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Pearls have fascinated me since as a child, I watched the hard hat diver go below my father’s boat Thara (the wind).
I read Ian Idriess, Forty Fathoms Deep, published in 1947, the year I was born. I could say it began my interest in diving.
`The diver has to be keenly observant, for the big dull grey a shell of the pearl-oyster is often almost indistinguishable. Against its many enemies it camouflages itself; encouraging smaller shellfish, sponges, weeds and various plant life to grow upon it, and thus disguise it still further from fish and crab and cuttlefish, and from those enemies that would drill a hole through its shell and suck its very vitals. Keen must the divers eyes be to catch the “puff” of water that betrays the closing, or the glint of mother of pearl that reveals the open lips of a shell.'(p188)

Pearls symbolise innocence, purity, integrity and a clear channel for spiritual guidance. It can be used to provide a reflection of self bringing truth to situations and loyalty to a cause. It is a stone of sincerity.

Pearls have been used to treat the soft tissues of the body, digestive disorders, relieve bloating and biliousness and increase fertility and ease childbirth.

String of Pearls is the name I was given for the book about my travels.To truly dwell in the HOLOCRYSTAL as the dolphins do, we must bring ALL our conscious and unconscious self-links into the no-self field of the
HOLOCRYSTAL.There are certain points on the planet where the High Devas
(including cetaceans) ‘seed’ their Holocrystal ‘pearls.’ These pearls
are gem-thoughts-composites of the finest ‘Light Language’ songs which
they weave through the HEX-I-AM. I am not simply speaking metaphorically
here. These pearls are actual energy-banded devic thought packages,
humming at a frequency beyond human hearing, yet for the higher devic
creatures and beings, this hum is the symphony of life. Each pearl or
package of gem-thoughts is as I said, ‘finely woven.’ This means that
the energy signals are synthesized to the most delicately braided
quality, as to contain many ‘orchestrations’ nested together in perfect
symmetry and harmonics.

The seed-pearls are collected at specific energy nodes on the planet-too
numerous to name them all here. An essential qualification for a pearl
nodal point on the HEX-I-AM grid is a region that is especially rich in
devic activity, such as tropical islands and rain forests.

However, they are also found in locations that may seem more barren and
yet are wealthy in crystal power-for the crystals contain devic beings
as well.Another source of Holocrystal seed-pearls are what is known as
‘blue holes’ in the oceans of the world. These are deep pathways under
the sea that show from the surface of the water as especially deep blue.
The blue holes create strong piezoelectric fields, which the devas are
attracted to in the HEX-I-AM grid.

Humans can interact with the crystals/cetaceans/other high devic beings
through linking our crystalline DNA into the HEX-I-AM and most
importantly into the Essence-field of the Holocrystal itself. We can do
this through ASKING for it and truly desiring this communication to
create greater evolution of Spirit for the earth and is entire
population of life. Selfishness finds no part in this receptivity. One
cannot find true connection into the Holocrystal if they are simply
seeking a exciting phenomena. The desire must come from the divinity
within that calls us into true planetary service. As we ‘link’ into the
Holocrystal in this manner, we eventually expand our own gnosis within
that field, rather than just piggy-backing it, as the initial linking
will do.There are certain crystals on the planet that are within the
care of humanity now, which radiate the Holocrystal Light consciousness
to a high degree and are a strong pathway of the HEX-I-AM. Because
humans are interacting with these crystals, this act is opening the seal
between devic and human once again.Let us all rejoice in the Song of
Life that the devic beings sing all around us! In this way, we will
reclaim the gift of the HOLOCRYSTAL.

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Kakadu Dreaming
Kakadu Dreaming
By Christine A Deacon

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