Ivo of Vega: You holdthe Power

Ivo of Vega: YOU Hold the Power

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by Sharon Stewart


Sharon:  I believe when we become highly conscious of what we pay attention to, we can re-create this world. If what you want to pay attention to doesn’t exist, create it. I’ve manifested enough things in my past to understand that I create my reality. What you give your attention to is important. Don’t pay attention to the stuff you don’t want. Know that it’s there but don’t keep feeding it your energy.

This is why the Illuminati (deep state) has always told us what they’re doing and what they’re planning. Because we are their batteries. We empower their plans. That’s why they have to tell us.

Stop listening and make your own plans for earth.

Ivo, what say you today?

Ivo: If you understood how important this is, your world would be in a completely different situation right now. But it is where it is out of your ignorance. So we put out these messages in order to empower people to change their reality.

You are a source of energy. You are connected to all that is. You are on the soul matrix. You derive your energy from the God source. That is what keeps you alive.

The dark ones do not. They rely on you to empower their plans. The fact that their plans include killing off many of you does not matter, because they have enough souls trapped to keep their world empowered. They have souls of humans trapped in their containers and they take the energy from these conscious beings to run this world. They are planning to make earth their own and to eliminate all but the most evil of bloodlines. They will continue to have earthlings work for them like you are now, but you will not be paid. You will consider yourselves lucky to be alive. Everything, whether you live or die, will be up to them. You will be a slave if they get their way.

They may get their way when you keep fueling their plans.

Do not pay any attention to the news.

Understand what is going on and when you see something that you do not support, such as mask wearing, then focus on the concept of a mask-free world. And continue to support that concept.

If you are upset there is no published cure for cancer, then focus on introducing a cure for cancer to the world and having it become main stream.

If you do not like the Chinese army in your country, focus on this army being defeated and then sent back home. Understand now that this army is moving abroad that you must take it from the point that it is now, so you must take it from the point that it is instead of wishing it had never happened. That is folly because it IS happening.

So to stop it you must change it by focusing on its defeat.

If your mother is terminally ill, than in order to revive her, you must focus on health from the point she is at. Wishing she never got sick will not work because she is sick.

The reason they make the progress they do with their evil plans for you is because you do not say you will not support it. Unwillingly or not, you support it. You accept it. And you go along with it instead of saying you will not.

It is good to see the resistance to the deep state increasing in every country with protests because the mindset of the general public is changing. Continue to focus on a world without lockdowns rather than opposing lockdowns.

Me: I think, Ivo, that people were told their imaginations were silly when they were children. If I told people that I go around imagining a life I want, they’d tell me to get real. But they don’t understand the power of the mind and neither did the caregivers who told you imagination is silly.

Ivo: Correct. My love. Your minds are powerful and as earthlings, you are the owners of this planet. You live in a culture where you give your power away and the power of your souls is stolen from you without your realizing it.

Now you must take that back. If peace is to reign upon planet earth, it will be brought forth through the minds of the people.

If you are to live in prosperity, it is to be brought forth through the minds of the people.

That is why the Galactic Federation releases information about GESARA, and about the St Germain prosperity funds. We do so so you can invest your minds in these ideas instead of what your controllers want you to invest your mind energies into. That is why.

We have put very strong lightworkers on the planet to re-create it. When you believe in the Matrix, you are in fact supporting their evil. When you believe in a new world founded on humanitarianism, you bring that to fruition.

What you focus on is very important. What you believe and what you think are very important.

You are the part of your soul that your soul created to live upon planet earth. When you strengthen your connection to soul, your soul can bring its energy to bear upon re-creating your earth. When you do not allow soul contact because you believe in the Matrix, live in the matrix, and believe that fulfillment is only possible through a job, you are working against your soul and what it has planned for your lifetime.

Our messages are all about this. Leave the Matrix, align with soul and allow yourself to change.

Use your mind as a sharp focusing tool and focus on what you want, not on what you do not want. Understand that the Matrix has disempowered you personally while stealing the energy of your soul. You are a tool being used by the matrix to carry out its evil plans such as Agenda 21/ Agenda 30. You must use your mind to create a reality that does not include the Matrix. When you do this for yourself, you help all of humanity to awaken.

Be very careful what you allow to affect your mind.

When you allow people around you who believe in the Matrix and refuse to deal with you at a higher level, do not deal with these people. Let them go. Only deal with people who will listen to you.

Yes, this is unfortunate for those who are married to people who are not evolved, however you must find your community and relate to them in order to keep evolving your own mind.

Understand what is going on, but focus on what you want to see for this world. Create a benevolent world first with your mind and then watch it manifest in your physical reality. That is the way the universe works.

Me: Thank you Ivo. We were talking about Trump last night weren’t we? Because every time I woke up, I was thinking about Trump.

Ivo: We had a large lightworker lecture last night on the New Jerusalem and all lightworkers were present who could attend. The focus was on what to do about the 2020 election results and the significance of this debate. At night time, you are being shown how to use your minds and I remind you during the day.

Me: I had the feeling that my subconscious was being filled with information that at some point I’ll understand as correct when I come across it in my physical life.

Ivo: We load your subconscious minds with information and it is this you are tasked with manifesting in the physical. We tell you what to believe and of course, you concur and agree to do this. However your physical minds will still fight this information because you are confused at this level.

Me: So it’s like getting a new lesson at school and we have to absorb it and live it.

Ivo: Some of you may find that your thoughts will be changing greatly within the next month or so.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: My love, you school with us very often. We are your teachers and you are our teachers. We love you all so dearly, you have no idea how loved you all are.

Me: They love you too, Ivo. I find that I’m changing so much that people don’t understand me anymore. I set boundaries with them based on who I am as Tiannia, not who I was as Sharon.

Ivo: Yes. You have advanced ideas of what constitutes correct behaviour. How you have learned to behave upon earth in the power over others system, disregarding the free will of others and universal law, will have to change.


Adama of Telos: Becoming Fearless



Adama of Telos – Becoming Fearless

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by Sharon Stewart



You will become fearless when you realize that you create your entire reality and when you take control of it

Me: Hi Adama, can you explain this to us please?

Adama: Hello Sharon. I can. It’s the truth. The reason you fear your reality, or aspects of your life is because you don’t control them. The reason you don’t control them is because you haven’t stepped into your power. You’re still feeling like a victim.
Outer earthlings fear their future. They fear what will happen to them, not understanding they create it. You spoke of several fears that you have that the dark ones use to harass you with, one of which is narcissistic, violent men. You’re in a loop. You’re repeating this loop over and over and continuing to attract men you fear will either beat you or kick your door in. The reason for this is because you still allow them into your life with your mind.

Me: Light snaps on.

Adama: So you understand, then. Create a vision of your life the way you want it. You envision weight loss and better health, you envision an increase in prosperity, now envision a decrease in toxic people around you.

You are so certain of so many things, you absolutely “know” that they’ll happen. Now you have to absolutely know of things that won’t happen so envision a life without them.

There is no karma for anyone any longer; what’s happening to you on the outer planet is your fears are keeping the dark ones alive.

When you lose your fears you’ll lose the dark ones.You speak of the Matrix and how it sends Smiths to torment you. Now be a Neo and battle the Smiths.


Adama: Neo battled his Smiths and eliminated every one of them that was sent to torment him when he went back into the Matrix. He grew stronger and more self aware the more you got into the plot of the story. Orpheus tried to tell him who he was but he had to, like you all do, learn to realize for himself.

Be a Neo and create your own timelines. Forget about the Matrix. It can’t harm you unless you let it. Let’s just say that every time Neo hooked in to the Matrix, it’s because he had another negative thought he was creating into a reality. Then he had to go and fight the Smiths, who represented the negative reality he created.

Me: What do you mean there’s no karma for anyone any longer?

Adama: Your collective negativity has been transmuted to neutrality. Yes, earth’s people are ready to ascend.

Me: I see a lot of people still behaving in non-ascension ready ways.

Adama: I said earth’s people are ready to ascend. I didn’t say they will ascend. People will ascend when they learn to stop being negative. When they stop creating unrealities. Your collective unconscious has been transmuted to a neutral state. Earthlings aren’t carrying the baggage they have for eons.

Me: That’s pretty good. So this is really about training our minds now.

Adama: Yes, Sharon. You noticed the other day that manifestation happens a lot more quickly than it ever did before.

Me: Yes.

Adama: You thought of a neighbour who’s been doing something that annoys you and he showed up the next night. You had a talk with him and told him how you felt and he seems different now, so Neo battled this Smith. You’re not so afraid of him. But the point is, that you thought of him and he came by the next day.

Had you not thought of him in fear, he wouldn’t have showed up. That’s my point.

You have so much control over what you attract and you don’t realize it. That’s what people are learning now. Not so much clearing of old karma. They’re learning how to use their divine gifts. And the first rule is you create your reality, so think of nice things that you want to have in your life.

I hear you. You want Ivo. Yes, he is a nice thing, isn’t he? LOL

Me: Yes.Adama: Keep your focus positive. Always. Don’t think of how the matrix harasses you or it will. Don’t think of family members you no longer want to deal with or they’ll show up. Don’t dread things happening that you don’t want to deal with, otherwise they’ll happen and you will have to deal with them.

Keep your focus absolutely, totally and completely on what you want, not on what you don’t want. And I can’t stress that point enough. Do not entertain thoughts of what you don’t want because you’ll have to deal with them.
Did you understand that?

Do not think about things you fear or don’t want to happen, because you’ll create them. Think only of what you want. Even if you have to think about Ivo all day long, then that’s what you do.

Me: Okay.

Adama: Whenever you slip up, you’ll know because things you don’t like will start to happen. You’ll know you thought something that you don’t want because it will be there, to torment you.

You’re seeing now that you have longer periods of pleasantness where you can go about your work and taking care of yourself, and that’s because your mind is more positive.

Do not focus on what you don’t want. Just don’t.

If you haven’t been able to do it before, do it now: become a positive thinker. Only want the best always for yourself and others. Take complete responsibility for every thought you think.

Take responsibility for your every thought because they all count. Every one of them.

Your mind is your best friend or your worst enemy, it depends on how you use it.

Focus is everything so focus only on the good and what you want for yourself and others.

Me: Thank you Adama.

Adama: You’re welcome Sharon. I wish you the best.


Chair of Electoral Commission Drops Bombshell Announcement



Chair of the Federal Election Commission Drops Bombshell Announcement

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by Mark Megahan, November 11, 2020, thegoptimes.com


The Chairman of the Federal Election Commission went on record with one of what us media types like to call a “bombshell” announcement.

It this case, it really is explosive. The top boss of all the election officials, Trey Trainor, confirms that in his professional opinion, this election is “illegitimate.”

Fraud announcement from FEC

Trey Trainor who serves as chairman for the Federal Election Commission is personally convinced that, from what he’s seen in Pennsylvania, and reports he’s been getting from elsewhere in the country, this election is illegitimate.

He dropped a bombshell on the liberal network news media during an appearance at Newsmax when he made the announcement that he believes “that there is voter fraud taking place in these places.”

A full six days after the election, some states are still counting ballots, that isn’t normal. There are a whole lot of questions about where all those last minute illegitimate “bastard” ballots came from.

In Michigan, it looks like even the United States Postal Service was in on the scheme to rig the election in favor of Democrats. Trainor’s announcement is high octane jet fuel for this fire.

There is no legitimate reason at all for observers to be denied access to the ballot counting. Ipso facto, the ballot counting must be “illegitimate.“ That announcement isn’t coming from just anyone. Trey Trainor isn’t just a state election official, he’s a federal one.

And on top of that, he’s the leader of the whole commission. Unlike the media hacks who have called the race already, he knows a thing or two about election validity.

Defying a court order

Democrats are so sure of themselves that they have blatantly been defying a court order. In Pennsylvania, there are nearly 5 dozen reports of “irregularity” in the counting process and a whole herd of official election observers who weren’t allowed to observe a single thing.

That indicates fraud and it highlights it in a big way. According to the FEC chair’s announcement, poll watchers were ordered to be allowed within 6 feet but they weren’t. That, by itself, is both a crime and an indication of serious fraud.

As the official put it in his announcement to Newsmax, “Despite winning a court order which allows the Trump campaign to send observers to watch ballot counting in Pennsylvania from six feet away ballot watchers ‘have not been allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way.’” He points out that “when observers have been permitted to watch, the goalpost has been moved away.” Simply put, “there has not been transparency in the election.”

“Our whole political system is based upon transparency to avoid the appearance of corruption,” Trainor insists. “State law allows those observers to be in there. If the law isn’t being followed then this election is ‘illegitimate.’” The trump campaign held a press conference on Saturday to make an announcement of their own.

They declared they will go to war over this in the courts. Trainor is behind them all the way. What Team Trump is claiming are “very valid allegations,” he agrees, which need to be “fully vetted” by the court system. He predicts that the charges are serious enough to “end up in the Supreme Court.”


Magenta Pixie: Action plus Intention equals Cohesion

Magenta Pixie ~ Action Plus Intention Equals Cohesion

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by Petra Pixie McGuire on Facebook , October 25, 2020

Action taken does not necessarily create an energetic match to that action. Action combined with intention in heart and mind is what creates the energetic match.

Two people tearing plastic and pulling barriers off goods they need to purchase that have been deemed ‘non essential’ and banned from sale.

One pulls the barrier off as an act of sovereignty, empowerment and to make a stand for freedom but is composed and balanced in thought whilst doing so. This person creates a match in their reality to sovereignty, empowerment and freedom.

Another pulls the barrier off in resistance to control holding anger, deep sadness, confusion and with feelings of revenge and retribution in mind. This person holds validity as much as the other yet creates a match in their reality to anger, sadness, confusion and revenge.

A crude example maybe but the point is intention and action must be combined. Heart, head and deed aligned. This is what it means to be cohesive.

Some watch these individuals and sees them as heroes whilst others see them as criminals. One cannot find true empathy, understanding or solidarity with another without understanding perspective and intention.

The one who sees neither hero nor criminal but understands both the examples of mindsets given above, is the one who holds cohesion of mind/body and is free from judgement yet holds the knowing and the ability to act with true justice.

These are universal and cosmic opportunities being given to us all, as a planetary nation now, in order to further our own growth, awareness and enlightenment. Gratitude shall ground these opportunities into your fields as epiphanies and downloads for gratitude creates receptivity to higher awareness and deeper thinking.

Blessings, Magenta Pixie 🙏

Planetary Reboot: Modelling What’s Ahead of Us

Modelling What’s Ahead of Us?

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I’m still dazzled by Patricia Diane Cota Robles’ six-part presentation, the 34th World Congress on Illumination.

I don’t regard myself as having so much self-confidence or knowledge that I could present what she offered. She carried the day with the depth of her conviction. And it wasn’t faked or overdone, as far as I could see. She seems like the genuine article – an ascended being.

What I called “transformative love” she called “our Mother God’s transfiguring divine love.”  Totally. It instantly transfigures us, rendering us pure and innocent again. Sort of like a dip in the River Jordan, or, if you like, the River Ganges.

Patricia’s Day 6 broadcast:

She described the Fifth Dimension as having “a frequency that this world has never known.” I agree.  I estimate that 99.999% of us have no idea what the Fifth Dimension is like.

When I felt the inner tsunami of love race through me, in surprise, I said to myself, “Oh, THIS is what they’re talking about.” I had, up till that time, no inkling of what true love felt like – I mean “Mother God’s transfiguring divine love.”

She said that the maximum energy we can stand is being pushed to the surface right now.

In our more evolved state, she thought we might still encounter what I’ve called “habitual behavior patterns.” The vasana or core issue is gone, but the habit patterns remain.

If or when they reassert themselves, we may choose to go with them because they’re  familiar. However, she said we’d no longer feel rewarded by acting on them.

And that’s pretty well what happened to me around hostility. (1) I was no longer getting biscuits from acting like a tough guy. (2) I hear Kathleen saying, “How’s it working for ya?” I can laugh now, but it was going pretty poorly.

Meanwhile Patricia described the angelic operation to flood the planet with Light, as a planetary reboot.

This is just a fraction of what she said in her six-part presentation. (3)

I’ve never heard the complete picture of Ascension put in such a masterful way. If she’s modelling what’s ahead of us? Wa-hoooo!


(1) See “From Hostility to Harmony,” Oct. 2, 2020, at https://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=313728 and “Breakthrough,” Oct. 4, 2020, at https://goldenageofgaia.com/?p=313764

(2) It was a mask. Yes, there was a scared child underneath it, pulling all the levers.

(3) Just enter “34th world congress on illumination” in Youtube’s search engine.


Direct Connection by the Andromedans

Direct Connection by the Andromedans

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We travel far to connect with your energies, to distribute and transfer our light and wisdom. We are known as one of the most evolved civilisations within the Creator’s universe and yet we simply listen to the Creator, we connect with the Creator and distribute all that is the truth of the Creator through our beings. This is our purpose, and it is our way of being.

We come forth to you today to speak of a direct connection.

A direct connection can be described as enlightenment, advancing your spiritual evolution, ascending or being as one with your soul. A direct connection is a divine communication with the Creator that allows you to perceive yourself, the truth within you and the Creator vibrations within and around your being.

Each person who embarks upon their spiritual evolution will seek to have a direct connection, whether it is a direct connection with their soul, soul group, guides, a specific ascended master or with the Creator. This direct connection is akin to a clear communication with guidance that offers tremendous clarity and understanding.

Many seek to receive the guidance of the Creator, in whichever form, so they know they are walking their divine and spiritual purpose on the Earth, feeling fulfilled and that they are achieving what is necessary, therefore not wasting their time on the Earth.

To Receive Guidance is a Co-Creation

A direct connection with the Creator or whichever form of the Creator is a co-creation.

You have the ability to listen, to interpret the divine and sacred vibrations and energy flow of the Creator. Your guides will encourage this, whoever you wish to form a direct connection with will encourage this.

You have free will upon the Earth to make the decisions that feel appropriate for you, to cause the choices, to create the opportunities, to embark upon the healing that feels appropriate to you and will guide you forth along your purpose and mission upon the Earth.

It is important to trust in the understanding that whatever you do, whatever action you make and whatever you choose to create, you are walking your purpose on the Earth. When you trust in your own abilities to walk your purpose on the Earth you absorb and embody your purpose more fully. Your guides and the Creator will support you in this.

Receiving guidance that direct connection is actually about co-creation and more so about developing your own instincts, your own inner perception, understanding, and guidance.

It is a co-creation with your guides or whoever you have a direct connection with, encourages you to blossom the light, the love, the wisdom, to blossom from within your being.

This is because of your free will, one of the most beautiful and most powerful gifts you are given as you are born upon the Earth is your free will. Now as you move through your reality it may feel like your freewill does not exist or that others take away from you your freewill, maybe even that leaders or governing bodies dampen or diminish your freewill. Yet you have free will in your reality, and this is granted to you by the Creator as an expression of the Creator.

It is important that everything you do, everything you perceive and express comes from the love and truth of the Creator within your being.

This is your natural way of existing when you allow your expression and creation to come from the love and the truth within your being. It is when you are at your most powerful, connecting and receive the love and truth of the Creator, deliver it and being in your power.

A direct connection with any form of the Creator is actually you being in a space of freewill, expressing and creating from love and truth, therefore being in your power, co-creating with the form of the Creator that you wish to connect with.

Receiving and experiencing that direct connection means you will receive encouragement, energy, love and even inspiration from a guide, the Creator or whoever you are connecting with.

These beings will magnify, enhance, and develop everything you are and everything you are expressing.

If you wish to create a direct connection with your soul or soul group, it is exactly the same. Many beings often seek guidance from the beings on the inner planes and yet it is actually encouragement that is needed, inspiration meaning a new perspective or an opening of your awareness so that you may embark upon a new way of thinking or exploring.

We the Andromedans recognise a direct connection as experiencing the divine flow of the Creator moving throughout your being, being expressed through you, and created through you.

You are a Direct Connection in Manifestation 

You may imagine that to have a direct connection is to experience the light of the Creator or the words and guidance of the Creator flowing through you, this may be the case for some. However, you experience the Creator flowing through you, you are experiencing empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, awakening, activation, and energy.

You have an inner instinct and natural ability to interpret and express the Creator.

Of course, you are the Creator and you are pure expressions of the Creator, you are already in direct connection with the Creator. There is no need to seek the direct connection with the Creator because you are already present, there may need to be some focus, some redirecting of your awareness or your attention in order to experience this fully.

We, the Andromedans, invite you to simply sit peacefully, acknowledge and repeat:

‘I am a direct connection with the Creator.’

We use the word ‘I am’ rather than ‘I have’ because ‘I am’ is an embodiment, whereas I have symbolised something that can be taken away from you. Your direct connection with the Creator cannot be taken away from you. Our words in many ways are not necessary and maybe they do not explain enough, we simply wish to encourage you to contemplate this:

You are a direct connection with the Creator already manifested on the Earth, meaning there is nothing to do, nothing to say, you are already an experience, an expression of your direct connection with the Creator.  It is important to acknowledge that everyone else is a manifestation of a direct connection with the Creator.

When someone appears in your reality and they are angry, you may ask yourself how can this being be a direct connection with the Creator, an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator?

Remember each being holds and is an embodiment of a direct connection with the Creator. They may or may not choose to use or express it.

What we the Andromedans are inviting you to achieve at this moment is to choose to be a direct connection of the Creator and to choose to acknowledge that each person is the same, holds the same and is a direct connection with the Creator.

Therefore, when someone enters your reality with the energy of anger or any other limiting vibration, you are able to see through, as if it is a smokescreen, to perceive the trust beyond.

We might say perceiving beyond the habits and the reactions of the personality. When you recognise that everyone has a direct connection with the Creator, instantly no matter what their actions, or what they say, you begin to see the truth that is present within your being, all around you and within every being, which is deeply enlightening.

It can also be deeply inspiring and fulfilling to choose to recognise yourself as an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator and others in the same way.

The recognition, choice, and the contemplation of being a direct connection with the Creator creates an immensely powerful awakening within your being, a tenderness, connection, and completeness with the vibration of the Creator.

This is something to value deeply currently, remembering that the Creator exists within your being, that you are in an experience of co-creating with the Creator and receive divine guidance and wisdom from the Creator.

Remember you have free will; you can decide what you wish to experience and what you choose to create in your reality, and this is the most powerful tool you have.

We, the Andromedans wish you to contemplate:

What is your free will?

What does it mean to have free will?

How can you interact and use your free will in your ascension process and everyday life?

When you begin to contemplate these questions, you open yourself up tremendously and allow much baggage to be released, especially connected to power, responsibility, lack, blame and judgment.

All of that simply dissolves and you become free to be the direct connection with the Creator.

It is immensely important that we, the Andromedans, share this with you now because it gives to you the responsibility and power that you need.

It awakens you to the fact you have the power and truth within your being, and this will ignite and guide you forth, in ways you may expect and in ways you do not expect.

It is time to trust in yourself, it is time to trust in the Creator and it is time to trust in your co-creation with the Creator and the world around you.

We, the Andromedans, love you deeply.


Out with Predatory Capitalism, In with a ‘Life’Economy



Out With Predatory Capitalism, In With a “Life Economy”

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Green office building in financial district

Out With Predatory Capitalism, In With a “Life Economy”

John Perkins, Yes! Magazine, Sept. 16, 2020


The long march of hierarchical and colonial history has led us to this moment of awareness. We are learning that the melting glaciers, coronavirus pandemic, species extinctions, racial and income inequality, political turmoil, and other heart-wrenching events are symptoms of a global social-governmental-economic system that is consuming itself into extinction.

This is what I call the Death Economy that defines success as the maximization of short-term profits for corporations and short-term accumulation of material things for individuals, regardless of the environmental and social costs.

If enough of us confront our fear of change, this Death Economy could be transformed into one that cleans up pollution, regenerates destroyed environments, and creates technologies that do not ravage the environment—a living economy, a Life Economy. We will either change our ideas, values, and actions and accept new ways of relating to other people, resources, countries, governments, and cultures, or we will propel ourselves into extinction—or something unimaginably close to extinction.
Capitalism versus Predatory Capitalism

There is a major difference between capitalism and what many economists refer to as “predatory capitalism,” a deviant that has little in common with the original. According to Merriam-Webster, capitalism is “An economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”

Death Economy versus Life Economy

Today’s Death Economy is a far cry from either of these definitions. It is characterized by businesses that destroy or absorb their competition and oppose free market policies. Not only does the state not own businesses; businesses and their billionaire shareholders control the state. It is a predatory aberrant that actually should not be considered capitalism. I am personally familiar with the workings of the Death Economy because I was one of the people who helped develop it.

The Death Economy is driven by the goal that was promoted by a group of economists in the 1970s and 1980s, including Nobel Prize winners Friedrich von Hayek (1974) and Milton Friedman (1976), and can be summarized as “the only responsibility of business is to maximize short-term owner profits, regardless of the social and environmental costs.”

The stories that accompany this perception give corporate executives the right—even the mandate—to do whatever they think it will take to maximize profits, including buying public officials through campaign financing and promises of lucrative post-government consulting or lobbying jobs; exploiting workers; annihilating or buying out their competitors; destroying environments; reducing taxes and wages; lobbying against pro-worker, pro-consumer, and pro-ecology regulations; promising (as well as threatening) to affect economies by locating their facilities in (or removing them from) cities and countries; and depleting the very resources upon which the long-term survival of their businesses depends. These stories promote top-down, authoritarian chains of command and autocratic management styles—in government as well as business.

Key Characteristics of the Death Economy

• Its goal is to maximize short-term profits for a relative few.
• It uses fear and debt to gain market share and political control.
• It promotes the idea that for someone to win, another must lose.
• It is predatory, encouraging businesses to prey on each other, people, and the environment.
• It destroys resources needed for its own long-term survival.
• It values goods and services that are “extractive” and materialistic above those that enhance quality of life (e.g., child-rearing, the arts).
• It is heavily influenced by nonproductive financial deals (stock manipulation, financialization, “gambling”).
• It ignores externalities, such as environmental destruction and exploitation of workers, when measuring profits, GDP, and other metrics.
• It invests heavily in militarization—in killing, or threatening to kill, people and other life forms and destroying infrastructure.
• It causes pollution, environmental collapse, and drastic income and social inequality and may lead to political instability.
• It vilifies taxes, rather than defining them as investments (in social services, infrastructure, the military, etc.).
• It is undemocratic, encouraging the growth of large corporations controlled by a few individuals whose money has a strong influence on politics (monopolies that lead to oligarchies).
• It is based on top-down, authoritarian chains of command that support autocratic management styles in business and government.
• It places higher values on nonproductive jobs (venture capitalists, investment bankers) than productive ones (laborers, factory workers) and those that enrich life (teachers, musicians, artists).
• It keeps billions of people in poverty.
• It classifies plants, animals, and the entire natural world as depletable resources; fails to respect and protect nature; and causes massive extinctions and other irreversible problems.
• It has become the predominant advocate of what it calls “capitalism” around the world.

The future lies in transforming the Death Economy into a Life Economy that cleans up pollution, regenerates devastated ecosystems, recycles, and develops technologies that restore resources and that benefit, rather than ravage, the environment. Businesses that pay returns to investors who invest in an economy that is itself a renewable resource become the success stories.

The Life Economy is driven by the goal of maximizing long-term benefits for all life and the environment.

Key Characteristics of the Life Economy

• Its goal is to serve a public interest (maximize long-term benefits for people and nature).
• Its laws support level playing fields that encourage healthy non-monopolistic competition, innovative ideas, and sustainable products.
• It embraces a sense of cooperation, the idea that we all can win when we set our goals for long-term benefits for all.
• It values quality of life and spiritually enhancing activities above those based solely on materialism and extraction.
• It is based on beneficially productive activities, such as recycling, education, health care, and the arts, rather than the nonproductive, such as stock manipulation, financialization, and “gambling.”
• It cleans up pollution.
• It regenerates devastated environments.
• It is driven by compassion and debt avoidance.
• It helps hungry people feed themselves.
• It includes externalities in its financial and economic measurements.
• It innovates—develops and embraces new, regenerative, sustainable technologies.
• It recycles.
• It defines taxes as investments. (Should your tax monies be invested in health care or militarization?)
• It is democratic, encouraging locally based commerce and employee- or community-owned businesses that benefit many (e.g., cooperatives, B Corporations, etc.).
• It reinforces democratic decision-making processes and management styles—in business and government.
• It places a high value on jobs that enrich life (musicians, social and medical workers, parents).
• It is based on a foundational knowledge that humans are in a symbiotic relationship with our planet, that we must respect, honor, and protect the natural world.
• It rewards investors who support all the previous characteristics.
• It was the predominant form of economic evolution for much of the 200,000 years of human history.

Transforming the Death to the Life Economy

The transition from a failed to a successful system happens through changes in the perceptions that drive values and actions and the stories we tell around them. “Maximize short-term profits for a few, regardless of the social and environmental costs” becomes “maximize long-term benefits for all people and nature.” When groups of consumers, workers, and investors accept these values and take actions to support businesses that promote them and pressure governments to codify them into laws, the change we want and need happens.

There are many indicators that we have the ability to change powerful institutions. Political initiatives such as the Green New Deal; movements such as conscious capitalism; innovative approaches to business that include B Corporations, benefit corporations, cooperatives, and local banks; alternative energy technologies and organic farming; programs like Drawdown; and the creation of the Long-Term Stock Exchange are just a few examples.

The August 2019 Business Roundtable meeting was a highly significant signal of impending change; CEOs from 192 of the world’s largest corporations promised to “abandon the idea that companies must maximize profits for shareholders above all else” and instead “commit to balancing the need of shareholders with customers, employees, suppliers, and local communities.” Although this promise, like the other indicators, was a confirmation that concepts in business are changing, it is up to each of us to use social media and whatever other means are available to us to demand that these corporations, as well as the governments that support them, take actions to honor their commitments.

It is up to all of us to encourage it to happen faster.