Egypt – First Trip Day 4

Awoke  in Aswan and went by boat to Philae Temple on an island where it had been moved from the rising  waters of Aswan Dam. From 1902 when the first Dam was completed the buildings suffered water damage all year except for months when the flood gates were open and the islands monuments appeared from from the waters like a dream. First the cornices would emerge from the green waters, then then the capitals and colonnades and then the much covered land would bloom again.

In 1960 with building of the second Aswan Dam, it was decided, The Temple was to be moved to a nearby similar island above the water. The project was headed by UNESCO and funded by 23 nations began in 1972 and was completed in 1979.

The House of Isis, daughter of the Sun God Ra. Hathor was considered to be a second manifestation of Isis and has a separate Temple. The front pavilion dominates the island and has images of Horus, considered the First King of Egypt, son of Isis and Osiris, and the Goddess Isis, and her sister Neftis.

The Mammisi or ‘ House of births’ had the most effect on me. It is the room of commemoration of the miraculous conception of Horus by Isis and Osiris. I was overcome by the heat and energy and had to go outside to an outer room where I sat  down and a kind Nubian man who appeared as if by magic, and our kind family member Pamela, fanned me. I felt the birth pains and breathing patterns of birthing something ‘new’. It was overwhelming.

The Mammasi  on the western side, consists of 3 chambers. The First has no decoration, the secon has scenes of lesser divinities who offer their protection to the young Horus and the third, the santuary, which I’d had to leave, has scenes of the birth of the God in the marshes of the delta. Above this, the future Horus appears with the double crown of Egypt. The outside walls show the young Horus, nude, playing a harp  in the company of Isis.

I asked the man who had been so kind to me in seeing my distress, to feed the cats and gave him an offering, feeling that he would do so and sat with the cats to recover It was full moon.

Aluna Joy was here in 2012 and I quote from her report.

‘A baton has been passed to us, and because of this we are the ones that now call in the Masters from the North and the South, the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, St. Germain and the Great White Brotherhood, Archangel Michael, and all of the seven Archangels. Goddess Isis and the beings called “the Immortals” that dwell in this temple, we invite you to be with us, see our searching hearts, and help us claim our new position and live our destiny.
We ask that the cup (chalice) within us that has been emptied at Kom Ombo – the chalice that held the misqualified energy of this passing age, which we released from our bodies and from the past and the present – be refilled now with pure creative force from the great central sun and core of our universe. We ask that our “child within” be filled with pure creative energy that we may use in the coming days, now and into the future.
We ask that this pure energy be offered to all those around the world who are also working today with the equinox energies; to all those who have also come here at this time as an act of service to this present age to be bridges for all life into the new world; and to all those on the other side who are helping form other dimensions to help rebuild the new world (and to those reading this).
All three states of awareness that we bridge – past, present, and future – exist simultaneously now. Past, present, and future merge; time, space, and dimensions become one. Body, mind, and spirit are once again unified, as the world of duality dissolves in front of our eyes and our hearts. All our natural, God-given talents, which for a time felt supernatural to us, have now become natural and normal. These talents are the instant manifestation of all our highest aspirations. What we focus upon we can manifest. We are the “I Am That I Am That I Am.” We ask that this unification be anchored into all light-searching hearts.
When we walked into the Temple of Isis, we could feel the positive energy following us through the doorways, and now I am feeling light from above coming down onto the altar, the Holy of Holies. This light from above will activate the altar stone, which is also connected to a grid work of altars all across the world – some of these are known, some are yet to be discovered. We (and those reading this) have done many years of work in preparation to activate this net of light around the planet. And today, as the Masters step back and let us step into our own divinity and mastery, we are the ones now activating this grid. We are doing so with guidance but without their assistance anymore, because the Masters say we no longer need their help. We are now stepping into their shoes – the shoes that they had filled in this present age. We will be the torch carriers, the light carriers, for the next age. All the beings across the planet that are also celebrating this time are our brothers and sisters. They are now the Masters of the East, the South, the North and the West, the center, the above and the below.
It appears that the Masters we have invited in, are bringing in all the pieces from our past, present, and future; body, mind, and spirit; time, space, and dimensions. They are bringing all of this into the center of our hearts. We have emptied out, cleared out and prepared, our chalice within as a seed, or an egg, that is being activated in order to bring us all back to the Source within. So inside this chalice (the center of our hearts) is nothing but perfection: divine perfection, perfectly clear, creative energy – pure potential in its rawest form. This energy is our tool for building a new world.
The Immortals understood the creative force of the universe – the light energy – so they knew how to use it to create with sound. The Immortals understood a world beyond duality, or actually before duality even existed, and they are giving this understanding to us now (and to those reading this). They are happy for us because we have remembered the world beyond duality, and they are happy that we have come back home. So they want to welcome us home, not just to this temple, but to the home within, inside, ourselves. Sekhmet said come back, and we have come back – not only to places we have been or where we have learned – but we also have come back to ourselves.‘

AlunaJoy : lI am feeling the Immortals, the Hathors and a touch of Mother Sekhmet here. It feels like all divine feminine energy. It is not the divine feminine in the way that humanity knows it today, as this is a limited view of the divine feminine. The truth is that the divine feminine is the creative force of the Universe that is in all living things. It doesn’t matter what gender you are. All has this truth within. This is not a gender event. Right now in the world, it looks like a gender battle, but it is not. This is only a superficial surface clue of something much bigger. What we see happening in the world now is going to morph and evolve into the truth very soon. What is awakening now is about respect and honor for all life and for all human beings. Anything that is out of alignment in our old world will disappear. It is time. A new world is beginning to physically birth. This is a world of respect, truth, honor, light, love, harmony, peace, abundance and integrity. Everything else is all going to just pack up and leave quietly in the dark, never to be seen again.

My Immortals . . . I always feel them here. The Immortals are very tall beings that look a bit like the Hathors, but more human like. They are a group of semi-human beings that I am told are the original people. They are not male or female. They are androgynous, and they are not dualistic. They look feminine to me, but when I say that, they remind me that being feminine was never supposed to be the way we think of it, even today. The divine feminine was never to be submissive, quiet, and allowing of creations they know in their hearts are out of alignment. The Immortals would not allow mis-creations. They have ultimate power that does not use force. They have strength that is filled with grace and clarity that comes from eons of experience in the universe.

We moved on to Hathor’s temple where I was again channeling lots of energy and connected to the Camino, which I had worked on 2 years ago, and to Uluru, and got confirmation that it was so. I photographed my angel Pamela.she and Leisa our tour guide supported me back to the boat.

Hathor’s Temple was once the entrance to the complex from the Nile at the gate of Diocletian. The santuary is dedicated to Hathor and dates to Ptolemy VI . The Roman Emperor Augustus is shown conducting  celebrations in relics along the wall, offering a crow to Isis and flowers to Neftis, while the dwarf God Bes bangs a tambourine an plucks a harp. There is a baboon playing the lute and dancing apes, flute players and a group of priests leading an antelope to be sacrificed.

Drunvelo Melchizedek says about the Hathor’s:

‘The Hathors are beings of tremendous love. Their love is on a level of Christ consciousness. They use vocal sounds as their means of communicating and performing feats within their environment. They have amazing ears. They have almost no darkness to them at all; they’re just light—pure, loving beings. Hathors are very much like dolphins. Dolphins use sonar to do almost everything, and Hathors use their voices to do almost everything. We create machines to light or heat our houses, but the Hathors simply use sound through their voices. There aren’t many of these Hathor-face statues left because the Romans thought they were some sort of evil spirits and perpetrated great destruction  upon their images. This carving is found in Memphis, and it’s at the top of a 40-foot pillar, though the present ground level is just above the top of the pillar [what you see here is excavated]. They had recently discovered this temple when I was there in 1985. The Hathors are about 10 to 16 feet tall, the same height as the Nefilim, mentioned in chapter 3. For a very, very long time, they have helped people on Earth, almost always through their love and their incredible knowledge of sound.

There’s an initiation in Egypt where the sound of the ankh is created—this is one of the initiations in the Great Pyramid. It’s a continuous sound that a Hathor makes, without stopping, for somewhere between half an hour to an hour. It is used primarily for healing the body or restoring balance in nature. It’s like when we sound Om and have to breathe at the same time. The Hathors learned how to make a sound without stopping, breathing in through their noses, into their lungs and back out through their mouths continuously. Conducting this sound-of-the-ankh initiation ceremony was only one of the many things they would do for us to create balance. The Hathors were here on Earth helping humankind for thousands of years. Breathing in and out at the same time and making a continuous sound without stopping is not unheard oftoday. An Aborigine playing the didgeridoo uses circular breathing. He can make one tone nonstop for an hour by controlling the air flow into and out of his body. It’s not that hard to learn, actually.

In the afternoon I was able to dissipate the energy by movement in the pool, just channeling the energy through. At sunset we went on a private boat up past the Mortuary Island on the West Bank and put into shore for a channeling of Min, who told me I’d had a life as a Roman centurionand had done something I’d felt guilty about and had been fighting my male side for several lifetimes. I was told I’d reconcile this and in 2 days others will notice the change, which has happened. I received a message from my brother who  noticed it in the photos being posted.

As the changes from the old world to the new occur:

“Find your place, anchor yourself, hold your space, and find your wings so you can stay in the eye of the storm as everything is being dismantled.” We silently walk in, and that is the way it can be. The new creation doesn’t need the drama, or the battle, or the struggle, because we are in our true light, and our true power, and all that it will take to make this transfer of worlds to happen is to walk in with our whisper of truth. This is the strength that comes when you know your place, you know what you came here for, you know what you have envisioned, you know what is right, and you know the energy of this new creation.”

In the evening meditation on the boat.

During the channeling the Immans were chanting and raising the energy of the land by their vibration, which we were contributing to with our meditation and channeling. After this we a celebratory feast provided by the ship’s captain and his his wife who had prepared an Egyptian feast.