The Difference between Judgement and Observation

The Difference between Judgement and Observation – Part 1/2

It seems more and more these days a hot-button issue for many folks is “judgement.”

We cry foul if it seems someone is judging us.

I want to primarily explain briefly three things in this article. First, what judgement is; second, what energy ‘drives’ judgement; and third, how to observe without “judgement.”

Judgement in the context we are creating with (duality) is taught as a means of trying to ascertain what is right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative – and then controlling people.

The Egoic energy that is at the heart of judgement wants to be able to label it and then move into controlling outcomes. I’m not suggesting that judgment was not necessary for a 3D, duality experience because I think it was in order to play the “game” in the way it needed to be played.

It was indeed necessary because the name of the game in duality is controlling people and energetics.

However, as those of us creating the New Paradigm know, we are building, moving, and expanding into a 5D experience and therefore we must build the templates of energetic experience that will support its structure. We Do and Be this by becoming it in every way we can in order to set the living example of how it is done! We simply must BE what we wish to see. There’s no other way.

The energy that drives judgment is Ego. Ego can only survive if it can continue to label, judge, criticize and then use its tricks of blame, shame and guilt to coerce others into accepting its ideals and changing their beliefs and methods/modes of interaction.

So, it becomes absolutely imperative that Lightworkers and Starseeds step up to the plate and set examples that the entire Planet can emulate. How do we make the leap from judgement to observation?

The answer is simple, but certainly not easy!

For many years I read and re-read the incredibly wonderful writings of Eckhart Tolle and Neal Donald Walsch. Their writings allowed me to form (and use) in a very concrete manner certain core principles of interaction that are necessary as part of laying the energetic grid-work of the New Paradigm.

One of those principles is “Observation of What Is.” In order to simply observe “what is” without judgement, it is extremely important be able to step into your heart, step into your I AM Presence and bring forward the living love that forms everything in the Universe.

We call forth what we already know at an intuitive level and we gently remind ourselves that there is NO judgment. Creator Source has no judgment for us and therefore we must follow suit and create no judgment of others.

Each soul is worked with throughout many lifetimes to perfectly create the precise experience they need to completely remember their Spiritual Essence, and become fully-conscious. This process is guided every step of the way and there is no room in that process for duality/polarity judgments, so we can relieve ourselves of that thankless task :-))

Tomorrow I will take a look at how to use “Observation of What Is” in practical, day to day application and how to incorporate it into your experience so it becomes automatic. I can guarantee that the freedom you’ll feel not needing to judge everything and everyone will be immense!

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(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)

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