The Morning After

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

December 22, 2016 by Steve Beckow

So just say the Reval has occurred and you’re wondering what to do next.

Here’s what Archangel Michael has told me to do the morning after – and for a week after that.

From two personal readings with him through Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael: As soon as this has occurred, we want you to take an entire week off.

Steve: Is that in seclusion. Is that what you mean? Or play?

AAM: Play, walking, seclusion, camaraderie. But the most important thing you will do is simply breathe. Because your world as you know it will have shifted.

So it is not to hire people. It is not to find a new place to live. It is not to engage everybody. It is just to breathe and from that place of centered, anchored breathing, then to proceed. (1)

He returned to the theme on another occasion:

AAM: Do not be precipitous. STAND STILL.

Now that may sound like very amateurish advice. It is one of the most difficult things for human beings to do.

Go to the stillness.

Do not feel the immediate necessity, which is an invention of your imagination and ego, to jump into action. Give yourself the opportunity to breathe; to allow this shift in reality, of what you have defined as your personal landscape, to sink in.

Yes, there is an entire world waiting to be rebuilt. It is not achieved if you jump the gun. It is not achieved if you are going full steam ahead and then collapse because of stress.

Stress is a physical reality. It is not you simply creating drama. It is a bio-physical, electrical, spiritual reality. Give yourself a time to breathe, to withdraw if necessary, to scan the environment, to enjoy yourself, to celebrate. And then with the sense of “no hurry,” go forward.

Steve: Thank you very much for that. It’s going to be very challenging when it hits.

AAM: You have need to make sure that you take care of your sweet physical self. Yes, there are the challenges; new home, new situation, and time out.

But do the practical things that I recommend as well. Bodywork, massage, cranial-sacral, relaxation, cycling, working out, and eating properly … now this is going to be a challenge … sleeping.

Steve: Oh Gawd, is that a challenge!

AAM: All of these very basic human necessities will have need to be addressed. If you are exhausted, if you are running on caffeine and adrenaline, you do not come from a place of compassionate wisdom.

And, dearest, that is what we do!

The compassionate wisdom requires that you take care of the physical vessel that you have designed with us.

So step number one is pay attention.

Steve: That makes perfect sense.

When stress goes up; awareness goes down. So the very time you need awareness, discernment, memory, vocabulary and all the rest of it, your ability to access it all goes down.

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: We are least well-equipped at the very moment when we need to be the best equipped.

AAM: That is why attention to the de-stressors that you know of, such as meditation, bodywork, fresh air and sunshine have need to be paid attention to.

It has need to be, and I say this very strongly, a requirement not only for you, my beloved friend, but for your entire organization. Working endless hours under stress to think that you are completing a mission is not completing your mission!

If you are not taking time for joy, for laughter, for love, then you are not completing your mission. (2)


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 21, 2015.

(2) Ibid., May 21, 2015.

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The Equinox Message from Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel – Golden Age of Gaia

Dear Ones, At this moment in time, you are completing a year of Self Mastery. The discovery of who you are on a more deep and expansive level has been a revelation of consciousness. The awakenings that have occurred for you this year are only now coming into your conscious awareness. You may doubt that …

Source: The Equinox Message from Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel – Golden Age of Gaia

Crystal Skull activation

I want to tell you about my experience with a crystal skull, which I haven’t written about before. I was living in Sydney during a Mind, Body, Spirit event in the early 90s. I had been to a talk about the Crystal skulls previously, and I heard that some crystal skulls were to be displayed. I went late in the day and walked into the event and was drawn straight to where the skulls were. I was handed one, which I believe was the skull Kuthumi (formerly St Francis of Assisi), once owned. I held it for a brief time and thought: I’m getting nothing from this. As I left the stand and went out the doors to Darling Harbour I had a vision. My eyesight formed a lens into another level of reality framed by what I call `scintillating lights’ and I was on a bridge of a spacecraft and there were beings talking and I was with them. I was being downloaded with information, but what it was, I couldn’t say. This went on as I walked around to catch a ferry and continued as I left Darling Harbour over half an hour later. The vibration of the ferry’s motors caused it to cease.I am definitely tuned into crystal skulls since then and when I saw this, I did the activation.

Just to recap the most famous crystal skull is the Mitchell Hedge’s skull. The Mitchell Hedges Skull was discovered in 1924 by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, adopted daughter of British adventurer and popular author F.A. Mitchell-Hedges. Here an important video from the Keeper of the Mitchell Hedges Skull

He also goes into the 13 crystal skulls which are said to be working together for humanity.

Here’s a blog from Mt Shasta activation:

Advice to Lightworkers and Lightholders – Part 2/2 – Golden Age of Gaia

Reposted from March 2013 (Continued from Part 1.) Yesterday we looked at how lightworkers and lightholders are midwifing the new reality and listened to the Company of Heaven give us some general advice on how to conduct ourselves to fulfill our missions. Today we pick up the thread and listen to advice for those who …

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Christmas message

Christmas message01

Feed the World


You listen to, sing or play instruments for religious music, majestic choral works, carols and popular tunes, but you may not realize how significantly this is affecting your world. Beyond reverence and great pleasure—and that in itself is immensely beneficial—the tones and lyrics of your familiar music emit vibrations that strongly stir emotions. We rejoice with everyone for whom this is the excitement of festivities with family and friends, religious observances, concerts or other special events. The vibrations also intensify the feelings of people who are grieving the loss of loved ones, or are ill or homeless and hungry; and it is the prevailing heightened emotions that stir individuals and groups to reach out to those in need of comfort and other assistance. More abundantly than ever before, upliftment is being given with caring hearts and received with gladdened hearts, and the light this is creating glows brilliantly!

The importance of music is much more than seasonal, it plays a vital role in your lives throughout the year. What some call “music of the spheres”—the glorious tones of stringed instruments that probably gave rise to the idea that souls in heaven spend eternity playing harps—produce vibrations at a frequency that keeps the universe in balance; and as microcosms of the universe, you receive that balancing benefit in the same measure as your receptivity.

Although the image of eternal harpists in Nirvana is far from the reality, there are many thousands, and at times a million or so, musicians and instruments because music is essential to your spirit world’s very existence. Particularly the vibrations of the strings keep its perimeters flexible and everything throughout the realm in attunement, and they are indispensable in healing persons who arrive with traumatized psyches or damaged etheric bodies.

In much the same way, Nirvana’s composers and musicians are helping you. They continuously transmit music to Earth so the peoples can absorb the high vibrations that release suppressed feelings—an emotional catharsis, if you will—and, unless illness is a soul contract choice, the vibrations assist bodies to regain sound health. Your finest music—symphonies, concertos and other classical opuses that scientific experiments have shown help humankind, animals and plants to thrive—originated in the heavens and was “filtered” to your composers at soul level. Some attributed their works to divine inspiration, and since music comes from the soul, those composers gave credit where it was due.

What never has come from any divine source are the discordant, cacophonous sounds of heavy metal and hard rock, which often have lyrics that also emit very low vibrations. Those kinds of sounds jar your energy systems, creating imbalance and diminishing the body’s capacity to absorb light; that adversely affects you emotionally, physically and mentally, thus blunting spiritual and conscious awareness. While neoclassical compositions can have somewhat the same effect, the composers, who are especially sensitive to Earth’s energy, wrote music that reflected Gaia’s agony until her planetary body’s ascension was securely underway; and negativity in more current dark activity underlies the atonal works of later composers.

Now then, even if a number of you had not requested our comments, we would have spoken about a lamentable part of what otherwise is this season’s extraordinary thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity—the spirit in which a number of countries are welcoming Syrian refugees. Many in the United States Congress and some presidential candidates are, instead, instilling in the citizenry fear about the refugees. Some are acting from genuine concern, having succumbed to the fear that was fomented; others are using fear to make political hay, so to say.

Not only is fear a highly magnified energy that blocks light, thereby blocking empathy, sympathy, compassion and rational thought, it is wildly contagious. A few persons who have public attention, amply aided by mainstream media, can “infect” the populace—that is what happened in the United States, where many people are afraid to provide sanctuary to any refugees. We honor and commend all souls in that country and around your world who are thinking and speaking out factually: The refugees aren’t terrorists, they are fleeing from war and terrorism.

To reach safe havens, they risk their lives crossing rough waters in small overcrowded boats or by arduous, exhausting treks overland. Could a terrorist join the millions of women, men and children who leave homes, livelihoods and possessions to undertake such a journey? Yes, that is a possibility, but rational thought is: With neither assurance of survival nor the ability to carry explosive equipment, someone on a destructive mission more likely would travel by a fast, safe means that enabled transporting necessary materials.

With unconditional love for Gaia and every sentient being on her planetary body, far distant civilizations whose vastness and power are beyond your imagining are beaming intensive light to dispel fear so every heart can open to love. Love is the key to the world you are there to help create, and you would feel as encouraged as we if you could see the light radiating from all the souls who are responding. We quote one line of a reader’s email: “I so wish that everyone feels loved and warm – every living Being of every kingdom.” When those sentiments permeate your world, Earth will be the beauteous Eden she once was and all life will flourish as harmoniously as it once did.

“Please ask Matthew if we need to pray for the people that have died. If we choose to die in a certain way, time and day, what good does it do to the soul? Is praying and meditation the solution to all of this drama the world is in?” First, we repeat something stated in previous messages: Your every thought and feeling is a prayer. Mother, we want to provide information about prayer that goes beyond answering the questions. Please copy what I told you long ago, when I was living in Nirvana.

[The following is an excerpt from the chapter “Prayer” in Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven]

Matthew, are the effects of prayers diminished if the people don’t go to church even though they know the value of group energy?

God never meant churches to be buildings of any kind. The magnificent cathedrals are man’s idea, not God’s. Church is all within the soul. Church is one’s feelings of reverence, of thanksgiving. It is the uplifting of the spirit into the love and light of God. In this way, church is a single prayer that has the ability to touch the universe.

In a church building filled with praying people, there may be only a few whose prayers have a pure and forceful energy flow. Many people pray with only a faint ritual observation, with no real energy. Others pray in such extreme distress or anxiety that their energy is distorted and has an adverse effect upon themselves as well as adding to universal negativity. Smooth energy flow is what positively affects each soul and the universe, not frenzied praying about specific conditions. It is energy balance that sustains and comforts.

I’m not speaking about the intent of the prayer, but only about the effect of the energy involved in the praying. The energy put forth in a prayer for a completely selfish, greedy purpose may be just as intense as a prayer put forth for the safety of a beloved family member or friend. The intent is recorded as one aspect and the energy flow, or force, is recorded as another.

Furthermore, one who prays for a specific outcome regarding another doesn’t know that soul’s pre-birth agreement. Conditions or events the pray-er is petitioning to have changed may be exactly those the soul chose as his life’s lessons. The same is true of prayers for oneself, because your consciousness is rarely in communication with your soul. So pray for your own or another’s highest good and don’t direct intense emotion toward a specific outcome of your choosing. The outcome is NOT your conscious choice. You can feel a sense of relief in this knowledge, which will be registered in your sensitivity as peacefulness. That allows energy to proceed unencumbered not only within your physical and psychic self, but issued forth as harmony into Earth’s consciousness.

Mother, I know you have heard that prayers “for the dead” are important and you’ve wondered why that would be necessary. Well, we aren’t “dead,” but since that reference is to souls in this realm, I want to assure you that prayers for us are indeed important. I don’t mean only for those who arrive with great needs for comforting and healing, but also for us whose lives are vital and vibrant, with on-going lessons and spiritual growth. Of course we need and welcome your prayers! And please know that they are especially welcome when in balanced energy, because those prayers are the most beneficial to us and to you, our beloved ones.

Thank you, Mother. Is praying and meditation the solution to all of this drama the world is in? begs more than a yes or no answer. Absolutely light-filled thoughts and feelings are essential—they enter the collective consciousness, latch onto what matches them and bring those energy streamers back to your world.

But action is essential, too. Telling family, friends and co-workers why you feel optimistic about the future can allay their fears and reverse their low-vibrational pessimism. Not all of you can participate in national or international organizations whose efforts are directed toward peace, justness, environmental preservation or animal rights, for instance; but you can support their efforts by the energy you put forth signing pertinent petitions and donating money if your circumstances permit. Perhaps you are able to volunteer in local groups that provide worthy community services; and by becoming informed about candidates for public office, you can vote for those you deem best qualified. And, we remind you that simply by living in godly ways, you are beaming light into the world—never underestimate the power of your light!

“Earth’s population is more than 6 billion and growing. Matthew said etheric bodies have mass. Don’t they take up room? What happens if Nirvana runs out of space?” Yes, etheric bodies “take up room,” but never could Nirvana even become crowded, much less run out of space. Unlike Earth and other planets that retain their shape and size, Nirvana’s interconnected flexible layers have limitless expansion capacity.

All layers offer learning advantages and comfortable living accommodations, but because the higher dimensions also have exceptional beauty, diversity and manifesting possibilities, countless souls from other worlds go there to vacation, teach or attend advanced classes, or rest after a difficult lifetime. Visitors and temporary occupants, all of whom are fourth density or higher in soul evolvement, may have bodies with considerably more mass than etheric bodies. It is spiritual status that affords entry to this multi-civilizational environment where people with various body styles, attire, interests and talents happily mingle with each other and Earth’s animals. Life in those parts of Nirvana is sublime! And, although they know your religions’ fallacies, visitors and others who live there temporarily join the residents from Earth in celebrating with you the spirit of this holy season, and their combined high vibrations add to the glowing light in your world.

Dearest family, sing “Joy to the world” and “Peace on Earth, good will toward men”—toward all souls—with feelings of love, gratitude for blessings in your life and forgiveness of the ones who don’t want those words to ever ring true. The truth of the words already abounds in the fullness of Earth’s Golden Age in the continuum and is coming ever more steadily to that world you are helping to create in linear time. Let the joyousness of this season continue throughout your new year and keep your light brightly shining.

Always our unconditional love is with you, and many brothers and sisters from other homelands are journeying right alongside you.

Suzanne Ward

Full Moon Christmas Day

Rare full moon will rise on Christmas Day – first time in 38 years
by The Extinction Protocol

December 2015 – SPACE – There will be a rare full moon on Christmas Day this year. It will be the very first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977. The extraordinary event will not happen again until 2034. All Full Moon during the month of December is called the Full Cold Moon, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Such full moons are also called the Long Nights Moon by some Native American tribes.
The Full Moon will be in its fullest size at 6:11 a.m. on Dec. 25 across the world, NASA’s moon expert Fred Espenak revealed to The Weather Channel. For those in the U.S., the rare Full Moon will be best viewed on Christmas Eve. The occurrence of the unusual Full Moon on Christmas was also confirmed to ABC News by a NASA spokesperson. The next Full Moon on Christmas will happen on 2034, 2053 and then 2057. The news outlet further noted that the Full Moon for this year will take place on 11.11 GMT on Dec. 25. This means that the moon will not be technically full in the U.S. People can check when the Christmas moon will be fullest in their location by checking –Latinos Post

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Everything We Need to Know About Ascension – Part 5/8 – Golden Age of Gaia

(Continued from Part 4.) We look today at the impact of the energies on us and our need to experience and then let go the issues that the increasing light is bringing up in us. What is the impact on us of the waves of energy that are hitting the Earth? Earth’s ascension into successively …

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A Glimpse of Our Ascension – Part 2/2 – Golden Age of Gaia

(Concluded from Part 1.) Some days after Wave X hit the Earth, I found that my mind had fallen quiet. And the next day after that, I watched as the kundalini completed its circuit to the crown or seventh chakra. Ordinarily the completion of the kundalini circuit would result in Brahjmajnana or God-Realization. Brahmajnana is …

Source: A Glimpse of Our Ascension – Part 2/2 – Golden Age of Gaia

Death and Resurrection

After three people in one morning started asking me about death, I finally realised I was to write about this for my next blog. Like most people I’m not comfortable about this topic, it brings up all the religious inspired fears of hellfire and retribution.

Let me say I’m not going into that because I don’t believe it. What I believe is we choose the experiences we wish to learn about before we incarnate into this life. Life is a learning experience. There is something beyond this world and we are the judges of how we performed. Did we learn the lessons our soul set for us? That’s the question that will be asked in our life review.

Its all recorded in the Akaskic Records, in the 4th dimension for all of our lives. That’s why some people can remember their past lives. There may be indicators in the physical body, like a weakness in a limb which may indicate a death by a horse drawn carriage, running over the leg for instance.

As we tap into our past lives, more information becomes available about our present life. Why do we have certain talents, like musical ability at a high level, we just might have had that in a past life.

During my travels I went to Granada in Spain where I stepped into a past life. I was walking near the Chapel Royal where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are buried, when I was beckoned into a small doorway in a larger door, in the Palace of the Madraza – the old Islamic University, by a man in a Spanish Watchman’s uniform. I went in and followed him up some stairs in a Spanish style courtyard. He was talking in Spanish which I don’t speak in this life and took me to a locked room which had big pine cones extending from squares in the ceiling. They represent fertility or union. There was a mirador facing mecca of Yustav I. It was a veritable Arabian Night in perfect condition. The eight columns of marble were symbolic of the Star of David. We climbed a carved stairway. It had choir-stall seats like in a church. It was where Ferdinand and Isabella accepted the unification of Spain. It is only shown to dignitaries, I was told.

I wandered around the old town and saw many sites I remembered or were very familiar to me. I was on my own as Michael and Tamara had stomach upset. It was too hard to contemplate at the time but later I explored it through regression and felt I had been among the Royal party as a lady-in-waiting. I even got a name, while working with the John of God group. Ignatious Loyola who heals through John of God was a contemporary, whom I knew in that lifetime and he (in spirit) pointed me to my name, Elanora, married to the Portugese ambassador to Spain.

So when you accept past lives and that you’ve been here before, you know that you’ll return again, unless you break the cycle of rebirth and decide this is your last lifetime. Then you realise in order to access lives in other dimensions you can ascend, with your body. That is what is being offered to us at this time, an ascension to a Higher dimensional level. I have chosen to ascend with Gaia, Mother Earth, by affirming: I wish to ascend with Mother Earth.

Learn to balance the male and female aspects of yourself. Learn to meditate and bring in the light. This new way of doing things will still enable you to meet your relatives in the other dimensions, to create your heavenly desires, but is also the means of bringing heaven to earth. We are the bridge between realities, the beacons of light in this reality.

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The Andromedans via Natalie Glasson: Explosion of Light Within – Golden Age of Gaia

Audio version can be found here. Frequencies of light fill the air and atmosphere, penetrating through dimensions, form, matter and even other light vibrations. An explosion of light is moving through the atmosphere waiting to penetrate your being. It has no other purpose but to unite with the essence of humanity upon the Earth; the very core …

Source: The Andromedans via Natalie Glasson: Explosion of Light Within – Golden Age of Gaia