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Since I’ve been writing continuously about Ascension since 2012, I thought a selection of Posts for ‘awakening ones’ might be useful. Firstly what is ascension Basically it is raising our frequency from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension and upwards.

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The Future and Ascension of Earth


Collapsing the Death timeline

Jenny Schlitz: Collapsing the Death Timeline

Thanks to Nicolle.

Collapsing the Death Timeline

by Jenny Schiltz | Feb 12, 2018

As we move to higher and higher frequencies, all that is within us that can not last in the higher frequencies must go, this includes the death/dying timeline. I want to share with you what I perceived to be a personal experience, but Spirit has shown me that many have experienced something similar recently.  I am also sharing with the hope that it brings clarity to what collapsing a prominent timeline can entail.

While I took a month off to really focus on the sacred passage we just went through, I went to the dentist to have a bad crown replaced with a tooth implant. It turned out that the cavity had gone below the gum line to the point where they recommended a bone graft as well.

As they were putting in the cadaver bone, I was instantly shown a woman laying on a stretcher being wheeled into the emergency room. I didn’t follow the image as I knew I needed to stay present and grounded during the procedure.

I promptly forgot about it until I woke the next day with this woman in my vision. Again I was shown her being wheeled into the ambulance bay and realized that it was in that moment that she died.

She showed me that her life was not what she wanted it to be. She had a life of disappointment, health issues, and chronic pain. She was under 50 when her life ended and the sadness was overwhelming. The hardest part was that I knew that it could have been my story. I also knew that she had not crossed over at her time of death.

I called a shaman friend to assist me with crossing over the woman as I was in no shape to do it alone. As we worked with the woman, the information came in that while she needed assistance, it was me that would receive the deep healing.

A week prior to this I had been in meditation and was shown the Weavers and my own personal loom. Click here to read that blog. What I didn’t share in that blog was that they showed me I actually had 3 looms still being weaved. These were timelines that were still playing out.

There were also many looms that were no longer running and they explained that these are personal timelines that have already collapsed.

As I sat with the energy of the woman who donated her bone to my jaw, I had to come face to face with the fact that there was still a piece of me that had been playing out a life of chronic pain, disconnect, and disappointment. There was still a piece of me that didn’t believe that good health, connection and having dreams and goals fulfilled could be mine.

I was overcome with gratitude as I realized that this woman had experienced my deepest fears. At first, she was resistant to cross as she felt the only purpose for her life was her donated parts. She was able to tap into those who benefited from them.

It was explained to her that she could cross and still be able to view those who have her parts but from a much higher perspective. I was overcome with gratitude as I realized that this woman had experienced my deepest fears, it was this gratitude for her life that made her soul beam and helped her to cross over beautifully.

While I was happy to assist, this was the easy part. Now I had to collapse the timeline where my life ended early and full of disappointment. As always the universe brings me exactly what I need to see and understand.

My middle daughter who is 20 decided to pop in at that moment and sees me crying and wanted to know why. I told her what had happened and saw the truth on her face. I asked her if she thought I was going to die early too. She looked at me and said, “Yes, I always thought I would have to stay close by to help Dad and Maddie (age 9) when you were gone.” I let the realization sink in. My child had been planning her life to assist the family once I was gone. I asked her if she still felt that way and she said “No, you set me free. I’m really proud of you”

For those that don’t know my story, I was hit by a drunk driver that resulted in a spinal fusion. Life returned to normal, even had another child, until 4 years later, the fusion failed horribly and embedded into my cerebral fluid column causing a massive leak and infection. After 2 repair surgeries and a summer in a nursing home recovering function, I was left with serious nerve & back pain, way too many pharmaceuticals, and a growing opiate addiction.

My intuition told me that if I didn’t do something different I would be dead in no time. As we were already losing our farm due to loss of income we decided to move to Colorado where I detoxed off the meds with medical marijuana, learned meditation, reiki and opened up to my soul. It has been a long journey to health but one of amazing growth, however, there was still a timeline running where I never made those changes.

When my husband came home from work and saw that I was an emotional hot mess he came to sit with me. I told him about my day’s journey including what our middle child had said. I asked him if he felt similar and his face grew serious. He said “You were circling the drain, Jen. There was no vitality to you. I always had a plan B in the back of my mind of how I was going to take care of the kids without you.”

I had no idea that he had felt so much pressure. I asked him if he still had a plan B and his boyish smile returned and he said “Nah you are irreplaceable. Maybe that is the point of life, to become irreplaceable.”

The next 3 days I experienced excruciating pain in all of my joints, my back and had intense nerve pain that radiated down both legs. It was like I was right back in hell, right back in the time period where my eyes would open in the morning and I was sad I was still alive. I worked with my team the whole time and they explained that a timeline collapse is not “out there” but actually takes place in the body. That each cell holds the timeline and must be removed from every area of the physical form.

They also wanted me to see all the ways that I was willing to give up on this experience and my goals.  I had dreams of the collapsing timeline, really feeling the gravity of the situation and its effects on me and my loved ones. I saw the pain of not fulfilling my soul’s passion. I was also shown where I had held the feelings of “I don’t belong on this planet” and “I want to go home.” I was also shown all the times that I put another’s needs in front of my own and how this too is a signal of “I don’t want to live or thrive.”

On the flipside of that, I was shown where I had looked outside myself to be saved, believing that in an instant the world would change and I would be healed and whole. The truth is being healed and is available to all, but only through going within and doing the deep inner work.  I also had to look at the definition of being healed and how for each person that meaning is deeply individual.  For me, healed means I want to live, I want to create, and I have excitement for my life. It does not mean that my physical body is perfect.

The truth is being healed and is available to all, but only through going within and doing the deep inner work. Click To Tweet

On the 3rd day, they asked me to state my intentions of what I wanted in this life and they told me to be fearless. It was as I shouted these intentions out to the universe that I felt the final release of the timeline take place and I sunk to my knees in gratitude that it was done. I was then shown the place of the weavers and my personal looms to see that indeed I had collapsed the timeline.

I wasn’t going to share this ultra-personal experience because it can be hard to be so vulnerable. However, Spirit brought to me quite a few people who were also going through their own personal death timeline collapse.

For some they were knocked down by the flu, others had near-death accidents, some found themselves facing a serious illness like a coma or sepsis.  Some are finding that the timelines collapsing hold remnants from past lives that need healing as well. When I explained to them what I experienced it brought them relief and a greater understanding of what they needed to do to collapse their timelines.  I knew then that it needed to be shared.

As we move into higher and higher frequencies all the timelines that hold lower frequencies must collapse. This experience can be very painful if you have one foot on one timeline and one foot in another. We are being asked to become very clear on what it is we want in our lives and focus on that.

We have to see where we are holding onto separation, however, it looks for you. We have to come to a place where we can see that we can have it all – health, abundance, connection, happiness, whatever we want – it just needs to come from within and not from something “out there.”

We have to come to a place where we can see that we can have it all – health, abundance, connection, happiness, whatever we want – it just needs to come from within and not from something “out there”. Click To Tweet

I hope that my experience helps you if you are going through something similar. This process is not for the weak, so give yourself a pat on the back.  Sending you all lots of love. Special thanks to all who share this work.

Jenny Schiltz.

Your support of this work is welcome, thank you so much for a gratitude donation today.

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In memory of Marion Woodnutt

When I first met Marion, she was living at Palm Beach, Sydney below the Lighthouse, in the old Customs House. she later said it was the best time of her life.

She met lots of people on the way up to the lighthouse and being friendly, she talked to them often inviting them for a cup of tea and becoming their friend. Later she thought it was just because of where she lived. but it was much more than that. there was a light in her eyes which drew you to her. I experienced it when I first met her – a past recognition from before this time, is what I believe it was.

She was the one who introduced me to so many things. It was through her that I went to a Renewing the Dreaming Camp with Aboriginal elder Guboo Ted Thomas, who taught us about Aboriginal spirituality. He was my first spiritual teacher, who taught us the ‘humming bee’ a toning which aligned the chakras with sound. He taught us about the didgeridoo, about toning on a rock, which broadcast over ABC radio,and about Pidgeonhouse Mountain and Mumbla MOuntain where a mother’s greatest joy was to see her son come down the waterslide, an initiated man.

Later we travelled together through Thunderbolt country, as I worked on a script about the Bush ranger, camping beside the river at Denham and later riding over Barrington Tops, as my great grandmother had done. We got snowed in at Barrington Tops in October, in spring.

Later, I visited her in Nabiac, where she had farm picking Christmas bells on the heathland and finding an Aboriginal birthing rock and hearing the ‘angelic chorus’.

Many years later at Clunes in Tasmania we did a toning on the high plateau rock circle and brought the energy in there, so she was with me in doing the Earth healing over many years.

In 2016 she invited me to France and we did the Camino pilgrimage together and connected that leyline to Australia. it was to be our last trip together.

In December 2017 she was swimming with friends in Sussex, England, when she had a massive cerebral haemorrhage and was unconscious. I by chance, had sent a Christmas card to her sister in France, who informed me she was unconscious and expected to pass any day. While still in shock, I got a message to release her. So I said my goodbye in my healing room in Tamborine where she had visited me before going to France.

I set up the altar with a merkebah in quartz crystals with a candle in the middle and the shell, symbol of the Camino, and a rose quartz she had given me, a dolphin which she loved,an elephant to represent nature. I played Light Language music and sang:
May the long time sun shine upon you,
All love surround you
and the Pure Light Within you,
Guide your way Home.
She passed over the next day and I was told that due to a dispensation for those who pass over so close to our ascension event, they will ascend with us. I asked if Marion ascended and got she did, thanks to the Ceremony of Release I did. Anyone can pray for those souls who pass over now with that result. Wow! I was blown away by this. I was told to share this, so others know to pray for the dying.


Emerging from the Chrysalis of Ascension – Golden Age of Gaia

As we all continue our gradual emergence from the chrysalis of Ascension, I’m now noticing stages in the development of my ability to express love. In the early years of my marriage, it was as if I had a hole in my heart. I couldn’t generate love for life or money.  My wife hung in …

Source: Emerging from the Chrysalis of Ascension – Golden Age of Gaia

My Near Death Experience (NDE)

221-3497 163
I’ve decided to write about my near-death-experience because I’ve been reading ‘Transformed by the Light” by Cherie Sutherland, which is about her research into Australian Near Death Experiences and the aftereffects they have on people who experience them. I found much in common with my own experience and I believe it is informative in understanding my work.

I had the NDE in 2000 after the Sydney Olympics. At that time I was already on a spiritual path. I already believed in reincarnation after an experience at the Alhambra in Spain in 1984. I experienced a past life in Yustaf I University in Granada.

I had a heart attack in the ocean at Palm Beach, Sydney. I was snorkelling with my friend Gail R. and we went into the water at the beach and swam out to the point I was dolphin kicking and it was a bit dirty with a small swell. Gail had taken a photo and we were swimming fairly close. I felt hot even though the water was cold. I decided to get out I seem to have come in at the pool onto the rocks and raised my arm to wave to her that I was OK, when I keeled over face first into the water.

There were a lot of people around on shore who saw me including a young girl, Grace B. who noticed I didn’t blow the water out of my snorkle and alerted lifesavers. Anthony G. says he was at the beach with his wife and child having never gone to the beach with a migraine head ache and arrived only 5 mins before. He’s a former policeman, now lawyer working for legal aid. Five other adults including surfing identity Bart B. got me out of the water and Anthony and Bart B. did CPR and rescusitation. When I spoke to Anthony later he said it was frightening how no-one knew what to do. He also said he’d brought his mother back and she didn’t thank him! This was because it was beautiful where she’d been and she didn’t want to come back. I thanked him and said I was brought back for a reason and it has something to do with planetary karma.

I was unconscious for 18 hours and they transferred me by helicopter to Prince of Wales Hospital. I didn’t need a stint because I recovered quickly and was out of hospital in 10 days. I remember the light and tunnel coming back I remember waking up with the knowledge I’d agreed to come back because I had work to do. I remember I was off with the dolphins and experienced the light and was with guides, including the one who brought me back but the details have escaped me. I seem to have been very busy with the Olympic events and then the Paralympics which were after. I was trying to sell the vehicle which I’d driven around Australia at the time, with some reservations. I was certainly asking how the universe arranged itself to save me from death. There were too many coincidences.

My friend Gail, who had been diving with me wondered what all the commotion was around the pool and was looking for me, when she saw me being taken by the paramedics. She said later I looked dead, was blue in the face and unconscious. She changed her career from a Law Librarian to a Psychologist, a rippling out effect of my NDE I believe.

Like most of the other respondents in the group surveyed, I was no longer interested in formal religions, I knew It was just so much different to what I’d learned as a baby RC. I no longer fitted that box.I had been doing some earth healing work in Homebush Bay for the Olympics and was to continue for the Paralympics, so had to recover quickly and get out of the city. I improved when I was able to move into my own space in the bus.

Despite my curiosity about why this had happened, I was not to explore using hypnosis, which I didn’t. I had Trager and acupuncture and reiki of course. When I went to heart specialist up in Qld, he told me I’d probably have another within 6 years, cheerful fellow. Well I didn’t and despite having a scare earlier this year, which has meant I now have a pace maker having got the message, I was to get an upgrade. Well not quite my idea of an upgrade, but I’m still here and I believe I’m protected for a reason that has to do with my greater Higher Self role, which I came here to do.

An increase in psychic phenomena is one of the outcomes of NDEs 71% experience clairvoyance or most kinds of precognitive flashes (86%) which they seem to take in their stride. While 49% who experience OBEs was harder to ignore. The desire to help others, included changes in life direction, and being more compassionate. There was an increased need for solitude, a higher self esteem and a decrease in concern for what others think of them. There was a strong sense of purpose in most of the people sampled. There were changes in relationships following the NDE, as the changes were often difficult for a partner to understand. Material success was less important. There was a greater interest in alternative therapies and a decrease in use of doctors. There was a change of interest towards spiritual seeking. There was a diminished interest in politics and a corresponding increased interest in social issues, something I experienced. Choices of lifestyle, such as drinking, smoking, alcohol, eating and prescription drugs, reflected greater respect for their bodies. The integration of the NDE takes time and some experience it faster than others. It helps if they can find a sympathetic ear to listen, particularly in the early stages. Inner spiritual work needs to be done in integrate the experience.

`Experiencers who follow a confirmatory trajectory are already accepting of psychic phenomena and death. For these people the NDE confirms already strongly held beliefs based on personal experience and intellectual exploration.”
This is the trajectory I believe I was on and it helped speed up the process.

A number of friends reported a change in me after the NDE. This is something, I don’t believe has been explored. Some thought it was a higher aspect of me, some thought it may have been a `walk-in’. I believe it was an expansion of my auric body into my Higher Self. There was some loss of memory about the past, things I hadn’t spoken of in years, I had forgotten, the gains far exceeded the losses.

Six months later I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Some said the NDE was the trigger. Since my father and both brothers have it also, I think it was inevitable, but I’m still living with it.

Update on a walk-ins channelled by Twe ka Wo from the Arcturians

Many of you want to know more about walk-ins.Sometimes the body will want to make contact with aspects of itself, in other parts of its existence, to opt out of the experience it is having (as an OBE). Another expression may enter the body. Each resonance has its own expression, so it is different. Many may feel lost, in crisis – identity or ego wants to explore other expressions and may fight against it. Filling a contract with other parts of itself. It’s not really leaving the body. It’s experiencing a different version of yourself. There are many aspects of your higher source self. It creates a lack of sense, you’re afraid of attached versions, lose control.

Many would be ecstatic, inspired, you are so free, powerful. You can create your own characters. Children do it. Your dream realities are aspects of yourself, so no one is going crazy. Imagination is considered, playing around, not true. 100% of you are going through walk-in experiences all of the time.

You are that Free, that you can experience other multidimensional experiences. Everybody is just changing. Walk-ins are happening all over the planet. All of ETaspects are coming in and we experience all of their power. A stargate has opened (July 2018).Allow the Elohim to be  a working factor of yourself. You are the children of God. You deserve all of yourself. All ideas of what you should be, are being dropped. Release all expectations of what the past should mean to you. Let go of everything,, then you will flow. Change your vibration to experience the new sources and ways of being. The Essessani beings have opened a new portal, a pillar of high enlighted state.

Kakadu Dreaming
Kakadu Dreaming
By Christine A Deacon
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