Report from a Lightworker Perspective

My Report from a Lightworker Perspective: We Need More Fireworks
July 5, 2019 By Steve Beckow
I agree!

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I was feeling strange this morning and so I looked at my emotional field to see what it was I was experiencing.

I couldn’t put a name to it. It felt somewhat cold and electric and so I wouldn’t ordinarily be attracted to it. But at the same time, well, it electrified me. It gave me the cold shivers. What was it?

And then I saw it was anticipation (electric) and excitement (cold shivers). I loved the feeling of anticipating something spectacular, like my first ride on an airplane. (1)

Like walking through Disneyland, fumbling through my first water ski, shaking hands with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

I love the feeling of anticipation. It’s as elevating as love and bliss.

And yet I find that it’s getting harder and harder for me to maintain the feelings of anticipation and excitement the longer we wait for any tangible, outside-world event.

Let me introduce part of a discussion I had with Sanat Kumara in 2011:

Sanat: I know and I have heard that there are things and times when you think that even our requests are unreasonable.

Steve: Right.

SK: And we do not want to overwhelm anyone, ever. And sometimes, in our enthusiasm, we ask a great deal. So you may be that voice.

We give you permission and encouragement to say, this is not reasonable, either on the human side, or to us. If you have need to tell us to slow down, speed up, help in a different way, we are open, you know, to suggestions. We are reasonable.

SB: Right. (Laughter.) Thank you. (1)

I chuckled then, but I’m going to take Sanat up on his invitation. And he knows I’m a communicator so I’m sure he welcomes the discussion here.

Well, first of all: Yes, please, let’s speed up, as a general comment. The slow pace down here makes it hard to maintain anticipation and excitement. If we feel overwhelmed, we’ll shout.

And only the elevated states that the divine qualities are will move the public at large to action or response. Therefore states like anticipation and excitement are important to build and maintain in the larger picture beyond us lightworkers.

We understand that Ascension is gradual with some sudden events. We understand that we’re a free-will planet and that that ties your hands sometimes. We know you cannot overrule human actors (with exceptions) and so the Reval is taking —> forever <— to get here.

Nevertheless, I’d like to encourage the Company of Heaven to do more – tangibly – to keep excitement high. Right now we do that through channeled messages, which are very inspiring, but then nothing tangible seems to come of it. We boots on the ground need evidence we can see with our eyes if we’re to remain excited while we wait for the main events.

In our fireworks celebrations here in Vancouver, the technicians fire off a small round of fireworks half an hour before the celebation and then again fifteen minutes before. It builds anticipation and excitement.

A good fleet flyover would be welcome. We had them over New York, London, Lima, and Mexico City at an earlier time when people feared ridicule for talking about what they saw. Why not now?

Amy Goodman
Or a well-videoed, indisputable interception of a nuclear weapon fired into the atmosphere. Or a dramatic rescue. Or a ride for some prominent personality and their camera crew (Amy Goodman from Democracy Now, for example).

Or a delegation. If we must wait for the delegations as well, then please, some small rocket bursts.

In sum, this is my report: We need more small, tangible, outside-world galactic events to build and maintain human anticipation and excitement.



Vickers Viscount in Air Canada’s colors: My first airplane. I rode in the front seat that faced backwards so I looked down on the airplane going up.
(2) Sanat Kumara in a personal reading with Steve Beckow et al through Linda Dillon, Dec. 7, 2011.