Single Revaluation or Waves of Abundance?

A Single Reval or Waves of Abundance?

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Will this inflow come in small, manageable amounts? Decidedly not. Michael on another occasion called the flows “enormous, enormous sums of money.” (1)

St. Germaine had this to say of the copious flow of abundance:

“Once the flow begins, the world does not stop. Do you think the Mother creates and then stops? No. Well, neither do we.

“It is the universal source or ATM. It does not run out. And you have need to reset your thinking, which means resetting your heart to receive and give, and receive and give, because it is the constant motion, with the explosion and implosion of creation in between. That is where you are going.” (2)

In my case, is this copious flow going to be channeled through an essentially-small outlet? No, it isn’t, as Michael indicates:

Steve: Do you want me to be a little garden hose with this flow of water coming out the front or do you want me to be an irrigation wheel line spraying water over a vast field?

Archangel Michael: The irrigation [line] (3)

What he said to me of my operation surely applies to others doing similar work:

Archangel Michael: This is you becoming the steward of an organization and of an undertaking of massive, massive global impact/import. (4)

I’ve been working for weeks now on getting a sense of or feeling into the scale of what’s about to happen as a result of this assignment and I keep finding myself getting bigger and emerging more.

I dream bigger and set my sights ever more broadly – from one UBI (universal basic income) for Canada to UBIs for as many countries as possible; from UBIs to UMC (universal medicare); from UMC to universal accessibility (free tuition); from universal accessibility to debt retirement.

I keep leapfrogging in my imagination, impatient to begin. And Michael reassures me:

Archangel Michael: You will have ample money, dear heart. That is not an issue.

Steve: Even for universal basic incomes for a few countries?

AAM: Yes. (5)

Steve: Okay, so I’ll go ahead and try to create as many universal basic incomes as I can.

AAM: Yes, until such time as they are not needed.

Steve: If I’m going to be a pipeline, I should have the means to do this. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

The same applies to universal medicare systems and universal accessibility. Or debt retirement.

Steve: Do you have any other specific mission that you want me to take on in the area of wealth management and gifting that I haven‘t named so far?

AAM: It is simply that people are to be set free, so that they can anchor. (7)

I’m all for that. The way Archangel Michael described the Mother’s Plan is:

“Her original plan … did mean, and does mean, and will mean the fairness, the equality of a world where people experience love, where they experience a freedom from struggle, from what you think of as the basic requirements of physical human existence.” (8)

Let go of need, want, poverty, lack and open to ease and abundance, on our way to full Ascension.

The scope of the planned abundance programs takes my breath away. We aren’t, by a long shot, just looking at a one-off Reval, but at a variety of programs and packages happening at different times, designed to relieve people of debt, afford them a living, and allow them an experience of sufficiency and capability that they might never have known before.

This will allow them the time and comfort with which to relax into the rising energies, culminating in full Ascension. (9)


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 1, 2016. Hereafter AAM.

(2) St. Germaine: Fly Through That Portal, My Beloved Friends,” channeled by Linda Dillon, May 29, 2014, at

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(9) Ascension is a full and permanent heart opening, known to Hindus as Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi. It happens a short while after we enter the Fifth Dimension.

On the astral planes of the afterlife, the Fifth Dimension is known as the Mental Plane.  Ascension is known as the “Second Death.” It does not happen as soon as a being arrives on the Mental Plane, but after a short while. See “The Mental Plane – The First Heaven” at on the Mental Plane in general and “The Second Death” at on Ascension in the Mental Plane.

Reval revelations

Catch 22 or Accurate Statement? – Part 1/2

Your questions continue to come in.

I want to share a passage from a reading I forgot about, answer one last reader question here (in Part 2), and then leave the subject of raising our vibrations for a while.

First, I want to share a remarkable passage I came across from a reading with AA Michael in Dec. 2018 in which we discussed the very subject we’re looking at now. I completely forgot it existed.

But it establishes that the Company of Heaven regard us as having an unavoidable part to play in bringing in the Reval. They just expected that we’d do it naturally and evidently we haven’t.

We lightworker financial wayshowers have to be at a vibration compatible with a peaceful and productive redistribution of wealth for the planet

Steve: Given that the major events depend on vibration, what can I, the blog, and light workers in general do to raise the vibration?

I thought I was very clever to ask a question about “vibrations,” but I still did not fully appreciate the  significance of what he was saying. It took another month. The penny dropped in January.

Archangel Michael: Keep bringing [lightworkers] back to the love.

Hold up the mirror. As you express your own journey, what you are truly doing and part of the magnificent service, beloved one, that you offer is you are holding up the mirror and saying, “What about you? Where are you in this process? How are you proceeding? What are you doing to contribute to the Light?”

So, yes, it is all about vibration and it is about raising the individual and the collective vibration. But the collective vibration, as you well understand, does not get raised other than when we [i.e., the Company of Heaven] do a great deal of things.

But it also does not get raised unless the internal free-will mechanism to progress and rise is present.

Let’s stop the camera for a moment. It does not get raised “unless the internal free-will mechanism to progress and rise is present.”

The CoH will not force anything on us. We have to have the will, free of any coercion, to make the Reval work or they will not release it to us. That comes with life lived in a slightly higher frequency than we do right now. I know that because I’ve spent time in it. (1)

I’m not talking about Ascension. I’m talking about a higher life being lived here and now. I’m talking about making the Reval work.

Think of what Michael is doing as shaking the bugs out of the carpet. The bugs are our vasanas, our issues.

Archangel Michael: So it is not something that is being given or activated entirely externally. It is also that internal mechanism.

And that is what you are addressing primarily on the blog: “Are you working with your internal free will and desire to raise the vibration? What are you doing? Are you looking externally for someone to do it for you.” (2)

Michael has been discussing this subject since perhaps 2014/15. That means that as of 2014/15, Michael was already concerned that we were not going to make the state of consciousness that would allow the Reval to flower. Since then, he’s been telling us again and again and we (OK, I) have not been willing to listen.

If what Michael says about the Reval were said about Disclosure, the statement would be regarded as non-controversial.  Here are the Pleiadians making such a statement:

“As we have previously informed you, we are waiting for the collective energy-levels to reach the stage needed for us to be able to comfortably be on your world with you dear souls, and we have withheld our ‘official’ contact with your world in a brazen manner that will help everyone to know the truth of our existence, because of the collective energy levels as they have stood for so very long.” (3)

Here is Ashira:

“We are not asking nor are we waiting for all of you to be saints, to be living completely in the Divine qualities. We are not waiting for Ascension, but there are certain vibrations that need to be compatible. And it’s a Love vibration. Now I don’t mean romantic love, or even familiar love. But there does need to be a vibration of Love that is high enough so that we can meet in the middle.” (4)

So we need to stop looking externally for someone to rescue us or wait on us. This is one we need to help make happen. And we do that by doing everything we can to raise our frequency.

That took way more time than I thought it would. Let me address the reader’s question about being in a Catch 22 in a separate post.

I’m sorry for discussing this so much with you but it has brought several strands together for me and I feel much clearer on a few scores. Some of which I’ll get to later.

I feel confident that we’ll get this sorted out, put in place what needs to be put in place, and see the Reval accomplished. I’m committed to doing that in the shortest possible time.

(Concluded in Part 2, below.)

Catch 22 or Accurate Statement? – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, above.)

The second thing I wanted to do was answer a lightworker’s question. He said the way he sees it we won’t have a Reval until we raise our consciousnesses and the way to raise our consciousnesses is to have a Reval.

Are we in a Catch 22? Or is this the Sphinx’s riddle?

No. We simply need to expand the sentence a little

Yes, the Company of Heaven insists that we do some of the work to bring in the Reval. They insist that we not only express our free-will determination to raise our frequency to a level where a safe and successful Reval can happen, but, if we haven’t already, take actual steps to raise it.

We saw yesterday how really crude some of us can get in the grips of our vasanas, bless our hearts. (1) Might we consider that the view of one end of the spectrum of currency holders?  Then there are lightworkers who are hard at work cleansing themselves of their vasanas, at the other end.

Either we inspire those whose vibrations are lower to raise them or we redouble our efforts in raising ours and some of the collective’s, besides. We know what needs to be done and we have the determination to do it.

When we say we must raise our vibrations to have a Reval and we must have a Reval to a raise our vibrations,  we’re comparing apples and oranges.

The first sentence relates to the Reval itself, but the second sentence relates to Ascension.

Number One.  We need to deepen a few notches in consciousness to have the Reval occur. Yes.

Number Two. The impact of the Reval on the poor and downtrodden will be to lift them up and prepare them for Ascension.  Yes again. Both are true.

And it’ll be us in the main (from the terrestrial side) who will make this all happen.

Does that clear up the seeming Catch 22? Comparatively small increase in vibes brings the Reval.  The Reval brings a comparatively great increase in vibes leading on to Ascension.

Nuff said for a while. I’ll return to the subject later.


(1) “A Case in Point, If You’ll Allow Me,”


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