The Pure White Light of Alpha and Omega

The Pure White Light of Alpha & Omega

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This Sunday, we activate pulsation of the pure, white light of Alpha and Omega and absolute purity.

This is an initiation of the highest discipline. It prepares your vessel to deeply assimilate the rarified light of your core divine essence, the flame of eternal consciousness physicalized right within you.

Initiation Details




By placing priority on building a purer foundation to your spiritual path, any incongruity and imbalance can be greatly lessened.

The primary objective in this is to bring your thoughts, feelings and actions into resonance with your highest intent and greatest light.

In truth, this “greatest light” is right within you.
It is the solar vibration of Alpha and Omega.

Alpha and Omega is a name that identifies the Father-Mother God principle in the heart of the universe. It represents the highest levels of divine intelligence and supreme purity.

This field of infinite expansion also reflects as the balance of the masculine-feminine polarity across all dimensions and timelines. It sustains all life in this system of worlds through the Divine Presence of universal love.

In the physical reality, we are a mere microcosm made in the image of this macrocosmic creation field. Hence, we are a manifestation of the Alpha and Omega, individualized.

This flame of God consciousness physicalizes in the energy center of the high heart, known as the white fire core of our human blueprint.

The term, white fire core, identifies the God nucleus of all life, from the highest planes of consciousness to the humblest atom.

Similarly, the white fire core is our own nucleus of being. It is often called, the “seat of the soul,” the point of origin where spirit and matter meet.

This place of origination contains our God seed and the blueprint of evolution. Here, we can tap into the Christ principle right within us, and the purest reflection of our spirit.

To rise into and embody this level of spiritual purity, we must be free from the impurities of human existence. This is referring to our emotions and feeling body; the mind and the way we think; the cleanliness and health of our physical body; even our lifestyle and environment.

As we purify these aspects, we become less dense. As we become less dense, we gradually re-polarize to the intelligence of our divine parent and its enveloping grace.



For much too long, we have been mired by the shadows of our own mortality. One could say that the human matrix is inherently flawed, from the sheer density in which it resides amidst the mass effluvia of the planet.

It is such a blessing that we actually have a way out of this toxicity and through the act of self purification.

As dedicated spiritual seekers, we are familiar with the necessary phases of purification to rise out of the self-created muck and mire.

We know first hand about the traps of disguised ego manipulation. We’ve experienced, time and time again, how erratic emotions keep us flailing in the muddy waters. It seems we are constantly trying to heal the inner divide and our patterns of separation.

This new initiation before us allows a lot of this “constant efforting” to be substantially lessened. It invokes another, more powerful energy that can bring our blueprint into pristine alignment very quickly.

This formula, however, insists upon the ‘power of thought’ to bring in the cardinal force to propel this intention. Our greatest task in this initiation is to sustain unwavering focus upon the greater, and the highest levels of purity that already exist right within us.

As you draw in more and more light, your vibratory frequency accelerates. Your auric field becomes stronger and more radiant. This even quickens the vibratory action of the electrons, helping them to spin off discordant accumulation.

You gradually can be restored to the rhythm and harmony of Divine Presence, the pure and perfect innocence from which you were originally created.

To draw in more light, you must clearly understand who you really are, as a God creator being.

Through this knowing, the brain gradually rewires itself.

It becomes a more precise receiver of the frequencies that mirror your truer vibration, as a microcosm of the macrocosm.

Your reality eventually becomes crystallized along the frequency attunement of divine coherence.

By consciously uniting your microcosmic self with the macrocosmic whole, greater levels of purity can be experienced. This is because you are in rhythm with the totality of selfhood.

As a result, all other things naturally fall away that are not of this vibration. This includes the impurities of thought and feeling.

You shift into a highly supportive matrix of energy that brings new experiences that meet your every emanating thought.


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