The Divine Mother speaks

The Divine Mother: In Her Own Words
September 16, 2017 By Steve Beckow
I’m a servant of the Divine Mother, as are many of you. But for a newcomer, who is the Divine Mother?

I could say that she’s the Creator of the world, that she and the Holy Father are one and the same, that she is the only pathway to the Father, etc. But those would simply be words.

Why not let the Divine Mother speak for herself?

Uniquely this generation has access to the Divine Mother of the multiverse, the creator, preserver, and transformer of All, the One in the form of movement rather than stillness.

And through our access, we probably have found out more about her nature and Plan in the last decade than was known to all past generations combined.

And not myth derived from who knows what or where. But her answering our questions directly.

Let’s listen to the messages she’s been giving us lately, culminating in the news of the planetary heart opening, now gradually underway.

Imagine that this is an In Light Radio interview. In fact that’s where it came from.

In just a moment, the Divine Mother will join us.

Welcome, Mother.

Yes, I am Mother, Mother of the ancients, Mother of the new, Mother of the eternal, Mother of the infinite, Mother of the All, Mother of the One, and Mother, beloved ones, of each one of you.

Yes, each one of you and far beyond. (1)

Mother, you know you are my everything.

Dearest, you say … that I am your everything.

I wish to begin this day, this night, this week, this year, this eon, by saying that each of you is my everything.

I am not like some apartment building or rabbit warren where the space of my beingness, the space of my love, the space of my energy is divided up into tiny cubby holes and you are assigned to one space. That is not the way in which I work, operate, or exist. (2)

Mother, I know you as the Word of God, Aum/Amen, the Voice in the Silence and the Voice crying in the Wilderness. What is your nature?

My nature, my beloved ones, is infinite. It does not have beginning or end or what you think of as boundaries or edges. It is infinite. (3)

You cannot even begin to fathom what I am saying, and yet I say this not as the Voice in the Silence, not as the Voice crying in the Wilderness, but as the Voice that speaks to humanity.

And I do not mean just you, my sweet angels, who listen this night. I speak to all the people of Earth.

I call to the people of Earth, and I beckon to all of you: Please heed not only what I say, but what I offer, what I bring, among which is explanations and understanding, wisdom and vision and information, as you go forward in tandem and in your uniqueness.

I have come to your shores, the shores of your planet and the shores of your being, to wash you, to bathe you, to cleanse you, to penetrate you, to integrate you, yes, with my clarity, with my purity, with my Tsunami of Love.

And these are catalysts for your expansion, for your raising up, for your ascension, for your great awakening.

But it is time. This day, I also add to what I lay at your doorstep, what I instill within your heart, the greater anchoring of grace. (4)

You’re giving us the tools we need.

I am not merely talking about giving you more tools. I am talking and addressing you, all of you on this planet. I am talking about fundamentally changing — not by evolution or shift — what it means to be human.

You say to me, “Mother, can you do that?” We are Creator Force.

And everything that we create is of love, including grace, including clarity, including purity, including hope, and charity, and perseverance, and fortitude. (5)

Mother, many people want to know if there’s to be a “jump” in Ascension.

It is a jump in consciousness…

And does it feel like a jump?

Yes, it will.

And we’ll be ready for it?

You are all ready for it right now and so, no, it will be “Oh, thank goodness it finally happened!” (6)

Thank you, Mother. I think you came today with something to say.

I come this day to say that I am increasing the frequency of my Tsunami of Love. Yes, it has been intense. But this is a period of fulfillment. And, sweet angels of light, fulfillment is intense! Your hearts, your love, your ecstasy, your minds, your physical bodies. You feel – because you are sensitives – that you in many ways are exploding. Do not try, do not even think or consider tamping it down. (7)

Have you just described a heart opening and, if you have, is that what’s in store for us during this time of the solar eclipse?

You all love your signs and you pray and you beg and you plead for signs. And you are most certainly being given tangible signs.

Now let me suggest to you, as your Mother, that the solar eclipse, all of these gateways – which I am very fond of, by the way – are reflections.

A solar eclipse does not create a heart opening. It is a symbol of the heart opening. The heart opening is already underway.

So is there a massive heart opening occurring on this planet? And can you point, as you have for millions of years, to the moon and the stars and say, “Now this is a sign?” I say, yes! (8)

How will we feel, Mother?

You may feel physically – because this is a physical-embodiment ascension – you may feel as if you are exploding. You may wonder, “Should I call 911?”
Now if you feel this, then go ahead and do so because it will reassure you. …

It is going to feel – and some of you are already feeling this – that you can’t contain it, that your very skin is imploding and exploding and that your heart and the conscious knowing of love is so big that you just don’t know what to do with it.

So this is my guidance. Accept, surrender and breathe. That is what you do with it.

And as your body attunes and adjusts, in a full, calm, organized way, jump into action. Do not feel that this is not possible or “I don’t know how this would ever work.”

Now will you, in your opinion, make some missteps? Understand that, in the new realm, there is no such thing as mistakes. And understand, there is no guilt, no shame, no blame. Those are what have controlled you for so long. And it is like vapors in the air.

Ask the channel about the scent in the air. The very air of Earth is filled with my essence. And you are going forward and I am flooding you. And when I say that I speak on behalf of all – that is all, in my terms.

So will you feel like you are exploding? The answer is yes. (9)

That’s exciting news. Thank you for letting us know, Mother.

Share the good news. That is why I have come – to literally broadcast this to all of Gaia and Gaians. And I tell you, the trees and the stones are listening to me and they know. And, they are ready and they are supporting you. The entire planet, solar system, universe, multiverse is supporting you. You are not alone, in either the literal, practical or esoteric sense. (10)

You are my all. And I am your All. And we are One. (11)

Go with my love.

Thank you, Mother.


(All channeled messages are copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love and are used with permission.)


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