Egypt- First trip Day 6, and 7 on Nile

Our first day on Sonestra St George and we stayed in port that day. in the afternoon we had a channeling in a a private stateroom, from Min. Felt I had gone home and asked where? I was told wherever you are, that’s your home, it’s the heart chakra. Anubis came in to bring up unconscious issues

Min was taking us to a time when we came from the Stars as blueberry were still in port beings. I believe these are the ‘blue avians’, Corey Goode, whistle blower speaks about, and this the middle card I had drawn before coming to Egypt.

Hathor came in and said our heart chakra is our home and we can effect change in vibration (earth) and frequency (Stars). We were giant beings who played with Stars and fire. The land was lush, the river 10 times as wide. It was withdrawal of theMother’s energy that caused the decline.

After this we went to the Captain’s welcome, where he introduced the crew. We were still in port and in the evening went to the market near the Railway Station. I got money out of the bank and walked through the Main Street, looking for the others, alone. The shop keepers were pesky, but I went into one shop where the owner offerred me to sit down and brought some T-shirts and Nubian headgear. We then met in a coffee shop near the station. I did not feel threatened or at risk at any time, but I did ask my guides for protection. We went back to the ship for dinner, a full sit down 3 course dinner and afterwards I went to bed. This was a Nubian show that night on board, but I was too tired.

The first week of our trip had passed and we seemed to have done so much. I was feeling exhausted, but hoping to feel better as Min had said: In 2 days the change will be recognised by everyone. Some members of the group had noticed some things they’d bought had gone missing from the previous hotel and decided to report it to the police. Someone had seen a cleaner come out of my room putting something in their pocket. I checked,but nothing of mine seemed to be missing. So I had a relaxing day by the pool on the upper deck, whileHaytham and the others visited the Police station. I also had a life reading from Michelle, who had kindly offerred to do one for each of us.

After lunch we departed from Aswan and raced the other boats going North along the Nile. I took photos from my cabin with door open and a nice breeze coming in, sitting in an armchair my iPad and telephoto lens ready, snapping scenes onshore and passing boats on the river.

At sunset we arrived at Kom Ombo, the Temple of Duality, It is dedicated to Horus and Sobeb. Known also as the. Crocodile Temple, it has mummified crocodiles, in a room to one side of the entrance. it also has surgical instruments presented to Imhotep, the God of Medicine. According to Drunvelo Melchizedek, it was were initiates had to overcome their fears,

‘Fig. 10-13. What’s left of the initiation site in Kom Ombo On the previous photo (fig. 10-12), you can see the little wedge-shaped pegs at points A (fig. 10-12b). They use pieces of metal shaped like that to lock two stones together so that they don’t move around during earthquakes; that makes it more stable. Those wedges actually hold walls in place at these points. Where the man is going down into the hole, there used to be walls on both sides. When you are up high on the other side (where I took this picture), you can see the little wedge holes going all the way to the top at C. Walls at D and E had originally extended forward to where I took this picture, and you can see a secret hollow space in the middle. In this view from the back of the temple, the left side of this hollow center was the side of the “dark,” and the right side was the side of the “light.” If you were on either side of this wall, you wouldn’t know there was a hollow place in the middle. It would be pretty hard to tell because you’d think that the other side of that wall was the other side of the temple.’

‘At each of the temples in Egypt, they would create situations to force you to have experiences you would not normally bring on yourself so that when you had similar experiences, you would become stronger and less fearful. You would be put in extremely fearful situations to overcome your fears. That’s what this secret hollow space was all about—an exercise to overcome fear, a specific kind of fear.’

‘Top view of the crocodile pool This was the kind of initiation the Egyptians performed in these schools very calculated experiences. And these experiences were many and varied. This building had all kinds of special rooms designed to overcome fear. This temple also had a positive side, where they studied tantra—not just sexual pleasures but also understanding the sexual currents and other sexual energies and their relationship to resurrection. They also studied breathing and its relationship to all things that are human. The mundane ability to simply stay under water that long was quite a feat. Now that we understand the importance of fear, I will talk about direct experience and the secret of the Well. The Well under the Great Pyramid The room in the Great Pyramid called the Well was closed off in about 1984 for safety reasons. They installed an iron door at the opening to the descending passage up at the main level, and kept a guard there for a long time.’

‘This was because many people had died in the Well, so many that they
finally closed off the room to tourists. They had died of unbelievable things—for example, poisonous snakes and spiders that don’t even exist in Egypt! The last incident happened just before they closed the Well. Some kind of poisonous gas appeared in the air and killed a group of people who were doing ceremony in the room. Nobody knows what it was. This space has a very unusual nature, especially toward the end of the tunnel, where it ends at a wall. In this tunnel there is a connection between the third and the fourth dimensions. Whatever you think and feel happens, for real. If you’ve got any fears, they will become real. They will manifest and will not allow you to survive in the new world. If you are fearless, then you are free to manifest in the positive, which opens the door to the higher worlds. As you will see, this is the nature of the fourth dimension: whatever you think and feel happens. This is why the Egyptian mystery schools took students through twelve years of training where they were faced with every fear known to man. Kom Ombo held only fears associated with the second chakra. Each chakra has its associated fears. They took initiates through every fear you can imagine, so that by the end of twelve years they were absolutely fearless because they had overcome all fear. All the mystery schools and training schools around the world did exactly The same thing in different ways.’

This was training for travelling in th Merkabah, the light vehicle, which initiates could manifest through training and travel through dimensions. It is relates to the flower of life, a symbol I purchased earlier in th Papyrus Institute.

We left the temple at sunset and continued on along the Nile, stopping about 10 pm at Edfu where we pulled alongside a wharf, most of the passenger being asleep. As dawn approached we could hear the Immans and see the horse drawn carriages appear ready to take passengers to a Edfu Temple. The clip clip of horses woke me, we had elected not to hire the horse drawn carriages, because of animal cruelty concerns. The others on the ship did however opt to go.

i had organised a massage for that day


The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: 2Paperback – 1 May 2000

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Egypt trip preparations 3

The Father Archetype

The channeling by Jennifer Starlight of Egyptian entity Min

The session began with stating our name and intentions. This was a transformation of our relationship not only with our biological father but our genetic line, accomplished in present time.

The heart chakra is the father of your soul’s creation. Biological fathers are a blessing, surrender to your heart. Your soul is the living mother, an ever flowing creative force like water. Gods are inside your heart. Father fire is the active burning desire for life. Mother moon or water is the ebbing and flowing of the emotional body.

At the beginning the feminine represented the mother. Darkness is the power within you, the unmanifest. The hardest step is to take responsibility for what happened, the roles you had to play.
The reason is you lost your innocence.

When you say I am going to transform this myself, the misunderstanding was he was so damaged by his father and so. It takes Mastership to take on a physical body. If you were standing on the other side of the veil, you would see human pain does not ha e to exist.

In the beginning you were magnificent divine beings participating in creation. You are he only consciousness in existence that have created heaven. You wish to know more of what you are to take the experience further.

Your biological father love you more than you could bear. Can you take on that is preordained this experience. The soul has been in a karmic gridlock. You have an invitation to creat something called ‘kinetic consciousness’, the understanding to step back from society’s programming.

For a man to express himself is programmed out by roles of ‘father the protector’, ‘father the judging God’ which is emotion based on misinformation. Go back to your inner 7 year old, and see your father as a magnificent soul. You are reawakening innocence as purity, trust and faith. Your father is reflecting back your own abuse and abandonment.

Emotional father issues are based on the Church’s programming of beliefs. Innocence is your heart – it just gives and gives. Perhaps connect on a magnetic level or perhaps a physical level.

A girl in a family of 5 males
We have all been working from the masculine, because we live in a masculine society. You set it up to find the balance. When you do what is loving, nurturing and creative, you will find the balance. In 3 months you will find bring the feminine back. The intuitive child must come back first. You must become the one you attract by finding the balance.

Every human has been programmed with inadequacy. It has stopped you becoming a whole person. You don’t have to vibrate to the same soul group.. There is nothing to work out with him, it’s to do with mother, your feminine aspect. If you want to follow a soul path, your must receive for yourself. Soul and spirit, I surrender to receive, like a child in innocence. Desire to receive so you can give. Surrender to the unknown. You do not have to search and seek and struggle.

The ‘will’ centre is the throat, surrender to know within your heart. Humility is the flip side to inadequacy. Humility is the ability to surrender to receive. You are a sacred sentient being who deserves everything without struggle.

Sacrifice is a Christian script. If you don’t know your father, you don’t know God the Father. Demand to know God within you. Many women are experiencing a blinding rage at the masculine. Father told you, no one is good enough. This was done out of fear. When you push men away, love comes in, mind stops it. The base chakra issue is where the rage is, rage is love unexpressed. Love hurts is a false belief. Feminine force wants to be loved.

‘Kinetic consciousness’ is creating in every moment. Drop into soul – go by feeling, into the feeling body. Breathe and give soul permission. Trust, faith, innocence, imagination, sit in stillness, be present, start to feel.

Mars is rage, anger, Mars sits in the throat chakra.

Fear of pregnancy is a programming.



Min: Om Maat

Feeling has a light which will outshine the sun. We have always been with you. We want you to remember how to feel love. Are you tired of your lives, your tired aching bodies. Admit it, let go of the struggle. There are two types of seeking, from the heart and soul or from outside of yourself. Which will never be enough.

The depth of love in your heart is beyond words, alive, fresh and eternal, inside you. There is an eternal flame between the solar plexus and the heart. This flame is the bridge, activate it. This flame is within each individual wishing to ignite the flame. I am not a single entity. How can I be separate (as you) from all levels of consciousness?

There are many aspects to be brought into conscious awareness. You must give permission for the activation. Move beyond this to bring male and female aspects into conscious union. We wish you to see yourselves as conscious sentient beings. The opposite axes are alive and well within this dimension. Bring all of yourself into alignment. The eternal flame, when ignited with all aspects of yourself wii come and play. Spirit is life force that keeps the human body functioning.

Civilisations such as Egypt were not seeded from the human race. The beings which anchored this within the human race are you. You decided because of love of Mother Earth, to blend youselves in her dimension. The few relics bring such a deep resonance for you – remembering your star beingness – tHe original custodians. We are not seperate. It is time to stop having us on a pedestal. Because you think the star beings are different, you fell from your remembrance of us. The bridge sits there waiting.

There is great excitement to bring though Hathor. it is a great gift for Min and Hathor to be opening the heart and feeling. in the 3rd dimension, Fire is considered male and water female. In the 4th dimension it is reversed, Fire is considered female and water male. Emotions are the bridge between the mind and the body. React rather than respond. We should not pigeonhole the elements as male or female. The purple light in the 3rd eye is the soul group coming in with you.

Not knowing gives you space to manifest: spirit, feeling and projection. Just show up and be you. Know yourself and show yourself. Accept and allow whatever comes up for 3 days Pain is energy moving, breathe into it. Spirit is electrical current, shaking.

The effects of the eclipses will last 3-6 months. Nineteen years ago in 1999 was the same energy theme. Volitile beliefs will bring real change.


Min on Sun, Moon and Stars


We are always with you. You are never alone.
Detach from your mind. Feeling is truth, thinking is illusion. Drop down into Divine Intelligence of your heart.

Everything has a consciousness, everything is here to serve you, the human being because you are consciousness that has an awareness of God. Other beings birds trees etc do not have the consciousness of One. They do not need God, they have group consciousness. Everything is in service to you to remind you, you are God.
The sun brings life to this planet. The ancients honoured and revered it. They didn’t know, it would come up again or about cycles. The sun has been considered male but it was originally Great Mother. It is a combination of the two.

Skin Cancer
The sun is not bad for you.It is your subconscious fear that is bad.The ancients knew to bathe in the sun in the morning. It is the homeopathic remedy for skin cancer. It is the light before physical light. Light is consciousness, the 5th element.
The sun is the homeopathic remedy for any cancer, not just skin cancer.Sit in the sun and fill the chakra system with its force. Sun is a powerful transformation, a radioactive treatment for cancer. The heart, solar plexus and Divine Will are the Sun Temple.

Temples to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars

The ancients were in communion with beings from other planets. They knew they were bathed in the consciousness of Light. Within each of you is a temple of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars so you can wake yourselves up. You think you are separate, but you are not.If someone has lost a child, so all have lost a child. If you are sitting beside someone on a bus, Divine Intelligence brings you together for a reason.

The Moon does not give you light, it comes from the sun. Moonlight is mystical, it pulls the great oceans of the world. Females are aligned with the Moon in cycles. The Moon purifies the emotional body and lymphatic system.When you bloat up, it is a lack of release of the emotional body. Moon triggers the emotional body for release, which allows the lymphatic system to release, including shock and terror. Your Temple of the Moon, is your earth star, base star and sacral. Give the Moon permission to trigger the emotional body. Infuse water with the moonlight to clear the lymphatic system. Full moon and black moon are powerful cycles.

The Moon reflects illusion, repressed emotional charge, the shadow. Because man doesn’t want to go within, he externalises. When you understand that, you can communicate directly with those bodies.
Emotions are powerful. The mind makes you in and out of love, It’s only from the heart that there can be love between souls.
Do not think, FEEL!
Humans and trees have almost the same DNA, but trees don’t move. They both receive light from the sun, moon and stars. They are channels of radiant light, the 5th element. There is consciousness in every cell.

The Stars
Divine intelligence from the Source. Intention and feel to connect with Supreme Source and it’s Light. God is not complete without its recognition in you. You call out to God from your mind, or worse, hand over to God, but God is not a takeover but a conscious partnership God decides from the Divine Intelligence of your heart. We are one as a collective and receive Divine Intelligence as inspiration. Every star in the sky has Intelligence and shines to get your attention.

Is late afternoon the same benefit as morning sun?
Dawn is new beginnings. Fill the 3rd eye with Golden Light and ask it to fill the pituitary for physical and the pineal for psychic energy. See them fill with Golden Light and strengthen the base chakra. Consciousness allows you to transform with the 5th element.
Do you love yourself enough to stop the story. Grief is a gift. The journey through grief leads to love, opens the heart to the truth. It is the way home.

When you go to Egypt, many will feel exquisite grief, realising the stars in the sky was what you once had. Everyone here has had a past in Egypt. A lot has been destroyed or is underground. It had to be a collaboration. This tour has been organised for 35,000 years. We are going back to original temples. You are all closely connected. Connect with the DivineIntelligence of your heart – it’s all here Now.. That is what we’re going to be teaching in Egypt. We are telling Jennifer what timelines we are on. We are setting up a grid which you can connect with us in Egypt.

Feel the moon under your feet. Feel her drawing on your emotional body, you lymphatic system. Start to travel through the chakras of your feet. Feel the silvery light
Any fear in the base chakra, feel the fear be filled with the light of the moon and transform it to FAITH. You are safe on a physical level. Release the fear from the hips and abdomen. Feel the release of lymph.
Bring the sun into a ball. See The Central Sun radiating Golden Light moving towards you. Immerse in it, let your entire chest bathe in it. It is Christ consciousness. Draw it through the body’s immune system. Breathe it into the heart centre. Allow it to transform any malignancy. Call upon the stars to make their presence felt. See one star above clearing the neural pathways and nodes in the brain.
The Moon’s silvery Light, the Sun’s Golden Light and your star connection and God is present in these 3levels. Feel God in all its form and ask and know you may have a miracle transformation now – consciousness of Supreme Source is alive within you. When you become conscious of it, it must expand. Feel yourself completely in your body. It is ou honour to be with you. You are each a universal blessing. Om Maat.