Live from Mount Shasta Celestial Gateway

Live from the Mount Shasta Celestial Gateway

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This Sunday, August 4




This transmission is transmitting live from the exquisite Mount Shasta crystalline field, which radiates the comic vibratory force for the entire planet.

It is facilitated through Tiara Kumara and her group of 24 initiates who have endured a 10-day vibrational experience in the splendorous Mount Shasta light.

As a result of this highly transforming initiation, they are transferring their self actualized encodements.





Mount Shasta is truly a phenomena, revered by spiritual seekers around the world as a supernatural entity and celestial gateway.

She delivers a powerful Rite of Passage to all who enter her godly radiance.

Located in northern California, this holy mountain is a massive volcano and is surrounded by five glaciers that hold it in place. It emits such a strong energy pattern that satellite photos show an atmospheric hole over its peak.

Its strong geophysical forces contribute to its reputation as a portal-vortex complex. It serves as a major nodal point of the planetary Crystalline Grid and is a major hub of multidimensional, interstellar activity.


The mountain is saturated with transforming crystalline energy… in the waters, throughout the land and gridlines, and within its etheric space.

Many lightworkers speak about one of the great Atlantean crystals that lies within a deep crystalline cavern below Mt. Shasta, supposedly a crystal of Arcturian origin.

This massive crystal is known as the “OM Crystal of Multidimensionality”. It is reactivated in full strength to once again support and accelerate the evolving human nature.


Mount Shasta is described as an inter-planetary and inter-galactic portal, known to give access to multi dimensions and frequencies.

There is untold documentation of UFO sightings and testimony from the numerous visitors, including yours truly, who have witnessed craft entering and leaving this holy abode.

Some people have even reported making contact with extraterrestrial beings. One explanation is that there are spacecrafts coming and going constantly from a spaceport deep within the mountain.

It is widely reported that several tunnels stretch far into the interior of this majestic mountain. Lenticular clouds, shadows and outstanding sunsets add to the mystical aura of Mount Shasta.


The legend says that when the ancient civilization of Lemuria was sinking, some of the Lemurians transported themselves as light beings to Mount Shasta and took up residence under the mountain, in the City of Telos. They have become an ascended civilization living in a fifth dimensional vibration and consciousness.

These immortals can teleport, communicate through telepathy and are extremely advanced technologically. They are commonly described as graceful and tall, up to seven feet.


As part of our great One Self, the consciousness of the Ascended Masters is very prevalent in Mount Shasta and is a great inspiration to those who are on the path of spiritual initiation.

This masterful presence of light radiation comes to us as a unified field to support our group initiation and expansive intentions.

(Ascended Masters are enlightened beings who, like ourselves, have risen from the struggles of human incarnation. Through initiation, they mastered the limitation of the material world and ascended into the realms of light.)


The Mount Shasta area is an elemental cathedral of tantalizing light, sound and vibration.

Elves and fairies are quite common. Wondrous miniature beings, often referred to as “The Little People”, appear semi-physical and are often seen around the mountain.

There are also reports of the Sasquatch (Big Foot) being seen, heard or smelled in remote areas, along with many other mysterious beings.


This mysterious mountain shows up in a lot of Native American myths and stories. The tribes perceived this mountain to hold the power of God.

It has been considered to be so sacred that, out of respect, the native people would not live on the actual mountain. It is a place reserved by them for important ceremonies.

Many people who visit Mount Shasta have a profound, spiritual experience. Often seekers will receive clarifying messages, healings, guidance, and a wonderful sense of renewal from this powerful portal location.

We hope you will too!




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The Role of the Celestials in our Enlightenment

The Role of the Celestials in Our Enlightenment – Part 2/2

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(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

Let me now give you three examples of celestial mediation in my own spiritual experiences.

These were generally toned down so that I would remain in service as a communicator, staying in synch with my readers.

It isn’t the fact that they were toned down that I’m pointing at; it’s the role played by the Divine Mother and the archangels in the experience itself.

The first example occurred when I saw the Light of the Self at Xenia Retreat Center on Sept. 18, 2018. The Light was more luminescent than brilliant, which seemed strange.

I later asked the Mother if she had truncated it and she replied that she definitely did.

Steve: The experience at Xenia, Mother, was that truncated?

Divine Mother: Slightly, yes.

Steve: I had the thought [it was]. … The Light I saw should have been brighter than a thousand suns.  The fact that it wasn’t suggests to me that the experience was truncated.  …

DM: It was not as brilliant as possible, let us put it that way.

Steve: Alright… And again, the reason is to keep me in sync with my readers?

DM: It is to keep you in sync with your readers…

But let me be very clear about that. If you had seen the light as it actually is, yes, a million, billion suns … you would have simply departed. …

 We don’t mean die but you would have departed the life that you have designed – yes, with us, for yourself, for the service you are providing – you would have departed and simply said, “I do not need to do this. I will just simply sit in the bliss of love and good luck, everybody!” (1)

I’d have ‘left for the Himalayas’ to finish the job.  And that was not in my soul contract. My contract is to be a communicator; i.e., a writer. So here I stay and I go up with everyone else at the same pace.

A second example is what should have been an experience of seventh-chakra enlightenment, or Brahmajnana, but it lacked the experience of bliss.

I saw, felt, and heard the golden river of the kundalini rocket past me one day. It mentally and emotionally bowled me over. I watched it pass over top of me and enter at the Sahasrara or seventh chakra. Ordinarily, that would have been seventh-chakra enlightenment.

But there was no bliss and so it may as well have been a movie film I was watching.

Bliss is like the rocket fuel that propels us into the upper atmosphere at which heights realization becomes possible. It uplifts us.

I discussed the truncation with Archangel Michael:

Steve: Ordinarily you would experience Brahmajnana at that point but I felt that it had been muted, toned down.

AAM: Completely toned down. We want you very physically present.

When you use the term “dramatic enlightenment experiences,” you are talking about Nirvana. (2) You are talking about the unity of all with One.

It is not to say that you will not experience that, but you cannot ― well, you can if you wish; it is your choice to simply remain in that state of unity, of One ― or be fully conscious and in service, in action, if that is where you are.

So, it is a toning down, if anything. It really is the middle ground. It is the intersection. It is the place where the third is not a memory, but it is not a burden. And you see the clarity of the old dis-illusions, and you see with clarity the sense of Oneness.

You know that enlightenment is right there in front of you. It is yours to access. But if you are in service, you will not choose to live there. …

You can think of it as keeping two feet firmly on the ground. (3)

Totally fine with me.

A third example of truncation is an experience of the Oversoul that I had at a Vipassana meditation retreat. The Oversoul is, according to the Arcturians, a seventh-dimensional construct. (4) So not seventh-chakra, but seventh-dimensional.

There I was amid a hive of activity, all happening around me while I remained still. And it was arising out of me somehow, without me saying a word. I suppose telepathy is the best word for it. But I wasn’t even projecting thoughts. My mind was still.

This experience was truncated insofar as there was no bliss. I still enjoyed being a person who acted without acting, thought without thinking, travelled without travelling.

It was a tremendously memorable experience but Michael told me that it was also toned down.

In other words, enlightenment is not solely due to us and our efforts. The celestials and the Divine Mother herself play a determining role in our enlightenment experiences.

The celestials are the ones who are monitoring us and estimating when is a good time for an experience. Several times Michael has said that something happened – some experience – because it was the right time or a good time for it.

If you wish to hear an archangel telling his servant what factors entered into his causing a fourth-chakra enlightenment experience, I’ll put that quote in footnote 5 so as not to make this article overly-long.

I request that, cross-culturally, we update the file on enightenment to include the role of the celestials and the Divine Mother in the multidimensional process that our unfolding enlightenment is.

And I request everyone to realize that they’re working with their celestial guides so ask for what you want. They will not violate your free will, but ask and ye shall receive.


(1) Divine Mother in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 26, 2018.

(2) When I think of “nirvana,” I equate it with the Fifth Dimension. But Matthew Ward equates it with the afterlife world.  I’m sure there are many more interpretations of it out there. However it is at least higher-dimensional.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2012.

(4) All bodies are of course constructs, including the Soul or Self. Only the One is real. Everything else merges again in the One. Here is a discussion with AAM of that experiende:

Steve: I had an experience at a meditation workshop in which I felt regal. It was a partial experience. Can you tell me what that part of me was I accessed.

AAM: Your highest Self, your oversoul, is very regal.

So that was an experience of the Oversoul.


Steve: That does help me to know that. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Sept. 13, 2011.)

Sue Lie: The Seventh [Dimension] is your oversoul. (Sue Lie and the Arcturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, March 17, 2013.)

The part that … many would call an oversoul [is the part] that would remain in the Source energy. (AAM in a personal reading, ibid., Oct. 11, 2011.)

(5) Archangel Michael: Yes, your heart is open. The opening is, and will, and shall continue.

Steve: You mean permanently, Lord, really?

AAM: Yes

S: Oh my! Please!

AAM: Because, you have said yes! …

This occurs, not merely because you have asked for it, but because you (and this does apply to the collective) have done your, can we say, your homework, your due diligence.  [Eradicating vasanas.]  What we mean by this is simply, think of it in spatial reality, time and space: you have created the space for this [energy of love] to, not only pass by you like a passing breeze or a rain, but to anchor within you because there is a sense of this spaciousness within thee. …

When one is clinging to core issues, to fear, to lack, to limitation – you know the list – there is not that sense, not only of spaciousness, but of acceptance, allowance, readiness and even permission. Because as you know, we continually say that we will never override your free will.

So, if the will, either actively or subconsciously, is actually choosing to still engage in the issues or the drama, then although we are standing at readiness and still penetrating you, that open door is not there.

S: So, the open door was there with me?

AAM: That is correct.

S: Did the exercise of bringing love up from my heart and sending it out through my third eye to the world play a role at all in this?

AAM: Yes, it did.

S: Could you talk about that for just a bit, please?

AAM: One of the strongest or the ultimate expressions of love, of willingness to not only participate in love but to be the love, is in the sharing. To say that you are love, or are loved, or you love this, that, someone… but [then] you keep it within you, you hoard it – and we do not necessarily mean that in a negative way – sometimes the feeling is so blissful you do not wish to actually take the next step quite yet, in terms of sharing.

The ultimate experience is in this sharing. This is what we speak of when we speak of sacred union and partnership. How can you possibly be in any form of partnership with humanity, with the Star-beings, with us, with any being, if you are not sharing.

So what you do when you bring the love up and out, when you begin to send, to share; it is as if you have in fact activated what we call the wellspring. The visual you may think of is the volcano.

It is not that you empty out. It is that you discover that that wellspring is SO full and overflowing that it is a steady stream. That steady stream does not ever, ever (think of what I say!)… it never has to cease! (AAM in a personal reading, ibid., March 13, 2015.)