Matthew’s Message, 11 FEB 2020

Matthew’s Message, Feb. 11, 2020

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February 11, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  We express our profound gratitude to the lightworker who was our message group’s dedicated moderator for 12 years and to the owner and technical staff who offered their company’s service when Yahoo stopped hosting groups. My mother thinks of all these dear souls as “angels on Earth”—they are indeed!

Let us now speak about quite a different matter, concern about the coronavirus. This laboratory-designed virus is more potent than its predecessors—avian flu, swine flu, N1H1 and SARS—but it will be no more successful than they were in causing a global pandemic.

Extraterrestrial volunteers living among you greatly reduced the coronavirus’s potency, just as they did with its forerunners. Thus, instead of being lethal to many millions, even billions, as intended, this virus’s symptoms are comparatively mild. Many thousands have contracted the disease or have flu-like symptoms, but only individuals with severely weakened immune systems become so ill that they cannot recover.

Thwarting the dark ones’ efforts in that respect is not denying their free will—they still could design, store, and release new viruses. However, after Ebola and AIDS were somewhat as destructive and fear-producing as the Illuminati intended, Gaia made her free will choice: No longer would her human population be subjected to mass illness and death from diseases created for that purpose. In honoring her choice, God authorized the volunteers to render all subsequent viruses as harmless as possible.

Media’s “pandemic fear” is the very same publicity given previous attempts by the Illuminati to cause panic and deaths worldwide. They are tenacious, but trying their hand at the same diabolical effort after repeated failures is a move in desperation. They need the energy of fear for fuel, and their newest virus was meant to provide great amounts of that for a long period, but fear and media hype will fizzle out just as they did in the other “pandemics.”

Nevertheless, the society needs to start thinking: How can viruses suddenly pop up out of nowhere? Your medical establishment knows that viruses don’t meander in the air for years before striking, and the Illuminati know that their minions remove viruses from storage and put them in vaccines or solutions that are sprayed by low-flying planes. Like all other actions based in dark intent, this, too, will be meeting its end.

As for elections in the United States, we shall tell you what we have been observing in Earth’s energy field of potential. Energy streamers around the candidates in all state and national races continue to zigzag because the vibrations registered by each of them and the collective thoughts and feelings about all of them keep changing.

Most streamers that were slender in the beginning have lost ground while strength in the others has noticeably increased. Some streamers that were strong at the outset have weakened, and of all streamers that are strong in this moment, none has permanently advanced from “possible” status to “probable,” which precedes gaining the momentum that could lead to “certainty.”

We shall address your questions and comments about ascension by summarizing information in prior messages and connecting the dots. It is important to understand ascension because it is the goal of every soul in every lifetime, but in no way are we saying that our perception invalidates other views.

We see ascension as a process, a “work in progress” if you will, that comprises innumerable events unfolding on two fronts. Earth’s journey into progressively lighter energy planes is planetary ascension; individuals’ advancement, or evolvement, in spiritual and conscious awareness is personal ascension.

Density also applies to those two distinctions. Although dimension often is used to indicate density, we use the latter term because it precisely defines the mass or location of a physical entity and a soul’s evolutionary status whereas dimension refers to various types of measurements.

And, energy has no demarcations. We and other messengers of the light use numbers only to indicate soul evolvement ordevolvement in status and advancement or regression in location of a physical mass.

As an example of how those differ, Gaia, the soul that incarnated as the planet now called Earth, and her body originated in high fifth density. Gaia retained her evolvement status all the while her body was spiraling down into deep third density location-wise due to the negativity created by humans’ brutality to each other and to their animals.

Some advanced souls did embody on the planet during those long eras, but the populace was oblivious to those few spiritually- and consciously-evolved visionaries. That is to say, personal ascension is not exclusive to this time at hand—it has been happening ever since this universe was populated.

Also, not all civilizations that have advanced consciously and technologically have grown spiritually, and civilizations in deep third density have little or no awareness of those three facets of evolution.

During the eons the planet was trapped in that depth of density, Gaia used her light to keep all of her life forms alive. Eighty-some years ago, when there was not enough light for the planet itself to survive, Gaia cried out for help. Instantly God authorized civilizations highly advanced in all evolutionary facets to beam massive amounts of light to stabilize Earth’s axis so it gradually could right itself.

The infusion of light also enabled her to jar loose from her mooring and begin the journey back to her origin. Ever since then she has been on a steady ascension course, and at the end of your year 2012, she left third density energy and entered fourth.

Everyone living on Earth is ascending with her location-wise, and those who are absorbing the light that is available to all are ascending in personal status as well.

Light is essential for two reasons. It enables messages from the soul to reach the consciousness as conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration and aspirations, and heeding those messages raises spiritual and conscious awareness. And, light transforms carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that sustains bodies’ viability in the lighter energy planes where Earth is heading.

There is no definitive way to know if your cells are absorbing light. But being kind to people and animals, having an open mind, and feeling at peace with your conscience are good indications that you are right on track.

Now then, from time immemorial, souls have made contracts that include what they want to experience in the next incarnation, and those contracts become parts of an agreement with other souls that want to share the lifetime. The agreements provide growth opportunities for all participants; those who cause harsh circumstances do so to balance their own and the others’ experiencing so all can take another step up the evolutionary ladder.

Many souls incarnate multiple times before they master a karmic lesson, such as patience or generosity or honesty. However, during this period of acceleration, which is without precedence in this universe, souls that incarnate on Earth may choose to complete all of their karmic lessons in one lifetime so they can advance to fourth density status. Not only souls that often have lived on the planet are taking advantage of this unique opportunity—souls from other third density civilizations also are embodying there for that purpose.

They have two sources of assistance in addition to reciprocal help from the other participants in pre-birth agreements. Volunteers from evolved civilizations embodied on Earth to help her peoples awaken and advance in spiritual and conscious awareness, and strong souls are assisting the weaker by lovingly taking on parts of their heavy lessons so they can complete others.

We add that a growing number of advanced-status souls have been incarnating into the civilization. When you volunteers return to your homelands, they will continue choosing lifetimes on Earth to lead the peoples on an evolutionary course.

Although personal ascension is not tied to planetary ascension, there is an influential energetic connection. All along Earth’s course she has been encountering energy surges as her position relative to other planets in your solar system changes and Sol’s actions come in bursts and lulls. All of that astronomical activity produces the higher vibrations that are affecting all of her humankind.

One effect is the opening of hearts and minds of those who are absorbing light. Another is the magnification of characteristics and behavior—“good” becomes better, “bad” becomes worse—and individuals’ reactions affect their ascension status accordingly.

Energy changes also are having physical and emotional effects. In previous messages we offered guidance to more easily adjust to the changes, which will continue all along Earth’s ascension course. [August 12, 2014 and November 20, 2017 messages on include the most comprehensive information about symptoms and adjustment.]

All persons who embrace the light will ascend with the planet for the life span chosen in their soul contracts. During that time they will continue making choices, perhaps about relationships, employment, location, education, diets, and travel destinations; and they may experience the loss of beloved persons or animals, successes and failures, joyful occasions or financial setbacks. All of those and other possible events are of personal significance.

Now let us take a glimpse at forthcoming events that will have worldwide impact. Long-hidden truths will emerge. Warring, cultural traditions that subjugate women, unfair laws and unjust justice, inhumane treatment of animals, and the unconscionable disparity between haves and have nots will come to an end. Volunteers from other civilizations who are living among you will identify themselves, some of the many crews in your skies will land, and all will greet you as the universal family members you are.

Everything we have recounted is why we don’t perceive ascension as a monumental event yet to happen, but rather the continuance of what has been underway for planet Earth for more than eight decades and for countless souls throughout universal history. And, when Earth’s peoples are living in the fullness of the Golden Age, they and Gaia will continue their personal ascension journeys until they return to their Beginnings in Creator. (1)

Beloved sisters and brothers, you are honored and loved unconditionally by light beings throughout this universe.



Suzanne Ward

Corona Virus and the Rose Gold Flame

The Rose Gold Flame and the Shielding Process

As we have said, the silver ray is the feminine frequency within the body and the golden ray is the masculine frequency. When these merge or marry together (like two flints rubbing together), they create an internal fire (phire) that manifests as ‘the rose gold ray’ or ‘rose gold flame’ as it is activated. We also used the analogy of three aspects to the trinity. Each aspect being one unit of 33 and one third. We could say that the silver (female) aspect is one 33 and one third unit and the golden (male) aspect is the second 33 and one third unit. The third 33 and one third unit is the ‘creation’ or the ‘child’ (the rose gold flame). One symbol that shows this trinity field through geometry is the Celtic knot or ‘triquetra’. The twin flame presentation of the vesica piscis geometry depicts the masculine, the feminine and the creation as one aspect of the overall trinity, yet is a trinity in itself. Every aspect to each individualised, infinite structure is a holographic replica of the greater and the lesser aspect. Every structure is an ’emanation’ of another structure. The triquetra simply shows us the expanded presentation of the vesica piscis.

A quantum version in holographic form. Within many depictions of the triquetra, one brings a circle into the centre of the three vesica piscis geometries. This shows the aspects of the trinity and the unified whole. This depicts the entire ‘journey’ of the DNA, if you will.

The first exercise we show you, involving the rose gold flame and the utilisation of the Schumann resonance as the antidote to the 5G scrambled field and the black box programme, is to use the symbol of the triquetra. There are several ways this can be done.



Firstly, you can meditate upon the triquetra simply by visualising the symbol within meditation. You can also move into an ‘open-eyed’ meditation where you are in a relaxed, meditative space whilst looking at the triquetra symbol. You can also look at the symbol as the very last image you look at before you go to sleep at night. This is especially helpful if you wish to use dream magick and dream healing as part of your antidote creation. If you do decide to use the triquetra symbol as a trigger into dreamtime investigation/magick and healing, then you must ‘prepare your sleeping space’ before you do this. If you are sleeping outdoors in nature, there is no need to prepare your space as nature has already done this for you. Indoors, you would need to make sure all Wi-Fi and Internet signals are turned off in your home and all electronic equipment is removed from your bedroom. Make sure there is no metal within the mattress or bed frame you sleep upon, and do your best to utilise chemical-free bedding. Having crystals in your bedroom is especially helpful. Orgonite also.


Within your meditation or visualisation (closed or open-eyed looking at the triquetra image), imagine that the triquetra is a brilliant and bright silver colour. Make sure you hold that beautiful silver colour in your mind’s eye. You should feel an opening of the heart when doing this. Then imagine that the triquetra symbol is becoming a golden colour, getting brighter and brighter until all the silver colour has now been replaced with the gold. Then visualise the gold changing colour, taking on a pink hue and eventually becoming rose gold in colour. This is a very simple but very powerful exercise. This will trigger ‘downloads’ within dreamtime or meditation if you are a natural medium or channel. This exercise in itself can bring about balance and natural healing.

To strengthen and boost this exercise, you can keep rose quartz crystal by your bedside. A crystal wand or a crystal skull holds even more powerful, activating energy.

A quantum version in holographic form. Within many depictions of the triquetra, one brings a circle into the centre of the three vesica piscis geometries. This shows the aspects of the trinity and the unified whole. This depicts the entire ‘journey’ of the DNA, if you will.

Shields that connect into Schumann resonance fields can also be created through water. Swimming in natural ocean water is an extremely powerful shield as the Schumann resonance is amplified through the oceans upon your planet. This can be recreated within your own bathtubs at home using Himalayan salts or any magnesium-based salts. Certain aromatherapy creations and herbs can also create shielding, as can placing crystals within the bathtub. The only case where it is not advisable to create a water shield in your bathtub, is when your bath is made of metal. This would scramble the signal and have the opposite effect (as in, lack of shield and focus away from Schumann resonance). The most powerful material for creating a water shield is stone such as crystal, followed by wood. A crystal bathtub full of sea salt is an absolute replica of the ocean and creates a ‘super conductor’ directly into the Schumann resonance fields. We also recommend you utilise a heavy metal detoxification programme. The reason for this is that metals within the organic human body system can ‘lock. on’ to the Wi-Fi 5G scrambled system and amplify it, so cleansing from heavy metals within the body is a shield in itself. The dark green leafy vegetables from the land and the seaweeds from unpolluted waters are able to chelate these heavy metals from the body. We recommend the blue-green algae also, such as chlorella and spirulina.

When you visualise the rose gold flame, you create an image in your mind’s eye that ‘activates’ through the pineal gland visual cortex system. The rose gold (and indeed the symbol of the rose itself) is a known symbol within what we may call the ‘cosmic alphabet’ or the ‘language of light’. When you visualise the rose gold flame, you speak directly to the DNA. When you create the rose gold flame as a shield, then the molecular structure within your body as silicate/crystalline follows suit (through a process similar to that which is known as ‘cymatics’and your entire energy field naturally keys into the Schumann resonance.


If enough individuals hold this belief system and follow similar spiritual exercises, then collectively the Schumann resonance will be spiked and kept at a high enough frequency to ‘drown out’ the 5G network and chemical bombardment. Either in meditation or in a relaxed state, we would ask you to visualise a silver candle and a gold candle. Both these candles burn one flame each. The silver candle burns a golden flame. The gold candle burns a silver flame. Sit with this visualisation for a few minutes, simply watching the candles and the burning flames. This exercise balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, as well as communicating directly with the DNA about the shielding technique you are employing. The intrinsic intelligence within the cellular structure of the entire bodymind knows what you are doing. After a while, we would ask you to draw the candles closer and closer together until the silver candle burning a golden flame and the gold candle burning a silver flame become one candle and one flame. As the candles merge together, gold and silver, the colour of the candle begins to turn a beautiful rose colour with a matching rose coloured flame.

Yet The sparkle of the gold remains, creating a rose gold colour. You are now watching a rose gold candle burning a rose gold flame, and you are fully aware that the rose gold is a merge of the silver and the gold. Know that the right hemisphere of the brain (silver) and the left hemisphere of the brain (gold) have created a unified brain pattern, where the left and right hemispheres are in equal balance. Within the pineal gland, a beautiful diamond liquid crystal of a metallic rose gold colour has been created. This rose gold crystal liquid then seeps down from the brain stem into the throat, and you visualise yourself drinking this rose gold liquid. Know that this is ‘ambrosia’ or indeed ‘nectar of the Gods’. As you drink this delicious and sweet nectar, you visualise the flame of the rose gold candle getting bigger and bigger. The rose gold flame begins to surround you, like a ring of fire around you. The candle has unified with the flame and now, sitting in sacred space, there is just you surrounded by the rose gold flame ring of fire. Allow this ring of fire to completely surround you until it eventually becomes a ball of fire, like a rose-gold-pink orb, with you sitting in the centre, nurtured and protected.

With thanks to Magenta Pixie’TheBlack Box programme and the Rose Gold Flame’