When things get Chaotic

When Things Get Chaotic….
January 22, 2017 by Steve Beckow


How are we to understand our world and respond as it prepares to settle the question of who’s in charge here. What do our sources say?

Jesus asked us not to be alarmed by the chaos we see around us:

“Do not be disturbed by the worldwide political upheavals or ongoing conflicts, these are signs of your awakening, as more and more members of humanity express their dissatisfaction with the unacceptable systems of control in which governments and international corporations are and have been engaging all across the planet.

“These systems are no longer acceptable, and the damage and suffering that they have been causing for so long can no longer be hidden, denied, or tolerated.

“You have a saying: ‘Knowledge is power.’ Well, knowledge is spreading rapidly throughout humanity and the power and control that the elite have held over humanity for so long is dissolving as people across the planet reclaim theirs and demand that essential changes, which they will bring about, be put into effect.

“Change is required and change is occurring that will lead to further change. The collective decision to awaken will not be stopped or reversed, in fact it is accelerating. Humanity is on a magnificent roll, and you, the Light workers and Light bearers, have been extremely effective in getting it started.” (1)

Here’s Hilarion in October 2016, suggesting like Jesus that these changes need to take place:

“All that needs to be changed is in the process of that change and therefore things can seem pretty intense. All these changes need to take place, we have known this for many, many decades and now, we are in the midst of that change.

“Have faith that all is as it should be and that you will come out at the end of all this change with joy, peace and happiness to a new way and a new beginning filled with all that is right and good and decent in your world and the world at large.” (2)

The Arcturian Group saw our confusion and reassured us:

“We see many still experiencing confusion with regard to world conditions. Know that what you are witnessing in these turbulent times is the emerging of old energies long suppressed and hidden in need of exposure in order to be observed, evaluated, and changed.” (3)

Mike Quinsey’s source reminds us of the necessary outworking of karma that’s taking place. A lot of that we’ve sidestepped, I believe, by our efforts at cleansing ourselves of our old baggage; i.e., unlearned lessons.

“Much is happening on Earth at this time as the outworking of karma has brought old disputes to the forefront. These have to be cleared and a position created where opposing forces can once again come together. This reasoning can also be applied to individual karma and many souls have much to handle that may in some instances go back several lives.” (4)

In another message, Hilarion coached us on what’s needed at this time:

“There is much that will be coming forth in the coming months that will make each person on the planet, that will make the minds and hearts of the people of the planet reel, trying to absorb all that is being given to them, that is being mirrored to them in the external world.

“It will be a time when all the people of the world will feel fragmented and unable to deal with all the changes that are taking place but ultimately all will come together in a new way, a new beginning that will truly honor each soul upon the planet.” (5)

Meanwhile, each of us has prepared for this time, to serve a stabilizing role while addressing an order of things that is now – and always was – inequitable and exploitative.

“Each of you have been prepared for these times, each of you has the training, the knowledge and the ability to be of great use in keeping stability as a primary focus. It behooves you to realize that this is the function that is required during these times, that you keep a level head and try to see the higher perspective of all that is happening and maintain stability, maintain the Light

“The greatest value that you could offer to humanity during these coming times is unconditional love and acceptance. Many people will feel that they are losing their grip, their minds, everything that mattered to them. You it is who play a valuable role as these events occur.” (6)

What he says is similar to what Mike Quinsey’s source tells us:

“Fortunately those who work for the Light greatly outnumber those of the dark Ones who oppose them. As you will certainly know, the Lightworkers quietly contribute to the spreading of the Love and Light and in no way introduce devious or negative methods. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and the vibrations of evil are unable to destroy it or exist in its presence.

“So, dear friends of Light, never falter in your work to spread the Light, and you will be achieving considerably much more than you can imagine. If sufficient people were to come together in a high vibration of love, all would be lifted up immediately beyond the reaches of the dark Ones.” (7)

I like what Hilarion said in ending. I found it very helpful to remind myself:

“Beloved Lightworkers, you are the hope of the world. You are those who are self responsible in a new form of government where all people accept responsibility for all their thoughts, words and deeds, everything that swirls within their consciousness.

“For that is the Divine way, to be fully responsible for one’s self, one’s being, one’s sphere of influence in the environment around them. As more and more people realize this, peace will truly be established upon your planet. All will begin to function with great harmony. The days ahead are filled with hope.” (8)

This is the time when the people push back against their leaders and make their will known and felt.

Here the rubber meets the road.

But for us it presents a super dilemma: Do we wish to join in?. Some lightworkers will and they’ll wake up the 1% to the existence of the rest of us.

Or do we wish to stand back and observe, sending unconditional love to the participants and holding the space for a peaceful settlement overall? Some lightworkers will do that.

It’s a difficult decision, but both sides are needed.


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