What has ascension to do with Collective Consciousness?

What has Ascension to Do with the Collective Consciousness?

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What has a mass Ascension to do with the collective consciousness?

Jesus suggests that “the ascension which is spoken about and is so highly desired is going to be the ascension of the collective consciousness.” (1)

That makes the subject one of prime importance.

What must happen within the collective consciousness for a mass Ascension to occur? The Pleiadians explain:

“This shift … will occur when the light your people emit matches the desire for evolution in the collective consciousness of the self of humanity.” (2)

So the two must match up. The collective light must match the desire to ascend for the event to occur.

Matthew Ward explains that it isn’t the percent of the population that counts in this matter but the degree of sustained light:

“It is not the number or any specific percentage of the population that constitutes critical mass, but the degree of sustained light, and this was reached and surpassed quite some time ago.

“So in that sense, it is not necessary that more people ‘see the light’ and add it to the collective consciousness – the Golden Age, the era of love and peace, already exists in the continuum.” (3)

If it already exists in the continuum, then it must manifest here … eventually.

He reminds us that “your world could be transformed into the Golden Age in the twinkling of an eye IF that belief and vision were in the collective consciousness, but it is not and so all the changes will be a process.” (4)

Our beliefs therefore are holding us back.

In the past, the low vibrations we’ve been emitting have slowed our progress, Matthew tells us. But this is now changing.

“The low vibrations emitted by all those souls’ countless thoughts, feelings and actions are within the collective consciousness, and … its proliferation of low vibrations … slowed the pace of society’s advancement consciously and spiritually.

“This is changing—the light waves sweeping Earth are opening more and more hearts and minds, and everything in low vibratory levels eventually will be done away with.” (5)

Matthew mentions the light waves sweeping the planet. The rising light intensity and our reaction to it is one factor that’s changing our negativity to positivity, he tells us:

“At the beginning of Earth’s ascension 70-some years ago, negativity was rampant in the collective consciousness. As individuals started responding to the light beamed to the planet from powerful far distant civilizations, the collective consciousness started swerving into positivity, and over a decade past in your timing, the light reached the sustained amount that assured the planet’s course toward fourth density without deviation or delay.

“Since then the light intensity has continued increasing as more and more individuals opened their hearts and minds and correspondingly raised the collective consciousness. Negativity lost its foothold and positivity became overwhelmingly dominant.” (6)

A second factor is the work the galactics and we have done transmuting planetary negativity, as the Hathors describe.  Without it, Ascension might not be possible.

“Our and your ability to (help) your entire world ascend is bred from the amount of service we give to the Earth and the amount of Light we’re jointly able to see enter the collective consciousness, and transmute the bulk of the lower-inclined energies that’d otherwise hold a whole planet of souls back from their evolution.” (7)

Because it’s our planet, we must do our share of the work in cleansing and raising the group consciousness, Wes Annac’s sources remind us:

“As much as we’d love to bring you back into a higher vibration ourselves, the work must be done by an aware and willing humanity…. Fortunately, the rising awareness is enabling a growing number of seekers to start being the change they desire to see, and this is causing a ripple effect in the collective consciousness.” (8)

Our successes so far have saved us from the need for a more drastic cleansing, SaLuSa says:

“The raising of the collective consciousness has overcome the need for a more drastic cleansing, so you are to be congratulated for bringing it about. What you now understand is a clear example of your power to create your own reality.” (9)

Our collective intent to bring as many as possible home to themselves is spreading through the world consciousness, Jesus explains:

“Your reason for being embodied was to assist in this massive task of bringing all of your brothers and sisters home to their natural state of living consciously in peace, harmony, and abundance.

“The intent for that state is spreading through your collective consciousness and will not be denied, despite the efforts of those who would maintain the old structures that have been dividing you and setting you against one another for so long.” (10)

As SaLuSa reminds us, “there is nothing that you cannot achieve with your collective consciousness.” (11)

The fact that our goal of a loving, harmonious and healthy world has already been realized in the higher dimensions, Matthew says, means it must manifest here as well:

“Just as before – always! – her residents’ journeys depend upon the choices each makes, and the cumulative choices make up the collective consciousness.

“So, it is your thoughts, passionate feelings and actions that will set Earth’s pace from now on. Whether that is happily humming through fourth density or soaring like an eagle, Gaia is jubilant – the exceptionally difficult leg of the ascension is over!

“You, too, can feel jubilant – your steadfastness in the light added immeasurably to this stunning achievement. Although in linear time you will continue to progress toward your goal of a loving, harmonious and healthy world with abundance for all, in the continuum you already are victorious. When you have full understanding of how unique this achievement is, you will know that if ever souls could declare ‘job well done,’ it is you lightworkers!” (12)

So job well done to us – so far. Now we need to use the collective consciousness to consciously evolve, expand, and include as many as possible who want to climb Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness along with us.


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(4) Ibid., Oct. 22, 2008. Jesus makes the same point:

“Believe that the resolution can come quickly. Know that it can come quickly, because you are the masters of the destiny of the collective consciousness. Hear that well: you are the masters of your reality and the collective consciousness reality. You are the masters of the destiny and how quickly it can come.” (Jeshua through Judith Coates, 12 April 2011, at http://lightworkers.org/channeling/129130/jeshua-ascension-collective-ocnsciousness.)

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I’ve decided to add an update on Glastonbell, in the Blue Mountains, because it was such an important site for me. It was the first site I worked, where I went to decide if I could do the trip around Australia that spirit was asking me to do.  I had just become a grandmother and I felt, if I didn’t do this trip soon, it wouldn’t happen. I went there on a weekend when it was actually closed, but like all things when working with spirit, the doors were opened to me. I went by myself down a creek called the birth canal and experienced a rebirth when the only way through was to plunge into an icy cold pool with steep sides.

I climbed a cliff on a rocky ladder and was told to call upon the energy of a young monk to assist me when Things got tough. I reached the end of my physical strength and called on the young monk to help me get back to the shelter of the house. I put my head into a chamber in the roof of a cave and felt the energy of the first ones to come to this land Nagardi and Toonco, the story of the Waratah, which Guboo had told me.  I experienced an ashram in The Himalayas perched on top of a cliff and could hear the monks chanting. All these experiences lay on the land accessible to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. It was a spiritual awakening.

Later I met Philip Simpfendorfer and brought his book, as  he was living there on the property. I had found someone else who had experienced these things. Sadly Peter is no longer with us, but his book Glastonbell, a Dreaming bears testimony to the site at Dargan in the Blue Mountains, a site which has experienced the extremes of the recent bushfires. The site is private property. I don’t know who owns it but there was a development application for nearby land. It should be a public resource, where seekers can do a vision quest and learn to work with the energies.

If you would like to read the book, I’ve scanned it so you can Read it here. it’s now a rare book and difficult to obtain.



My earlier report is in String of Pearls (see list).

Activation at Wollumbin 12.1.20

Wollumbin, the first place in Australia that the sun hits as it rises


I had been guided to do an activation at Wollumbin to coincide with the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at ULURU on 12th Jan 2020. I had previously worked around the Mt Warning area over many years and was aware the energies were out of balance. I had read Richard Patterson’s, Australia’s Stonehenge and been following for some time. Previously I had been working alone around Australia for over 20 years, going around Australia in 1996 in a Motorhome, described in my book String of Pearls

This was the first time I had been asked to work with a group of People and it was very different for me, but I’m aware I need to train others to do this work as I’m way past retirement in he 3D world. So I put it out there, knowing that the right ones would be present.

I met Lyndall Begonia at a Retreat and we immediately hit it off. We are like minded souls. Lyndall organised to take us  to Alex’s property at Tyalgum  and though I’d known Alex for a while, I had never been there. it was obvious, at this Christmas meeting that this was where we were meant to do the activation. So I asked Alex if she’d be willing to host the event and she agreed. I invited those I’d worked with previously  to a private event and we began to organise it

In the end there were four of us present and others on line or meditating with intent to make the link between Wollumbin and Uluru. Since it was to be at dawn on the 12 January 2020, we stayed overnight at Solace, where there are limited facilities. I did a sound energy balancing the night before, to align us with Wollumbin energies and to work with them in the Dreamtime. No sooner had we arrived than it began to rain, nice steady, soaking rain, was filling the tank, so we’d have water available .

The rain made it very humid, so I slept or rather dozed in the van with all the windows open, so I felt very in touch with the earth and during the night it began to rain and I fell asleep fo the sound of raindrops on the roof. Woke well before dawn and had a mango for breakfast, I’d brought locally the day earlier.

We gathered on the grass and though Wollumbin was now covered in  Cloud we begun a toning that Guboo, the Aboriginal elder I had worked with in the 1990s, had predicted, (that I’d be doing the earth healing work), though it was furthest from my mind at the time.

We followed with our intentions for New Earth and could feel energies present in spirit, I brought in dolphin energy, I’d worked with before on Wollumbin and stated our intention to connect with the Cosmic Consciousness In Uluru. We theno sang the Water song from the Algonquin American Indian Grandmothers.


We retired for breakfast, then watched a video of some local Aboriginals, (who Alex had been with) and who seemed very in touch with the work we are doing and waited to connect with the group meeting at 12 in Uluru.

Here are some background links to the Wollumbin story.

I like to have a confirmation that I have completed the work on a site and it’s usually a rainbow, so I was pleased to see this account from Tracie Hanson.

Love to you all in our 123 💓 love is stronger 💜 it’s now raining here 🖤💛❤️Today takes place the full activation of the Earth’s Solar Plexus chakra Uluru Kata Tjuta here in Australia. It is 12 noon on January 12 here. The photo only depicts Uluru. The domed Kata Tjuta rock formations, also known as The Olgas, are a bit further away from Uluru and part of a national park area. Together with Uluru, which is a 3-4 mile deep red rock as pictured in the Sunset, they form the Solar Plexus energy center of Earth.

A chakra (the term is Sanskrit and means spinning wheel) is a spinning vortex or major grid point vortex of Earth and also within the human body. On Earth we have a 144 chakra grid. The 7 major Earth chakras correspond to the 7 major chakras in our bodies. The Solar Plexus of Earth and in the human body (the area just below the breast bone and above the navel, with openings both back and front of the body with an open channel connecting them), is about power, energy and life force.

It’s our human battery if you will, where life force is stored. When you spend time with someone who drains you, you feel depleted, exhausted and washed out after such an encounter. When you spend time with someone who builds you up and makes you feel good and strong, you are nourished by this encounter and feel like you could hug the whole world, because you are buzzing with so much energy, life force and power. All this energy exchange, both negative and positive, is regulated through the Solar Plexus.

It is also the center where the controllers get stuck when they haven’t yet developed the capacity to connect to their heart chakra beyond. For such individuals the heart doesn’t yet exist in an energetic way. They operate solely from control and do not know Love or deeper Higher feelings of compassion, Grace, kindness, warmth, giving, conscience, empathy or care. These qualities simply don’t yet exist for them.

Which is why still ruthless, cold, uncaring beings like these can sleep perfectly well at night, no matter what they do to others. Care begins with the heart connection. And this is earned by each Soul in incarnation who did not come here already from Higher evolved worlds than this one. In general, humans practice a long time in their lower 3 chakras, before they have gathered sufficient experience and wisdom, lifetime after lifetime, in order to graduate into heart connection.

And it is only when an individuated Soul incarnated as a human, makes that connection to its own heart center, that it begins to feel everything. This is also when guilt, shame, remorse and insecurities enter the picture. Because while a being is still operating solely from a place of control, absolute confidence is no problem at all. Because it revolves solely around its own self. Not connecting with and thus not caring about others or the consequences of its own actions upon others.

You could call this a state of absolute ignorance meaning not bliss but a total control based peace of mind and unwavering confidence in one’s actions, no matter how insane they may seem to those who have a fully cultivated heart connection. So please forgive them and all those in your lives who cannot yet meet you in their Heart. They truly do not know what they do. But you do. So you can choose to not react, not judge, to create strict boundaries with them to keep yourself in a good state but to Love regardless. No matter what.

So today’s activation of Uluru Kata Tjuta is about reactivating true power on Earth. This most potent energy activation will not stop there. It will travel on to Glastonbury, UK, the Heart chakra of Earth and beyond and backwards as well into the two baser chakras of Earth, Lake Titicaca, Perú/Bolivia and Mt Shasta, California as well. This will affect all of our human chakra systems in as yet unpredictable ways. So please be aware of great but likely subtly felt impending changes in your energy fields and being. I’d like to call today Freedom Day for Earth and for humanity. It is also the Birthday of New Earth, even while the old Earth is closing down.

Today, all power, energy and life force begins being restored to its rightful sources. Today commences the reempowerment and return of all indigenous native peoples of Earth into their rightful roles as Earth keepers, guardians and wayshowers to the rest of humanity, for all of our return into correct relationship between each other and with our Great Mother and her natural laws. Today, the pyramid grid of the entire world is receiving a much needed reconnection and activation. Today, the thousands of ancient stone circles around the planet once again become active stone technology to be used in the days to come by conscious Awakened humanity once again in its hour of greatest need.

Many many things begin today. So please dear family of Soul, add your energy frequency signatures to these historical events and set clear intents, feelings and visions for the New Earth you wish to see made manifest. Take your time. Add as much detail as you like. We are co creators here. So let’s make it the finest, most beautiful and wholesome co creation we can imagine.

Thank you all for being here with me on this beautiful Earth at this auspicious time of its rebirth from the ashes of the old. This is a Divine appointment you’ve fought hard and gave your all to be here for. God/dess bless you Beautifuls!

Today the tide turns. So power up and shine your Heart light out into the whole world. All is well. Much Love to you. Thank you for your Loving Service.

Love is stronger! 💛🌹🙏🌏

~ Kintarian Amaru

Vast Societal Changes Occurring all across the Planet

Saul from 2011: Vast Societal Changes are Occurring all Across the Planet

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Saul aka St. Paul

As I continue to research the value of a positive outlook – which I pooh-poohed for decades – I came across a very interesting analysis from Saul of the disappearance of the deep state without the need to punish them. I reproduce that here:

Saul, Feb. 22, 2011, at http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com

As you wait expectantly for the illusory reality to dissolve into the nothingness from which you imagined it into existence, know that you are receiving divine support on an unprecedented scale. Vast societal changes are occurring all across the planet, as you are well aware from the media reports, as humanity begins to understand that the freedom it so desperately desires cannot be kept from it.

People everywhere are peacefully announcing that they will no longer submit to the misguided and insane rules that have been imposed on them for so long. Those who have wielded authority with such arrogance are finally discovering that they have no authority, and that they have absolutely no right even to attempt to enforce rules and regulations on others in order to control and manipulate them.

Many of those authoritarian figures are claiming that the rules they imposed and enforced were an essential pillar of civilized society to ensure all were treated fairly and respectfully. But of course the hypocrisy of that argument has long been exposed. And for a while it appeared that those nations that claimed to be democratic were doing a good job, taking care of their citizens and improving their living conditions.

However, this too has now clearly been shown to be an illusion. In an illusion only illusions are possible! Even in the affluent democracies vast numbers are struggling to feed, clothe, and shelter their loved ones, and this need not be.

Many philanthropic and charitable organizations have pointed out that the vast sums spent annually on defense, weaponry, and wars is far, far more than is required to provide abundant food and shelter for all on the planet very easily.

Unfortunately, many people bought into the fear scenario that claims “If we don’t protect and defend ourselves we will be annihilated!” and still believe that spending vast resources on myriad organizations of a military nature is essential to their well-being.

Now the foundations of this catastrophic belief are crumbling as you see these organizations being deployed to subdue and even destroy the very citizenry it is alleged that they were created to protect.

What you build, you will use! History has demonstrated this time and time again. So it is essential that you understand very clearly what it is you are building, why you are building it, and for what other purpose it could be used.

None of what I am saying here is new information. What is new is that now you are taking positive and peaceful action to correct unacceptable situations all across the planet, situations that are in opposition to the common good. You are using love and compassion, and the strength and determination that they provide, to start the process of change that is a prerequisite for the well-being of humanity and Planet Earth. The divine energy supporting you in this endeavor will ensure your success.

Those who are still in favor of the old ways (divide and conquer) are rapidly diminishing in number. Many of them felt that they were living without options in a system that controlled them, but that nevertheless provided a livelihood, and now they are coming to the realization that they do have options, and they are choosing to exercise them by resigning from positions in the authoritarian regimes that have set them in opposition to ordinary citizens – and truly they too are, and see themselves, as ordinary citizens.

The small hard core remaining, who favor the use of violent and forceful means to maintain what they perceive as an appropriately stable and submissive society, are being bypassed as people free themselves from the tyranny that generations of that kind have imposed on many sections of humanity for so long.

Removing their support is all that is necessary, because without it they are powerless and harmless. There is no honor or advantage in punishing them for their actions (which could not have been carried out unless the general population condoned them), because they will no longer be able to pretend to themselves that they were justified in what they did, and they will have to live with that painful realization for the rest of their lives.

Punishment awarded and delivered severely damages the judges and executors by its very nature, being unloving and unforgiving – in fact merciless – and it is away from that way of being and living that humanity is moving, as a worldwide society of harmony and cooperative enthusiasm comes into being.

The truth about the deceits and betrayals that have been inflicted on people everywhere will continue to be made public to ensure that those who perpetrated them are recognized and consequently do not obtain positions of leadership or influence again. Integrity, honesty, and openness will be the hallmarks of society instead of the meaningless rhetoric of a dishonest and discredited leadership which will now go into retirement, where it can learn the true purpose of human existence – to evolve spiritually, thereby bringing love and joy to all human activities, and ensuring that everyone, without exception, has all their true needs abundantly provided.

As this sensational and transformative way of behaving spreads throughout all of your worldly nations, races, cultures, and religions, acceptance of one another as priceless jewels – each one of you adding brilliant, creative aspects that only you could supply – will become totally normal, as you realize that even in your individuality you are all truly one, creating a whole society of immense beauty and wisdom in which all are honored for what they are – the perfect offspring of your magnificent, divine Creator.

Wonder beyond your wildest imaginings is to exhilarate you all as Love – the divine power of existence – in all Its beautiful ways of showing Itself wraps you in Its eternal embrace.



The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth Part 7/7

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Part 7/7

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Energy is always free in galactic society

(Continued from Part 6, yesterday.)

Energy has always been free

Commander Ashira finds the fact that terrestrials charge for energy to be “peculiar.”

“There is a trend that we have noted amongst many of our beloved Lightworkers to talk about free energy. Energy has always been free. It is only part of the old paradigm that people are actually charging – and paying – for the resources of Gaia. It is quite peculiar!” (1)

God provides and man divides, SaLuSa observes.  Big corporations have tried to enslave us.

“God provided, and it is Man who divided so that there were two classes of people, the rich and the poor. The so-called shortages have been the result of control and manipulation to enslave you to the big corporations.

“It has also meant that you have been denied advances that would have immediately given you a better quality of life such as, for example, free energy. It will be given to you very soon, and at a stroke change the quality of your lives.” (2)

Goldenlight’s sources predict that energy will be free for all as soon as Disclosure takes place.

“The reunification with your Galactic neighbors … will assist you with free-energy technology [and] in implementing this on a large scale. This will also assist in freeing every living being from the slavery system as energy will be free for all, as it should be.

“Charging for energy is like charging for sunlight! Really the free energy is that abundant and as free for everyone as is sunlight. The same goes for food and clothing and shelter and all of the worlds resources… They are meant to be shared freely by all, not hoarded and stockpiled by the few.

“Relaxation and enjoyment of life without the daily worry of survival issues will be available for all, not something only enjoyed by the ‘wealthy ruling elite.’ So hold fast to this vision and release all fear and worry, as you are indeed at the threshold of the Golden Age.” (3)

After that, the galactics will work with us to fully realize the benefits of this clean and free source of energy, according to Wes Annac’s sources.

“As your mainstream-scientific understanding of the way energy powers your Lives and the role that free, clean energy can have in building your future has itself been quite [skewed], we look toward the disclosure announcements to help inform humanity of the power of free energy and of the numerous, wondrous advancements it’s to provide for the entirety of humanity.

“Truly, you have so very much good to look forward to and we’re working as much as possible on helping secure the future we already know to be in place.” (4)

Mike Quinsey’s sources tell us that the arrival of free energy will see so many changes that we’ll be amazed.

“Free energy will bring about so many changes in a relatively short time, that you will hardly have time to catch your breath.” (5)

It’s hoped, SaLuSa says, that these changes will increase our happiness and confidence and open us to preparing for Ascension.

“The changes [they bring] will not be imposed for the sake of it, but are part of our plan to bring you the comforts and protection, that will lift your experiences to a new level and bring you joy and happiness. Following that you will be in the right frame of mind to apply yourselves to the business of preparing for Ascension. That is the ultimate goal.” (6)

So what can we do to aid the process? Keeping in mind that imagination is creative in the higher dimensions, SaLuSa asks us to visualize the desired changes:

“Every individual can also help at this time, by concentrating upon the Light and all that is positive. You may not know exactly what is going to happen, but you do know sufficient to be able to project whatever you visualize that will bring the Golden Age into being.

“See the happiness created by your release from the bonds that have held you back, and your return to Sovereign Beings. Feel the new freedom and removal of anything that has hitherto restricted your movements. Know that in time you will be able to travel anywhere in the world, by a new technology that makes distance of no consequence. Speed will be of the essence, and achieved by using free energy that abounds in the Universe.” (7)

Archangel Michael tells us to begin communicating about the future and what it will bring:

“Begin the communication. Expand the communication. Become involved in your community, whether it is in a community garden, in a community action group; whether it is bringing together singers who are interested – and we do not mean simply scientists – who are interested in the issue of free energy.

“There are many among you who are in very active collaboration with your star brothers and sisters. Why are you not coming together and sharing what you are learning? And I do not simply mean about the technology or the play, I mean about the vibration that is required for you to actually come and conjoin.

“So, choose your area, or your areas, that you wish to address and get going. And then come together in collaboration and in groups to deal with any issues that are coming forth that need to be eliminated, eradicated.

“Use the law of elimination, dear heart. This is something that Sanat Kumara has not talked of very frequently in the old days, in the past. But now it is time to bring this and anchor this law firmly within you.” (8)

Archangel Michael has predicted that the delegations will spark Disclosure in 2020.  If so, we can expect to see free energy introduced in the “very near” future.  (9)

There we have it – what free energy is, how it will change our lives, what’s holding it up, and what’s the view looking forward. I watch for the day when free energy is available everywhere on our planet, whether desert or polar region, city or countryside.

Energy at that time will be universally-available, pollution-free, and planet-friendly.


(1) “Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira with an Update,” channeled by Linda Dillon, March 11, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/03/transcript-heavenly-blessings-commander-ashira-with-an-update-march-11-2014/.

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(9) My newest code word for “soon.”


The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth Part 3/7

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Part 3/7

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In 2001, John Christie and Lou Brits announced they had developed a free-energy power supply.

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

What free energy is and does

What exactly is free energy? Goldenlight’s sources help us here as well, to understand the nature and uses of free energy.

“Free energy utilizes and harnesses the inherent co-creative energy of the Creator Source which is energy that permeates everything and All That Is.

“It is the Creative Energy of Universes, Multiverses, Galaxies, Planets, Beings, the energy that propels, creates, gives life to, and animates everything.

“This energy allows your Planet, Mother Earth Gaia to be suspended in space…..it allows the Sun to beam forth its tremendous power and energy. … It gives life to your being and your lower-dimensional body on Earth as well as your Higher-Dimensional, Multidimensional Being which lives in the higher dimensions.

“We of the Pleiadian civilizations have learned over eons of time how to harness this power of the Source Creator of All That Is.” (1)

That’s a pretty important description: Creator Source energy that supports and gives life to everything.

The Pleiadians use it to propel their ships and have been using it for a long time.

“This Free Energy propels our ships and allows us to travel to your atmosphere to be near your civilization, in tune with you and your energy harmonics. As this channel is not versed in scientific formulas or physics, we will not attempt to have her translate the complex mathematical and physics-based algorithms used to harness free energy and propel our ships, but suffice it to say that we figured out the formulas long ago.” (2)

Wes Annac’s sources include cleansing our planet of pollution among its many uses:

“The clean, free-energy technology we’ll offer will be used for various different important and leisurely purposes, and devices will be and have already been Created that orient specifically toward using free energy to mitigate and cleanse the widespread pollution that remains in your current moment.” (3)

Grener of Ashira, President of the Intergalactic Council, tells us that ideas for the development of free energy have already been seeded into the minds of inventors on our planet:

“So often you say, ‘I want my replicator. I want my healing chamber. I want free energy.’ … We have already seeded so many of those ideas [into] your planet.” (4)

Free energy, Mike Quinsey’s sources tell us, is already available “and many projects have resulted in the design of equipment and appliances that will change your way of life.” (5)

Wanderer of the Skies tells us that the galactics will supply us with their free-energy technology after Disclosure:

“In large measure, it will change because even the least of you will have access to free energy and other technological marvels as you can only now dream about but which exist on your world at this time.” (6)

These inventions will make for increased independence, Diane of Sirius tells us:

“Most of our technologies are simple and easily installed, and allow for much more independence than you have now. We shall set high standards where your daily needs are concerned, and bring you all into systems that are self-supporting. This is essential in locations where people are away from the main areas, and tend to be isolated.

“It is a matter of equipping you in such a way, that your standard of life is immediately improved. A clean supply of water and an ample supply of free energy will overcome many health problems, whilst at the same time giving you heating and lighting where conditions warrant it.” (7)

If the technology is already available, then what’s the problem?

(To be continued in Part 4, tomorrow.)

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth Part 1/7

The Role of Free Energy in the Advent of Nova Earth – Part 1/7

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The best way to envision what we might do by way of building Nova Earth, I think, is to consider what the nature and shape of society will be after our lightwork has borne fruit.

We know where we and the Company of Heaven are headed; we have a good general idea.

Goldenlight’s description of it is fairly typical:

“Natural well-being and good health is enjoyed by everyone… Hospitals per se don’t exist but there are healing centers of light for all types of physical healing and rejuvenation.

“Aging is … a thing of the past .. With higher dimensional bodies, 12 chakras and 12 strands of DNA activated on everyone as well as bodies that have transitioned to a crystalline base instead of a carbon base, there is no aging or disease.

“Teleportation is developed and taught in special learning centers. Otherwise there are free-energy transports to take travelers whatever they wish to go on a silent smooth ride.

“‘Work’ has a whole new meaning as people begin to practice their god-given talents in Service and Love to All, rather than the former paradigm of service-to-self. Art, music, and all creative endeavors are encouraged and begin to flourish in an atmosphere of acceptance love and spiritual nourishment.” (1)

I think that about sums it up. There are details that could be filled in, endlessly.  But Goldenlight captures the flavor of our future, the future that we’re building for.

The area I’d like to look at here is the arrival of free energy as a functioning technology.

Free energy will affect many areas of our life – wherever electricity and the combustion engine operate.

We’ll discover that an elite few plus the military already use it.

We’ll look at how the new technologies will liberate the people of Earth from dependence on polluting and harmful energy sources like petroleum, nuclear, and coal power, free Gaia from the burden of wires and towers, and end reliance on the combustion engine for transportation.

My particular hope is that this information finds its way into the hands of young readers who have proven, through their taking up of the climate-change call, that they hold the key  to Earth’s future.

We are building the building. But you’ll be occupying the offices.

Here’s the information. Your peaceful collective action could clear the way for free-energy technology, already in place, to be released sooner rather than later.

(Continued in Part 2, below.)


(1) Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael via Goldenlight: 5th Dimensional Frequencies and the Cities of Light, April 24, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/04/council-of-angels-archangel-michael-and-archangel-raphael-via-goldenlight-5th-dimensional-frequencies-and-the-cities-of-light/.