Egypt – First trip Day 3

My daughter Tamara’s birthday, so I rang her in thye early morning at 1pm Egypt time. It was the day we checked out of Mena House, next to the Pyramid and headed for Aswan. But first a visit to the Egyptian Museum. Having come from a museum background, I was disappointed with the displays which were very old fashioned and with little interpretative or educational displays. That said said there were some beautiful objects, the treasures from Tutankarmon’s tomb being notable, a seperate entry fee required, also a photographic fee for taking photos inside. I did see the statue of Sekmet and on my feed was psychic drawing of Bastet,another cat goddess.The statue of Zoser looked very ape-like to my eyes. One of the objects which drew my attention was the tiny statuette of Khufu, in ivory. It is considered to be the only existing complete sculpture o King Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza.The Egyptian Museum Guidebook, an excellent production has a modern approach to the treasures. Of course the new Egyptian Museum, when it finally opens, will have a display of many more objects currently in the stacks. It’s a huge construction site near Cairo Airport.

In my  reading from Min, on the bus, I was given the message to “feed the cats”, so this was synchronicity as work. I also had some insight into the pain in my right foot which felt like a cattle prod, it was about grounding the energy and also about my stomach issues, which related to liver problems. As the trip progressed most of these issues were resolved and went away. We missed lunch but luckily I had an apple. We got take-away on the way to the airport and it was a very rushed departure and a long way to the plane and the only time I had difficulty with avoiding the scanners with my pacemaker. They held the plane for us anyway we all made this, Pamela being memorably escorted down the steps by an airport official, another victim to the Goddess.

We arrived in Aswan about an hour later, to a completely different pace. It was relaxed with hardly anyone at the airport and our bus waiting nearby. It was after dark and as we drove into town our hotel, the Novenpick tower stood out on the island on the horizon with the tombs on the West Bank illuminated as we drove in. We caught a ferry across to our side hotel on a beautiful moonlit night. There are two dams at Aswan to hold back the floodwaters of the Upper Nile and it was from here we were to take the cruise down the Nile in a few days.

Egypt – first trip Day 2

The visit to a perfumery was a surprise. We had an entertaining lecture by Reiki Master Gamal Abdul Sami Zakinthos, who can see auras and is extremely knowledgable about essences. To summarise:

Crown chakra – Blue Lotus-  spiritual communication- use on the body

Third Eye chakra – Sandlewood and Oil of Peppermint – use in burner

Throat chakra – Amber cashmere -use in bath or massage

  • Musk – oil burner

Heartchakra – Rose – in oil burner – for headaches, back pain, emotional stress

Third chakra – Jasmin, double Jasmin – digestive, lose weight

Second chakra – Musk Oil –  Balance yin/yang, heal inner child

Base chakra – Red Amer Oil

Higher Chakra Oils

Spikenard – Mary Magdelene

Papyrus – Body as Temple of Soul

Lily of the Valley – Nature Spirits

Frankincense – crown chakra – clear entities

Myrr  – crown chakra

Flower of Seqqara – Astral travel, angel communication

Fruit Oils – help us enjoy our freedom and joy in the home

Perhaps more importantly, Gamal showed us his amazing generosity of spirit, a true Master in every sense.

Our next stop was Saqqara, an outer Cairo area about an hour away, a green belt where Cairo’s food is grown. We had lunch in a date palm forest and saw local women baking bread in a clay oven, and were serenaded by local musicians.

Saqqara is the site of the Step Pyramid  of  Zoser, ( Djoser), an earlier stage in Pyramid construction, The whole area is a burial ground from earliest times. It was also a place for sound healing and we were shown an alcove where I played the 528 Hz miracle tone, which I had brought along for Yvonne, who had stomach cramps. Haytham also showed us a symbol of Pharoh’s power, which was confirmed every 30 years, by a meeting of all the officials. This was later reduced to every 5 years.This was the Heb-sed festival conducted in the great courtyard. On its north and south are three chapels. The first two chapels originally had a group of 4 statues of which only the pedestals and two large pair of feet remain and two smnaller ones on the left represent Djjoser, his mother and his wife and daughter.

The  symbol of 4 circles  in the great courtyard, which were walked around, reminds me of the 8 original circles in the Flower of life. I felt it’s the symbol that’s important in the ceremonies. It in the corner of a huge arena and in the middle a bull was sacrificed after they had walked around the circles, so it very important symbol in confirming the power of the Pharoh.The Great FRENCH Egyptologist Jean.-Phillips Lauer who reconstructed the site Said Saqqara is the clue to Egyptian civilisation.

I felt this whole area had once been very well watered with waterways running beside the sound healing temples, which some say is still connected underground to the Pyramids. You can hear water in the sound alcove, which has a set of feet sculptured beneath. It a limestone plateau, so tunnels are quite a likelihood. So underground tunnels – I said they may need clearing. Haytham said it would be impossible because of official attitude, which we’d seen previously at the Sphinx, and again here. We had to stop chiming. I said you can do it remotely,

We then paid an extra fee to get into a new tomb. I sat down on a ledge in front of a wall which Haytham said was a fake door, indicated by gold paint and red brown. I was picking up a set of stairs going down and was asking ‘where are the stairs? since I hadn’t seen the rest of the tomb and did’t at that stage know it was a fake door. My physical energy was low, but psychic energy high, so I was having trouble walking once we got outside. Leisa loaned me a cool towel which helped and Pam supported me walking. I was definitely seeing things shape shift, the energy was high as we walked back to the bus.

At 3 am I was contemplating the day and felt Oannases, the fish and felt Saqqara may have been where the Sirian Connection came in, I saw it like my painting of Sirius, where man and dolphins interacted in temples like water gardens. The energy is still there, but why has the land become so barren, a lowering of the water table, seems a likely explanation.

Perhaps in acknowledging the feminine, it could come back and help this poor land and its people. The contrasts between the extremes is very great and needs to be personally integrated to come into unity consciousness.

Tthis whole area of Saqqara deserves greater attention as there are many tombs including that of Maya and Merit, mentioned in ‘Secret Places of the Lion’ the book recommended for me in a 1990’s channeling.


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Min: Om Maat

Feeling has a light which will outshine the sun. We have always been with you. We want you to remember how to feel love. Are you tired of your lives, your tired aching bodies. Admit it, let go of the struggle. There are two types of seeking, from the heart and soul or from outside of yourself. Which will never be enough.

The depth of love in your heart is beyond words, alive, fresh and eternal, inside you. There is an eternal flame between the solar plexus and the heart. This flame is the bridge, activate it. This flame is within each individual wishing to ignite the flame. I am not a single entity. How can I be separate (as you) from all levels of consciousness?

There are many aspects to be brought into conscious awareness. You must give permission for the activation. Move beyond this to bring male and female aspects into conscious union. We wish you to see yourselves as conscious sentient beings. The opposite axes are alive and well within this dimension. Bring all of yourself into alignment. The eternal flame, when ignited with all aspects of yourself wii come and play. Spirit is life force that keeps the human body functioning.

Civilisations such as Egypt were not seeded from the human race. The beings which anchored this within the human race are you. You decided because of love of Mother Earth, to blend youselves in her dimension. The few relics bring such a deep resonance for you – remembering your star beingness – tHe original custodians. We are not seperate. It is time to stop having us on a pedestal. Because you think the star beings are different, you fell from your remembrance of us. The bridge sits there waiting.

There is great excitement to bring though Hathor. it is a great gift for Min and Hathor to be opening the heart and feeling. in the 3rd dimension, Fire is considered male and water female. In the 4th dimension it is reversed, Fire is considered female and water male. Emotions are the bridge between the mind and the body. React rather than respond. We should not pigeonhole the elements as male or female. The purple light in the 3rd eye is the soul group coming in with you.

Not knowing gives you space to manifest: spirit, feeling and projection. Just show up and be you. Know yourself and show yourself. Accept and allow whatever comes up for 3 days Pain is energy moving, breathe into it. Spirit is electrical current, shaking.

The effects of the eclipses will last 3-6 months. Nineteen years ago in 1999 was the same energy theme. Volitile beliefs will bring real change.


End of Spiritual year

Gate 8/8 2018

The Sacred Year of 2017/18 is drawing to a close, and the Wave of Light Codes and Energy that was released at the Lion’s Gate of 2017 reaches a climax at the June Solstice of 2018. Beloved Ones, it has been a powerful journey as the Waves of Light and Water Codes are activating more and deeper levels of transformation on your Planet.

The ongoing waves of transformation that you have felt, especially since March of this year, have all ben part of a single Wave of Light that was released from the Great Central Sun/Galactic Center at the time of the 8/8 Lion’s Gate in August 2017.

By now you will know that in Quantum Physics, light can be experienced as a particle and as a wave. That means that a singular “event” can be experienced as “waves” from within a Time/Space continuum.

So, throughout the Sacred Year, you have experienced waves of transformative Light and Water Codes. These Codes have been transforming and expanding your Light Body and cleansing and activating your Physical Body. The Diamond Light Codes contain the information that activates your multi-dimensional Light Body Grids, while the Diamond Water Codes cleanse the “water” of which you are constituted and brings clarity and luminescence to your Physical Body as a prerequisite for activating your New Earth Diamond Body Template.

Beloved Ones, in this past year you have dived deep within yourselves to ever deeper layers of consciousness. Here you have encountered the very deep layers of the Divine Feminine, those aspects of Soul and Spirit that guide your physical incarnation on Earth.

In your deep journey, you have encountered the Divine Feminine as the “Lady of the Lake,” and she has handed the Sacred Sword Excalibur to the Divine Masculine. In so doing, she empowers the Divine Masculine to stand forth and create, without struggle or aggression, but simply in the Flow of Divine Love.

We know that so many of you feel exhausted by the struggle to survive on Earth. We say that this is now over. As you connect with your deep inner Divine Feminine and allow the Masculine to take the Sword of Truth that cuts through all illusion, then you will be empowered to create your path without struggle. Your Reality will simply manifest around you according to your desires and needs, as is specified in the New Earth Diamond Body Template.

In many ways, the Ancient Sirian/Egyptian history of Isis and Osiris teaches the same truth. It is Isis, the Divine Feminine, that must empower Osiris, the Divine Masculine, to an act of magical creation in order for the New to be born in the form of the magical child Horus. It is Horus who banishes darkness and creates the Age of Light.

You are no ready, Beloved Ones, to participate in this deep and shining communion of “Sacred Marriage.” Within you, the Twin Flame energies of the Divine Masculine and Feminine are coming into alignment and Harmony and Empowerment! At this moment, the New can be born as a Sacred Testament to Divine Love and Harmony on Earth.

So, within each one of you, the inner Twin Flame union gives rise to empowerment, magic and the experience of the beautiful New Earth.

At the Solstice, you will feel the power of the influx of Diamond Light and Water Codes as your Soul, Body and Spirit create this wonderful merger or Sacred Union known as “Sacred Marriage,” where all aspects unite to express Divine Love, Creativity and Compassion.

As you embody and embrace these powerful energies, be sure to take good care of your physical body as it becomes acclimated to these powerful new frequencies and vibrations.

The Next Wave : The Planetary New Year and the Lion’s Gate 2018

And so, Beloved Ones, you arrive at the Gates of a New Cycle and a New Sacred Year. The Planetary New Year commences on the 26th July, after the “day out of Time” on the 25th July.

This is the moment when the Lion Portals open and a new and more evolved Time Spiral is made possible and can be created for the next Sacred Year. At this time it is essential to keep your personal vibration high and clear, cutting through all illusions and focussing only on Love and Harmony.

Do not allow anyone or any event at this time to pull your down into fear and anger, for these emotions will keep you at a low frequency and prevent you from reaching into a higher level of consciousness. Remember to be Light and for your heart to be as light as a feather as you float up to higher levels of being in the New Cycle.

After the Fall of Atlantis and the loss of integrity in Ancient Egypt, the connection to the Sacred Lion Portals and the Sacred Lion energy was lost. Humans were cut off from this knowledge and time spirals became “timelines” and they were locked into illusion and falsity and manipulation by those with dark hearts.

Now, at the dawn of the New Earth, you are given the opportunity to reconnect with the Royal Lion Guardians and to create within the Sacred Spirals of Time and Manifestation in complete Clarity and Integrity.

As you approach the 8/8 Star Gate, or Lion’s Gate, the Guardians of Light are waiting to conduct you through the Portal to higher levels of consciousness and creation.

As you honor the Past and the Future, represented by the Royal Lions of the Gate, you are intensely focussed on the NOW as the place of Creation and Manifestation.

At this time too, a new Wave of Light will be released from the Great Central Sun to power this new Time Spiral of New Earth Creation. It will be the brightest and most powerful Wave of Light yet to embrace the Earth, and it too will be experienced as Waves of Transformation and Creation in the Sacred Year of 2018/19.

This New Time Spiral will give you the opportunity to create and manifest your dreams. Many of you have felt major changes in this last year in your work, relationships and home energies. All of this has been a “letting go” in order to position you in a new place from which you may create your New Earth dream.

We wish you Light, Joy and Power as you create your new Path of Love in the Multi-dimensional New Earth Reality.


Ascended Master Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena via Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio, July 27th, 2017

Dear Ones,

A time of Liberation is taking place and it is a wonderful time to be anchored here on Mother Earth for many blessings are indeed about to take place. A great shift is upon you all at this time with many planetary activities happening across the night sky….

We come to you this day with much love and joy to anchor the Diamond Frequency of Light to your Earth and to assist you in anchoring this Divine Energy.

A time of great liberation and of peace of joy of love of harmony bringing you all together as one in the Divine Light bringing you back to the beginning.

We are entering now a New Beginning. This is as intended in the Year of New Beginnings on your Earth.

Beautiful Divine Rays of Light be the Lights that you are, Divinely shining out to the world to see.

As we are entering this New Phase, this New Paradigm, many truths will unfold, for this is a time of great liberation in the hearts of you all.

A great release is taking place at this time, do not be dismayed, understand that this great purging is necessary to take you to the new steps on your paths, your journey.

Many wonderful things are taking place in the areas of progression as we are imprinting our Divine Lights, our thoughts and our words and our Love upon you all.

We ask you to connect and reconnect as we enter a new generation and manifestation of great spiritual abundance and prosperity.

The coming age will breathe life into fine arts. The new generation will aspire to the manifestation of the patterns of the Divine world in the physical plane. And no matter how the past will resist, its time is up. The new consciousness, new relationships and the new world are coming!

This entire universe is a gift of the Creator in abundance to you and it has so much to offer.

It is a time of New Earth to bring forth the Heavens to your Earth and to be One with all that there is. We embrace you.

I AM Athena and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

Ascended Master Kwan Yin

nKwan Yin


Quan Yin via Linda Li, May 6th, 2018

By Linda Li

Quan Yin says, Dear heart, I am Quan Yin. I come today with important news. Divine has decreed that the planetary ascension has been doing extremely well. We have grouped quite a lot of energies, and bringing them to earth to help Gaia and humanity. Apparently, these incoming grouped energies are doing wonders. Not only for Gaia earth, but also for our light workers and humanity. As a result of these intense energies, we are able to come up fast and move the ascension up to speed. So far, we have almost caught up with the speed we have designed for Gaia and humanity, and that is very exciting news. For that, Divine and the company of heaven, are extremely happy, and we are going to continue the effort, bringing in more of these group energies. In other words, in order to assure the ascension of the masses and the planet herself, we have to group up different type of rays together so when these rays hit the planet, we have the domino effect, affecting different groups at the same time so that these different soul groups can ascend together. That is the key. So far so good.

I love you dear heart, I am Quan Yin. In this ascension process, Divine also has made a great deal of effort in terms of keeping our light workers on par with our Divine plan so that no matter what, our light workers are always ahead of the masses. And are always able to serve as the way showers and ascension leaders. That being said, we do have individual plans for different light workers. Some are on par with the Divine plan, other may not be. Some may feel that they are quite ahead of the game. But in reality, there are indeed quite a number of light workers who are still in the 3D mentality, not living in the heart but in the head. They “think” their way up and that is not possible. You cannot think your way up to the 5 dimension. You only can feel your way home by staying in the heart, love every way you choose and love your way up. That is the difference. Thinking can not get you anywhere. It is only mental activity. Thinking is necessary when you run your daily life and get things done. But on the road to enlightenment, mental activities need to be reduced and limited to the bare minimum.

A majority of the time you spend is being. Being in love. Being in the heart. Being with the present moment and being the love and light you came here to be. Eliminating the mental activities are helpful not just for the enlightenment sake, it also is critical in terms of staying in peace and being a peaceful warrior. You cannot be peaceful unless you have love in your heart and be present. And that cannot achieved by thinking. It is achieved by being in the moment, and being the love and light you are. So, thinking does not do much good in terms of ascending. But it does help when you need to run your daily life. So be careful, watch your mental activities. But when you need to just be, watch your mental activities, quite the mind, let Divine love and light to come in so that we can help to eliminate the unnecessary thought patterns. That is the message.

I love you dear heart, I am Quan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, Divine is going to continue the effort of pushing the Divine agenda forward. Divine and the company of heaven, have been doing quite a good job in terms of pushing the Divine disclosures. And so far, we have all sorts of Divine disclosures lined up, waiting to be announced. Our announcers are all ready and cannot wait for their turns. That is the scene, and that is so exciting. We do appreciate our light workers and these disclosure announcers for their efforts and dedication. Great job dear ones. I am Quan Yin. I love you. So it is.


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