy and want to continue eating meat, choose that which holds clean, healthy, happy energy and not energies of fear and suffering.

We have spoken of all these things before, but it is important to reiterate because many, even those seemingly very awake, continue to resist truth if or when it interferes with their life style, choosing to look first to commonly accepted third dimensional information for answers, rather than going within and allowing their intuition to guide them to what may actually turn out to be a seemingly three dimensional solution.

You are ready, more than ready to be the truth you know. If you choose not to, you align yourselves with much that is rapidly dissolving. Gaia, who is a living soul and not a ball of dirt, is ascending and you can go with her if you choose.

Like it or not, ascension is happening.

Cease from the struggle and rest in what is.

We are the Arcturian Group 11/4/18

Donations are welcomed

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Cities of Light

Love+ Transcript ~ Ashira of Neptune: The Cities of Light Part 2

Link to audio version.

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Channeling Excerpt from Podcast:

Greetings, I am Ashira. I am Ashira of Neptune, Commander of The Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. Welcome my beloved friends, Gaians all, earthkeepers and starseed, humans and angels, galactics and intergalactics, elementals, devas, Cities of Light; I welcome you.

And I welcome this opportunity to speak of these magnificent cities, these Cities of Light and love. These cities that are very clearly in tangible, physical existence; interdimensional, most certainly; multidimensional, most certainly. And we as your star brethren have worked with these cities for several hundred years, just as we have worked with you and with Gaia for many, many, many centuries.

We do not age in the same way as you, my friends, so you might say that we’re slightly older. Not quite as old as the Cities of Light; these Cities of Light have been in existence for thousands of years, the earliest being about sixty thousand years ago. And you have some knowledge of them when you think of the Sahara, or the Lemuria, or Atlantis. For these were prototypes and actualities of the Cities of Light that now return and re-anchor upon Gaia.

Now that alone can be a little confusing, thinking about time – and we know this because in many ways you may think of us as not only interdimensional travelers, but certainly time travelers. Because while we will talk about hundreds or even thousands of years as we have traveled from the outer galaxies to this vicinity – you can think of it as a journey that in your reality would take hundreds of years – but as we stepped through or traveled through that white hole (yes there are white holes, and black holes; we travel through light holes, white holes) it is but a minute in your time.

All of us—you and us and all—travel and exist in the Mother’s infinite ocean of time. And you have learned about this, this fluidity within which we all operate. But I do not come this day to give a lecture or a scientific explanation on time, for that is neither my forte nor my desire. But I did want to talk to you about these Cities of Light, and even slightly about the context that they are future Cities of Light.

Now think of it in this way: when the Cities of Light – these templates for Cities of Light – were destroyed, that template for their resurrection, for their re-anchoring, for their re-functioning, was pushed out into that Mother’s infinite ocean of time. And because we are talking about thousands of years, for your reference point they were pushed out in your time about eighty thousand years in the future, give or take.

Now think about this – because the ancient city of Sahara that many of you vaguely remember ruled over by Saint Germaine and Sanat Kamara, was fifty thousand years ago in your time. So think about it: that that particular template, at that time when the legendary fall came, was pushed out about a hundred and twenty to one hundred and thirty thousand years in the future.

Now you know that Sanat Kamara and Saint Germaine continued their work, not only with the Cities of Light, but with this beautiful planet of love, of Gaia, and that desire to bring back the beauty, the light, the I AM presence, the Violet Flame, the love – because that is all there is. It has many faces but one essence, and that is love.

So the Masters, the Archangels (particularly Uriel) and your star family have worked diligently to pull in from the distant future these magnificent Cities of Light – that are the truth and the beauty of Gaia – into the Now, wherever that Now was going to be located. And that is one of the primary reasons that we have traveled and journeyed to be here on Earth: to be part of that re-anchoring of love on the beauty, the diversity, the magnificence of Gaia in the unfoldment, in the physicality, of the Mother’s Divine Plan.

Many efforts have been made, now and then, here and there, to represent and to anchor these Cities of Light; to anchor these Cities of Light not merely in esoteric or etheric methods, but in tangible, physical reality. And there have been many points in history such as Lemuria, such as Atlantis, when those efforts to re-anchor were brought into fruition. And so, what I tell you and why I speak of this history is to remind you that the dream, the promise, of those Cities of Light has never been forgotten.

Now think about where we are today with you. Recently in the past year, in addition of course to our Mother’s Tsunami (which by the way we have benefited from as well, you know) and the Tsunami of One from the Ascended Masters and the Archangels (which we have benefitted from as well) that catalyzed us to add our energy to the planet and to you, our beloved brothers and sisters.

And as you know, the Porlana C – which is our life essence, our soul essence – is very similar to the energy of the Violet Flame; even in the ray, even in the color, it is that electric blue flame. And it has penetrated from our being – not merely from our ships, but from our being, from our hearts – it has come together as one collective beam of light that has been sent from us to you.

Now think about this: it has penetrated down, but as it has penetrated down what has it penetrated down through? It has penetrated down through the Cities of Light, my friends. And it has helped them with their movement towards the earth. But we have also sent this energy, yes to your hearts, to your cells, your mental bodies, to your emotional bodies – and to every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every droplet of water, every cloud, every mountain. We have penetrated the planet.

Now of course we have done this because we love you. We love you far more than you love us. No, it is not a contest; it is because we know you. And we know the truth of your magnificence and what you are truly capable of, and how resilient and how strong and how fierce you have been as warriors of peace.

But in this, why we have done this at this juncture, is not only so that our energy fields are more compatible (which has also happened by the way) but because it is igniting you to a higher frequency, compatible with the anchoring of these future Cities of Light; of what you think of as ZenGaia, restored Earth, Terra Gaia.

It is beautiful, and it is potential to anchor these energies in your time; which is our time, which is Now. And not eighty or a hundred and twenty, or eight thousand, or eighty thousand years in the future. It is right now. And my piece of personal news in that regard is that it moves everything forward.

I have recently been appointed by the Intergalactic Council – no, not stepping down as Commander of the Unified Forces, but additionally to act as envoy to Earth, to Gaia – to facilitate the meeting, the negotiations, the reunion between our beings, our fleets and the people of Earth.

This is at hand, my friends! So, we are excited. Much is forward thrust, and I am with you – not as Commander, not as envoy; but as brother, as friend, as ally.

I look forward to meeting you, two fingers to the heart, to share the love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.



Min: Om Maat

Feeling has a light which will outshine the sun. We have always been with you. We want you to remember how to feel love. Are you tired of your lives, your tired aching bodies. Admit it, let go of the struggle. There are two types of seeking, from the heart and soul or from outside of yourself. Which will never be enough.

The depth of love in your heart is beyond words, alive, fresh and eternal, inside you. There is an eternal flame between the solar plexus and the heart. This flame is the bridge, activate it. This flame is within each individual wishing to ignite the flame. I am not a single entity. How can I be separate (as you) from all levels of consciousness?

There are many aspects to be brought into conscious awareness. You must give permission for the activation. Move beyond this to bring male and female aspects into conscious union. We wish you to see yourselves as conscious sentient beings. The opposite axes are alive and well within this dimension. Bring all of yourself into alignment. The eternal flame, when ignited with all aspects of yourself wii come and play. Spirit is life force that keeps the human body functioning.

Civilisations such as Egypt were not seeded from the human race. The beings which anchored this within the human race are you. You decided because of love of Mother Earth, to blend youselves in her dimension. The few relics bring such a deep resonance for you – remembering your star beingness – tHe original custodians. We are not seperate. It is time to stop having us on a pedestal. Because you think the star beings are different, you fell from your remembrance of us. The bridge sits there waiting.

There is great excitement to bring though Hathor. it is a great gift for Min and Hathor to be opening the heart and feeling. in the 3rd dimension, Fire is considered male and water female. In the 4th dimension it is reversed, Fire is considered female and water male. Emotions are the bridge between the mind and the body. React rather than respond. We should not pigeonhole the elements as male or female. The purple light in the 3rd eye is the soul group coming in with you.

Not knowing gives you space to manifest: spirit, feeling and projection. Just show up and be you. Know yourself and show yourself. Accept and allow whatever comes up for 3 days Pain is energy moving, breathe into it. Spirit is electrical current, shaking.

The effects of the eclipses will last 3-6 months. Nineteen years ago in 1999 was the same energy theme. Volitile beliefs will bring real change.


Message from the Andromedans

“As you are all shifting every second and moment of time, Andromeda Galaxy is moving closer and closer to its twin sister, Milky way.

As you progress on your soul journey, layers of fear constructs are being lifted.

Frightening visions and worries come into your awareness.

We the Andromedeans, your brothers and sisters, are cheering for you.

Fears are like mirrors, different aspects of reflections of your totality.

We urge you to look into fears and sufferings as if you are looking at yourself.

In your meditation and deep breathing, go into your fears and sufferings

you will find the roots

the causes.

They are much like your inner children that need love and compassion

from you.

Moreover, as you are aware that your DNA is undergoing a major waking up


and shifts in its frequencies, codes and strands.

Here we would like to remind you to connect with your body and DNA.

The collections of information of your ancestors,

your soul, the lands and stars you have walked upon.

Any fears and sufferings that you experience

connects and links back to you ancestors as well as the collective consciousness on earth.

We send our gratitude to you in this moment of time

for walking your path

and going through all kinds of triggers, struggles and experiences.

All the clearing work which are based on compassion and forgiveness that you have done

beam out frequencies of freedom

and transcending

for you soul and ancestors.

WE would like to also remind you

that in this moment of time, water molecule on earth is shifting as well.

A match of soothing and grounding frequencies

that your body and DNA need in order for them to catch up with waves of shifts and flux of cosmic energy.

Continue to send gratitude to water, so that others in your community can receive that energy from the same stream of water.

Continue to set intention of healing and love into water and your body.

For the ability to heal is within you

Thank you! ”


Light Language Art:

Andromeda starseeds

I’ve been told I have Andromedan energy in a channeling years ago and after reading this report in Starseeds from Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius by Eva Margulis, a lot of my own physical and higher dimensional senses  confirm it.

‘The enchanted underwater world glows in hues of all shades of blue. These colors are so rich and magnificent. If you wonder how the water tastes (salty or sweet), you will be surprised to discover that your taste buds turn into “feel buds” and instead of tasting water, you will sense the water with your whole being. Andromeda’s underwater world is full of exotic flowers and living creatures that are hard to describe, as the words are not in our vocabulary. This is a home of Silver Dolphins. Silver Dolphins have a silver sparkly glow around them. The presence of these majestic, intelligent beings, feels magical and angelic on all levels. This underwater world teaches you to feel the energy through your whole being, using your “feeling” sensors or clairsentience as we call it. You learn to become one with the water and with the beings living there. Once you get used to the clairsentient sensations in your body and let the energy flow through you, you will easily learn to become one with the element of the water. Then, you can continue to journey this home world, observe its beauty, marvels or magic with your eyes and mind.’

in my own journey, I worked with my husband Kevin Deacon to open up the underwater world to divers in the 1970s culminating in our book ‘Australia Down Under ‘ published in 1987. Since then I’ve had many dreams of exotic underwater adventures

‘After mastering the basic sensing skills, you are then able to view more of this world. This is comparable to swimming lessons in our world. You cannot swim in deep water until you have mastered the swimming skills. When on an underwater journey into Andromeda, you will meet many exotic beings.

‘Majestic sea horses are one such being, which by our vocabulary and understanding have only be described in fairy tales. The sea horses swim around and assist you in getting where you need to go. The other beings to mention are golden, illuminated starfish, emanating brilliant golden light energy that surrounds you when you are in their energy field. Their energy is serene and helps you to eliminate any pain (physical or emotional) you may experience at the time. The starfish’s peaceful energy calms down all new nervous visitors who astral travel here (consciously or unconsciously). On these astral visits, Andromedan and Atlantean starseeds are able to connect with their home world to their original soul energy. These astral journeys are an important part in soul awakening and assist in activating DNA. After a refreshing relaxation in starfish golden light, you may notice silver sparkling light, penetrating water like sunrays. The silver light is the energy emanating from Silver Dolphins. When silver light combines with your energy, you can experience a beautiful tingling sensation in your hands and in your whole body.’

‘After a refreshing relaxation in starfish golden light, you may notice silver sparkling light, penetrating water like sunrays. The silver light is the energy emanating from Silver Dolphins. When silver light combines with your energy, you can experience a beautiful tingling sensation in your hands and in your whole body. To be in the presence of Silver Dolphins feels like angels are surrounding you. When their loving and healing energy merges with your whole being, you may feel like a beautiful mermaid/ merman. This place is truly an underwater heaven and its energy is highly seductive. Andromedans built huge caves in their underwater world. These caves serve as a meeting place for Andromedans and other star nation members.’

I had some amazing dolphin experiences including one my Fijian friend Ben saw me swimming with a pod of dolphins around me at Jervis Bay while I was snorkeling when I couldn’t see them. I asked about this during a channeling and was told I created the experience.  Because I was part of  the experience, I couldn’t see it.

When I had a heart attack in the water in 2000, I was tuning in to the dolphins, I said when I came into consciousness, 18 hous later, that ‘I was off with the dolphins.’

‘Many ceremonies, meditations, celebrations, planning and schooling take place in underwater caves.’

Energy Power Center -EPC

An Andromedan’s EPC is in their 3rd chakra, clairsentience is their strongest natural ability. When they first start to notice their abilities, Andromedan starseeds experience discomfort in their stomach. This odd feeling is from energy waves travelling through their bodies. They may feel confused about why they mostly feel energy in their body but cannot see the energy or receive telepathic communication.

‘For Andromedans the clairsentient energy waves in the body are their natural way to perceive energy and they need to learn its meaning. After they learn to understand that this energy has its own language they very easily move toward mastering other abilities such as: telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and others. Note: Each Star Nation has its own signature abilities. In our human body, we have what I call an Energy Power Center (EPC). This energy power center connects to your strongest ability depending on your DNA. This is the place where you receive the energy information and process it. You also emanate and vibrate energy out of this center.

‘This EPC may be in a place of a particular chakra, or maybe two or more chakras merged; it depends on your DNA. If you have single DNA, you have one EPC. If you have merged DNA, you have two or more EPCs. Andromedan Starseeds on Earth Andromedan starseeds are strongly connected to nature. They are attracted to water, especially the body of the ocean. They have an unexplainable love for the ocean.

‘Some have had miraculous recovery from very bad accidents when doctors predicted that they would never walk again, but they fully recovered while others took longer to heal. All that I have met, who had physical heath challenges, started to be drawn to energy healing modalities, for a reason to heal, such as hands-on healing and most became healers. In my experience, an awakening point for Andromedan starseeds comes with physical injury or challenging illness. This pattern seems to apply mostly to those with single Andromedan DNA, as those with merged DNA may experience the same or different kind of awakening. In addition, I would like to point out that if you consciously work on your spiritual growth, you may avoid many unpleasant triggering points you agreed to prior your incarnation. You may wonder; why did I have this, for example, car accident? What is this physical illness about? The answer is simple. If you run out of options in western medicine and have a strong purpose to be healthy, then you look into other possibilities that you may have not considered before. Your physical body challenges may bring you on a totally different path. There has been many Andromedan starseeds who came to me out of frustration because they cannot see energy and wish that their third 3rd eye would open. Some of them have been trying to achieve this ability for a very, very long time. The answer is simple. They are focusing on the wrong ability to develop. They do have clairvoyant abilities; but it will not become strong until they learn about their primary ability to sense energy through their body, starting in Solar Plexus. An Andromedan’s gift is to have what I call a “liquidy” energy.’

For me health has been an issue, beginning at age 9 when I was told I’d never walk again after having  osteomyelitis. Of course I did get better when a wonderful doctor told me I’d dance again.

‘Instead of receiving energy messages telepathically, Andromedans receive messages in the form of energy waves or feelings, that pass through their 3rd chakra’s and then throughout their bodies. It is crucial to their spiritual development to learn to interpret the energy language and learn to use their whole body as one “sensing machine”, after that their 3rd eye vision and other abilities can open. The reason being that if they are allowed to see or hear clearly before learning to interpret energy vibrations in their body, finding words for it and meaning, it would become too easy for them and they would become easily disconnected. They would not strive to work hard or learn to understand the healing energy that flows through their bodies. Andromedans must be one with the energy to be effective healers. I compare this spiritual progression to when a baby tries to walk before learning to stand up and hold its balance. You have to take one-step at a time, before the next one. Please note this is a unique spiritual pathway for Andromedans and it varies with other star nations. Once Andromedans learn how to work with their EPC (3rd chakra), the rest of the work becomes much easier.’

‘One step at a time’, is a mantra, I repeat all the time.

‘While passing the hands over a client during an energy healing session, they can read the energy vibrations in their own body (I call this a human X-ray) and intuitively diagnose any issues. They are literary a living, scanning, energy machine if you want to look at it that way. Andromedans are natural empaths and it is important that they release all the energy imprints they collected throughout the day out of their bodies. This should be done at least once a day, a good energy cleansing routine is very important! Andromedans are passionate for classical music. When carrying out a reading for an Andromedan starseed client, I heard within my inner ear the Andrea Bocelli song ‘Con te Partiro’. My client confirmed that she loves classical music and that it always raises her vibration.’

I have also experienced this x-ray ability while healing, I thought everyone could do this in a healing state. I also like to use water in a spa or the ocean to clear my energy field daily. I also use some music to raise my energy.

i also found myself waking at night being drawn to certain stars over several years. I was particularily drawn to Sirius when it was in the night sky.