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Healing with Archangel Raphael in Love and Peace
June 1, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis

The Mother says the resurgence of the Tsunami of Love is bringing up the “dis’s” — distrust, disconnection, patterns of control — feeling miserable. I can attest to this having recently spent a night of dis-ease.

The Mother, Archangel Raphael, Gabrielle, Michael, Uriel and many more are with us, urging us to allow the Tsunami of Love to power-wash away, release, push out all the “dis’s”, sorrow and pain, and to say “Enough!” in peace as Archangel Michael has asked us to do.

Raphael, Healer of the Universe, Healer of Humanity, teaches us all imbalance, all lack of vibrant health, is the result of a heart full of sorrow, feeling unloved:

“I stand amongst you, behind you and in front of you at this Ascension Portal, this moment in this day, and my offer to you is the healing.

“And it is the healing of your heart because all dis-ease, all imbalance, all lack – your term – of vibrant health in all spheres, all dimensions, all realities, result from a sorrowing heart, result from feeling, believing that you are not loved and cherished, and that you are not Love, that you are not Peace, that you are not Creation.

“And this, my friends, is a falsehood. And it is this falsehood that I come, not merely to transform, but to eradicate.” (1)

Raphael says perpetration has occurred on so many levels that we think illness, death, dis-ease is normal. He explains that we exert control by hurting each other, to feel better about ourselves.

“It has been perpetrated – we do not need to go into ancient history – but it has been perpetrated so long and so deep that much of the collective of Gaia has firmly come to believe that illness, death, dis-ease is simply a part of life. My beloved friends, that is an absurdity beyond measure!

“The pattern has been, ‘I am hurt, I am wounded; I will seek comfort from you, but really what I’m going to do is to hurt you so you hurt as much as I do,’ which, of course, simply is the element of the old paradigm of control.

“It is control to think that you can hurt another and thereby feel better yourself.”

The new paradigm we are in now, is a “transition generation”, a place where we are not in denial of our pain, but in the creation of “wounded and healed”.

Raphael clarifies:

“Now, there are many faces to this and there are many other areas I wish to speak to, but the new paradigm as you engage is not to pretend that the wounding has not occurred because you are the transition, what we would term, generation. So, you are the ‘transition generation’.

“So, you are the ones that move from the old paradigm of wounding and being wounded – because it is always both – to the new paradigm of wounded and healed.”

Archangel Raphael says it takes compassion, forgiveness and “fierceness” to be the new paradigm of “wounded and healed”:

“When you are engaging –- and it does require, might I say — a certain element of determination, of compassion, of forgiveness and fierceness.

“Now, why fierceness? Because most of you are the gentlest souls in the Universe and so, when someone hurts you, you may lash out momentarily, but the pattern generally – particularly for Lightworkers – is to bury the hurt, to cocoon into your heart and to somehow shift it into self-blame, self-doubt, self-hurt, rather than pushing it outwards.”

This pattern of self-control, burying our pain shifting it to self-judgement, prevalent in lightworkers, and particularly in females, I can attest to and can be a family pattern.

Here, Archangel Raphael asks us not to project pain outwards:

“Now, I am not suggesting that blame and shame and guilt outwards is the way to go; it is not. But there is a fierceness – and you may call on me or Michael for this; Gabrielle is good at it too – to say, ‘No!’

“‘No, this is not the way to behave; I do not accept wounding; I will not allow you to treat me in this way and we will not proceed in this manner,’ all the while holding the boundary, holding the Love, but not giving permission to be wounded because it is not of Love.”

Knowing our boundaries so we do not allow wounding, patterns of control — unloving nicknames to bullying — is how we shift the old paradigm.

Raphael reminds us that Archangel Michael tells us to say, “Enough!” (in his Plea for Peace Now! Meditation), and with the resurgence of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, with determination, we allow pain to wash away, or as Raphael says, exhale, expel, release wounds, fears, core issues, to the Universe.

“And it is the way in which the paradigm is shifting, is for more and more humans to say, ‘No!’

“Michael, my beloved brother Mi-cha-el, has said repeatedly talked about the power of ‘No!’ and also talked about the collective being at the point where you are saying, ‘Enough!’

“When you are saying, ‘Enough!’ there is a ferocity involved, because you are saying, ‘I will not play; I will not engage in that old pattern; I demand kindness, consideration, gentleness, understanding, compassion and Love.’

“And that is the only thing that is acceptable, and in so doing, you are reinforcing your beloved self, you are exhaling, you are expelling the wound, releasing it to the Universe.”

Archangel Raphael says that the Mother, the Mighty Ones, our guides and guardians transmute our pain when we expel it and in the transformation we are filled and lifted up:

“We can take care of it so you are not giving it back to the person who wishes to do the wounding.

“Let me be very clear about that. You are releasing it to the Universe, to us, to me, and you are not taking it on.

“Give it to me, because this is the transformation. Yes, you carry the wounds, but you are at the same time being filled and lifted up.

“Your body, your Lightbody, is transitioning.”

Call on Raphael, His Emerald Flame,

join the Mother in Her Tsunami of Love,

with Archangel Michael and his Plea for Peace Now!

let’s say



and exhale,

expel and release all wounds,

all patterns of control to the Universe.

An Invocation

I invoke Archangel Raphael, His Emerald Flame and the Universal Laws of Change, Transmutation and Elimination for all wounds, all patterns of control, within and without.


(1) “Archangel Raphael Steps Forth to Heal The Hearts of Humanity”, November 6, 2015,

All other quotes from same source.

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