Radiation Reduction


Citrus pectin or apple pectin. In supplement form, these have been shown to bind to and remove radioactive materials such as Cesium-137 from the body.

Spirulina and chlorella have both been shown to reduce significantly or even remove radioactive materials in people who were contaminated by the Chernobyl fallout. However, this blue-green algae superfood should probably not be sourced from Japan or nearby waters. (Try spirulina here and chlorella here.)

Seaweeds (and green and black teas for that matter) have been shown to neutralize radioactive isotopes in the body, and contain a high amount of protective natural iodine that would definitely protect the thyroid. Many people are claiming that dulse from Ireland is the safest. The jury is still out on California coastal seaweed, with some people even buying Geiger counters to test everything they consume. Geiger counters are rather blunt tools though, and do not tell you the type of isotope involved. I personally would not eat seaweed from the west coast of North America or Japan, but that’s an individual decision. (Try dulse here.)

Foods high in carotenes, (vitamin C and E), are natural protectors against radiation induced carcinogenesis. This includes carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, winter squash, kale, collard greens, chard and spinach. (Beta-carotene, however, may actually promote cancer.)

The entire cabbage family is high in caffeic acid, which may protect peripheral blood lymphocytes against gamma radiation induced cellular damage. This would include broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, bok choy, radishes, mustard greens and the like.

Herbs high in selenium may protect against DNA damage. These include: nettles, burdock root, catnip and ginseng.

Members of the legume family, especially: lentils, astragalus and red clover, may assist with DNA repair.

Miso soup has been shown to be very protective as it contains dipicolinic acid and may discharge radiation from the body. Rosemary, as well, helps rid the brain of free radicals.

Reishi mushrooms, known in traditional Chinese Medicine as Ling Zhi, have also been noted to increase the white blood cells and increase the overall immune protection of the body, even combating cancer. (Studies on reishi and cancer are varied.) The recommended method is slicing the dried mushroom and simmering for three hours, drinking the concentrated tea.

Cilantro removes heavy metals from the body (especially when combined with chlorella), and milk thistle is another herb that supports the liver in removing toxins. Bentonite clay has been touted as doing the same through binding and removing the foreign substances.

So despite radiation worries, there are some things you can load up on to lessen your toxic intake. In the meantime, coconut water is high in potassium, and can make you a lot more relaxed while waiting for the next shoe to drop. Peace.

by Taboola

For my  own health regime I have been taking radiation reduction baths and swimming in sea water daily. The baths consist of 1 cup each of salt, bicarb soda, Epson salts and are of cool water, soak for 20 mins, at least once a week.  I have also been taking Miso soup daily I’ve stopped using the microwave and cut down use of computers and TV. I’ve also been eating chia every day and adding Omega 3s to my  diet.

I’m also taking  the Recommended Amino Acids avoiding the foods recommended, and supplementing the antioxidants and vitamins recommended. I’ve also been having acupuncture regularly. I take the 24 sea minerals daily. in water

I won’t know if all this is working until I have another Hair profile in 90 days when I’ll certainly report it. I feel healthier though. I think cutting out wheat has helped. Now that I’m home it will be easier to follow the health regime I’ve set myself. We’ll see.

Since I wrote this blog Lauren Moret has put out a video on what to do to reduce radiation levels, so I include it here. She advocates rubbing Povidone 10% iodine on the skin(of the belly fat). The video is rather long and its at 1hr 48min. About 1/2 way she mentions a book on free radicals  which has gone to 4th edition  which sounds interesting.

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