Commander Asian: Bless the Obstacles, Focus on your Joy

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Commander Ashian: Bless the Obstacles, Focus on Your Joy
April 14, 2020 by Suzanne Maresca

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April 13, 2020,

This is the moment of the great rising. The flame that has been smouldering for so long is now about to explode into what will seem like a raging fire to all who have not been aware of, or prepared for, this moment consciously.

Yet, remember this, that everyone who is here now chose to be here now. There are no mistakes and such overwhelming care has been taken to do everything in the very highest possible manner, to adhere to the divine principals. This moment could not have played out otherwise, all things considered.

However, and this is the crucial piece, how you respond determines the future trajectory. As in all things, if you are optimistic of a good outcome, the outcome is better than if you are scared, apprehensive and angry.

In one scenario, the energy flows freely, it is of a high vibration, so the outcomes it attracts are free flowing, high vibration outcomes. In the other scenario, blockages are created, energy stagnates until the pressure builds so much that it explodes.

Focus on your energy and your joy, blessing the obstacles as they arise.

We do not ask you to be happy when you are not, we ask you to hope when you feel overwhelmed, to trust that this is the last painful segment of life on earth as you know it.

Ask for help when the burden feels too much. Our comfort and love is always by your side, awaiting your blessing, your invitation to swap around you, when your energy dips too low for it to freely vibrate within you. That is self-mastery.

When you are high, you are a resonant match for our energy, so your energy and ours flow together uninhibited. When your energy dips, we are no longer resonant with you and have to wait your permission, your invitation, to share energy with you. That is your free will, deeply honoured throughout the galaxies.

Right now, all is in readiness. There is much happening behind the scenes about to be revealed. Consider that this is a cinema showing; everyone is in their seats, the lights are dimming and the curtain is about to be drawn on The Play of The Ages.

However, and this is the caveat, not everyone knows what play they have chosen to see. For some the play will be exactly what they imagined, but that is for very few indeed; for most, they will wish they had never decided to come to the cinema to see this film.

This is the lancing of the boil, the ripping off of the veneer that separated life from reality.

It will overwhelm their emotional, mental and nervous systems. But it will not overwhelm them spiritually. They were born knowing that this was the culmination of hundreds of lifetimes of work.

You who read these words are lighworkers, you have returned to hold the light of the divine and to provide comfort for the emotionally homeless in the wake of this seeming purge.

You, brave ones, you are our dearest and our best, you are here to spread comfort, to listen, to listen and to listen some more; to spread forgiveness and compassion. You are asked to share the understanding that in the 3D drama, there has to be ‘good’ and ‘bad’; and the ‘bad’ have played their role, just as the good have.

Compassion and forgiveness will be the mark of light workers in these challenging times ahead.

And now a word on self-care… self-care is crucial.

You cannot help anyone – much less help yourself and loved ones – if you are depleted and exhausted either emotionally or physically. Just as in an airplane, put on your mask first.

Make sure you schedule time to be alone, to recharge in whatever way uplifts you; make time for peace and make time for joy, because these emotions are dispersing the collective shock and horror more effectively than you can imagine. These emotions of light are magnified, we use them as foundation stones which we can amplify and expand.

Now is the time of the light. Now is the moment when all that is good and pure and true will be seen for what it is and will be celebrated; now is the time when society will appear to be turned on its head, when all that is not of the light will been seen and will – ultimately – dissolve, and what is left, will be purity, will be the new path.

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Poof March 8th

Poof for March 8, 2020

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Greetings and Salutations:

There is a system in place that set this off to create pandemonium and the efforts to contain it are not that swift. People are not sure who to believe nor what to do.

Just stay the course and make the best of each day. Be mindful and know that this thing [Coronavirus] doesn’t kill people in general unless they are in a hospital setting. It is very interesting that many hospitals unknowingly are spreading this stuff. So stay out of those. Not a good thing.

And for you who wait, this is the latest information that we can assure you of.

There are issues that now cloud the marketplace and untold baggage about the reparations and the need to satisfy the long overdue edicts afoot. There are things that make men’s hair turn gray and those are the things that create even more consternation.

The openings for a shift and for a release of funds are quite handily around and could be the gateway for this to now happen.

There are things that need to yet happen and key players who still want to mess the whole thing up but they are not heavyweights and we think that the shifting times of scattered directives are in your favor.

Love and Kisses


(1) “Poof” is J. A. Holmes, who gave us his “intel” regularly some years ago, before the Deep State offed him.

Now he communicates from the other side. He has a ringside seat. I put a lot of credence in his enhanced observations.

On Poof’s passing in 2013, Sanat Kumara eulogized him:

“Poof has been welcomed with great fanfare. Celebration. Now, this is not unusual, for this is the way in which this process is undergone. But as you well know, this has been a trusted and faithful communicator and servant, and one that has completed the mission — or at least, as it was perceived, let us put it that way.

“There are no immediate plans, for this one, as I have said to you before, or Michael has, he deserves a good rest. And besides which, he is quite confident that he can affect and do a great deal of work from what you think of as this side as well. It is amazing, in many ways, what can be accomplished when you do not have the confines of a mortal body.

“Now, I am not suggesting to any of you that it’s a good idea to leave your body, for that is all in divine order and your timing. But it is incorrect thinking if you decide to leave your body because you think that you can do better work or more fulfilling work from this side.

“But Poof has literally been true to his name. He has gone up in smoke. And he has arrived home, at peace, in joy and love, and he will be in constant communication with his beloved wife.”  (“Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions,” May 28, 2013,


Activation at Wollumbin 12.1.20

Wollumbin, the first place in Australia that the sun hits as it rises


I had been guided to do an activation at Wollumbin to coincide with the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at ULURU on 12th Jan 2020. I had previously worked around the Mt Warning area over many years and was aware the energies were out of balance. I had read Richard Patterson’s, Australia’s Stonehenge and been following for some time. Previously I had been working alone around Australia for over 20 years, going around Australia in 1996 in a Motorhome, described in my book String of Pearls

This was the first time I had been asked to work with a group of People and it was very different for me, but I’m aware I need to train others to do this work as I’m way past retirement in he 3D world. So I put it out there, knowing that the right ones would be present.

I met Lyndall Begonia at a Retreat and we immediately hit it off. We are like minded souls. Lyndall organised to take us  to Alex’s property at Tyalgum  and though I’d known Alex for a while, I had never been there. it was obvious, at this Christmas meeting that this was where we were meant to do the activation. So I asked Alex if she’d be willing to host the event and she agreed. I invited those I’d worked with previously  to a private event and we began to organise it

In the end there were four of us present and others on line or meditating with intent to make the link between Wollumbin and Uluru. Since it was to be at dawn on the 12 January 2020, we stayed overnight at Solace, where there are limited facilities. I did a sound energy balancing the night before, to align us with Wollumbin energies and to work with them in the Dreamtime. No sooner had we arrived than it began to rain, nice steady, soaking rain, was filling the tank, so we’d have water available .

The rain made it very humid, so I slept or rather dozed in the van with all the windows open, so I felt very in touch with the earth and during the night it began to rain and I fell asleep fo the sound of raindrops on the roof. Woke well before dawn and had a mango for breakfast, I’d brought locally the day earlier.

We gathered on the grass and though Wollumbin was now covered in  Cloud we begun a toning that Guboo, the Aboriginal elder I had worked with in the 1990s, had predicted, (that I’d be doing the earth healing work), though it was furthest from my mind at the time.

We followed with our intentions for New Earth and could feel energies present in spirit, I brought in dolphin energy, I’d worked with before on Wollumbin and stated our intention to connect with the Cosmic Consciousness In Uluru. We theno sang the Water song from the Algonquin American Indian Grandmothers.

We retired for breakfast, then watched a video of some local Aboriginals, (who Alex had been with) and who seemed very in touch with the work we are doing and waited to connect with the group meeting at 12 in Uluru.

Here are some background links to the Wollumbin story.

I like to have a confirmation that I have completed the work on a site and it’s usually a rainbow, so I was pleased to see this account from Tracie Hanson.

Love to you all in our 123 💓 love is stronger 💜 it’s now raining here 🖤💛❤️Today takes place the full activation of the Earth’s Solar Plexus chakra Uluru Kata Tjuta here in Australia. It is 12 noon on January 12 here. The photo only depicts Uluru. The domed Kata Tjuta rock formations, also known as The Olgas, are a bit further away from Uluru and part of a national park area. Together with Uluru, which is a 3-4 mile deep red rock as pictured in the Sunset, they form the Solar Plexus energy center of Earth.

A chakra (the term is Sanskrit and means spinning wheel) is a spinning vortex or major grid point vortex of Earth and also within the human body. On Earth we have a 144 chakra grid. The 7 major Earth chakras correspond to the 7 major chakras in our bodies. The Solar Plexus of Earth and in the human body (the area just below the breast bone and above the navel, with openings both back and front of the body with an open channel connecting them), is about power, energy and life force.

It’s our human battery if you will, where life force is stored. When you spend time with someone who drains you, you feel depleted, exhausted and washed out after such an encounter. When you spend time with someone who builds you up and makes you feel good and strong, you are nourished by this encounter and feel like you could hug the whole world, because you are buzzing with so much energy, life force and power. All this energy exchange, both negative and positive, is regulated through the Solar Plexus.

It is also the center where the controllers get stuck when they haven’t yet developed the capacity to connect to their heart chakra beyond. For such individuals the heart doesn’t yet exist in an energetic way. They operate solely from control and do not know Love or deeper Higher feelings of compassion, Grace, kindness, warmth, giving, conscience, empathy or care. These qualities simply don’t yet exist for them.

Which is why still ruthless, cold, uncaring beings like these can sleep perfectly well at night, no matter what they do to others. Care begins with the heart connection. And this is earned by each Soul in incarnation who did not come here already from Higher evolved worlds than this one. In general, humans practice a long time in their lower 3 chakras, before they have gathered sufficient experience and wisdom, lifetime after lifetime, in order to graduate into heart connection.

And it is only when an individuated Soul incarnated as a human, makes that connection to its own heart center, that it begins to feel everything. This is also when guilt, shame, remorse and insecurities enter the picture. Because while a being is still operating solely from a place of control, absolute confidence is no problem at all. Because it revolves solely around its own self. Not connecting with and thus not caring about others or the consequences of its own actions upon others.

You could call this a state of absolute ignorance meaning not bliss but a total control based peace of mind and unwavering confidence in one’s actions, no matter how insane they may seem to those who have a fully cultivated heart connection. So please forgive them and all those in your lives who cannot yet meet you in their Heart. They truly do not know what they do. But you do. So you can choose to not react, not judge, to create strict boundaries with them to keep yourself in a good state but to Love regardless. No matter what.

So today’s activation of Uluru Kata Tjuta is about reactivating true power on Earth. This most potent energy activation will not stop there. It will travel on to Glastonbury, UK, the Heart chakra of Earth and beyond and backwards as well into the two baser chakras of Earth, Lake Titicaca, Perú/Bolivia and Mt Shasta, California as well. This will affect all of our human chakra systems in as yet unpredictable ways. So please be aware of great but likely subtly felt impending changes in your energy fields and being. I’d like to call today Freedom Day for Earth and for humanity. It is also the Birthday of New Earth, even while the old Earth is closing down.

Today, all power, energy and life force begins being restored to its rightful sources. Today commences the reempowerment and return of all indigenous native peoples of Earth into their rightful roles as Earth keepers, guardians and wayshowers to the rest of humanity, for all of our return into correct relationship between each other and with our Great Mother and her natural laws. Today, the pyramid grid of the entire world is receiving a much needed reconnection and activation. Today, the thousands of ancient stone circles around the planet once again become active stone technology to be used in the days to come by conscious Awakened humanity once again in its hour of greatest need.

Many many things begin today. So please dear family of Soul, add your energy frequency signatures to these historical events and set clear intents, feelings and visions for the New Earth you wish to see made manifest. Take your time. Add as much detail as you like. We are co creators here. So let’s make it the finest, most beautiful and wholesome co creation we can imagine.

Thank you all for being here with me on this beautiful Earth at this auspicious time of its rebirth from the ashes of the old. This is a Divine appointment you’ve fought hard and gave your all to be here for. God/dess bless you Beautifuls!

Today the tide turns. So power up and shine your Heart light out into the whole world. All is well. Much Love to you. Thank you for your Loving Service.

Love is stronger! 💛🌹🙏🌏

~ Kintarian Amaru

Align with your Soul’s Blueprint – 11:11 through 12:12

Align with Your Soul’s Divine Blueprint ~ 11:11 through 12:12

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By Shanta Gabriel, November 14, 2019,

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

The Activations from the 11:11 portal are creating a deeper alignment with your Soul’s Divine Blueprint. Energy upgrades are taking place that allow you to build a new structure for your energy system to be housed within. These downloads will continue until the powerful 12:12 transmissions.

Your new aligned Light Body has been prepared diligently over the past few years so you could receive the new codes of ascension more freely. As expected, the physical bodies have been the areas most at odds with the new energy. Symptoms have been rampant that displayed the dismantling of the old structures held within you for so long. This has been very uncomfortable, yet highly purposeful. Maintaining a positive outlook as your body reorganized down to the cellular level has been difficult for most people.

This is especially true when looking outside yourselves to see the world dismantling in a similar way.

The good news is that you have come to a turning point. The place where those at the forefront of the ascension wave are beginning the process of rebuilding the physical structure required for a new life within the higher frequencies of Light that make up the 5th Dimension.

In this new time, your energy systems have begun to enjoy the upleveling energies inherent within the process that are quite exalted. Even though your nervous system may still feel as though it has blown its circuits at times, there is an expansive gain in your heart’s understanding of the massive shift taking place within you.

Providing space for the restructuring process will now take the place of the continuous dismantling that has occurred since 2012, and for some of the Wayshowers well beyond.

Dwelling in the shadows has been a fruitful existence. It has enabled most of those who have been finding their way through the morass of overflowing past history to absolve themselves of blame and open the doors of their perception to look outside the inner turmoil. The sashes have been thrown open from the windows of the mind and light is pouring into all the dark corners. You are able to freely access those situations that have caused so much of the tumultuous learning processes necessary for your Soul’s education.

Now is the time for more Divine Insight to take root within your knowing. Whether it is clear or not, all of your past experiences have had a bigger purpose than what has been obvious. You have been provided with the actions necessary to clear your Akashic records down to the bare foundations — the bedrock of your life known as the zero point. From here, it only goes up as you begin the rebuilding process of your physical structure to hold the higher frequencies.

You are the empty vessel that has been prepared to hold the Light of Divinity as a sacred chalice within. Remember this as you create the next steps in your life. Take your time to access the inner knowing as you live your physical existence. What you put into your sacred vessel includes your attitudes and outlook on life as you begin to build your physical structure from the inside out.

Preparing yourself to be a sacred chalice to hold Divine Light affects you on all levels. You will need to be serious about taking yourself lightly!

Make sure you provide yourself with plenty of time in sunshine and in Nature. You are being fed like the new leaves on a tree with the Light of photosynthesis. A process is afoot that will enable you to hold this energy as food, just as a tree with its roots in the Earth and its canopy in the Light. You are building the forces that will allow you to thrive in the midst of change and inevitable challenge.

Never doubt the presence of your Spiritual Resources that are working with you to insure you are guided in every moment. You are loved eternally as all you need is provided with Grace and Ease. All is truly well. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

for Archangel Gabriel

November 12, 2019


Blossom Goodchild and the Federation of Light Nov. 18, 2019

Blossom Goodchild and the Federation of Light ~ November 18, 2019

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Blossom Goodchild and the Federation of Light ~ November 18, 2019

Once again, Hello to you. I am not sure if it is the full moon energies that are knocking me about a bit, yet, I had allocated this time slot to get this week’s channelling done, so let’s give it a go … shall we?

We shall. There are intense Energies coming through with this full moon in particular, which shall leave one feeling out of sorts and a little melancholy.

(Melancholy: feeling of sadness for no apparent reason)

That’s perfect actually. For that is the way I awoke this morning. Why do the energies have to do that as opposed to leaving one jumping for joy and wanting to eat candyfloss?

Because Blossom, there is a lot of sadness that is being dispelled at this time. It is absorbed into the Energies and a little like ‘casting a spell’ over one, in the sense of such sadness being literally ‘in the air.’

The sadness connected with/to?

All that is being bandied around, all over your world.

Crisis is reaching a peak in all corners of your globe … for all different reasons. Each country is experiencing upheaval concerning one thing or another and the confusion and despair that energetically is ‘oozing’ from one’s Being is forming an overall Energy.

How does the full moon enhance it?

It does so because of its strength ‘to clear’. There lies so much power/control within ‘its’ make up and therefore it is very effective and one can be very affected by it.

The word ‘control’ there … can you indulge us, please?

The Energies emitting from this form, that one looks upon so lovingly, can also cause havoc for the self as it stirs up that which may be lying dormant. It has an inner effect upon the soul’s disposition. This is why we would use this term ‘control’.

Energies all over your precious Planet are building to such a degree that you are almost at boiling point. And now with the can of worms being opened also … at large, the turmoil is foremost in the Energies that everyone is ‘in-taking’.

Back to, Dearest souls …


Always, all the time, within every breath … KNOW THIS IS WHO YOU ARE and keep repeating it over and over. Yes, we continue on with mentioning this to all. To reiterate … to allow it to sink in … to introduce it to new readers of these words.



Yet, KNOW that … within all of this/from all of this … shall come the Brightest of days.

Days when Laughter instead of tears shall ring through the air.

Days when such atrocities that are to come out will be a far distant memory of old and in its place shall indeed be the sunshine, lollipops and rainbows that you spoke of Blossom.

It may not feel it now … yet, it is so.

With respect … I will leave it here for now and pick up another time. I just don’t have the right energy it seems and would rather wait till I do. Many thanks.

Two days later.

Hello again! Not on top of the world, yet, better than I was two days ago! Just such a sense of vulnerability and just not wanting to care about anything because it all seems so pointless … this great big mess that we are in. I do return faithfully to I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM. mantra and it certainly helps yet, I feel I should be beaming out my Light a lot more than I AM.

Welcome again, Dearest Blossom. We certainly can pick up on your predicament and we feel it necessary to embark upon a few words that may be of assistance, if we may?

Embark away, my friends.

Throughout all the times … throughout all the messages … the words … the LOVE that we have shared together, there is a continual thread/theme which you know: that of bringing this Planet upon which you reside into a Higher, Brighter existence.

Along with many other themes.

You know too … deep down … that this is why you are here. At times you feel so in tune with this KNOWING and at other times, not so.

Yet, this does not change the fact that THIS IS INDEED WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO DO.

Think about that task. Really think about it. You are not being asked to pop down to your local store to get some milk. You are being asked to change the Vibration of an entire Planet and all who sail in her!

You are being asked to continually SHINE YOUR LIGHT UNDER THE MOST EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES and not only that, you KNOW THAT AN EVENT THAT IS TO CHANGE EVERYTHING IS TO OCCUR and you hang on and you hang on and you hang on!

Which is why our Light gets so dim sometimes.

No! Your Light gets so dim sometimes because there are so many elements involved to make you feel that way. It is in your system now … this ‘I can’t be bothered’. This ‘So what, who cares’. It has been polluting your systems through a variety … a large variety at that … of concoctions that seep through into the very core of who you are.

You are aware of vaccinations, food tampering, water tampering, air tampering, mind invasion via all your technical gadgets. So much, so very much has been induced to make you feel the way you do … that it is a wonder that you can raise a smile at all, let alone the Vibration of an entire Planet!

Yet look at you! Take a good look at yourself and commend yourself for all that you do to get through this that knocks you about.

Throughout all this and much more, you are BREAKING FREE / BREAKING THROUGH.


Not only do you KNOW THIS … you KNOW that you are going to be able to lead the way for so many that are spinning around in circles not knowing what to do and where to go.

When you feel this despair … repeat it …



Each time you do this you are not only strengthening and reiterating that which you are.  You are breaking down another space of darkness and replacing it with Light.

Each time you do this you are bringing that which … needs/has to be … exposed further up into the Light so it can be seen by all … and we mean … ALL.

There shall not be a stone left unturned. There shall not be one soul that can run and hide from that which they have served upon another.


Yes Blossom, served. In the context of  ‘given out’ to another. We ask that as you come across every single item of distaste, at its best … and horror, at its worst … you remain FEELING AND REPEATING …


Each and every time you hear anything that comes from a darker place … change ITS Energy by saying this. Change YOUR Energy by saying this.

Let us start a revolution! Not of the outward rebellious nature, yet, coming from the Inner Loving Nature of the KNOWING OF THIS THAT YOU ARE.

We mentioned before of when doing so … recognising the connection of all others that are saying it at the same time, somewhere in your world … and even when another may be engaged in other duties, the Energy from when they last said/felt it is still there to be connected with and built upon.








Dearest Souls … when these dark days are through … when you reside in the ways of Light and Love … and only Light and Love, with nothing around you to try and change that feeling … you will FEEL such Gratitude for this Light that you are.

You will FEEL such pride in your BEING, for KNOWING that you were the ones who were chosen to be here at this time to make this change. YOU! Out of so many souls … were considered worthy and strong enough to be here during these topsy-turvy encounters because it is KNOWN that YOU were the ones who could make it happen.

Yes, there are times when you feel like giving up, giving in. Do not beat yourselves up for these thoughts yet recognise them as sabotage from outer influences. Are you that weak that you let these influences influence you?

No indeed. You are not weak. These influences are trying to convince you that this is the case! Recognise this ‘little’ game and turn it around. Laugh in the face of adversity, as it is said!

Yet we mean this sincerely … Laugh at these thoughts instead of letting them encumber you. What better ‘weapon of attack’ than laughter? For not only is it conquering the darkness; it is spreading Joy at the same time.

YOU OF SUCH GREAT LIGHT do not need weaponry and chemicals and devious ways to know yourselves to be all powerful.


YOU OF SUCH GREAT LIGHT do not need tricks and lies to get what you want. You need YOU … the KNOWING OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE to change thought form into matter.



We told you a while back … the war is over … THE LIGHT HAS WON.

In this KNOWING … continue to radiate Light out to your Planet and all upon and within her. There is much debris to surface that will make it seem that the battle is far from over.


All one … must do now/need do now … is KNOW THIS and SHINE YOUR LIGHT for all to be guided by.

Gently, so very gently let the lost find you, and so soothingly be an example of the ‘Wayshowers’ that you are.




Thank you so much I do feel so much Brighter after this little chat.


And WE LOVE YOU. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

The recorded audio for this channelling will be posted below shortly.

A note from Blossom. These channellings are posted on many sites that I am unaware of and not everyone receives my newsletter. So I take this opportunity to let you know of this exciting Event I am holding in Hawaii: Many thanks.


After the Reval

Archangel Michael on How Things May Run after the Reval

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In a reading with him on Oct. 17, 2019, I asked Archangel Michael how things would run after the Reval. Here’s his answer:

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 17, 2019.

Steve: There’s a lot of conversation going on about the Reval being a risky event in the sense that a rapid infusion of wealth into the economy might have people stop working.

And, we did talk about this sometime back about people simply raising rents but we didn’t talk about this aspect, about people leaving their jobs. How will the garbage be collected after the Reval?

Archangel Michael: What you are assuming, first of all, is that there is an equal distribution and that, in and of itself, in terms of equalization in society (and we mean financial equalization) is an overnight occurrence and it is not.

The populace that is in direct receipt of this blessing, for example, is spread (and it is a very small minority) in terms of labourers, whether it is CEO or garbage collectors, as you put it.

There is an underlying assumption in this that people do not choose to engage with or contribute to their communities, whether it is managerial or administrative or healing or collecting garbage.

Think of all the people, of all ilks, who go along highways collecting garbage so that the beauty of Gaia [can be retained]. Think of those who would volunteer their wonderful administrative or intellectual capacities.

So there is an assumption that the community does not have the collective intelligence to operate and that simply is not so.

Steve: I wonder if life on board a ship does not reflect that. They are not getting paid, right?

AAM: The idea of being paid, Sweet One, is simply a very human concept.

When one is truly taken care of there is a blend of work, of play, of relaxation, of family, of community… And that is partaken in a really joyful manner.

So is not about getting ahead and it is not about being fully in leisure and unoccupied completely. It is that balance of contributing what you bring to the table.

And sometimes that contribution means undertaking jobs that perhaps have less cachet or less superiority and that is a humbling experience and that is necessary.


What’s Happening – Deconstruction Phase

Youth, Joy, painting on silk by Christine Deacon


I’m moving out of my comfort zone, out of my safe house on top of a mountain, downsizing into an apartment by the water. This next phase of ascension has certainly challenged me. After being shown sea level changes which I’ve been  expecting since the 1990s I’m being challenged to move into a manifestation phase of creating my reality on a bigger scale.

So first I see that depending on government to provide for me in my ‘olld age’ is no longer an option. it’s a control method of 3rd Dimension. it too must pass. The drop in income and loss of income by inheriting my mother’s estate means I have decided to look for an investment property.  with my brother’s help, I found an area I liked, on the coast and began negotiations on an apartment in an apartment block, a community. It took two weeks to find.The first one I looked at, I liked but I didn’t bid on it. The next one was furnished and on the ground floor and I liked it even better, so I put in an offer.

The owner wouldn’t budge from his listed price. I then found it had been on the market for 2years. I heard about an auction which had a lower reserve and I went to inspect it and liked what I saw, so began negotiations pre auction. I placed a bid just above the reserve, which was rejected. I placed a second and final bid $6,000 Higher. Another had sold at auction that day on the reserve price. The second bid was accepted by the bank mortgagee on a basis of 3 week settlement.

So now I’m feeling, I need to move to my new apartment and rent my house as an investment property. What is remarkable about turn this is, how things have changed. In 1968 when I brought my first house with my husband, I couldn’t get a loan. Ten years later when he left, I still couldn’t get a loan as a woman. Through a long period of struggle as a single mother, I have been able to turn this around and buy a home without a mortgage from the bank. In fact the home I’m living in, I also brought mortgage free, by moving when guided to.

All messages I’m getting are that this is a very good move for me. So girls take back your power and move forward. I now have to downsize. I’m really reluctant to do this. I have decided to rent it and keep ownership as I may want to return. It is my choice now to do this.

Government wants to be in control and all over the world people are resisting.They no longer see government as a ‘father’ figure. Even in democracies, the rise of the ‘Divine Feminine’ is finally bringing change.

We have to keep moving forward, so that means releasing the old energy and ideas and baggage from the past. When we do this physically, we make way for the new to come in. It can be a brutal process. Ask for a way to do so with ease and grace and move forward confidently ‘one step at a time’.

If you feel ‘I must be crazy’, here are some tips:

Let go of ego, understand that the old must go to bring in the new

Keep your new identity flowing, freely, with no attachment to a definition of yourself

Let go of other people’s opinions and projections, you are here as a game changer.

Connect with your guides and Source and give them permissions to help

Be in nature, meditate, say and chant affirmations, keep your spiritual energy high by avoiding people, situations, and lower energies.

Have fun, laugh out loud, sing Dance and be happy!