Reading 17 .12.19 Frequencies of Crystal Code – Nirvana Crystal, Record Keeper

We, the crystals, have long been on earth from eons to eons. From Lemuria, Atlantis to many ancient civilisations. The healing powers of crystals have always been greatly respect and honoured. Through the dark eras of densities when many crystals have been used in rituals for benefits of the corrupted minds. Rebuilding loving relationships between humans and crystals is one of our duties. So dear one, connect with us through love. Allow your crystals to be in their authentic frequencies, by cleansing and charging them frequently. Let them be by your side as well as exposed to mother earth’s elements. Each crystals have been encoded with records and healing frequencies in forms of vibrations which serves earth and humanity. And you, my dear brother and sister can tap into that frequencies through my image of Nirvana quartz.

This is a type of crystal which has just been recently unearth from the ice caves of the Himalayas. Within pure vibrations, we can assist you in downloading codes and records within your systems. Hold any crystals which call upon you whether it be Clear quartz, Amethyst, Moldavite, Larimar, Crystal Skull, Or a record Keeper. You can even form a Crystal grid. Welcome this image of my crystal into your presence, relax your mind and body, trust in your intuition and guidance of the crystals kingdom. Listen and let them speak to you. Aree mar ra Ee nai Ee na ya yee tora tae Tuu raya Tuu rayee Nee nai na no jawa tii tae no yee Tu ar ree no ya ra may tee nee yae Koo ra moo tai ta yee In dark period, people used crystal for black magic and manipulations. Now is the time to reset their energy. This image offers you the pure frequency of a record keeper crystal from the Himalayas, Nirvana Quartz. This crystal has long been in its isolation for many years. Some said that it was recently discovered in 2006. It holds such light vibrations which upon meditation, you are attuned to higher frequencies and taken upon your soul paths both on earth and elsewhere. At times, you may find that this image takes you into the quiet space within and connections your inner light. Messages:

Crystal kingdom is calling out for you. You have very deep connection with them. Connect deeper! Keeper of crystal’s wisdom. You have been working with crystals throughout many life times. See the connection in each memory and information you are receiving. This can build up to unlock your hidden gifts. Crystals are like us, they need love for their authenticity. You are their keeper, reach out and give them love. Welcoming in crystals more into your routines and activities. Nirvana Quartz’s frequencies is calling upon you. You can tune into this image and feel its vibrations. Being in the state of inner silence and light. Key Words: Nirvana Quartz, crystal healing and communication, crystal’s companionship, attuning to crystal frequencies, keeper of records within crystals. 134 | P a g e

Codes of consciousness

Interview with Neo Glimmer about translating computer codes from higher dimensions. the numbers referred to are musical frequencies in Hertz and English system. Words have a frequency which create a geometry of consciousness, a geometry of light.
And the second video uses a Gematria Calculator decoder to decode the words. The collective consciousness of 144,000 is needed for shift to occur. The gematria code is in our DNA.

further Explanation of the code

Follow up with Neo Glimmer and Marina Jacobi and other participants, interesting questions at end.