Capitalism with a Conscience

Marianne Williamson: Capitalism with a Conscience

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Marianne Willliamson with Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley, May 4, 2019 (Transcript/Notes)

Every public issue will ultimately get to your private door. . . there’s no religious or spiritual path that gives us a pass on addressing the suffering of other sentient beings.. . . the world is too connected.

So when you’re living a really nice life but people are suffering on the other side of town, or people are suffering on the other side of the world, you should see those as canaries in a coal mine because this cannot last.

It’s unsustainable how a few people on the planet are able to enjoy the fruits of all this creativity versus how many are at the effect of the mistakes we are making. . .

We need to be fierce.

We need to be authentic in our truth-telling. . . those things which stand against LOVE have to do with huge political and economic systems.

When Martin Luther King was talking about dealing justly with every system that stands — some of them as we know are in our heads — but some of them are in our societies. . .

We need to be convicted [convinced?] around our LOVE.

Gandhi said, ‘Anyone who thinks politics and religion have nothing to do with each other, doesn’t understand religion.’

It’s not spiritual to distract yourself from the suffering of other sentient beings. Call it a lot of things but please don’t call it spiritual, and that’s the shadow side of our own (spiritual) community. . .

It’s an issue of personal growth.

We have to apply the same principals of personal growth with which to transform our individual lives to the transformation of the civilization.

One of those principals of growth is we have to look at — for the [cause of the] bad thing that just happened — ourself.

What part did I play?

Because until you recognize the part that you played in your disaster, you’re not going to be able to change it. . .

The pinnacle of personal growth is it’s not about you.

You are serving the ages.

I think that life works when you do the right thing, and money is one of the things that works better. . . .

The historical narrative is to push back against the overreach by capitalism and it’s bigger than, ‘We’ll make more money if we do the right thing.’

The people who are really the good thinkers on Wall Street, the people. . . in capitalism know that if they don’t reclaim an ethical core. . .  a system that has to do with justice and real democracy. . .

. . . Those. . . who have money, who are leading in the capitalist world, should be the ones designing the transition.

Capitalism with a conscience. . . some sense of ethical responsibility to the workers, to the community and the environment, not just fiduciary responsibility to the stockholders.

People need to reconnect to their role as citizens.

Democracy does not just give us rights.

It gives us responsibilities. . . we have to take ethics back.

I do believe we should have a massive infusion of HOPE. . .

It cannot remain within the private sector.

No amount of private charity can compensate for a basic lack of social justice.

This idea that if we just change corporate mentality, that alone will be enough … it’s not, because too much of that amounts to what is, in essence in too many cases, window dressing.

Social justice for me means that we try to apply within our social systems, our larger economic and political systems, the same level of COMPASSION that we try to express in our personal lives.

. . . our conceptualization of right relationships, and LOVE, and COMPASSION should apply as much to how we think about the Yemenis, and how we think about the women in Afghanistan, how we think about the children on the other side of town, as it applies to what’s going on in Silicon Valley and the people who are working in ‘cool’ places.

. . . to right the ship of our ethical core

. . . the BEAUTY. . . the place where capitalism is it’s high side is it gives people a chance.

Go out there and CREATE! Go out there and SOAR!

If you cap people’s dreams so much that they can’t spread their wings, then this is neither democracy, FREEDOM, nor even what capitalism should be.

I’m running for President. I’m one of millions of people who are giving our all. . . that fire, that LIGHT, that ETERNAL TORCH to bring it forth. . .

We are afraid of the LIGHT, more than of this little comfort zone of playing small. . . and I believe that what spiritual practice does for us, is it opens us up to the realization that all things are possible. . . this is the safe place to be, not the dangerous place to be.

Dwelling in the place that we’re all here to LOVE each other is the safe place to be, not the dangerous place to be.

The ego mind says, “Oh, it’s going to be dangerous if I allow myself to just LOVE everybody. It’s going to be dangerous if I go around thinking anything’s possible. . .

But really that’s the only safe place to be.