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The Rose
As sung by Bette Midler Music and Lyrics by Amanda McBroomCopyright © 1978 by Bette Midler, Amanda McBroom. All Rights Reserved.from the movie, The Rose

Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower, and You its only seed.
It’s the heart, afraid of breaking, that never learns to dance.
It’s the dream, afraid of waking, that never takes a chance.
It’s the one who won’t be taken, who cannot seem to give.
And the soul, afraid of dyin’, that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely,
and the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong,
Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows,
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love, in the spring becomes
The Rose.

The Rose is included in several DVDs, CDs by Bette Midler

‘The Order of The White Rose’
Received Sunday the 28th October 2018 by Kai Phoenix

Kai Phoenix says : ‘A friend of mine was gravely ill. Something that came on very suddenly and unexpectedly. We we’re hoping and praying for a miracle and doing everything in our power to assist him to remain on this Earth realm. Obviously I’m not going to go into detail here except to say he was a healer who helped and assisted many. Selflessly volunteering his services over many decades and that’s how we first met, at our local healing centre.

He was so kind, loving, gentle, cheeky and had a wicked and sometimes dry sense of humour such that sometimes I didn’t know if he was joking or not but he always always had a smile on his face, an encouraging word to say and never spoke badly of anyone. He helped and assisted so many yet he was humble and without ego.

One morning I was going to visit him in hospital and I woke up to this code. I received it for me but was told to share it with him also as apparently it was for the both of us. The words “The Order of The White Rose” came to me and I quickly scribbled it down as I was rushing to get there to see him aware he was approaching his final days.

I sat in the room with him (and others) and proceeded to sketch out the code in his presence. The phrase given to me along with the code sounded familiar so I looked it up on Google to see if it was ‘a thing.’ Ok call me blonde is ok/true (yes I’m a natural blonde) but I had no prior knowledge of it having hidden under a rock for many years (hehe) and then when I was brave enough to come out my attention focussed elsewhere.

It seems the symbol is a personal key and the key is an invitation. The invitation is to initiate or ordain into the priest/priestesshood of The Order of The White Rose, the feminine aspect or branch of the Great White Brotherhood. (Those deemed ready to be ordained will be given a personal key.) We both were receiving this invitation. The invitation to uphold and protect the Divine Sacred Feminine (and also the balance of masculine and feminine).’

Female members of this order include Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman and Isis to name a few but also think the likes of Lady Dianna Spencer.

The White Rose stands for purity of heart and the Divine feminine, symbolizing the Goddess and Angelic Realm. The White Rose also symbolizes grace, truth, honor, the healing power of spirit and love manifesting on Earth through humanity. The gold circle in this my personal key represents Unity conciousness, the All. The triangles represent the Higher and Lower (Earth ) realms respectively. So uniting the Higher and Lower realms through love and heart consciousness.

This all now just being bought into my awareness though when I wrote and channeled my book in 2012 Quan Yin visited me many times to tell me that I was a petal on a (cherry) tree about to blossom and come into full bloom. That all the other petals on the tree (representing the feminine) and I are one and are coming into our spring. She said I would work with women helping to support and teach them how to love and nurture themselves and find their inner strength but first I would have to love and nurture myself. Quan Yin told me to allow my womanhood to shine through as it had been lying dormant for too long, to bring feminine intent and softness into everything I do and into actions and interactions with others. That contrary to popular belief that being feminine is not being weak but conversely strong. That there is strength and power in femininity and the female energy much more than the masculine but that it is a subtle and underlying strength so as to be barely noticed, designed to empower the bearer without dis-empowering the recipient. She suggested I harness this energy and bring it into my working practise and everyday life. That when one petal opens and blossoms many follow until the fulll tree is radiant with light and aroma. She went on to say “Blessed are the ones that blossom upon the tree of life.”

I feel the code was given to my friend to honor his service to others primarily women, having volunteered at the healing centre for over 12 years. A place where often he was the only male amongst a sea of women and for the hundreds and possibly thousands (through the butterfly/ripple effect) that he helped over that time. But why now? Why this late in the picture? I feel that they were pulling out the red carpet in his honor ready for him to cross over and showing him the love that surrounded him at this time during his transformation from one dimension to another. Whatever the reason when I showed him the code he smiled his beautiful smile and it lit up the room gifting all that were present. I’ll never forget that smile.

Four days later I was back visiting. By now he was unconscious and his breathing laboured, his time with us was nearing it’s end. On the bequest of his partner I worked on energetically clearing the room. Then while his favourite Native American music played softly in the background I allowed my Light Language signing to intuitively channel through me in rythmic dance like movements as I adjusted the energies around us, clearing, gathering reshaping, reforming, aligning and much more. The whole process going for about 15 minutes till it naturally resolved itself in a deep bow of respect.

The next morning I got the phone call that he had transformed and in that moment I realised I had unknowingly been setting up the pathways, setting up a clear and safe passage for him to cross that rainbow bridge to the other side.

In my opinion he was one of the 144,000 Ambassodors of Light that descended to this planet to assist in the Ascension process. One of the First Wavers, a Wayshower who helped set things up for what is to come for all of us and for that I am so grateful.

During a Quantum Energetic Reading his Higher Self explained to me his mission as an ‘influencer’ here on Earth was complete and I believe he’s been fast tracked to 5D ahead of us to help set things up there also ready for our arrival.

But what about me? Why did I receive the code and why do I share such a personal story with you all, The Keepers of The Codes?

Well this is especially for those of you that sign and dance Light Language. Never underestimate what it is you do or what you are possibly here to do. I had no idea or inkling that my Light Language signing would be utilised in such a profound way. I feel so humbled and honoured to have been a part of that process for him, such a gentle kind and loving man and to assist in his safe passage home in the most loving way possible. And for that, that role alone, I think that’s why I received the code that day “The Order of The White Rose”

Love and blessings to all you bringers of Light

Ché Tu Nah My
Kai Phoenix

A white rose is a potent symbol, of course, and one found elsewhere and used by other groups. One thinks of those who resisted Hitler in Munich. In British (as distinct from English) history, the white rose as a symbol is most obviously associated with Jacobitism: for example, it is often found on commemorative Jacobite glasses and in Jacobite portraits. The white cockades worn by Jacobite soldiers were rose symbols. It is sometimes thought that this is because James VII and II was born Duke of York (the symbol of York being, of course, the white rose), although white rose day in the Jacobite Calendar was the birthday of the Old Pretender, James’s son.

i am reminded of the painting I did to illuminate the the meditation known as the Tibetan Figure 8. The image I was given was the same as to Kai, a cherry tree in bloom and a white rose. There were other symbols as well, a water jug pouring water, for Aquarius, a rosacrution cross which is  a Knights Templar symbol. The meditation is described as a preparation for the First Inner Session, in working with the Higher realms. I found it useful in cutting the ties that bind us in unhealthy ways, or unhelpful relationships.

i am also drawn to the issue of helping the dying in passing over. I recently helped a mentor of mine, a singer/songwriter to pass, using reiki and sound. I shared with him my trip to Egypt and hope for the future. I explained he was going on a journey and to go to the light and his parents would meet him there. He began  to cry, Although he had been in pain, on my second visit he shared the pain had gone. He passed 4 days later. I felt I had made his passing easier.

I feel I am being drawn to the White Rose Order and it’s my reason for the next journey. I’ve Found the Rose LeyLine and the other  Canna Marriage Liine which seems to traverse Skye, where my daughter is getting married. I’ve been to Irish dancing class where my granddaughter is starting at 3 years old and was emotionally affected to the point of tears by the older girls tap dancing to Irish music. I think Genetic  memories are surfacing as I recall a bracket inscription on a souvenir  ‘de na forget’ from my grandmother whose relatives came from Ireland.


Mary Magdalene’s Journey

Mary Magdalene: The Truth of Mary Magdalene’s Journey

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Natalie: Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Grotte de la Sainte Baume which is a cave in the south of France where it is said that Mary Magdalene spent much of her time after the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. The cave is on the side of a mountain, and it takes about a 45mins steep walk through glorious and luscious woodland to reach this sacred place. Before entering the cave, I began to communicate with Mary Magdalene to discover the purpose of my visit and why I was being guided to visit the Grotto. Below is what I received, information that Mary Magdalene wanted to share not just with me, with everyone.

Mary Magdalene: It is an honour to connect with you, and I shower you in the vibrations of the Divine Goddess and Goddess Isis. Even as a child I wore the symbol of the Golden Serpent. A symbol of being initiated into the teachings of the Divine Feminine and Goddess Isis. I was and remain a High Priestess of Goddess Isis dedicated to the power, magic, and love of the purest form of the sacred Goddess. It was my training which paved my way to my union with Jesus as well as preparing me to continue the teachings shared with both of us, after his ascension. The teachings Jesus shared were born from love and given in love, they represented the union of the masculine and feminine vibrations of the Creator in harmony and oneness, awakening the same within all. During the times when Jesus shared his teachings, I would also receive the same downloads of energy and inspiration. As a representative of the Divine Feminine, I acted as an anchor, grounding the sacred energy into the Earth and consciousness of humanity.

It was after the ascension of Jesus that I was guided to continue to share the detailed teachings and healing practices I had received with others. One of my greatest purposes at that time was to share my wisdom with those devoted to the Goddess as they would retain the purity of the teachings while preserving them for generations to come. The divine directions and tasks given to me by the Creator seemed endless at that time. I was to develop the presence of the Goddess in many people so this energy may continue to nurture the world and the teachings of Jesus, as well as healing some devastation which occurred in humanity due to misunderstanding when Jesus left the Earth. I was to distribute energetic codes, templates, and healing as well as physical scrolls, objects, tools and crystals of spiritual value in certain sacred places. My purpose was to support the preservation and continuation of the healing and awakening Jesus had begun.

I had another very beautiful role, a role which everyday healed my heartbreak of physically losing Jesus, even though I understood the truth of the matter. This role encouraged me to be determined to achieve the tasks given to me by the Divine Creator while also filling my days with fun, love, and laughter. In my opinion, it is the most sacred role of a women, I was given the gift of being a mother. Sar’h was the creation of the Divine Creator to embody my energies as Mary Magdalene and Jesus’ sacred vibrations; she really was the image of the union of us both in more ways than seemed possible. A sacred gift to the Earth and me. She carried many names, the Golden Chalice, the Golden Serpent and the Union of the Divine in Manifestation, to name a few.

Our destination, Sar’h and I, along with a few sisters of the light was France. Our purpose when arriving in the South of France was to begin the process of distributing the many sacred energetic and physical scrolls, tools and templates which had been placed in our possession. These were to be given to specific people and hidden in certain places to preserve their safety. We were greeted and supported by the members of a Goddess Isis Temple dedicated to the Divine Feminine. These women of such profound inner beauty supported our mission and later lead us to a space of sanctuary near their temple. Our sanctuary was a cave in the South of France known now as the Grotte de la St Baume. Sar’h was three years old when we arrived at our new home which was a hiding place for us and a space where I could continue to teach.

Natalie: During my time in the cave the presence of Mary Magdalene was very strong even though this area like a church now has been overseen for many years by monks. The Divine Feminine vibrations still remained within its energy. As Mary Magdalene appeared in my third eye before me, it was Sar’h whom she pushed forth to me. Sar’h seemed to me to be about twelve years old when Mary Magdalene was bringing her into my awareness. Mary Magdalene wanted Sar’h to share some of her insights into her life in the cave. I had never consciously met Sar’h before, so it was a new experience for me.

Sar’h shared some visions with me. The first being a procession of women dressed in white wearing the mark of the golden serpent walking up through the woodland to the cave. Sar’h told me that they came to visit them in the cave everyday bringing food and anything they needed. She said she enjoyed their visits as some of the initiates of the Goddess Isis Temple were of similar age to her or even younger, so she had time to talk and play with them before the daily ceremony lead by Mary Magdalene. She told me how she loved running through the woodland with her friends, like her they did not really know what the outside world was like, however, they enjoyed sharing stories of their inner plane experiences. Sar’h shared that she also enjoyed the daily ceremony held within the cave as it allowed her to see her mother at work, the power, grace and wisdom she exuded.

The second vision Sar’h shared with me was of herself during night time embraced in her mother’s arms within the cave as her mother shared her memories of Jesus. She would ask her mother to share everything she knew about her father from his birth to his ascension. Sar’h said she loved these times the most as sometimes in those intimate moments of sharing with her mother her father would appear as an energetic form in the cave to share some time with them. Sar’h told me that she enjoyed living in the cave as she had everything she needed. I believe Mary Magdalene’s sharing of Jesus’ lifetime with Sar’h was her way of guiding Sar’h through her own initiations and preparing her for her adult life.

Mary Magdalene: After fifteen years when Sar’h was eighteen years old, I knew it was time to support Sar’h in the next stage of her life. I had known from the moment we arrived at the cave that in fifteen years time Sar’h and I would leave the safety of the cave and travel to a sacred Druid community in England. Our destination is now known as Glastonbury. I knew her purpose was to marry and remain with the Druid Community so our journey to England was both exciting as I knew a new life awaited Sar’h while also being heart breaking as I knew I would be making the journey back to France without her.

It was not long before Sar’h was in love and married to a soul who was deeply familiar to her, a soul she had journeyed with many lifetimes together. They had many children and a very blissful life. Sar’h took on the role of sharing the teachings of love passed down to her from her father and myself. Her healing powers were breathtakingly beautiful. Sar’h spent fifty years in Glastonbury. At the age of sixty-eight she journeyed to Scotland where she lived for the remained of her life passing over when she was around eighty years old.

I, Mary Magdalene returned to the South of France and lived out my days within the temple of Goddess Isis with the women who had cared for Sar’h and I for fifteen years.  I no longer need to live in the cave to protect my daughter and ensure her safety, so I enjoyed my time surrounded by the beautiful souls of the temple. I visited the cave now and then when I felt that Jesus wanted to appear to me and share some time with me. I travelled a little around France. However I had completed my tasks given to me by the Divine Creator, so I was able to spend much time in peace and solitude, sometimes reliving my memories other times in deep communion with the Creator. I ascended leaving my body behind when I was around the age of one hundred.

I wanted to share the truth of my journey after the ascension of Jesus so we may connect on a deeper level, and so you may further access the truth of my being and soul.

I am Mary Magdalene

Thank you.

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Sar’h Reveals herTruth


Sar’h, Daughter Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Reveals Her Truth

Back in 2016, Sar’h or Sarah, daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, came through Natalie Glasson to reveal previously-unknown details of her life.

Sar’h Reveals Her Truth

Sar’h (Daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene), channelled through Natalie Glasson, September 30, 2016


Greeting, I am Sar’h, Daughter of Christ and Keeper of the Holy Grail Ascension Codes. It was my purpose to be born upon the Earth to continue the light and ascension achieved by my parents, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, as well as retaining the high vibration all obtained and experienced in that lifetime upon the Earth. I, Sar’h, am known now upon the inner planes as the Keeper of Truth or in fact, sacred secrets.

My purpose as a soul was to receive a great volume of codes, energy vibrations, light, love and wisdom, safeguarding them within my being and sharing them appropriately so the truth could be remembered by all. Although I was not physically present for much of Jesus’ lifetime, I held within my being and soul all of the ascension shifts Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Christed Beings and Disciples of that time experienced.

I retained all the knowledge discovered concerning the Christ Consciousness energy. I held wisdom about how to heal instantaneously, the teachings of the Goddess and memories of every aspect of the time when Jesus walked upon the Earth.

From the moment I was conceived, I began to absorb wisdom, light, memories and consciousness. I was in my mother’s womb during the crucifixion of Jesus; I accepted the ascension codes all received at that time. When I was born, I downloaded further wisdom and light vibration of that time. My mother, Mary Magdalene, soon realised how sensitive I was. My character and inner power were strong as I was a synthesis of my parent’s energy and truth, yet Mary Magdalene gradually realised my powerful ability to absorb energy.

As a baby, if she left me with another while she rested, when she came back to me, even if it was only after a few minutes she would find that I then held the energy of that person. It was not that I took energy or consciousness from others, more so it was that I became a reflection of them, as if I had made copies of all that they were and embodied it myself. My mother realised the full extent of my unique ability when she allowed a woman who was a friend to hold me; she observed me change from a happy baby to experiencing heartbreak, saddened by the loss of romantic love and experiencing excruciating pain throughout my being.

Upon realising that I had embodied the women’s energy and especially her heartbreak, she quickly realised that in order to safeguard the wisdom and codes imparted to her child from herself, Jesus, the Christ Consciousness and the Creator she needed to surround me in pure vibrations. Otherwise, my heart would become quickly darkened by the pains of humanity, a burden that one soul cannot carry on their own.

My mother surrounded me with people who had reached a high level of ascension, who had moved through powerful healing processes releasing any pain of their past and who focused upon their connection with the Creator. She carefully assembled souls of the highest vibration around me who would mirror back to me my truth so I could begin to explore the truth of my being.

She realised that if I was constantly being bombarded and influenced by the unconscious thoughts of others, their pains and illusions, then this would always cloud my perception of my truth. It is because of my ability that we moved to the south of France to live in a cave with the High Priestesses of the Goddess Isis Temple, this way my energy and truth would be safeguarded remaining pure.

I never considered myself special, my energies were safeguarded because as an adult there would come a time when I would marry a man of equally high vibration. I would then share all the wisdom, light, love, consciousness and holy grail ascension energies with him and the children I would give birth to. This would be a symbol of allowing me to give all the energies which had been safeguarded within me to the consciousness of humanity for all to absorb.

As a child, I longed for that moment because I knew that the vibration of the entire planet would rise and accelerate. I knew all the wisdom I held would be shared with humanity energetically, creating a major awakening for all as well as completing a Christ Consciousness awakening and initiation which my father had begun. I realised that after I had imparted my consciousness and light to humanity my ability of embodying all energies would decrease and so I would be able to live a normal life in a community while still explore the great volume of powerful consciousness within me.

As a child my mother taught me how to heal the pains of others I absorbed, she also guided me to recognise the powerful blaze of light within me using it to support and empower myself. There were times when the energy I was embodying in preparation for delivering it to humanity was so powerful and luminous within me it felt uncomfortable and unbearable. As a soul I already knew closely and recognised my truth, my purpose was not to explore my soul, more so it was to synthesis my soul with the energies which had been anchored into the Earth and my being by the inspirational people of my past.

In the years following the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus there were some dark times upon the Earth, it was as if the Earth and humanity went into a depression. Immense volumes of love and ascension codes had been anchored into the Earth and humanity causing fear and pain to come to the surface to be released. It was a period of purging all that was not love which had been instigated by the love of the Creator touching the hearts of many.

Another reason for the depression was that humanity required time to synthesis with and embody all they had received from the Christ Consciousness. They needed time for it to merge with their thoughts, actions and reactions so all could emerge into a greater experience of love. My mother use to tell me, ‘Let go of your fear of darkness because when there is darkness you know that profound love is on its way.’ She knew that the presence of any form of fear or challenges was an indication that love far greater than you could possibly imagine was about to emerge and blossom from within you, filling your being and reality with profound bliss.

There were times when the fear embedded within the consciousness of humanity become so heavy that even protected by my mother’s energies I would feel its presence as a burden upon my being. I would cry and scream in pain and suffering. My mother would call in more light and protection holding me as she emanated her light into my being. However, she knew I was releasing the energy on behalf of humanity and that once the process had been completed it would pass and I would return to my normal self.

I, Sar’h, am sharing this information with you because I feel you may be interested to hear a little of my life and purpose as Sar’h. Although predominantly it is to support you in recognising that even as an individual upon the Earth you can support and assist such tremendous shifts and transformation for the Earth and humanity. Just because you may see yourself as an individual focusing on achieving your ascension, may feel helpless or powerless, please know your ascension process and journey is so valuable to all upon the Earth. The changes and shifts you experience as you move into a greater space of love and enlightenment may seem personal to you and as if they do not impact others. However, they do, more than you could possibly imagine.

Every small shift you make awakening your being from illusion supports others in achieving the same. Just because the Earth may seem so big and impossible, this is not the case. You have a power within you which like me is a synthesis of powerful energies which you can draw upon and use as your power. It is not for you to consciously change the world or dictate to others what their actions should be, to do so is to try to create change from a place of weakness.

When you allow yourself to recognise and observe all the beautiful energies, light, love, codes and consciousness you were brought to the Earth to embody and share, letting go of the outside influences which may cause confusion within you, then you will be achieving all you need to on the Earth. You will receive the beauty, power and healing within you while recognising the energies which are not your own discarding them back to where they came from. You will find all you need to do is safeguard that beautiful energy within you by retaining the focus of your mind on your truth and alignment with the Creator.

There will then come times when you feel empowered and inspired to let your light shine brightly, simply feeling the energy flowing from your being. It will be at the appropriate divinely guided time that you will allow the precious energy and consciousness you express to merge with the consciousness of humanity creating tremendous ascension and greater love. This is the most powerful gift and ascension service you can give to all.

Please know I am with you, supporting you in being your truth upon the Earth,


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Egypt Trip Preparations 4

The Mother Archetype

Channelled by Jennifer Starlight

Some call me Hathor, Isis, Mother
The human race was informed on two , duality – a third dimension and a spiritual bridge. As you call me I am inside your heart. Your soul and my consciousness emerge in the dream state. Your soul brought you here today. Whenever Mother is mentioned there will be a pain in your heart.

The Mother is the love before light was created. The moment before love, is reality. You are exhausted because the feminine force has not been flowing through you. The Mother holds that consciousness that all existence is created for. As you allow this feeling to flow through your bodies, to the 3rd eye, see your mother standing as a frail human being, witness your feeling.

Your society told you that she has to be perfect, that she had to self sacrifice, that she needed to be beyond reproach. Because she believed your society, she did it. Like you, she was conditioned to serve, to act in a particular way. When she found she was pregnant she was overjoyed. She saw the beautiful child, you triggered her confusion. You and your mother had a contract to heal each other. You, triggered such overwhelming love for you. Under your anger, your self righteousness, there is grief! When your mother first held you , you experienced overwhelming love, the birth of your heart chakra .

Gazing at the image of your mother’s body, see the image and pain drop away, and see Divine Mother. She is the eternal radiant love, she is love, let her rest in your heart chakra. Do not conTinue with the program, she did the best she could, drop all the conditioning and see her as Infinite Love. The emptiness outside, is there inside of you. If you are repressing the feminine you are dying. Without the feminine there is no life. Take the Mother down from the pedestal, her love will destroy places of contamination on your planet!

Your basic survival needs are almost none. Let the Mother replenish your body and love. You will return tenderness and love to your planet.

To birth the feminine, sit in your heart space and give yourself love, understanding and trust, as you wish your mother did. Your mother is the stillness. Your father is the light and sound.

Channeling Min
Feeling is reality, truth guidance. I, Min come forward, assisting you with your emotional bodies. We are seeing the most innocent children.

Misunderstanding creates misalignment, creates the wound. Society has such fear of feeling.as mother swallows her emotional child, sees it as cutting off. Everybody in your life is there as a healer.

As a little boy in a polarity, with a single mother parent, you felt you had to stand up for your mother. Can you see, you have something in common, when you realize she is your greatest healer.

All your wounding comes from your belief system, understanding replaces misinformation. Truth sets you’re free. Choose to believe the feelings in your heart.

How to open to Divine Mother and Divine Father
Suffering brings you into surrender. Surrender to a far greater feeling of LOVE. Feel the will of your Divine Soul.It takes courage to create the burning feeling and desire for your connecztion with your heart. Courage is love demanding expression.

It is not that you or your mother have done anything wrong. Acknowledge your anger and resentment of your elderly mother. Weakness in relating to your father, or anything that didn’t fit the stereotype: Men ruled the world was her belief. Transform sorrow to compassion.
Parents want to see their children’s happiness. No-one can make you happy. You resent your are not able to feel the love for your mother.

Pain in the body
At conception, there is an electromagnetic force-field, the meridian body. It depends on the state of the Mother at conception. You Mother was in great trauma at the time of conception. You came into life to take the trauma into your body. Many men who have high pain tolerance choose to come in to transfer the pain of the feminine through their body. You have been polarised by the feminine pain. Now you have understanding, you now have feeling. Breathe into each feeling, allow it to heal.

Wounds in children
Misunderstanding. You have pain around your children. God bless men: they are the greatest healers of women
Women have two archetypal roles:
Mother Mary – pure self sacrifice
Mary Magdelene – the Whore
Women no longer fit either of these roles. The feminine force has not been allowed to be birthed. You have confused children
Male roles lead to fight/flight. War, conflict action. When things calm down, the feminine role is in not taking blame or shame, but to speak from the heart.


The is the book about our Egypt trip in 2018 and is still under construction and in draft stage, so more will be added as material becomes available. That’s one of the advantages of writing as a blogger and as a reader you get to see a work in progress and how much work it takes to produce a book.

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