What is the Pause and how is it intended to be Used? part2/2

What is the Pause and How Is It Designed to be Used? – Part 2/2

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Credit: rfclipart.com

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

What point have we reached in the Pause?

St. Germaine: You are at the point in the Mother’s Pause – which comes in waves – of deciding, not only beloveds what you value for you, for your beloveds, for your family, for your community, but what do you value for Nova Earth?

It cannot work if some are cold and hungry. It cannot work if there are those that feel entitled to more. … It is not meaningful to own what cannot be shared graciously and with the deepest gratitude of knowing there is more.

The Mother is not a stingy Quartermaster. Gaia is not reservedly hoarding her precious supplies. (1)

Arcturian Group:  You are entering a new phase of the evolutionary process. Present “down times” are allowing a quietness during which many for the first time are pondering, questioning, evaluating their lives, and the right way of doing things.

Every day more are allowing themselves to honestly examine aspects of their personal life as well as the world in general such as business, farming, religion, health, education, environment, and politics etc.

Much that has always been considered correct and appropriate is being recognized as inefficient, obsolete, and unfair to many and based in convenience and a resistance to change by those who benefit from the status quo. This period of quiet is also allowing nature a respite from the ongoing barrage of pollution and degradation she suffers.

All is proceeding according to plan. You have been hoping, praying, and waiting for a world that more closely resonated with truth and it is coming but will be an unfolding process over the next few years because the third dimension functions in time and space. (2)

How is the Pause bringing forth a new awareness?

Peggy Black and the Team: The idea of most of life’s activities coming to a halt has stretched each person.

It is in that stretching that your new awareness is being brought forth. The familiar routines that each one has called normal have been totally disrupted. This has revealed your strengths and your weaknesses, both as individuals and as the collective. There is a dismantling of all that you hold as normal. …

Realize that distorted beliefs and the limitations of the old paradigms are dissolving. This action is causing much confusion, dismay, and anger. Leaders are sharing many untruths, frightening everyone because they do not know how to deal with what is occurring at this time.

Having all your social activities stopped has removed any distraction you might have used to avoid looking at any personal and emotional issues. What a wonderful situation you have been offered – to be with yourself and your loved ones coming into the space of awareness.

Many are consciously moving into the next dimension. You are becoming aware of what is important and valued. Experiencing more time alone or isolated has triggered many old issues and patterns, which you can now consciously release. …

The global pause, this stop of activities, has given humanity the opportunity to allow a healing of the distortions, the lies that have been told since the beginning of time, especially that you are powerless. You are not powerless, you are powerful behind measure. You have been living in an energy field of unconscious limitation. However we celebrate that you are waking up and stepping out of that unconsciousness into a field of all possibilities.

Hold that truth close to your heart and begin to act from your place of personal power. Spend time envisioning a new reality. Use your imagination and imprint the energy field with a reality that enlivens others to thrive.” (3)

What is being done behind the scenes?

Archangel Michael: One of the things that is being done is that much is being put in place during this time of quiet, you see, so that things are ready to go. (4)

Will things go back as they were after the pandemic and riots are over?

Arcturian Group: Know that things will never go back to exactly as they were because consciousness is changing, and as we have said many times, the substance of the outer is the inner (consciousness). Do not put effort and energy toward attempting to return everything to exactly as it was but rather be open to new and higher expressions of these same things. (5)

Will there be significant events in the upcoming weeks and months?

Archangel Michael: Will there be many significant events in the upcoming weeks and months? The answer is “yes.” And as we have repeatedly said, it is not a singular event – it is a domino effect. And we are not talking, let us be very clear, about the collapse of that which is valuable such as societies and communities, but it most certainly is a reset. (6)


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What is the shared purpose of Lightworkers at this Time?

What is the Shared Purpose of Lightworkers Here at this Time?

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What are we lightworkers doing here? With a cast of millions in ships above us, of what need are lightworkers? The Company of Heaven answers.

What is the shared purpose of lightworkers here at this time?

Archangel Michael: The purpose of the lightworkers – the purpose, in many ways, if we were to make a blanket statement of every single person upon the planet at this time – is the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan: The rebirth, the re-anchoring, the recommitment, the reactivation of love, of co-creation, of unity consciousness upon the planet. …

The burden, the joy, the gift, the potential of the lightworkers, loveholders, lovebearers – however you think of this, saints and sinners – the opportunity for the shift, for Ascension, for the transition, for the formulation and anchoring, the building of Nova Earth is the purpose particularly at this juncture of the lightworker community. …

Is this a time when lightworkers and loveholders will step forth and demonstrate not only their intention or their ability to hold the love, to be the love, but to demonstrate [love] in action, in form, in reconstitution of your society and all that that entails?  This is the job right now of lightworkers. …

And even as things shift, and shall we say, become more co-creative, the demonstration first and foremost, the building [of Nova Earth] is the mission and purpose of those who have chosen to incarnate at this time. (1)

But we’re opposed by tyrranical regimes!

The God of this universe in Matthew’s Messages: Tyrannical regimes must and shall change. Although plans are afoot for this peaceful revolution through a joint effort between your civilization and many of your space family, that does not absolve any of you who desire a finer, brighter world from the responsibility of helping to create it.

You all chose to be where you are at this time precisely so you could do exactly that! Actually, some of you embodied in other lifetimes as great leaders on Earth and well beyond, and you are back now to take on similar inspirational and constructive roles. (2)

Why do you need lightworkers in particular to step forward?

Archangel Michael: If no [lightworker] steps forward into [leadership] then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

So [when non-lightworkers] are assigned … or try to step up … to create and to take the leadership role, they do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable. … So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

Now, who, upon this wondrous planet, has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or is in the limelight and is ready? … Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers. (3)

AAM: In order for the plan to be unfolding, in order for the practical building blocks (which is what you’re asking for – money) to be in place, there has need to be a very strong re-assumption of leadership. (4)

But could not the galactics, for instance, do the job themselves?

AAM: The galactics have no shortage of money and so there will be some very massive projects and the funds will be made available but they will really ask for human leadership in order to be not be seen as trying in any way to assume control. (5)

What awaits those lightworkers who participate in stewardship?

AAM: Those who are in a position of stewardship, of beginning projects that lead the way to the building and the re-creation of what Nova Earth is truly about … become the spokesbeings for many. (6)

AAM: If in your spiritual maturity, you go forth, and we believe you will (we strongly believe you will), [in the belief] that this unfoldment is underway and that you are demonstrating, not simply a primitive attitude or a tribal attitude but more of a global, universal attitude, then you are ready to not only meet with your star family but participate with them, their technology, their gifts, in community, to go forth in the next phase in the building of Nova Earth.

That is why we have also said (this is an aside), there will be several waves of abundance. (7)


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Sirian High Council: Ascension Journey

Thank Sirian High Council: Ascension Journey

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by Galaxy Girl


Greetings starseeds! We salute you in your current progress trajectory for Ascension Gaia and we hold honor in our hearts for you.

Many of you have Sirian aspects and dormant memories, strengths and abilities from your forays in our little part of the galaxy. We wish to activate further your Sirian connections and memories of the light to assist you with your ascension journeys.

Some of you have been our kings and queens, high rulers, but all of you have been servants of the light and to the light. For when we are true servants we can lead most fully and effectively. You will be called upon to lead in your current now. You will be called upon to do many things and you will be ready for it. For you have lead before, you have trudged through the darkness before and you are all well equipped for success on this journey.

Gaia is rising rapidly and she is taking along with her those who are ready to serve, to lead from the heart and to shine their light brightly. The light is for all but not all are receptive to it, as is their choice. It will be easiest for those who embrace the light for that is their destiny and to fight with one’s destiny can be a rocky ride – which is never recommended unless you wish upon yourselves further challenges and awakenings.

It is possible to awaken smoothly, easily. Call this to you, for you have already done the work. Many are feeling the burdens for the others. It is a kindness that you are providing this service in lightening the load for the many by the few. You are all doing this. This is why you are so tired, so exhausted but although it seems like a lifetime, as this one reminds us, it is but a moment not a lifetime, and it shall pass.

We are the Sirian High Council and we wish to impart our codes to our awakened and awakening starseeds currently on assignment to Gaia.

Please place your third finger on your third eye and tap lightly, and in so doing you will be giving permission for the codes to flow. “I welcome the codes from the Ascended Sirian System into my body to further activate and allow any dormant Sirian memories that will serve my ascension including all gifts, talents and leadership skills that will serve the Gaians in this moment of transition.

I activate and I allow further Sirian codes to illuminate the pineal gland which has been calcified and I command it to be uncalcified and unbroken, whole and complete.

I trigger and I allow the further flowing of Sirian light language codes, talents and abilities to permeate my being, further unraveling DNA, awakening any dormant DNA that is in need of light activation.

I command this with love and respect for my beautiful body that I am currently inhabiting. I respect my body and I send light to it to further allow for this expansion.“

Sit a while and agree to rest after this download. It will be needed. You will likely feel light headed and spacious as the codes are expanding further.

We are the Sirian High Council. Many of you sit at our round tables at night sharing your experiences in the thick of it. We are grateful for your acts of heroism and volunteerism for the light, ever in service.

We are the Sirian High Council. Expect more love and light and it shall find you.

You are becoming the leaders for Nova Gaia. You are becoming and already are the bridge walkers, extending your hands for the others to cross.

We see this most imminently. These codes will help you cross.

This one is experiencing heart pressure.

Yes, let us extend the awakening.

”I call to myself all of the joyful experiences and sublime love that I have experienced within the Ascended Sirian System and I call them forth to be made manifest in an ever growing peace within my heart space.

I feel safe. I feel loved. I feel the divine support of my galactic family who is ever around me, offering divine codes of love and support.

I wrap this love and support around me, further insulating, further supporting, and I call forth all of the moments of peace that I have experienced with my galactic family. I wish for this feeling of peace to permeate me, to soothe me.

I am more than this human body. My family is more than this human Earthly family I have chosen to learn with and to experience Earth life with.

I am a starseed and I call all of my power back to me now. I claim my divinity. I claim my ascension. So be it.”

Rise inner warrior and be at peace. This feeling, this is who you are.

This is who the dark are afraid of. They are afraid of you. Send them light and let us end this game. Call further the light into every cell, every molecule within you, let it unlock yet more light.

We see you as blazing suns upon Gaia, shining your love from the few to the many. It warms our hearts. We adore you, starseeds.

We are the Sirian High Council. We send you our love, we send you our peace, it is within you. Blessings abound for you starseeds, and you are those blessings to us.


St Germaine: Sign the Declaration of Freedom



Linda Dillon: St. Germaine – Sign Your Declaration of Freedom

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Write across the sky, the oceans, and on each person’s heart that you encounter, write the word LOVE …

Linda: How we’re going to start this morning, or this afternoon, wherever you are, is to go into our hearts. And I have chosen… I was guided, actually, to choose a piece of music that I haven’t listened to for a while that actually came to us via Liz Chandler.

What I want you to do to get started is to close your eyes and go into your heart, and the vision I want you to hold is that you’re coming with me and yes, St. Germaine, to the south of France and that we’re in the middle of the miles and miles of lavender fields.

The guidance from St. Germaine and from the Council today is to open our hearts bigger and broader than we ever have. So, how you do that… open your crown to allow this energy to enter you, the beautiful blue-violet flame, the scent of lilac, of lavender, the color of Siberian iris, and just sink into your heart as we begin…

“Open Your Heart” by Jessica Noe from the album Calling in the Angels
(Available in the Spirit Store on the COL website… http://www.counciloflove.com )

And now, feel yourself repeating to yourself, or out loud… out loud is good… the sweet little mantra of St. Germaine:
I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity of God’s desires

And he added this this morning:

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the fulfillment of the Mother’s desires

So, say it and go deeper into your heart:

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity of God’s desires
I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the fulfillment of the Mother’s desires

It’s so important during these times of change that we fully remember, and anchor, and embody, and feel empowered, that in fact, we are the Mother’s boots on the ground. That we are the ones, in form, on planet, as ascended beings, that we’re bringing forth the Dream… and we know that if the Mother has a Dream that it’s already fait accompli, it’s a done deal.

And so, here we are at a time of such monumental, phenomenal, incredible… how many adjectives shall we use?… we’re on the edge of this shift. One of the things that the Council said in a reading, I think this week, was that we didn’t have to look at this as jumping the Grand Canyon. That instead we could be in the middle of the prairies, we could be driving across Kansas, and there’s just a slight dip in the road, a little hill, and we’re on the brow of the hill. Now we’re going down, and now we’re going up. And as we’ve been told by the Mother so many times, we’re not just looking to what’s on the horizon, we’re looking past the horizon. That’s what the collective is counting on us for… not to just see what’s there on the horizon but to really hold the vision, and be the vision, and the fulfillment of the vision of what lies beyond the horizon. And we know this; we know it in our hearts and in the very core of our being, that’s why we’re here.

So, with that, I’m going to move aside for St. Germaine… St. Germaine is reminding me of this song from when I was a kid called “The Purple People Eater”… so, I guess he wants to be humorous today…


Greetings, I AM St. Germaine. You can call me whatever you want, for I have gone by many names, as you know, and lived in many centuries… yes, including the times of birth of this country called the United States of America. And I wish to speak of this today, not to ignore the rest of the beloved planet, because what I say that is applicable to this country is applicable to all nations everywhere… here and far beyond.

The channel has reminded you, and I have nudged her to remind you, that when the Mother dreams that is Her Creation. It is the intention, and the manifestation, and the stillpoint all at once, in the infinite, perfect moment of Creation. And my beloved friends, that is where you are at this moment. And yes, of course, I give you, I offer you, and I stand by you with my Violet Flame, with this I AM Presence.

I want to remind you of some things… you do not fight for freedom, you do not struggle for independence, it is your divine birthright, it is the essence of your divine authority. When this country of the United States has come to this time of declaration of independence, that was what was required… a declaration, a declaration that tyranny, oppression, was not acceptable. The dream for this country and for this entire planet is that it is a place of freedom, it is the living, the manifestation, the clarity, of divine authority, of creativity, of liberty, in the deepest meaning of that word, of that term, this small term that encompasses so much and that is a direct reflection of the Divine.

Now, has this plan gone awry? Oh yes, most certainly, because there has been a clinging… oh, I could give you the list… lack, limitation, death, disease – especially disease, – abuse of authority. But it is the paradigm and it is the dream in every person’s heart… that is what defines you as Nova Gaian, it is the reawakening of the dream. And you dream, and you insist, and you live in the freedom of your being, in your divine right authority to choose, not in domination, or interference with one another, or over one another. That will never work, it never has. You have plenty of history to demonstrate that!

Cruelty has never been an expression of the I AM, and neither is complacency. You cannot declare yourself as an ascending, ascended, being, and step back and say, “Oh, I don’t want to be involved.” I would say to you, “Then why are you here?” There are about a handful of beings that have literally been sent as intergalactic observers… a handful out of billions. Everybody else shared in the dream. Yes, even those that you discern went way off track… they are like the lost sheep, the lost lamb that Yeshua has always gone back and claimed.

Even in my life as Count, there were many of you that were near and dear heart friends. And to tell you the truth, we agreed on most things, but what I often found most stimulating was what I would call the straddlers, those who would sit on the fence, those who sometimes just liked a good argument or discussion. They were not recalcitrant in their opinions, but they wanted to have the mental, emotional discussion on why I would suggest proceeding in liberty and in equality.

Equality has been one of the greatest challenges of this planet, of the collective, since the beginning, since the fall of the Creator Race, since Atlantis, even Lemuria. And you see it in the arrogance and the lack of empathy, that those who wish to rule who consider themselves ‘above’ or superior. And you see it in those that have actually embodied and bought that they are less than. Now, all of you have had moments, situations, often with your family, when you have felt less than… and I thank the Mother/Father/One that you have let that go. But you recall that sense of desolation in that emotional, spiritual, physical moment. And you do not wish that for any who walk upon sweet Gianna, who do not smell the blossoms, that do not smell the lavender because they are feeling so fearful, that they are hungry, and they are cold, they do not have shelter or food. That is not of love.

You are at the point in the Mother’s Pause… which comes in waves… of deciding, not only beloveds what you value for you, for your beloveds, for your family, for your community, but what do you value for Nova Earth? It cannot work if some are cold and hungry. It cannot work if there are those that feel entitled to more. That is why I used to manifest precious gems, to share them, to throw them, to give them away. Because it is not meaningful to own what cannot be shared graciously and with the deepest gratitude of knowing there is more. The Mother is not a stingy Quartermaster. Gaia is not reservedly hoarding her precious supplies. All are meant as angels, and humans, and star-seed, and earth-keepers, are meant to come to express and experience love. And that cannot fully happen if there is not divine authority freedom.

You, my beloveds, as we sit together throwing open your heart, not merely to walk in the lavender fields with me but to walk on the oceans, and the deserts, and the ridge of the highest mountain. You are here to love. Think of it in this way… if there is any impediment to love, you have the tools! Yes, think of it… recalcitrant emotions – and this belongs in every sector – fight fire with fire. Use my Violet Flame, I have given it to you time and time and time again, and I give it to you again today. Take it and write across the sky, the oceans, and on each person’s heart that you encounter, write the LOVE and allow it to ignite, not abuse of authority but equality, and freedom, and justice, and fairness, and kindness, and compassion.

This is the world that you are creating. This is the world that we, as masters, come to walk with you upon again. This is the world your star brothers are co-creating with you through the delegations… even as we speak. It is not some distant future, it is not even next week, it is right now.

So, come and join me. Sign your Declaration of Freedom and celebrate, celebrate with me. Celebrate your divine authority and your divine right to choose. And having made that choice, do not sit at home… no, I do not mean go out and share germs, for it is real… but do not sit at home and wither away. Claim your planet, claim your life, and we are here to assist in greatest joy, in frivolous and monumental excitement. I will meet you just beyond the horizon.

Go with my love. Farewell.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2020 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright at https://counciloflove.com/copyright-notice/%5D



What is the Pause and how is it Designed to be Used(Part 1/2)



What is the Pause and How Is It Designed to be Used? – Part 1/2

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Credit: philpresents.wordpress.com

From the standpoint of the Company of Heaven, we’re in the Mother’s Pause.

In a question-and-answer format, I’d like to explore what the Pause is all about, what it’s designed for, etc.

What is humanity going through at the present time? What is “the Pause”?

Spirit guide Christianna through Linda Dillon: Humanity is going through a period of reassessment… yes, the Pause… in which to determine, to choose, their future course, and the best thing you can do to assist them is to be this conduit of love. (1)

Archangel Michael: What is occurring in the global situation is that you have been put on pause. The Mother has spoken through this channel about “the Pause” for a long time, and various individuals have certainly been through the Pause and have benefitted from being in that state – no, not of inertia; pause and inertia are very different things; pause and ‘being stuck’ are very different things.

So your planet – and this is significant [in terms of] what the coronavirus is about – the entire planet is being put on Pause for the reset, for the rebirth, that the Mother has talked about.  (2)

Intergalactic Council President Grener of Ashira of Neptune: You are in the Pause, you are in the transition, you are in the time of resurrection when you rise from the ashes, the ashes of the destruction of humanity – and no, we do not mean people dying; we mean the destruction of ‘the old,’ that does not serve and has not served for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

So the changes that are in the air and in the soil and in the water are the changes, sweet one, that we have assisted in creating, that you have assisted in creating, and that set the stage for the re-emergence not only of Gaia but of this collective we call humans, regardless of where they’re from. They are on planet so they are Gaian, for, as you well know, we do not distinguish between nations other than to be aware of the cultural or historic differentiations. (3)

What has the Divine Mother said about her intention in creating the Pause?

Divine Mother: I welcome you and I gather you into my arms and around me, around us, around all, to have this quiet conversation in what some of you have thought of as in the midst of chaos. …

In this eternal moment of my infinite now, I am suggesting to you, I am requesting of thee … do not look back!

There are times for the contemplation of what has gone before, and you have had such a period of time, and you will have that again. But in this day, in this moment, I ask you to gaze forward and to gaze forward with clear intent and the acuity of your inner vision and knowing. (4)

What do others say we should do in the Pause?

Peggy Black and the Team: You are really in a Pause [where] there is a resetting of the internal as well as the universal clock. What was is no longer. As you rest in the Pause between what was and what will be, breathe deeply several times, place your awareness in your heart and begin to radiate from this place.

Welcome the insights that come to you. Be gentle with yourself as you slowly allow the timeless aspect of yourself to come forth and show you the way into this new portal of time that has emerged from your dedicated work and service to the light of transformation. (5)

Archangel Gabrielle: We wish to remind you of who you are.  … You have traveled throughout the galaxies, and you have gathered and garnered the wisdom… sometimes through tragedy, often through victory, and often turning tragedy into victory.

You are alchemists and that is partially what you are doing right now… you are using this alchemical moment to transmute, transform, transubstantiate energy into love. (6)

Archangel Michael: This is intended to be the time of silence, the time of the in-breath, the time of re-examination of what is truly important, valuable… not in the esoteric sense or in the physical sense… but in the combination of what makes your life rich – not only tolerable, but rich and profound – and, yes, sweet one, joyful. (7)

Archangel Michael: Sweet angel of light, it is extremely important that you – and I mean you, all Gaians – take this time, yes, to inner and outer reflect upon what it is you are not only desiring to create but are creating.

And it is insufficient to say that you are creating Nova Earth, that you are anchoring new societies, new communities, new ways of being, because unless it is up close and personal – a reflection of the innermost desire and plan of action for the unique, individualised, sacred self – it is meaningless.

And so the creation, the taking time in this pause to truly bring forth in the clarity of one’s hopes and dreams what you truly wish to birth, is a pivotal element – a critical piece – of what you are doing individually and collectively.

So it is necessary during this time to take the time, to take the moments – not to live in fear – but to catch one’s breath and say, “Now… what do I really want? What is true and valuable to me? And then, how does that reflect out into the broader community? What are the gifts that perhaps I have kept hidden, that I have kept under a bushel basket, that I wish to bring to the forefront to share not only for my own joy and glory, but for the collective?”

These are the questions that we encourage you – all being – to focus on at this time. Take the pause and breathe, sweet one. Go into the stillness – the stillpoint – of your heart and get ready for the actions.

Now, the purpose – the bigger purpose – of the pause is for people to simply stop, take a breath, make some fundamental choices and stay still. But for those who are coming at this in a state of high alert for survival, it will take more for them to get the benefit of what this pause is really about. (8)

(To be concluded tomorrow, in Part 2.)


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Higher Self: Michael and the Pleiadeans


This is important news about the new Higher Frequencies

Jenny Schiltz: Exciting Update on the Pulse from Source

Jenny Schiltz ~ Exciting Update on the Pulse from Source

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July 7, 2020, jennyschiltz.com


I wanted to give a quick update of the Pulse from Source. If you haven’t seen the latest blog post it can be found here: https://jennyschiltz.com/pulse-from-source-heading-our-way/

One thing I wanted to clear up is this is not the Solar Flash that so many have heard of. My understanding of the solar flash is that it will come from the Grand Central Sun. This Pulse came directly from Source and touched everything including the Galactic Sun and Galactic Center.

I was super excited to see that the Ascension Diaries (a great page on Facebook) was able to see the pulse on the Schumann Resonance. Posting new information is always a gamble as you never know how it will be received. To see confirmation from “out there” makes me giddy! Below please find the screen shots.










On Friday, July 3rd the slow steady ramp up of energies began. Numerous people said that they found themselves weepy, sad, depressed, and even angry over the weekend. While not fun, it is necessary for us to feel this space and resolve the parts of ourselves that feel this way. The pulse is designed to bring up what needs addressing while also bringing in a higher frequency. Some have felt alone, lost and hopeless.

We are being challenged to instead see it as the void space which is the space of creation, verses nothingness and no connection. The space of creation, the void, can feel empty but it is the space from which we are being asked to choose what is it that we want moving forward. What will fill us with excitement and hope?

Alternately, some are feeling really good and full of hope and promise. There is not a right way to experience this, only your way and experiencing exactly what you need to assist you on your journey. Pets are not immune to this and they may be clingy, lethargic, showing intestinal disruptions and dry noses.

What I have also noticed is that some are finding that they vibrationally dipped into the lower timeline (it is not hard to do). Take a nice deep breath, drop into your body, into the heart space and ask if you are in the lower timeline. Feel the answer.

If you find that you are, the angels have given me a technique that is simple but often profound. I use it whenever I am feeling off and like I am stuck in a frequency that is NOT working with my system. It is a physical as well as etheric exercise. Sometimes the movement of the body helps tremendously.

Go to a set of stairs.

  • Go onto the first step and call in AA Michael, AA Raphael, AA Uriel, AA Gabriel of the 4 directions to hold space and assist you.
  • Call in your Highest Self and whomever else you like to routinely work with.
  • Now ask all those that you have called in to help you raise your vibration and shift you to the highest Divine Timeline

Begin taking each step one at a time asking for assistance with one of the things written below. Allowing yourself plenty of time per step to receive the healing and shift of frequencies.

  • Ask that all cords that need to be cut are done so through all dimensions, timelines and realities
  • Ask that your feet chakras are cleared and opened and that anything “planting” your feet in a lower frequency be removed.
  • Now go over your chakras (one per step- root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown). Ask that each of your chakras are cleared, healed balanced, and that it spin in the proper direction.
  • Ask that all the layers of your aura are cleared and sealed

You may feel the desire to lay down after this or you may feel quite energized. I have had both experiences. Please drink plenty of water to help with the clearing.

This exercise can help now and in the future if you are ever feeling like “I’m in the wrong location”. I hope that this message finds you utilizing the pulse. Feeling the things that need to be felt while simultaneously accessing the higher joy that is here. Thank you to all who have supported and shared this work. I am very grateful.

Jenny Schiltz

P.S. July’s Inner Circle Session is open for registration. I will be sharing more on what the Galactic Council is saying about this time and ways to navigate this space. For more info click: https://jennyschiltz.com/inner-circle-sessions/


Valerie Donner: Mira of the Pleiades



Mira of the Pleiades via Valerie Donner, July 6, 2020

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Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, currently focused full-time on the Earth Council.

Please look at where your attention is focused now on the planet. We know there are many distractions from the dark forces who would like to remain in control. We can tell you unequivocally that they are losing and have very little time left.

They are desperate, angry, and fearful which are the energies they are trying to instill upon you. Their desire to control you is futile, especially for those of the light who know the truth.

We would like to make some suggestions so that you can overcome more of the hurdles that they are sending your way. Please remind yourself what a formidable being you are to be in the position you are in right now even though it is uncomfortable. Stay in your strength and your power and align yourself with the light.

Maintain your spiritual practice, your meditation, walks in nature, your sense of humor and creativity, and your friendships with other like-minded ground crew and family members. Reach to the stars and look at the stars. Watch the sky and see the beauty that is around you that is being prepared for you to help you rise above your current stressful situations.

Remind yourselves that you are creating your new world of light and love, harmony and balance, joy and abundance, community and friendship. Embrace us as the Galactics and your brothers and sisters. Get ready for the magic and the miracles that are coming your way.

Stand back from the chaos and the rubble remembering that this is just an illusion. You are not victims, you are victors. You are some of the most highly-evolved beings in creation. You would not be on the planet now if this were not true.

Remember that control comes from fear. Do you see how afraid the dark forces are right now? Stay away from anything that makes you fearful. Make new choices of where to put your focus.

During these times give yourself the best that you can give yourself. Pay attention to the energies around you and if you are feeling discordance it is best to remove yourself. Keep your vibration up as best as you can.

Know that you are stepping into your mastery. Masters don’t always know the answers to whatever they were going through but they will always find the solutions. This is the process of mastery. When you are complete with your mastery you won’t ever have to come back to the Earth again unless you want to.

This planet is considered the blue jewel of creation and will become a vacation spot. We appreciate you for staying on the Earth and for seeing this process through to completion. We are almost there so thank you! It will all be worth it!

Goodbye for now and I give you all my love, truth and blessings. I am Mira.


How to Work with Earth’s Energy Grids


How to Work with the Earth’s Energy Grids – The 9D Arcturian Council

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by Daniel Scranton


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been listening to all of you, and your requests have been received. You are there to discover and to decide, and the requests that you make of those of us in the higher realms are taken very seriously because we understand that you are the ones on the frontlines. We know how difficult it is to be there in a physical, human body, and of course, we want to help because helping feels good to us.

We are excited about the requests that we have been getting lately because your most recent requests have reflected how far you have come as a collective. You are far more likely now to make requests that include the rest of humanity. You are getting to the point where you not only understand intellectually that you are a collective, but you are also beginning to operate as members of a collective. And you are more inclusive of your fellow humans because of how much empathy and compassion you feel for one another, and that is why now is the perfect time to be connecting more to the grids that you have there on your planet.

You have been contributing to the grid system since your birth, and most of you have been unaware of your contributions for the vast majority of your years there on the planet. But now is the time to be tuning in to those gridlines so that you can connect vibrationally and energetically to the other human beings that live so far away from you. You are not only there to contribute to the grids. You are also there to benefit from their presence.

Many individuals are feeling quite isolated where they are on the planet right now, and we want to say to those of you who feel alone and like you are the only awake ones in your area that now is the perfect time to be connecting to the other awakened individuals who are tuning in to the grids. You have the fifth dimensional crystalline energy grid that you have been helping to repair, as well as the original grid system that was always there for you as third-dimensional beings and is still there to support you. You have many other grids that have been co-created there because of intentions that you have held for the human collective.

Again, you often do tap in and tune in to these grids without even recognizing that you are doing it, but as you connect to Mother Earth from now on, please do feel for the energies that are right beneath your feet and that can connect you to that feeling of unity, that oneness state of being, that you have been seeking out for so long. You will benefit, and so will everyone else.

Those of us in the higher realms will continue to guide you to the points where you can feel the most and you can benefit the most. We know what you want, and we know what you need, and we are very happy to work with you as you work with your fellow humans in co-creating the energy and vibration necessary for humanity to ascend.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”