Archangel Michael on the Lightbody

AAM: What is the Lightbody?

J in Australia has shared some more of her Dec. 17, 2017 reading with Archangel Michael (through Linda Dillon).

I’ve invited anyone who’s had a reading with the Company of Heaven to share whatever of it would be of interest to all of us. J has obliged.

Here Michael discusses the lightbody:

Archangel Michael: It is a very good question that you pose, and during this time of expanded awareness and expanded understandings, this is a good question for many to understand. …
Your question is truly about “What is the lightbody?”

There is a misunderstanding during this time of expansion, during this time of new beginnings, during this time of reawakening, that the lightbody is something that is acquired rather than something that is an innate, essential part of who you are and of who you have always been – and that it has always been there and it is as essential a part of you as your DNA, and the DNA which is your DNA, which is also the DNA of the Mother/Father One. That is why your tri-flame has three elements which include the masculine/the gold diamond, and the blue diamond of the Mother, and your own essential Self.

So the lightbody has always been part of you. Think of it, think of the mythologies, the fairy tales. You cannot divorce yourself from your shadow. You are not Peter Pan and so you cannot divorce yourself or separate yourself from your lightbody. It has always been a part of you, an essential part of you.

And fundamentally… yes, fundamentally, essentially you have always been held together by your lightbody and that is why, increasingly, we have emphasized and you have come to realize, as a human race and particularly as a loveholder, how essential and important the lightbody is.

It is not that your physicality or even your outer fields, your entire auric field as you would think of it, is containing your lightbody. Understand, your lightbody is containing everything you are. The atoms, the subatomic particles of your physicality are not holding the lightbody. The lightbody is holding together all of those miniscule, subatomic particles.

As you have breathed in, as you have welcomed, as you have expanded into the fullness of your lightbody, it is like turning on the lights. And think of it in some ways – as you have had, and do have, continue to have – like a dimmer switch. And what happened is your dimmer switch was basically almost in the off-position, but the current that was flowing into that lightbody was not turned off. But what you have been doing is bringing it up higher, higher, higher, higher into full-quotient reality.

And so, people are becoming… such as your beloved friend, KR, is becoming… more fully aware – as you, sweet angel of light, are becoming more fully aware of the unified field of your lightbody and your being – that there is and there cannot be any separation, that they are one, and that you are holding that quintessential essence of all of your being in physicality.
So the trick has never been to assume your lightbody. The trick has been to bring the fullness of your lightbody up to complete quotient while in physicality. That is truly the shift!
Is this clear?

J: Yes, thank you. Do the lightbodies activate each other? So, for instance, do other lightbodies, other people, does their lightbody then recognise somebody else’s and give it strength as well, and that’s how it flows out into the world?

AAM: Into the world, yes, that is exactly correct. It is as if you are lighting each other up quite literally. You have that sense of various levels of recognition. So, for example, you may see somebody in a situation where they don’t fit, so you say to yourself “but I know you” and you realise that you are seeing someone at the theatre that you normally have seen just in passing for ten years at the grocery store. And so you think “oh, I know you” but it takes a moment to place them.

Similarly, there is the soul recognition when you meet somebody and immediately you think “I know you, I love you” or “I know you and we have crossed paths and done war together.” So there is that soul-to-soul acknowledgment. There is a similarity of, shall we call it, energetic lightbody to energetic lightbody. And one of the qualities of the lightbodies is they love to dance together. So yes, when they see each other, there is literally an activation on that level.

J: That’s amazing. Thank you.

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Archangel Michael speaks

On the end of In-Light radio broadcasts:

Archangel Michael: Indeed, you are!

Greetings, I am Michael. I am Mi-ka-el, Archangel of Love, Warrior of Peace, and Bringer of News. I have existed beyond what you can think of as time and yet I also say to you, my beloved friends, allies, sisters, brothers, that I exist in what you can think of as every infinitesimal moment. I am inside time and I am outside time as you conceive of it but, my sweet angels of light, so are you.

Do not allow yourself to be constricted or restricted by what you think of as time. Swim in the Mother’s infinite ocean of eternity. Sink to the bottom of the trench and allow yourself the infinite space of creation and the beauty of a millisecond, for it is all yours. And it is within thee and it is around you and it is above and below. Savor it as we have savored and continue to savor these times we have together. As we savor these heart conversations with you, not only the heart speaking but the heart listening.

We have undertaken this venture in the name of love; in the name of the Mother and Father and One. In the name of unity and unity consciousness, of the divine union of the 13th Octave, in the anchoring of peace, there has been so much that the Mother has wanted and has guided each of us to share with you. And when I say to you each of us I do not merely mean we of the Archangelic realm, for I include my brothers and sisters of the ascended mastery, of the saints and prophets and wise ones, of the beings of sheer energy – of Tralana and Halion. I include your star brothers and sisters who have joyfully joined in this conversation and in this unity.

Your idea, your concept, your knowing of what is available to you has expanded and multiplied and grown. It has risen even as you have anchored more deeply in your union with Gaia. You have come to understand not that you are Canadian or American or Belgian or Swedish but that you are Gaian and that you have an extended family that seeks and yearns for your love, your cooperation, your approval – to share in your dreams. And that that family is not merely situated upon this planet but far beyond in the unseen realms. And the realms that, shall we say, that are tangible but that are not fully glimpsed. Yes, I speak of your family of the star beings.

All you have hoped for, all you have dreamed of comes to fruition. And part of our sacred purpose has been, and is, to expand your knowledge, your heart, your love, your wisdom, your knowing into the knowing of what is real, so that it is not merely any longer what has been taught in schools or churches or in families or societies. That your awareness of your potential as your ascended, ascending, heart-centered, anchored, Divine Authority self has come to a place where you are ready for your next step. And I do not simply mean the channel and Steve and Suzi and all who have been engaged. We mean each and every one of you.

You know, when all the dross is cast aside, that the truth of your being is magnificent. And the truth of your being is not merely that you yearn for love but that you are love; that you are created, birthed in the very essence of the Mother.

Those of you who have the privilege, yes the privilege to be a parent know that throughout the life of your child, and it does not matter if they are four months or four years or fourteen or forty-four, that you have these moments of deep recognition when your son or daughter does something, has a look on their face or a mannerism where you fully recognize yourself. And even when you say, “Oh, no! They got my bad habits,” there is that feeling of warmth, of love, of recognition of your creation, consciously or by accident of what you have brought forth into the world. And you also know as parent that there is very little that you would not do to truly nourish, on every level, that child.

Now while our Mother has often steered away from this parent-child analogy because so often the interpretation of the human beings has been that that somehow negated your power, which is ridiculous. But think of it this way, you like me, like Yeshua, like Maitreya, like Sanat, you are born and carry the very essence of the Mother and in that, the essence of the Father. And it is patterned. It is not just in one pattern, but just look at your breath – every in-breath and every out-breath is the pattern of the Mother, the essence of the Mother; your DNA, the activating of your DNA, all of this.

And what has this meant in practical terms, in terms of this journey that we have taken together? It is actually very simple. It is for you whom we love beyond, for you to love yourselves and in that love to awaken to what you are truly capable of. And not to simply rest in that recognition of what you are capable of, but to bring it forth in action, in creation, in the fulfillment of your dreams.

You have been and are living in form, in this humanoid form, in the most radical period of this planet. Now think of this: the original plan definitely took a detour and you have come to live in a time where all the false paradigms and grids are crumbling. All the patterns and behaviors that became structured and institutionalized, and even more sadly, believed and adhered to, they are all crumbling.

And part of that ability to participate and to recognize and to live and to contribute to the crumbling has been your determination, your fortitude, and your valor to see through the illusion. And what we have strived to do is to point the way and to reassure you and to say yes – that is not of peace, that is not of joy, and that most certainly is not of truth.

You, beloveds, have and are laying down the new paradigm. You have the completely renewed grid upon which you are anchoring the new paradigms of beliefs, of behaviors that are going to grow and are growing into structure, into what we call tangibility, into – we don’t want to call it institutionalization because the whole idea, the whole creation of what it means to be human is fluidity. And when we speak of institutions it implies rigidity.

So when we speak of systems of justice, systems of fairness, systems of equality, new paradigms of relationships, of family, of cities of light, of what it means to truly heal, you are literally laying that down. We have been overjoyed, excited, committed, and continue to be to assist you in this laying down, but you are also fully assuming your mantle of Divine Authority. When the Mother has said to you that you are the pathfinders, you are the wayshowers, this is meant not figuratively but literally.

You are the implementers of the Mother’s Dream, of the Mother’s Plan. And the harmony of this is that your plan, your dream, is a cohesive, harmonized part of that plan, of that dream. And so your fulfillment in joy, in laughter, in sweetness, in gentleness, in kindness, in love is a necessary piece. It doesn’t happen without you and that is why we have been so vigilant in making ourselves available to thee to share the insights and how things really work. And to point the way: to invite you, to support you – never to push or pull. Because the supremacy of your free will, of your wisdom to make kind and loving choices, is always honored. Otherwise, it is simply a renewal of the old. We won’t do that!

So have there been times of uncertainty? Times of struggle? And sometimes those times of struggle have resulted in the greatest growth, because you have broken through illusions and chains that you have carried, not only since childhood but for many of you – for eons. The reason you came to this planet in form during the time of crumbling has been not just to struggle and to break through but to truly know the joy; the supreme joy of really being there. And, sweet angels of light, that is what you are doing, that is what we have been doing, and that is what we will continue to do. This is our promise to you.

We did not merely introduce and declare the Council of Love and our ability to talk to you to just be present for a short period of time or weekly on the radio. Now, this has been phenomenal because as I have said so many times when we speak the energy, the power, the light of our message goes out across the planet and far beyond. But we are ever present and we have been and always will be. Now think of what I say. I say we always will be, as the Mother always will be, and as you, sweet angel of light, sweet being of love, you will always be.

You continue on for a period of time in these wonderful magnificent forms that you have designed and chosen, yes, in concert with us. But when you depart and whether you stay at home and play with us for awhile, or whether you turn around in the revolving door, it matters not. You continue on. And you always will. I say this because there are times when you are very tired and you say, “Oh, I’ve had enough. I think I’ll go home.” Now I’ll tell you as I’ve told you before, should you choose to return home, you’ll be heartily welcomed. You are so loved and cherished. There would be great celebration.

But you, as joyful as you would be at returning home, you would also say, “Oh no! Oh no, I didn’t do it; I didn’t finish. I didn’t complete what I wanted to.” Your valor, your patience, your insight, your stubbornness has kept you going through hard times and glad times. And that has been admired and honored, and is by us, by the Mother.

But what I say to you this night is do not give up the struggle right when you are breaking through. So often you have said to me, “Michael – Mi-ka-el, give me a sign. Give me a sign of hope.” And then we give you a sign and sometimes you ignore it, and sometimes you say, “Oh, I don’t like that sign, give me another one.” And so we do. And sometimes you note it and sometimes you don’t.

Dearest heart, the signs are all around you. The indicators of growth, of expansion, of breakthrough, of new times, of the Mother’s new times is all around you. When She has declared Her final tsunami, the tsunami within and without, what do you think She was talking about? This is one of your signs of our cooperation, of cleansing and of the creation of the new – of washing away what does not serve and leaving the pristine land, the terrain of your heart, the terrain of your consciousness. Our presence is not buried in the subterranean levels of your unconsciousness or your subconsciousness. You and your willingness to commit have brought this right to the surface.

There have been so many things that we as the Council have brought forth – never to overwhelm – to entice, to engage, to fascinate, to make you curious, to help you in your exploration. We stand in awe of you, of your abilities. Often we have said to thee, “You are the strongest of the strong.” You would not be here otherwise. You may not always know of your power and strength, but dear hearts, we do. You say to me, “Michael, what lies ahead?” If there was one thing that I would tell you, it is breakthrough, it is renewal, it is ascension. It is the collective heart opening. Yes, as I have been speaking to the channel, it is friendship.

Now why in this final episode do I even mention friendship? As your hearts expand and open, as your consciousness, your interdimensional self opens into consciousness, what do you look for? Well, you know I would say love. But what does that look like? What do the new communities of Nova Earth, inhabited by Nova Beings, by Nova Gaians – what does this look like? We have spoken a great deal about sacred union, above and below. But part of sacred union is friendship. And I do not merely mean, although I wish to be included, that you are friends with us – that you are friends with Archangel Uriel, and the new Buddha who emerges beautifully, and St. Teresa and St. Clare and the Ancient Ones and the chiefs, all of this.

But I also encourage you, your friendships. Yes, what you often think of as your circles – your family circle, yes, but your soul circle, your human friends. These are precious. They’re – not only is there not a requirement for you to proceed alone, it doesn’t work if you believe you are proceeding alone.

There’s been too much action, and anchoring, talk of unity. Friendships are honoring, they are heartfelt, they are truthful, they are peaceful and they are filled with hilarity and laughter, with play, and joy and kindness and sweetness and shared thoughts and feelings. I am not suggesting to you that there will never be another moment of grief or sadness as you break through into the new realm. Some of you will even have moments of sadness when you look at what has been. Because, let me explain, there have been many moments – the bombing in the Middle East has been extraordinarily sad, as in pathetic. The breaking of one another’s heart is sad. The breaking of a promise is sad.

But what sustains you is love. It is the manna that feeds; it is what sustains you. Yes, sacred union, as in sacred partnership, is extraordinarily important because there are very, very few of you who came to truly live alone. But out of those sacred partnerships blossoms friendship. And they do not need to be inclusive or exclusive – forget the rules! As you are ascending, see every person as your friend, as your sister, as your brother, as someone that is worthy of your efforts and of your love. And open your heart to the stranger, and the stranger the better. And open your hearts – that is Nova Earth.

Archangel Michael on Creating and Co-creating

Archangel Michael on the Process of Co-Creation
May 14, 2018 By Steve Beckow

Again, knee deep in research, I came across a passage from Archangel Michael in which he describes the process of co-creation with one of his human servants.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dilllon, Feb. 20, 2017.)

Archangel Michael: You have been learning in a very practical way the process of co-creation with us.

Steve. Beckow: I’m very interested in that process, Lord.

AAM: It is not an esoteric study, although you also note that we have led you back to some of the more esoteric material, but also the co-creation process because you need to know this.

As you go forth in the co-creation with us and on our behalf, by the way, of Nova Earth in physicality, it is important to know the practicality of that process as well.

So, yes, this is something that you are interested in and that we are interested in and that you have need to have a fuller grasp of, let us put it that way.

But the biggest piece of this co-creative process, as you have learned, is getting out of the way. It is getting out of the way and at the same time participating, showing up and allowing the guidance to truly move you and co-create with you.

So often I have said to thee, “Follow your heart. What is your greatest desire? What is your grand passion?” These are important because you aren’t led and planted or directed to a deep heart desire if it is not part and parcel of the journey that you have, can we say, roughed out prior to your arrival.

And that roughing out of the plan, of course, has been done in tandem with all of us. So it is not a singular plan. And then that plan of course has been interwoven into the greater tapestry of the Mother.

So often humans tend to think that co-creation requires work. And “work” in your terminology has a sense of burden and drudgery, responsibility and heaviness.

Whereas for us when we talk about work it is not a term that is laden with all those things because our work is our passion. Our work, as you would think of it, is our joy. So we don’t really go to work.

We tend to look at one another in the esoteric sense and say, “Well, what do you want to do today?” And that is also an ingredient of Nova Earth.

Now the human capacity tends to be quite stuck in duality where you are either working or you are taking time off. And in taking time off in that limited sense, you have to divvy it up in terms of spiritual work, or relationship, or play, or staring at the wall, etc.

Whereas in truth everything is unified and everything, in terms of your concept of a day or time, is in co-creative flow.

And so often, as you know, the most brilliant insights, the most brilliant ideas, the most pleasurable undertakings come when you are, not at rest, but in the relaxed state and, yes, sometimes in sleep because, as you also know, that is a very busy time.

So you have been engaged in understanding this co-creative process because as you become more busy – and that is a given – when we say busy we do not want to imply, “preoccupied.” When you are preoccupied or distracted, you stop the flow of creation.

So it is about being present – yes, attending to whatever needs to be attended to, whether it is having a shower or buying a building – but it is not being distracted by that. You have this expression of “being in the flow.”

But in truth you (and when I say “you” I mean the human collective but particularly at the head of that parade are the lightworkers) are learning more about the joy, the pleasure, the ease, the grace of being in the flow.

And being in the flow is about creation and co-creation.

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Archangel Michael on choices after Ascension

Archangel Michael on Where We Might Go After Ascension
May 6, 2018 By Steve Beckow

And where do we go, what do we do after Ascension? By “after Ascension,” I don’t mean mere entry into the Fifth Dimension.

Many people will feel that that completes the process of Ascension, but it does not.

The culmination of Ascension, as all readers here know, comes after Sahaja Samadhi, a full and permanent heart opening. That happens some subplanes into the Fifth Dimension, although at different times for different people.

Here Michael discusses what happens after that culminating event.

From “Archangel Michael: This Election Clears the Way for Obama to Step into the Truth of His Being,” Nov. 8, 2012, at .

Archangel Michael: Then you begin your new assignments. And we need to emphasize in this, of course it is your creation, and it is your co-creation with us, with each other, with your star brothers and sisters. So there is choice. But you have already made those choices also long ago.

But, for example, you would have said – and yes, I use “you,” my beloved friend – you would say, “Well, when I go next time for the new assignment, I want to bring with me two or three choices.” So, for example, one would be emissary, intermediary, galactic communicator, between the ships, the Earth people, the cities of light; the building of new forms of media and communication, where there are different matters, different realities to be discussed and anchored; or joy.

Or you may choose to completely, simply, be on ship. Some of you may choose to continue your Ascension process and return to different dimensions. Some of you may choose to in fact leave or apparate or reincarnate on other planets and other realities. Some of you will be going home to your star brothers and sisters, to your home planets.

So there are a variety of choices. But let us be clear: we are eliminating the sense of work, drudgery, struggle, out of balance, completely. That has been the history of the 3rd and of the human race, but it does not mean that you stop, in quotes, “work, play, creation.”

So, think of replacing the word “work” with “creation.”

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Hypnosis Session with Archangel Michael about the Event

First we had Allison Coe talking about hypnosis sessions with her clients, now we have an actual session with Archangel Michael. The information is coming from various people but is consistent that the Event is happening, coming in waves leading to a crescendo which will change everything.

There is more information about other sessions on my Facebook Higher Self page including my own experience of a sonic boom. during meditation about the Event.

Forgiveness is not approval

The Forgiveness Road: Eliminating Judgement
February 22, 2018 By Kathleen Mary Willis

Voice of

Shooters gunning down children, war, pedophilia, the opioid crisis — how do we forgive?

We know a place of balance is in detachment and attachment to the highest vision.

But what if the action is so heinous, we get caught in the wheel of judgement, anger, hatred, fear. . . ?

Archangel Michael, interviewed by Steve, February 12th on An Hour With An Angel told us:

“Forgiveness is not about liking everybody. It is about being the Love.” (1)

I’m feeling judgement for external patriarchal control, in the without, not the people, but the behaviour, the actions.

But as within, so without. . .

So what am I judging within?
Where is my own control within?
What am I afraid to forgive?
My own experiences
not of love?

Archangel Michael says we, as lightworkers, are forgiving “our not expressing and experiencing” ourselves “as Divine Perfection,” of “allowing” ourselves “that scenic detour to be less than:”

“What you are doing is you are taking the Mother’s and the Father’s Essence of Forgiveness. One of their Divine Expressions, and bringing it down. And anchoring that forgiveness, that sense of deep compassion and awareness of gentleness, kindness.

“Forgiveness is never permission other than permission to surrender.

“So, you are anchoring that. And in anchoring that you are beginning to feel and to know and experience the forgiveness of your sacred self.

“Your inclination may be, ‘I forgive myself for not being perfect,’ but that would be erroneous.

“What you are forgiving is your not expressing and experiencing yourself as Divine Perfection, of allowing yourself that scenic detour to be less than.

“And you look at that, and you let it go. You forgive it.

“Forgiveness has the ability of elimination: more organic change, the dissolving of what may have felt like a huge boulder, which you have experienced. and allowing it to dissolve.

“Then you take that, and in that you can begin to forgive externally. In the without as well.”

So I wrote down the internal and external things I judge/am here to forgive:

I judge/am here to forgive
my scenic detours,
over lifetimes.
I Am the Love

I judge/am here to forgive myself,
for not expressing and experiencing
my self as Divine Perfection
this life, many lifetimes.
I Am the Love

I judge/am here to forgive the people waging war, who rape,
are involved in pedophilia, trafficking, the opioid crisis.
I Am the Love

I judge/am here to forgive shooters gunning down school children.
I Am the Love

As lightworkers, Loveholders, gatekeepers, pillars,
forgiving ourselves within creates
change in the without;
as within, so without.

Archangel Michael says that heinous behaviour is not something to like:

“Now, let us go back. Do you think that when we or the Mother observe some heinous behaviour that she likes it? No. That she likes the person acting that way? No. But the Love for the Divine Expression is always there.

“So, it is not really about…it is almost, might I suggest today, insignificant whether you like or dislike an individual or a group of people. That is you, that is your personality. And when I say you, I mean all of you who are listening this night. That is your personal preferences based on your life experience, your many life experiences, your culture, your acclimatization to society or to institution. It is simply personal choice. Love overrides that.

“Let me repeat: Forgiveness is not permission.

“So, when you forgive yourself or, let us be very particular, when you are forgiving someone you dislike, you are not saying, ‘Let’s have dinner together’. You are not saying, ‘I have a spare room in my house, come and live with me.’ You are not saying, ‘Be my best friend.’

“The gift of forgiveness is to yourself. Because carrying around a burden of what you feel is injury, because that is really what it is about, is injury to your sacred self. So, that is why I suggest to you, I tell you, the forgiveness begins with yourself. And then you can move out to the outer realm as it were. But it has nothing to do with liking or disliking. And I am not suggesting to you (this is a good topic), that forgiveness eradicates boundaries.”

The gift of forgiveness is to me. . . in unity, connectedness, balance.

Archangel Michael reminds us again that forgiveness is never permission:

“Now, more than ever in this time of new beginning, in this process of creating, and co-creating Nova Earth, in this time of a unified grid, boundaries are more important than ever. Because as you are progressing what you are saying — passively, actively, silently, or in heart speaking — you are saying, ‘This is acceptable, and this is not acceptable. And invading my values, my heart, my Love, my sacred being is not acceptable.’

“As Yeshua has often said, and I will repeat, ‘Turn the other cheek,’ which is forgiveness, does not mean that you will allow that individual, or that group, or that energy to beat you up.

“That is not acceptable. And that is why we say, ‘Forgiveness is never permission.’ It is simply lightening your load, your burden. So, when you dig deeper, beloved, when you say, ‘I really am having trouble forgiving this or that person, and what will happen if I do extend an apology?’ And the apology does not always need to be in person, or even spoken. But what will happen?

“I ask of you. All of you. What are you afraid of? It comes back to where we have started this conversation. And it is that those that are reluctant and recalcitrant are in fear.”

From personal experience apologies are wondrous, whether one is asking or receiving, when guided, I highly recommend proceeding.

However, with my issue of judgement of control, I feel there’s more. . . What to do?

Archangel Michael says:

“Now I have this new mechanism that I would like to suggest to each and every one of you who may be caught in this tricky recalcitrant position. And I will share it with you.

“Ask for help.

“Yes, my friends. If you feel stuck, this is not about you always demonstrating Herculean strength, determination, fortitude. This is not about flexing your Divine Muscles.

“Ask for help.

“We are Legion. When you say to us, when you say to the Mother, when you say to Gabrielle, or Raphael, or Uriel, ‘I am stuck. It is too much. I am giving this to you. Help me,’ it will be over in an instant.

“If it takes a little time, it is because there is an understanding not lesson, understanding, a comprehension inside that situation that you need deeper insight into. But when you ask for help, my beloveds, it is a guarantee, we’re there.”

I call on the Mother and the Mighty Ones for help:

I invoke the Mother
and the Mighty Ones for help
for elimination with forgiveness
all futility, judgement, anxiety, doubt,
disappointment, sorrow, shame, anger, fears,
lack of self-love, lack of self-worth,
feelings, thoughts, actions.
There is no hierarchy/control in the higher realms.

Sitting still.


Feeling the sorrow.

Deeper sorrow, the tears

from this lifetime, past lifetimes.

Allowing, allowing, allowing, allowing,

seeing the scenes, apologizing, forgiving myself.

I Love you, myself
I apologize to you, myself
I forgive you, myself
I Am the Infinite and Eternal Flow
of Apologies, Forgiveness and Gratitude,
Love, Peace and Joy
I feel compassion, kindness for myself, others, LOVE

There is no such thing as mistakes.
The only mistake humans make is in judgement,
when they judge themselves or others to be less than,
when they do not see the glory of their own Divinity,
and that is just sad.

My Principal Guide

Of Caravels, Maps and Dimensions

Of Caravels, Maps, and Dimensions
September 5, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Suggesting the Dimensions, Selves, and States
Based on my experiences, I speculate that the Natural Self is a Fifth to Seventh-Dimensional vessel. (1)

Sue Lie identified the Oversoul to me in a reading as Seventh-Dimensional. (2) Maybe it’s Seventh to Ninth. I don’t know.

The Higher Self is apparently Tenth to Eleventh.

The transcript isn’t here yet, but Archangel Michael recently identified the I AM Presence as Twelfth-Dimensional.

We’re gradually getting a map of the territory we’re slated to cover. Not just in this Ascension of course, but on the much higher dimensions from which many, if not most, of us have come.

I don’t know how this dimensional view would dovetail, say, with the Hindu description of panchakosas or five sheaths. (3) Again as with so many basic spiritual notions, we have no agreed-upon vocabulary.

If we’re angels, then we’ve come from beyond the twelve dimensions, in what I call the “Transcendental.” The galactics don’t seem to call it that.

I haven’t had a direct experience of the Transcendental this lifetime so I can’t speak about it. All of us will have the experience, however, on our journey to Ascension. (4)

Never before have we been able to question celestials about subjects such as these. Only in our dreams, so to speak. Now we can ask them questions over the radio.

What becomes of people who enter the formless Transcendental, I do not know. Ramakrishna speaks of seeing his devotees in the Transcendental. Ashtar through Linda, said in 2012 that he lived beyond the Twelfth Dimension. (5) I had no time to find out more from him about what life there may look like.

The Arcturians described worlds in the Transcendental as appearing like bubbles. And they decided which bubble they wanted to enter for a lifetime.

Beyond all of the dimensions and perhaps even the Transcendental is the Self, the Atman, the Christ, the offspring or Divine Child of Mother/Father God. Of it Michael says:

Steve Beckow: That aware part of me that focuses on the mind, or focuses on me, or the higher self… What IS that part of me?? Is it the Atman?

Archangel Michael: It is your very soul

SB: Now is that the Atman or beyond the Atman?

AAM: No, it is your Atman.

SB: That is a question I have had for decades! Thank you for settling that for me. (6)

This is exciting stuff for me, endless discoveries about our true nature. Finding out who we truly are is the task assigned to all of us in life. This whole world has been set up to assist us to make that discovery.

What we’re doing here in our Ascension journey is no different than setting out in a Fifteenth-Century caravel for the New World. The space we’re about to inhabit vibrationally is in fact new.

It’s one in which we’ll be able to travel dimensionally in ways we weren’t able to do on the afterlife astral planes. The rules have changed, as Michael and St. Germaine have said. The latter explains:

“You see all the rules have changed. You have decided to maintain form, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to have you punished by not allowing you access to the 7th.

“That is the old paradigm. ‘You can’t come here, unless you die.’ Well, that’s not true! That’s what enlightenment and Ascension is about. You can go and feel and be the Love that is the 7th Christ consciousness. You can have it all and then you pull it into your physical form so that you are a walking, talking, working, creating Christ consciousness Being.” (7)

That’s an amazing future that we’re being handed.

We’re sailing on a new sea, with each sighting of land filling in another piece of the emerging picture.


(1) Michael described the divine states correlated to the dimensions. In the course of it, he described transformative love, which I believed to be Fifth Dimensional as Seventh Dimensional. I suspect that it spans those dimensions.