How to make a Declaration of Sovereignty

I do not consent!

I do not consent to the mass manipulation of the public with faulty science and pharma propaganda.

I do not consent to quarantine and vaccines as the only way out of this manufactured pandemic.

I do not consent to your silence on legitimate treatment methods that work.

I do not consent to your silence on the immune system and what makes it thrive.

I do not consent and will not inject myself with an unnecessary vaccine for a virus that can be treated.

I do not consent to your utter destruction of society and emotional health for the sake of fulfilling your mandated vaccine agenda.

I do not consent to Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates determining our future.

I do not consent to the monopoly of pharmacological allopathic medicine deciding our healthcare.

I do not consent to the silencing of Functional Medicine, Naturopathic and Allopathic Doctors who have been providing non toxic treatment methods for viruses and other healthcare.

I do not consent to the repeated censoring of new information.

I IN NO WAY CONSENT to the current climate of INTERRUPTING the immune system as a way of treating symptoms rather than healing disease.

I do not consent to your cynical attitude that we are dumb animals and you know everything about disease.

I do not consent to the media’s complicit nature in the death of millions by not providing a counter-narrative to a bankrupt system.

I do not consent to the lack of safety testing for 5G, Vaccines, glyphosate, or our food and water supply.

I do not consent to anything that takes away our God given right to medical freedom.

We The People will not be silenced!

Words by @jeffwitzeman

I prefer to make positive statements, not Negative ones.
I am a Sovereign Being. I exert my God given right to create my own reality without interference. So Be It, So It Is.

Please create your own Statement of Sovereignty.

Magenta Pixie: e Step Process to Stargate Ascension in Lockdown

Magenta Pixie: Three Step Process to Stargate Ascension in Lockdown (Full Monadic Download)
April 16, 2020 by Steve Beckow

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Magenta Pixie lays out a Three Step Process for dealing with the dark during our lockdown and bringing Ascension to us.

The process she outlines is incredibly promising. I hope it spreads like wildfire. Her discussion starts at 27:00. A transcript appears below.

Pixie holds Laura Eisenhower up as an example of someone carrying out Step 2 so let me add Laura’s video here as well.


Pixie: They were giving me this download and telling me to teach this download for now, for the time we are in global pandemic lockdown [and during the cabal’s last attempt to create a New World Order].

This is for those who are consciously ascending. … This is a template. It’s not the only template. … These are just three steps, the beginning of many, many, many more steps yet to take place. Yet within these three steps is everything. It’s a fractal of the whole. …

Step One. Understand the dark plan. Integrate the emotions that you feel when you understand the dark plan. (1)

Step Two. Make your declaration of sovereignty. Make the statement that you do not consent, you do not give permission for global control, vaccines, microchips, etc. This is you laying down your boundaries. … [This] is where you are the warrior.

Step Three. Through forgiveness and gratitude you send love to those beings.

You are making your boundaries firm but fair with love.

We need to do this on a grand scale. We need to get all the starseeds, truthers, lightworkers and aware individuals to do this.


(1) Experience the thoughts and feelings that arise to completion.

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Poof for 15th March


Poof for March 15, 2020

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Greetings and Salutations,

We see and we can relate to the pain and fear and the denial that is pressing forward outward and around all of the populace about the viral outbreak. We can tell you that it won’t be long lived. It is not going to hit nearly as hard as the over hyped media want you to believe. But nonetheless, take the precautions that you know to take.

Those who have signed off to leave will do so. Those who want to believe they are safer and can survive will for the most part survive. The others will be ambivalent and not care one way or the other. Some do care if they go or stay and some are fully in fear and others are resigned they are in the twilight days of their lives. Be assured nobody is up for grabs and no one is set to leave unless they want to.

There are many good things coming out of this insanity but most can’t see it because of the disheveled state of the media and the supply lines.

Take precautions and do the things you know to do. Use common sense and STAY out of fear.

Just be still and sense the shifting sands and the bewilderment of the group that is trying to make sense out of things they cannot.

In regards to the awaited changes, there will be a slip up and the cat will be out of the bag. The troops will be receiving and the bankers won’t be able to stop it.

It appears that funds will be coming within the month. It is on the table right now!



(1) “Poof” is J. A. Holmes, who gave us his “intel” regularly some years ago, before the Deep State offed him.

Now he communicates from the other side. He has a ringside seat. I put a lot of credence in his enhanced observations.

On Poof’s passing in 2013, Sanat Kumara eulogized him:

“Poof has been welcomed with great fanfare. Celebration. Now, this is not unusual, for this is the way in which this process is undergone. But as you well know, this has been a trusted and faithful communicator and servant, and one that has completed the mission — or at least, as it was perceived, let us put it that way.

“There are no immediate plans, for this one, as I have said to you before, or Michael has, he deserves a good rest. And besides which, he is quite confident that he can affect and do a great deal of work from what you think of as this side as well. It is amazing, in many ways, what can be accomplished when you do not have the confines of a mortal body.

“Now, I am not suggesting to any of you that it’s a good idea to leave your body, for that is all in divine order and your timing. But it is incorrect thinking if you decide to leave your body because you think that you can do better work or more fulfilling work from this side.

“But Poof has literally been true to his name. He has gone up in smoke. And he has arrived home, at peace, in joy and love, and he will be in constant communication with his beloved wife.”  (“Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions,” May 28, 2013,