How to Prepare for Global Corruption Purge

How to Prepare for a Global Corruption Purge

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Long but worth it.

by Martin Geddes, August 21, 2019

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In the last few weeks my thoughts have drifted towards the events of this autumn that are going to shake our world. We’ve seen all the pieces being put in place for a mass justice event in the USA — the likes of which have never been encountered before.

I wish to share a few thoughts on how you might go about preparing for the “expected unexpected.”

Large-scale change happens

It is not a novel insight to point out that major geopolitical change is an ongoing process. Key events in living memory would include:

  • 1970s — oil shock; Vietnam War
  • 1980s — deregulation; sudden end of the Soviet empire
  • 1990s — Gulf War; dotcom boom and bust
  • 2000s — 9/11 + Iraq War; financial collapse

Here in the late 2010s, it is arguable that we are seeing the decline and end of Globalism, together with many supporting institutions and doctrines. Whilst the counter-trend is labelled Nationalism by the media, it is better seen as anti-authoritarianism. The demand is for power to be held closer to the people, rather than by an unaccountable political establishment.

Anti-globalism is the narrative that joins together otherwise seemingly disparate events — mass protests in Hong Kong, Brexit in the UK, a “cold” civil war in France, a new government in Brazil, and the Trump administration in the USA. Working people are tired of extreme wealth disparities, declining standards of living, and mass migration causing cultural upheaval.

Most of all, ordinary people demand an end to their exploitation through endemic corruption. Specifically, a two-tier justice system has evolved where a privileged class can easily evade consequences for their thieving behaviour. This powerful stateless mafia — which controls many important political, financial, media and industrial institutions — now faces removal and justice.

Corruption: the world’s biggest industry

We have seen a number of corruption scandals break recently, including:

  • Pharma — illegal pushing of addictive opiates to the public
  • Banking — LIBOR scandal, US mortgage fraud, 1MDB in Malaysia that may take down Goldman Sachs by the time it’s done
  • Industrials — huge accounting fraud at GE
  • Google — involvement in espionage and treason on behalf of China
  • Hollywood — Weinstein is a foretaste of its (child) rape culture being exposed
  • Social Media — large-scale rigging of elections
  • Catholic Church — cover-up of child abuse

Now that the Mueller investigation has collapsed into nothing of consequence, there are at least six major scandals about to break in Washington DC:

  1. Pedogate — Epstein Island and the blackmail operations associated with it (NXIVM, SNCTM); UK royal family’s involvement plus MI6; Israel and Mossad’s dirty role; Hollywood’s elite (notably at Disney) are up to their necks in this filth.
  2. Spygate — Obama personally authorising illegal FISA spying on the Trump administration, before and after the election. Draws FVYE spy network nations into the scandal, especially Britain.
  3. Russiagate failed coup attempt — Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Ohr, etc. — are all going to hang for treason. Italy has already cleaned house on this one, having been implicated in the set-up.
  4. Election fraud in 2016 and 2018 by Democratic party (and for many years before). May trigger the unseating of many in the House and special elections.
  5. Clinton Foundation — sale of state secrets to China; Haiti human trafficking (cf Epstein).
  6. Uranium One — illegal sale of US nuclear material to Russia (which draws Mueller into his own scandal…).

Corruption is a widespread phenomenon. Anti-corruption initiatives have a long history. Multinational business has been a thing for centuries. That there might be a coordinated multi-country corruption purge should not be a matter of great controversy.

It is the confluence of so many simultaneous major scandals that is what gives #TheStorm its moniker and “black swan” outlier status. It will sweep away some compromised institutions, and put many previously untouchable people in jail. This is a paradigm change in government and business, restoring trust and honour that have been missing for decades.

The end of the American ‘Deep State’

Whether it has been the East India Company, the Venetians, or the Spanish in South America, international trade has always allied to intelligence gathering — and trodden a fine line between legitimate commerce and organised crime (e.g. the opium wars, theft of gold).

To understand #TheStorm we need to recognise that the problem of a two-tier justice system itself comes from transnational crime cartels. Corruption has its own business model, strategies, and organisational design patterns. “Institutionalised crime” syndicates are often of a military-like nature, with power coming from spying, clandestine operations, subversion, esoteric science, and deception.

That power is tied to specific families and secret societies, many being in Europe and Asia. From its founding, the United States has been fighting against fifth columnists, who were often working on behalf of European banking, aristocratic, and religious powers. They have used their military intelligence networks to infiltrate American institutions and install their own people — who often become celebrated as quintessentially “American” in the process!

Three notable and well-documented events from the 1940s-1970s paint the contextual picture:

  • Operation Paperclip imported thousands of key members of the German Nazi regime into important scientific, academic and military posts after WW2.
  • Operation Northwoods showed the (corrupted) US Government was willing to use “false flag” attacks by its military against its own people for its geopolitical ends.
  • Operation Mockingbird weaponised the US mass media against its own population, using agents who were covertly under the control of the CIA, a rogue intelligence agency under criminal leadership.

An unconstitutional private central bank — the Federal Reserve — was able to print as much money as necessary to bribe whoever it saw fit. This funded the activities of allied crooked banks, media companies, and military-industrial corporations. Collectively these “Deep State” actors over time compromised the US judicial, legal, and political systems — and subverted the Constitution.

Trump’s de facto military government

Once civilian institutions are too compromised, the only remaining way of peacefully reversing these changes is via the military. Trump is far more than a figurehead, but to focus on him alone is to miss the big picture. He is the most visible part of a multi-decade Patriot plan to retake the country from the bankster criminals, and give it back to its people.

The Trump administration explicitly advertises itself as not just another 4 year election cycle — “Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new Government controlled by you the American people.” It would be wise to take Trump and his generals very literally when they state their intentions, as their lives are on the line.

You can see Trump’s closeness to the military with:

  • His inauguration — where he unusually and symbolically had soldiers appear behind him.
  • Choices of personnel, being surrounded by generals, especially from the Marines.
  • The famous “calm before the storm” remark, as he is often pictured with his senior military team on social occasions.
  • Focus on celebrating the military and its independence from foreign control for the 4th July celebrations this year.
  • His links to Admiral Rogers and General Flynn who know where the bodies are buried and have been involved in the resulting intrigue.

A deeply embedded crime network has had effective control over the US DoJ, FBI, and CIA — as illustrated by the Clintons’ magical escapes from justice. A similar purge of corruption and taming of the Federal Reserve was attempted under JFK, and failed. The protection of the President needs can only come from a loyal military.

The “Q” programme of open source intelligence to bypass the compromised mass media is further evidence that this is a de facto military government with a civilian varnish. The legal and justice systems are being cleaned up, and the “pioneer public” primed for stunning revelations that will shake the foundations of society.

#TheStorm is about to make landfall

Sessions, Durham, Huber, Horowitz, Rosenstein, Barr — there are objective reasons to believe that large DoJ legal teams have been quietly working for a considerable period under these leaders. Their task is to indict those responsible for the scandals listed earlier. The job of some of these teams is complete, according to the DoJ website.

There has already been a record-breaking surge of indictments, arrests and convictions for human trafficking. There has also been extensive building work done at Guantanamo Bay, and a new senior judge has been appointed for military tribunals there. There is an enabling executive order on courts martial, and federal capital punishment has been reinstated. The President has made many proclamations on the treasonous nature of the offences, and that they must never recur.

What is going to happen in late 2019 and into early 2020 is that multiple connected scandals are all going to break in fast succession. They will involve crimes against humanity, and horrors we had hoped had ended with the Nazis, Chairman Mao, or Pol Pot. A recurring theme from insider leaks is that the trials are going to be televised as a kind of “Nuremberg 2.0”.

Trump is not a politician. #TheStorm is not politics. This is about fixing the framework in which politics happens. #TheStorm is a restoration of the American Republic under control of its citizens, and the Constitutional rule of law. The conspiracies against the people are very real, and their prosecution is now inevitable.

Who else? What else? Where else?

These events are going to be a shock to most of the public, who have been lulled into complacency by a media conspiracy of silence. They will be scared and confused, since they will not know whom to trust, how bad the situation has been, or whether it is sufficiently contained.

Now is the time that forward-looking leaders can begin to prepare, so you can honestly state that this is on your radar, and you are taking proactive steps to manage the situation. There is ample evidence of this being a very real and serious situation, and to ignore it is irresponsible.

We can be reasonably certain that the following will experience major impacts from #TheStorm:

  • Political foundations that are used to launder bribes and payoffs (e.g. under the cover of “book deals”).
  • Charities that are nothing of the kind, being covers for illegal activities.
  • NGOs that have a covert purpose (e.g. Red Cross involvement in organ harvesting plus human trafficking).
  • Multi-national corporations who are using slave labour, or have operations in certain politically risky countries (e.g. Apple being forced to repatriate manufacturing from China).
  • Financial industry players, with many banks having large fraud liabilities. It is no secret that some like Bank of America, Citibank, HSBC, Wells Fargo, and Deutsche Bank face trouble, having over-indulged in nefarious business practises.
  • Media industry, which faces a cataclysmic loss of trust by the public as its past misdeeds and methods get exposed to the light.
  • Telecoms and IT, which is the foundation for a great deal of espionage. Amazon is tainted by its CIA associations; Google faces a total brand meltdown.
  • Energy, as a great deal of corruption is tied to oil and gas extraction and commodity trading, as well as the push for renewables driven by illegitimate concerns.

#TheStorm will reveal three scams that are each trillions of dollars in scope that will further damage the reputation of the media, academia, government, and religious bodies:

  • War-for-profit (drawing in banks, arms industry, and public and private intelligence agencies).
  • Carbon tax (there is no “climate emergency”).
  • Fraud through foreign aid.

So what and what next?

This is a “trust apocalypse”: those who you were taught were most worthy of trust will repeatedly be proven to have betrayed it. Conversely, you will discover who the truly trustworthy are, as the lies and scams are exposed.

Confronting something of this magnitude in our own lifetimes can seem rather daunting. The MBA strategy books focus mainly on the positive creation of value in the legitimate economy. Where we touch on fraud and crime it comes clearly boundaried in topics like “revenue assurance” and “business continuity planning”.

The collapse of a longstanding massive network of organised crime that intersects with every sector isn’t something we have a precedent for. There isn’t a chapter for this kind of scenario in the textbooks. We just know that the November 2020 election cycle is a forcing function: the “swamp” needs to be exposed before then — so that the public is clamouring for total drainage.

To deal with this situation, here are some initial suggestions as to how you can take action now:

  1. Get your own personal affairs in order as a hygiene factor. You can’t be sorting out other people’s problems if your own are a distraction. Clear the decks of anything optional or troublesome.
  2. Set your moral compass now. Those who thrive post-Storm will have different values to those who prospered before it. Be very clear with yourself what you and your organisation truly stand for, and what isn’t changing and is non-negotiable.
  3. Expand your information sources. The mass media has become compromised by decades of infiltration and corruption. They are complicit in serious crime, if only via a conspiracy of silence, and cannot tell you the whole story. You need to look to alternative sources of journalism and analysis for an accurate picture.
  4. Build your human network. Consider creating a temporary and informal organisation to track and make sense of these changes. Use a “who knows, who cares, who can” model to draw in those sufficiently informed, motivated and resourced to act voluntarily and on their own initiative.
  5. Manage your exposure. Start to manage your risk of exposure to Deep State aligned companies and sectors. Think about the most important business contracts you have and whether they are robust enough for this kind of outlier business event. Begin to plan contingencies for disruptions on both your supply and demand sides.
  6. Map the possible opportunities. This is going to be a one-off opportunity to acquire talent from tainted institutions, buy up businesses at distressed prices, and occupy vacated market roles whose previous holders have been razed by #TheStorm. Making good enough moves quickly is likely to beat waiting for perfect certainty. Start making your shopping list.

Letter of Dissolution

Remember dear ones that the trinity I taught you about above is applicable at will and that all can be dispelled and dissolved faster should you come into the awareness of whatever it is you have created needing to be un-created, consciously.

As Creators such is your awesome power–to simply dissolve your creations. This is a tool of great importance–and especially so for those of you who, like this messenger, deal with the healing of others at all its levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Teach them to apply above their biology this symbol and in your mind’s hands pull the strings above so that all is encapsulated in it and dispelled, destroyed, dissolved, recycled or at the very least sent back to the un-manifest of Creation’s recycling bin, till your soul and theirs can figure out what else new to create again.

This is the letter of dissolution. You no longer need to contemplate those creations that no longer serve you. That is why you are learning this new Language of Light with its new consciousness and lifeexpanding creative symbols.

You are now again gods in the making and as such you need to get familiar with creating and dissolving your creations faster if they do not fulfil your loving projections. Create and create and create still some more and nurture and nurture and dissolve and dissolve… This is the game we all are learning to play, just like a class in moulding clay.

And just as a matter of interest for those of you more inclined towards the belief systems of more traditional Christianity, it may be fun to learn that our beloved brother the Great Archangel Michael and his three-pointed sword is also a “reminder” of the very same principle, even though he is associated most of the time with Cosmic Protection. Now there where you are going and expanding, you will need no “protection” per se… you are a thought in the mind of God, remember? But again with all due love and reverence to our Beloved Brother The Great Archangel Michael, and the Divine Love He extends with the infinity of His Hierarchy of Angels to yours and all dimensions, you are indeed always divinely protected.

From: The Cosmic Alphabet:An Introduction to the Language of Light

The Spiral Light Letter

I Am the Spiral. Like all the letters of the Language of Light, I have a multidimensional consciousness and I move and I form at will.

There is nothing I do not move and nothing I do not form at will. You know me in the wind, in the water, in the fire and earth elements, but I am not bound by any particular element.

I move them, I “write” them and we write each other. The whole of creation writes with and through me. You could say that I Am the Creator’s Signature.

See me in the unfolding of buds, in the whirlwinds and in the shapes of distant galaxies; in the universe of your own life’s building blocks, the double helix of your own DNA. I am not always visible to your eyes, but as you expand in consciousness you will start noticing me everywhere, unavoidable, for I call your attention to the very signatures of your Being. You call them chakras, wheels, vortices, helixes, but it is still me in my many and multidimensional forms.

All over the planet you see me, and yet you have forgotten the secret, ancient, primordial, silent language we all speak as One. From this day forth, you will never again look at me as just a symbol….

Creator Light is gently diffused through me to all Creation. You sometimes perceive it as waves, but that is again another form of my multidimensional consciousness, diffusing by incremental waves in lighter and lighter spiralling forms the energy that sustains Life–All Life….

Contemplate the migratory birds in flight, especially those who migrate long distances across your beloved planet. Observe how they fly and travel in my embrace as they rest spiralling sometimes upwards and sometimes downwards, effortlessly for hours and hours and days on end. How else could they cross the planet, do you think? They sense and see my spiralling waves of love across your planet.

Watch dolphins playing and whales swimming, too. Watch very closely and you will see again how we move and play together creating rings and more spiralling rings of fun and laughter as we move about in the depths and the surfaces of the beloved oceans and waterways. Dolphins especially like to play with me by moving through the density of water with ease and grace, often spiralling their bodies laterally as they accomplish their labour of love on the energy grids of your oceans. By spiralling often sideways, with their bodies over them, they render the grids stronger and thus readier to anchor ever more of my own and of our Creator’s loving and joyful energy. Your human joy and laughter, too, has my form and signature….

I Am a sacred cosmic-letter-symbol to all cultures of your Earth and beyond, for in the beginning I Am always, in the end I Am always, making time stand still and making those who see me, really see that time is not real. In some parts of the planet now you have depicted me in ways that truly capture my essence: it is impossible after looking a while at these man-made spirals, to say whether I am spiralling upwards or downwards, I have inspired such tools to many of my messengers with the skills of the plastic arts….

If you dwell in the healing arts, like I have taught my messenger, I encourage you to spiral your patients with silver and gold threads from your heart, or with a golden spiral from your Solar Heart centre* all the way to the feet of your patient; spiral them in any other colour you feel guided, knowing that in the Language of Light all is happening in the sacred mind and being projected in the great cosmic screen. Have a good laugh when you feel me, and in your laugh I will hold you by spiralling you tightly in my embrace!

Sometimes you see me in levels of greater density, in the green kingdoms. There I play with nature spirits creating their tiny little magic, sweet abodes and their stairways for fun and laughter….

Think of me and I will spiral you. Ask for inspiration and I shall inspiral you.

From: The Cosmic Alphabet: An Introduction to the Language of Light

Day to Day 13

Recovery Day. Full Moon June 16, 2019

i was up early pre-dawn to do a Meditation, which I have been doing most days. I asked if the rain we were experiencing had anything to do with yesterday’s clearing of the energy line and got yes, it’s cleared through and I’m working with a new level of energy.  Feeling it’s getting harder not easier . I again I asked for help with this. I asked if it’s rained at Tooloom Falls and got yes, but I don’t think it’s cleared yet.

The Internet was Down all day and I had trouble loading files all day from the new Oppo phone to the iPad which I do via iCloud. Luckily I had posted before 9 am without the photos, which I’ve  now successfully added.

In the meantime, I got a call from Deidre, who I went to Egypt with, saying she like the rainforest picture I was still trying to load to iPad. At this point I gave up and went back to bed, hoping it would be Ok tomorrow which it is. Went to bed with a headache and 2 Panadol.

I can see until this energy is Integrated I really need to take it easy. I posted this on Facebook which is relevant herefrom Ginny Jones:

‘Anyone forgetting things really quickly, feeling like you are loosing your memory, loosing it or thinking you’ve got something wrong with your brain or getting the start of dimensions there is a reason so DON’T PANIC
The cellular structure of your brain is changing you have new neural pathways opening and others closing
Your higher consciousness of true knowing is unfolding making connections which will unfold to your inner knowing being at the forefront
Your connection to your higher self, source and the universal mind is being fully opened or awakened this could also be connected to all the head pressure many have and are feeling and have done for a few months or years, we are all on this journey together, it is all unfolding at the perfect time ❤️😇🌎🙏🏼
Much Love Ginny


Day to Day 12

I decided to go to Mullumbimby to the Crystal Festival at the Civic Centre. I left home and did a few things on the way and tried out the new phone GPS to get me there, The new motorway had me confused about how to get me there. I got off onto Tweed Valley Road, the old route and GPS sent me to the  Dog Pound, Not a good start as it took me to a dead end and a closed road.

Back on track and I couldn’t turn it off and it seemed to want me to go North instead of South. I eventually turned it off, found a map of NSW in the car and found my way to Brunswick Heads and nearby Mullumbimby. Then I asked someone for the venue and got there after having lunch at Tumbabgum by the riverTweed, a beautiful peaceful spot in the shadow of Mt Warning.

i went to the Crystal Festival and no-one had Monoatomic Andara Crystals, but I did find some Selenite to make Selenite swords with and brought them from the Festival organisers for the right price. I suggested to a few traders that they buy some.Monoatomic Andara Crystals as they are going to need them.

I asked my guides: was there anything else? and I got yes, go where you put in the light point. I found Wilson’ s Valley Way and the area we put in the light point near the valley entrance and drove straight past it up into the hills. At one point I looked at the map and it looked like you could go intoNuminbah Valley if you took the right fork near the end. I took the fork that had the flood sign. As I got further along it got narrower, into gravel and lots of river crossings with a few inches of water which I crossed and kept going. Eventually I came to a beautiful spot where I stopped and some toning and raised the energy with light Language. I had only the crystals I’d brought in Mullumbimby with me Someone had left a stacked pile of rocks I noticed. Further on I saw a gateway of standing stone rocks and thought I must be near Australia’s Stonehenge. I came to an old gate with a sign that said Private Property, do not enter and I went further until I came to a crossing that had been washed away and thought: I need 4WD here. I asked my guides if I was to proceed and got no! So I turned round feeling, this is the block in the leyline. I asked what’s the next point and got a picture of Egg Rock in Numinbah Valley.

As it was getting late I headed back, stopped in Brunswick Heads for some dinner at the Bakery and took a photo and tried the GPS again. It did send me in the wrong direction for 8 kilometres on the Motorway, but once I got off and back on going in the right direction, it took me home. I realised later that was probably the exit point to the sea of the beautul pristine waters of that valley. I spent a week here in Brunswick Heads preparing the MV Tunny, a Tasmanian longliner,   for sea on a thrip to the Barrier Reef in the 1970s, with my exhusband before My daughter was born.  On that trip we saw a school of spinner dolphins that stretched,  as far as the eye could see and was where she was conceived.

I got home at 7.30 pm and my back was sore and I went straight to bed with the heat pad on my back. I didn’t even finish the cup of tea, before I fell asleep. An unexpectedly exhausting day and before the 14 days of integration, I was supposed to allow. I guess there was a healing happening too. it was Nearly full moon so an ideal time, all arranged by my HIgher Self without being conscious to 3 D me.

I will be sitting at home all day today! Welcome to Earth Healing 101!



Orgone Pyramids

  • Thank All cultures and civilizations have recognized the presence of the Universal Life Energy and characterized its special properties. They had given it different names. In China it’s called Chi, in Japan – Ki, in India – Prana, Hawaiians call it Mana, in ancient Greece it was referred to as Æther. Other researchers like Franz Mesmer called it Animal Magnetism and Franiszek Rynchowski named it Eteriod.

So what are the main qualities of orgone? It is said to be mass free, and that it connects and penetrates the entire physical universe. It radiates from all living and non-living things and flows through all and everything.

All materials and things influence its behavior, by attracting or repelling it. It seems to be mostly attracted by all living organisms, water and to itself. Other known energies like light, microwaves or radio waves can act as a carrier for the orgone energy.


Wilhelm Reich discovered that orgone can be present in two opposing states—the state of positive and life-nourishing POR (Positive Orgone Radiation); and the harmful and negative DOR (Deadly Orgone Radiation).

DOR is mainly produced by human electro-smog technologies that produce EMFs, ELFs, and RFs. The most common generators of DOR are cellphone broadcast towers (death towers), smartphones, wireless internet (wi-fry), smart meters, and high voltage lines. Some say that the unbalanced orgone is at the root of the environmental pollution and negative human emotions.



Orgonite material is an offspring of Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries. What needs to be mentioned here is that the orgonite doesn’t take away the validity nor the importance of Reich research.

Reich determined that by stacking alternating layers of fiberglass (an organic substance) and steel wool (an inorganic substance) he would actually attract and collect the orgone energy. But there was one downside. His Orgone Accumulators would attract both the life-beneficial positive orgone (“OR” or “POR”) and harmful negative orgone energy (“DOR”).

Wilhelm Reich Museum - Orgonon

Wilhelm Reich Museum – Orgonon

Because of this fact, he built his research lab, named Orgonon, in rural Maine, USA—a location isolated from sources of deadly orgone. For he knew that operating orgone accumulators near sources of DOR was potentially dangerous for the patients receiving treatment inside the orgone accumulators.

Orgonite works on the same principle of attracting the etheric energy similarly to Reich’s accumulators (organic and inorganic material). But with a distinct addition of a quartz crystal.

It is the quartz crystal that sets apart orgonite technology from Reich technology. How does this work? During the making/curing process, the resin in orgonite slightly shrinks. When it does it squeezes and applies permanent pressure on the quartz crystal. This constant pressure creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal. In short, the quartz crystal end-points become polarized electrically.

It is the quartz that is believed to be the main factor that contributes to the transmutation of negative energies into positive.



Orgonite generates positive orgone and transmutes unbalanced energies into their balanced state. Any properly build orgonite device will work continuously 24/7 without the need of charging or cleansing. Orgonite’s simple and straightforward composition make it readily available to make by anyone. You don’t need to be an artist to make orgonite and change the environment around you. Orgonite shows an astonishingly wide spectrum of positive effects on plants, environment, animals, and humans.

Orgonite Benefits


Electromagnetic fields are invisible and inaudible to humans but harmful to all living organisms. Majority of man-made electromagnetic devices produce orgone energy in its negative state (DOR). This includes the EMFs, ELFs, RFs—electro-smog produced by cell phones, cell towers, wireless internet, home electrical appliances, smart meters, high-voltage lines, radio towers, etc. Orgonite mitigates the negative effects of the electro-smog by changing the underlying negative and harmful orgone energy (DOR), into balanced and healthy orgone energy.


Orgone, Prana, Chi, Life-force, whatever you want to call it, governs and permeates the whole human body. It influences the body, mind, and spirit. When the energy is balanced it brings peace, joy, vitality, and more balanced and joyful moods. When it’s unbalanced it can cause our emotions to become agitated, distressed, and cause illnesses.

Orgonite produces healthy energies that have stabilizing and energizing effects on the human bio-energy field (aura). Orgonite creates a positive environment in its immediate space. This “positive space” can support all forms of personal/spiritual development practices like meditation and energy-based healing arts.

There are purpose-build orgonite healing devices can help in the removal of body’s energy blockages, help to balance energies in chakras (energy centers), strengthen the bio-energy field (aura). Orgonite is also a great tool for recharging and cleansing crystals. Many have also reported that orgonite improves the quality of sleep.


Orgonite charging plates can be used to restructure the energies of foods and beverages.  The “charged-up” food tastes better and keeps its freshness for longer.


Simple orgonite-mix can also significantly improve your veggies and fruits growth and yield. Plants just like any living organism simply thrive on the positive orgone. See the amazing photos of orgonite proof in the orgonite experiments section of this guide.


Animals just love being around orgonites. Just like humans birds, fish, bees, and other living creatures depend on the positive orgone energy. Many have noticed that when gifting orgonite, birds and other animals seem to more present in the area when there’s orgonite.


Orgonite distributed in large quantities can balance the local weather, bring more rain, normalize the weather patterns, reduce light storms. Orgonite helps to bring clear blue sky and beautiful and healthy puffy clouds. There’re multiple reports of tremendous positive changes in environmental healing with orgonite. This is done by large-scale orgonite gifting.

  • Near your TV, computer, WiFi router, cell phone, smart meter, and other “smart” appliances that produce DOR and beam you the EMFs, ELFs, and RFs.
  • In the fridge and places like cupboards where you keep your food.
  • Near the main inlets of water, gas, and electricity to your house. Orgonite will help in restructuring their energies.
  • In the bedroom. Keep it near your bed for sounder sleeps and more vivid dreams.
  • In the bathroom. Before your bath throw it in the water so it gets charged up with positive orgone.
  • In the garden. Plants simply love orgone energy and seem to thrive on it. Your veggies and fruits will be healthier, taste better, and grow bigger.
  • In the car. Place orgonite in the cabin, and one in the trunk close to the petrol tank.
  • In the neighborhood – distribute orgonite in your local area and see the birds, bees and other wildlife return to your area.



Orgonite is very easy to make! You will only need 3 things that are easily available in shops near you or online. These are resin, metal particles, and quartz crystals. If you are planning on to make simple orgonite for yourself and your family the quality of materials doesn’t really matter. As it’s better to have some orgonites even if they don’t look super fine, than not having orgonites at all.


Here’s the list of the orgonite materials:

1. Resin. You can use epoxy or polyester resin that you can easily find in your local shops. You can try to make orgonite of wax or other organic resins like dammar, shellac, or lacquer. But on the long run orgonites made with natural resins are very delicate and the heat and moisture can ruin them easily.
2. Metal particles. Use aluminum, steel, brass, bronze, copper, alpaca, silver or gold. Use small, medium, and large metal turnings, granulates or metal in leafs. You can also add metal powders like copper, or iron oxides like magnetite, hematite, powdered copper, etc. Find the metals in your local scrap yard or online. A properly build orgonite consists of 50-50 ratio of resin and metals. This means that metals should fill the whole orgonite. Orgonite devices that are not constructed this way are resin and crystals, and not orgonites based on Reich discoveries.
3. Quartz crystals. Quartz crystal is easily and cheaply available on the internet. Try places like Amazon or eBay. Visit some gemstone fairs where you will easily quartz crystals. Double terminated quartz crystals are the best but any will do, even the chips. For the purpose of building simple orgonite the looks of the crystals don’t really matter as they will be embedded inside your orgonite.
4. Additional healing gemstones. These are not a must, but if you wish you can fine tune your orgonite device with additional healing crystals. This way the Orgone energy will be “infused” with the properties of your additional healing stones. Orgonite seems to amplify the metaphysical properties of crystals that are used for its creation. Use additional healing gemstones with caution and don’t throw 40 different kinds into the mix. As with everything – the less is more.
5. Molds. Try your local supermarket and look for cookies and muffin trays. For the very beginning of your Orgonite adventure, they should be enough. If you’re up for making jewelry, artistic orgonite, or simply if the muffin trays are waaaay too boring for you can try Etsy marketplace for some fancy molds.



If you have all the materials, let’s go and make some orgonite! Depending on the kind of resin most probably you will also need to get some safety gear. Most notably latex gloves and a face mask. Majority of resins available on the market, during the curing (hardening) process, produce toxic fumes. So when inhaled or on contact with skin, it can cause some serious health problems. Be careful and read the manufacturers instructions.

Orgonite Making Instructions
  1. Place metal shavings into the chosen mold.
  2. Add quartz crystal (centrally if possible). If you wish to add some extra energy vibes add your additional healing gemstones (they can in pieces and crushed).
  3. Pour resin into measuring jug and add the correct amount of catalyst/hardener (see your products specifications/ratio).
  4. Mix resin and hardener for roughly a minute or so (don’t do it too vigorously as you’ll create a lot of air bubbles that later will turn into holes in the finished product).
  5. Pour resin mixture into prepared molds.
  6. Allow the resin to permeate into the metal mix and top up as necessary to achieve a smooth surface below and above without any metal protrusions. Use a barbeque wooden stick to prod resin and metal mix to release air bubbles.
  7. Allow setting until the resin has hardened (sunlight and high temperature can speed up the curing process).
  8. Take your orgonite out of the mold. You just made your first Orgonite! Congratulations!
  • Keep your temporary orgonite studio well ventilated.
  • Don’t lean over the curing resin and don’t inhale. These fumes are toxic.
  • Proceed exactly according to the information label on the resin. Note the maximum thickness; the manufacturer hardening time; resin to hardener ratio.
  • Remember that most resins will heat up as they harden. Some will also shrink slightly.


Don and Carol Crofts

Don and Carol Crofts

Orgonite Gifting was popularized by Don and Carol Crofts who started distributing orgonites for the purpose of environmental healing and reducing harmful effects of the EMFs, and the Deadly Orgone Radiation. Orgonite Gifting Movement is mainly unorganized and counts thousands of individuals worldwide. Orgonite gifters gift orgonite on the regular basis and do it out of their own pockets.

Orgonites are distributed in places saturated with negative orgone energy (DOR), like cell phone towers, television and radio towers, weather and military radars, high-voltage lines, factories, war sites etc.

Although small in size a simple orgonite makes these negative energy sources go completely defenseless. Effectively changing them into positive orgone energy transmitters. Nearly two decades have shown that a simple orgonite, can really have a positive environmental effect.

It was successfully used to balance the local weather, clear the electromagnetic pollution DOR, and even effectively fight the high altitude aerosol spraying (chemtrails). Don Croft runs a Forum dedicated to Orgonite Gifting Reports. His forum was sabotaged many times, and every single time his website lost all of the valuable content.

To read more about the orgonite gifting effects please go

Below you’ll find a great presentation by Georg Ritschl of OrgoniseAfrica. Georg documents his gifting expeditions across Africa. The whole presentation is well worth watching. There’s a lot of pictures proving that orgonite works. You can download his free ebook Operation Paradise – Effective environmental healing with Orgonite. This book is 338 pages and has some 1000 pictures documenting his gifting expeditions.


Don Croft and Francisco from went on gifting the Caribbean coast from Florida to Belize by boat. As Francisco says: “Orgonite towerbusters intelligently distributed by land and sea with dolphin collaboration does wonders to heal the hidden climate terrorism and mind control done thru the death towers some people still presume carry only cell phone communication. Please consider gifting your local area to get same results.”

Everything has Consciousness

Everything Has Consciousness

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I didn’t used to look at every leaf with adoration and appreciation.

I didn’t used to consciously welcome Pear blossoms or Magnolia flowers as I walked by.

I didn’t used to talk to the Ocean as if talking to a human friend—confidentially—confidently knowing that the Water understood and was responding.

I didn’t used to talk with Whales and Dolphins.

I didn’t even used to talk to my little dog.

But I do now.

All the time.

As my awareness expands, my understanding that EVERYTHING has consciousness is being verified moment-to-moment in my Earthly experience.

Trees bend their branches when I look at them with a question, or the wind picks up and rustles their leaves as if on cue. Dolphins leap out of the water at the exact moment I start talking with them. Whales slap the sea with their tales or give a giant exhale as if to say, “I hear you.” Birds sing and then stop singing and then start singing again as I chatter away. My dog jumps onto my lap if I’m sad.

Everywhere I look, I feel the aliveness in all things. The stars, plants, crystals, air, sky, clouds, forests, mountains, sun—everywhere—everything is awake and communicating.

Lord, if only I could understand what the Animals and Elements are saying because without doubt—all of them are thinking, observing and singing to us 24/7.

And while I’m on the subject of everything has consciousness, if only I could SEE all of Gaia’s Kingdoms, but I can’t. Yet: The Fairies, Mer people, Unicorns, Devas and Dragons, which galaxygirl assures us, are now returning to a Lightening Earth. They are there, I’m just still, too unaware. Grrrrrrrr. So frustrating.

After a particularly perplexing moment, when I look at a tree and wish I could hear its story, I observe to myself, as I often share with my chums, “Unawareness sucks.”

It really does. You miss everything. You miss out on so much of this exquisite miracle of a planet, the beautiful Goddess Gaia and her glorious Kingdoms that we came to rescue and to collectively Ascend with.

Once Ascension is done, and Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity are safely in 5D+ Light realms, if anyone asks me what darkness was like I can honestly say, “Hell. That’s what darkness is like. That’s what unawareness is like. Absolute hell.”

A student once asked Paramahansa Yogananda if there really was a hell? Yogananda replied, “Where do you think you are?”

Yogananda was joking, but I understand what he meant. Being unable to understand the Animals, the Elements, the rocks, trees, brooks, shells or sand is a bummer. At least I know they’re singing and can often hear their song. It’s still gibberish to me, but I KNOW they are striving to communicate with still-deaf me.

About 30 years ago, in the early years of my inner work when my awareness and intuition were sound asleep, I was vacationing on Kauai. I’d rented a house on Hanalei Bay, when it was still an affordable thing to do.

Every morning, after my 5 a.m. walk around the bay, I’d sit on my porch with a steaming cuppa Kauaiian coffee that was so strong it made my teeth chatter, and observe a fascinating ritual undertaken by an ancient Japanese couple, who must have been one hundred years old each, and who only stood about four feet tall.

I’d watch them take a very slow early morning sojourn, each leaning heavily on a wooden staff they’d doubtless found lying on the ground. Walking gently, tiptoeing almost balletically, in hunched bodies, they’d walk up to a tree, pet it, observe the changes in the roots or leaves, walk around it as in a slow dance, talk to it with encouraging words and gestures, and then gracefully move onto to the next tree. They’d do this from tree to tree all around the bay.

I thought they were bonkers.

But of course, I was the one who was bonkers. They were simply far more evolved than me. They knew the trees loved and appreciated their encouragement and friendship.

I could kick myself that I never approached them, but what they were doing was a sacred ritual. I could understand that at least, if I understood nothing else. It was their morning communion with All There Is. And now I know, their peaceful love was helping maintain the beauty of that gorgeous island, and Gaia.

Oh! My kingdom for communication with All There Is!

One of my dream-jobs in Nova Gaia is to be one of the Chroniclers of Earth Stories. To record what the Redwoods have to say about what happened to them here, and the Polar Bears, and the mountain ranges, great lakes and oceans. To listen to their stories and document them for a Universal Library so there will be a deeper understanding of Gaia and her Ascension.

Humans, God knows, will cluck like chickens about our experiences here, and good on us, but I am also deeply interested, in all the beings I cannot yet hear.

This is one of my favorite quotes about the RV, and about the point I’m attempting to describe:

“…You must remember that Money has its own consciousness.

It’s not some dumb stupid piece of paper that knows nothing.

It carries a specific energy

especially this money that is coming into your life now.

[The RV money.]

It will have more consciousness than ever before.

It will work with you as a partner

for the greater service to Earth and Humanity.

If you do not keep up on your part of the agreement

then the Money will decide to leave on its own accord.

You see, we are living in a very different time now

and more are becoming aware that


even that which we feel is dead, or devoid of life

or just a piece of inanimate substance…”

~ Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

One of the great joys of evolving and becoming more aware, is realizing this fact: Everything has consciousness. Everything is aware. Everything can communicate with everything else.

This is what is meant, I think, by the Masters, who keep reiterating till the cows come home, “All is One.” As in, not a sparrow falls to the ground without your Father’s knowledge. Or, “all the hairs of your head are counted.” [Matthew 10:29, 30]

Every. Single. Thing. Is alive with consciousness. Part of the joy of the journey, for me, is coming into that understanding. If the goal is to “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” then awareness effortlessly brings you to that result. If every hair on your head is conscious, and EVERYTHING is conscious, then, truly, what you do to yourself, you do to another. What you do to another, you do to yourself.

Awareness is all.

Ahhhh, but how we each get there makes for great stories… and I hope to record as many as I can, for posterity.

xo, Kat