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Each flower vibrates at its own frequency & has its own energetic signature, which enhances our well being by aligning with our energetic fields. This helps us recognize, resolve, &/or release old patterns to bring vital energy in. Flower essences help bring a shift in consciousness for healing on deep levels. Flower essences are made by floating the flower in water in the sunlight, which helps the water molecules absorb the energy/essence of the flower. They are taken as drops or sprays. Flower essences work on the emotional body.
Bach flower remedies were developed by a doctor, Dr Edward Bach after a serious illness led him to give up work as a surgeon and with only 3 months to live, to develop his research work at London Homeopathic Hospital where he developed the theory of `less is more’ in other words that the smallest possible amount of the remedy could be more effective and avoid the unpleasant side effects often associated with conventional medicine. During the following 19 years, he developed 38 remedies covering every mental and emotional state, and cured himself, evidence of the power of emotional states over physical symptoms.

Often in choosing a remedy I get a picture of the flower in my third eye, or alternatively use a pendulum to check what is the correct remedy at this time.

I suggest that Centuary to help those who want to end a violent relationship and Vine for the perpetrators. This may be help for one of the major issues of our time – domestic violence.

The use of flowers for healing was an Aboriginal pleasurable rite. The essence in the form of dew made potent by the sun, was consumed as the whole flower and often the plant as well. If the flower was inedible they sat on a clump of flowers and absorbed the healing vibration. They knew of many flowers that could be used for specific emotional imbalances.

Ian White, seen in the uTube clip above, talking about the waratah has further developed the Australian Bush Flower essences into an expanded healing modality. He was guided along the way to find which plants and where to make up the flower essences. The Essences, all 50 and now probably more, are powerful catalysts for helping people heal themselves. Illness disease and emotional problems and imbalances are an indication that we have strayed off our individual path. The Essences, as well as helping us return to that path, can assist in helping us work through our problems and imbalances. You can make your own flower essences.

Waratah is chosen for addictions, dark night of the soul, an inability to respond to crises. With the earth changes expected, many people will benefit from waratah, it will give them the power and strength to move on. Its also useful in AIDS treatment.

Illawarra Flame Tree, that splash of red in the rainforest, if they were the sole survivors of a cataclysm, they would feel rejected because everyone was taken but them. This will give them the strength to carry on. They know what they want to do, but feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of doing it.

Grey Spider Flower a common shrub in Sydney And the Blue Mountains and its for Primordial Fear, extreme terror, paralysed by fear. It works quickly bringing about calmness and courage.

Flower essences will play a major role in the times to come as we go into a new Golden Age.
White, I, (1991), Australian Bush Flower Essences. Bantam Books
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