Grounding the Lightbody

There is a lot more information on grounding or earthing in this video. In being grounded we are able to connect with higher frequencies. Anything that expands our energies is an example of grounding.

Lightbody is an experience and the meditation gives us this experience. The rising of the kundalini and mixing it with the Higher Light. The higher heart has the Three Fold Flame and links with the 5th Dimension. It is in the Higher Heart that you translate the language of light.

We are no longer in individual consciousness, we are living lightbodies. The frequencies are increasing and we are now able to tune into this energy. Make this part of your daily ritual.


Here’s the information on earthing. I’ve purchased a small mat which I’m using at night and have been for several weeks. It has improved my overall health and wellbeing and I recommend it for those on a spiritual path.

We used to walk on the earth and the acupuncture points in our feet were in contact with the earth. This grounded us and kept us in tune with the earth. Now that we live in  high rises and houses we are out of touch with the earth. Particularly as the energy increases, we need to be in touch with the earth. So in addition of drinking more water, we need to ground our feet daily, or use a grounding mat as a convenient alternative.