Light Language

I’ve decided to write about light language having just experienced how amazing and uplifting it is. It takes you into a different space, a meditative space which is so much more than that. I also realise the tones I use in earth healing are probably light language. I’ve also realized its how we can communicate with higher dimensional beings, its another form of channeling and it feels so good…
Channeled from Archangel Metatron: The frequency of the Light Language creates the geometries that are needed spatially in the person’s Light body. Like a solar flare, it is a powerful burst that bypasses all other Encodements or transductions because it immediately hits the energy field without having to be broken down into other formats – like an understanding or an emotion. It immediately interacts with the Light body.

Light language is how the Galactics communicate. Its a higher dimensional language and is not linear, but rather conceptual language. It bypasses the mind and communicates directly with the multidimensional self. It comes through the whole body and can be expressed as dance, movement, writing, healing, song, speech and is all heart centred. Its a feeling tone, an emotional language. It has so much more to convey than ordinary speech. Its the key to the new energies flooding in and transforming us and I’m excited to learn it and master it.

So I’ve been researching some of the online material and the book by Jamie Price
and I’m told who can help with this. So I’m excited to see which form it will take for me. Please do the Meditation in Light Language if you want to help


Orbs are these fascinating relics which appear on photographs particularly around special children, animals, out in very beautiful natural areas, even in the sky. The consciousness of the photographer is also a factor. If your heart is open and you resonate to a fifth dimensional frequency you can take orb photos. They are everywhere but most easily captured at night or in the rain, around waterfalls or water courses. You may not see them until later.

Call in your angels and begin snapping away. Many spirit guides appear as orbs and also Ascended Masters, angels, archangels, and elementals, fairies elves and knomes. The colour of the orb is also important indicating which angel it may be. Orbs are uplifting as in the video, they raise your energy, they may also bring messages. Be open to receive images or sounds. I highly recommend: `Ascension through Orbs’, by Diane Cooper and Kathy Crosswell. They have tuned into many different orbs and can describe their messages. The colour key is as follows:

EARTH STAR, black and white yin yang symbol Seraphina, Roquiel, Sirius, Orion, Pleiades, Neptune – Orange

STELLAR GATEWAY – Sparkling Gold

SOLAR PLEXUS chakra – Gold

SACRAL, NAVEL AND BASE Chakras – Platinum

SOUL STAR, causal and CROWN  Chakra – Magenta

HEART Chakra – White

THROAT Chakra – Royal Blue

See also my Orbs on Pinterest:

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