Andromeda Starseeds Update

Earth’s Sacred Union with Andromeda and Preparation for 1st Wavers

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by Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe, August 22, 2019,

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with a powerful message heralding great victory to the forces of light.

There was once a time when our Milky Way was twinned with the star system of Andromeda, but due to the free will experiment eons ago, a dramatic split was allowed to occur, whereby many planets and entities in our solar system were allowed to become part of a fallen angelic system.

This experiment was allowed to take place for the last 26,000 years, but as all long-count calendars consistently depicted, all of the ancient calendars ended at this window of our time.

These long-count calendars were created by our Galactic Star Brethren, who in days gone by have co-existed on this Earthly plane alongside Humanity, and who passed on information regarding advanced technologies, and the secrets of consciousness.

The Dogon tribe in Africa have recorded accurate depictions of the African tribes connection with our Sirian brothers and sisters.

The Ancient Ones knew that at around this particular epoch that we’re in, Gaia and the entire solar system would come into alignment with the heart of our Galactic Sun.   That Sun is known as Alcyone, residing in the constellation of the Pleiades.  This alignment will activate a Solar Flash or solar pulse event which would be experienced by the entire consciousness of the universe as an intense tsunami of God’s Love, Grace and all-pervading presence.

It was known that this dispensation would reactivate all of humanity’s dormant DNA codes, switching on the Christ-Sophia divine Union codons that have been stored in the deepest core of humanity’s consciousness.

It was known that this event would literally re-align and unlock the energetics at the core of our Milky Way that had previously been infiltrated by lower dimensional forces.  This momentum would enable the reunion of our Milky Way with the star system of Andromeda, thus fully completing this current 26,000 year free will cycle.

We have arrived, dear ones, to the morning of the Age of Aquarius. We really and truly did it. We won the Battle of light and dark. There was never any other option except Victory to the Light.

Please know that all lower 3D timelines have now expired, and the Solar Flash event is imminent.

Light workers, it is imperative that you stabilise in the frequencies of the heart, and firmly commit to prioritising present moment awareness over the rise and fall of all temporary thoughts and emotions.

Prepare in earnest, dear ones, to be the Lighthouses you promised your awakening brothers and sisters you would be.

For all those on the path of Divine Union, you must trust The Creator like never before.

Everyday upon Awakening make a choice – just for today I shall place all of my trust in Mother Father God, and then watch how your timelines converge, to reflect this most fortuitous and significant choice.

Dearest brothers and sisters, we would like to take a moment to speak about the current energetics that are bombarding the Earthly plane currently as we speak. These gamma rays are being expelled from the heart of Alcyone, our Galactic Sun, and these gamma rays are specifically interacting with Humanity’s DNA.

Never before in the history of this Earth or indeed this entire galactic region have we witnessed such an epic transformation as a whole species transforming from carbon based to crystalline based.

Many of you will be noticing shifts in your physical appearance, and you’ll be noticing as well that you are appearing younger.  The ageing process has definitely stopped for many of you. It’s very powerful for you to observe these shifts as it empowers these timelines of increased transformatioun.

The greatest way you can assist your Human vessels with this shift from carbon to crystalline is to deeply and profoundly align with your heart consciousness. Your heart consciousness holds the key to 5th dimensional consciousness, which is the gateway to full multidimensional consciousness.

The way to stop the ageing process is to stop believing in the false limited narrative of the egoic consciousness which perpetually seeks to keep you separated from yourself and from others. This egoic consciousness would have you believe that you are unsafe, and that it’s imperative for you to stay in your individualised form, resisting the merge with your divine counterpart /your eternal self /and All That Is.

For those of you who identify as the 144,000 1st wave twin soul ascension pioneers, please know that if you are ~

  • Perpetually resisting the messages of your heart consciousness that are sending you signs and synchronicities from your higher self and assisting you to stay on the path of your highest destiny
  • Denying and rejecting these signs and synchronicities as wishful thinking or delusional

…then please know that your higher self will have to go even further out of its way to ensure you receive the message that’s coming directly from your soul.

We strongly advise you to follow the signs, follow the breadcrumbs that your higher self is sending to you. These signs and messages are leading you directly towards your highest destiny, also known as your highest Christed timeline.

Dearest ones, please know that it is our deepest pleasure to invite you to come forward for the 9:9 transmission. In this transmission we will be experiencing a dress rehearsal of the the 1st wave ascension moment.

In many ancient prophecies including the Bible, it is spoken of the Corridor of Light which appears at the moment of the Samvartaka Solar Flash event.

This Corridor of Light is made available for the First Wave 144,000 twin soul Ascension Pioneers. To those reading these words, please know that we’ve all signed up to be included in the 144,000 First Wave Ascension.  Please also know that we all offer the most extraordinary assistance in coming forward to experience the dress rehearsal of this great and auspicious cosmic event.

The work that we’re being called to do in the 9.9 transmission is designed to specifically assist us in this monumental shift from carbon to crystalline based.  We’re being guided to work with highly advanced Arcturian Ascension technology that communicates specifically to humanity’s crystalline DNA.

This is a highly auspicious ceremony to take part in, and will assist you in unfathomable ways in keeping your vibration at an extremely high and stabilised level. You’ll also serve many of your brothers and sisters by coming forward to take part in this transmission as you’ll be a true template holder of the Ascension vessel of Light,

please see below for full details to book onto this transmission

in love and eternal light…

~ Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe

9.9 Christline Light Form Transmission

The 9:9 transmission will take place on Monday the 9th of September at 8:08 p.m. UK time. In this transmission, we’re being guided to run through a dress rehearsal of the first wave 144,000 Ascension. We’re being guided to work with the Corridor of Light which will present itself at the moment of the Samvartaka ~ the Solar Flash Event for all of the 144,000 First Wave Ascension Pioneers.

We are being guided to work very specifically with Arcturian Ascension Technology that communicates specifically to our crystalline DNA.  The tools that we’re being guided to work with will assist all of us First Wavers to prepare our vessels for this huge and monumental shift from carbon to crystalline.

This is an enormous spiritual service to take part in, not only for yourself personally and your entire ancestral lineage, but for all your brothers and sisters on the Earth. We are the leaders and the way-showers of this planetary ascension, and through our Wisdom and deep gnosis and remembrance, we are deeply and profoundly assisting the entire collective consciousness of Humanity to Ascend in the ensuing waves.

Please know that this sacred work is offered on an energetic exchange basis in order to ensure your presence and commitment to showing up for this level of personal and planetary service.

We will also address important issues that are affecting Gaia at the time of transmission.  We’ll be sending additional galactic support to the Amazon as the Amazon clears itself of all patriarchal programming, creating space for the seed and the fruit of the New Earth to be planted and take root in its fresh soil.

Link to the transmission ~


White Tiger Beings

Reclaiming Divine Space –

White Tiger Beings In your meditative space, I approach you. In your vision, I glow in white and many colours. Starseed, empath, light workers, seeds of Atum; feel the waves of energy passing through you. Light and dark Highs and lows. In moment of ascension and accelerations in energy shifts, you are often swayed by external influences which at time causes you to feel anxious, frustrated and angry. At times, it feels like you have being ripped apart. Draw your boundaries, dear one.

A powerful being like you. A sensitive gifted soul such you. Reclaim your Divine Space. Within this space, return to your center, source strength light and divine presence. Within this sanctuary, regain your power of; grounding and transcending any energy that no longer serves. I am a white tiger, a being of light just like you a reminder of you core. White Tiger beings exist in many realms. Some of them travel from Andromeda galaxy while some exist in higher realm. They often approach us during big planet alignments and full moons when our receptive centers are activated and highly sensitive. They bring forth such great power and majestic vibrations. This is a divine reflection. You also hold great power within you. Tiger totem reminds you to be aware of anger. For one to be mindful of their anger and frustrations. Step back and take a deep breathe. What is the cause of the anger? The core answer to this question is never the other people or situation that triggers anger, but often the need to reclaim your boundaries and create a space to go deeper within your being, for self-healing, love, and seeking for peaceful solutions. When anger arises, rather than allow it to be the master, offer it peace and love. Walk away from the situation and review your inner self. This takes great strength and practice, but can be achieved. And when you build this habit of mastering your anger with peace and love, such bright light of compassion you shine from within. As we move along this ascension path, we become more and more sensitive, so it is important for us to learn to hold our space gracefully with love and respect to others.

Messages: Observe your anger. Do not let it become your master or the driving force for you to take action. Rather see it as a signal for you to draw your boundaries and opportunity to offer peace and love. Seek peaceful solutions. Create a divine space. This can be done simply by deep breathing and return into your heart. Then call upon your higher self, guides, white tigers and archangels to surround you. See if there is any cord of attachment that no longer serve and is needed to be cut. Remember to always transcend densities with gratitude and love. Highly sensitive moments. This is an opportunity for you to be in your divine space and connect to higher realms. The White tigers hold great portals of connection to the higher realms. Connect with them and trust in your inner guidance.

Star Connections: Andromeda, Lyra, and higher realms

Key Words: White Tiger beings, Andromeda, be aware of anger and frustrations, moment to create a space and boundaries, seek and offer peaceful solutions, stepping into state of empowerment. 163 | P a g e

Message from the Andromedans

“As you are all shifting every second and moment of time, Andromeda Galaxy is moving closer and closer to its twin sister, Milky way.

As you progress on your soul journey, layers of fear constructs are being lifted.

Frightening visions and worries come into your awareness.

We the Andromedeans, your brothers and sisters, are cheering for you.

Fears are like mirrors, different aspects of reflections of your totality.

We urge you to look into fears and sufferings as if you are looking at yourself.

In your meditation and deep breathing, go into your fears and sufferings

you will find the roots

the causes.

They are much like your inner children that need love and compassion

from you.

Moreover, as you are aware that your DNA is undergoing a major waking up


and shifts in its frequencies, codes and strands.

Here we would like to remind you to connect with your body and DNA.

The collections of information of your ancestors,

your soul, the lands and stars you have walked upon.

Any fears and sufferings that you experience

connects and links back to you ancestors as well as the collective consciousness on earth.

We send our gratitude to you in this moment of time

for walking your path

and going through all kinds of triggers, struggles and experiences.

All the clearing work which are based on compassion and forgiveness that you have done

beam out frequencies of freedom

and transcending

for you soul and ancestors.

WE would like to also remind you

that in this moment of time, water molecule on earth is shifting as well.

A match of soothing and grounding frequencies

that your body and DNA need in order for them to catch up with waves of shifts and flux of cosmic energy.

Continue to send gratitude to water, so that others in your community can receive that energy from the same stream of water.

Continue to set intention of healing and love into water and your body.

For the ability to heal is within you

Thank you! ”


Light Language Art:

Andromeda starseeds

I’ve been told I have Andromedan energy in a channeling years ago and after reading this report in Starseeds from Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius by Eva Margulis, a lot of my own physical and higher dimensional senses  confirm it.

‘The enchanted underwater world glows in hues of all shades of blue. These colors are so rich and magnificent. If you wonder how the water tastes (salty or sweet), you will be surprised to discover that your taste buds turn into “feel buds” and instead of tasting water, you will sense the water with your whole being. Andromeda’s underwater world is full of exotic flowers and living creatures that are hard to describe, as the words are not in our vocabulary. This is a home of Silver Dolphins. Silver Dolphins have a silver sparkly glow around them. The presence of these majestic, intelligent beings, feels magical and angelic on all levels. This underwater world teaches you to feel the energy through your whole being, using your “feeling” sensors or clairsentience as we call it. You learn to become one with the water and with the beings living there. Once you get used to the clairsentient sensations in your body and let the energy flow through you, you will easily learn to become one with the element of the water. Then, you can continue to journey this home world, observe its beauty, marvels or magic with your eyes and mind.’

in my own journey, I worked with my husband Kevin Deacon to open up the underwater world to divers in the 1970s culminating in our book ‘Australia Down Under ‘ published in 1987. Since then I’ve had many dreams of exotic underwater adventures

‘After mastering the basic sensing skills, you are then able to view more of this world. This is comparable to swimming lessons in our world. You cannot swim in deep water until you have mastered the swimming skills. When on an underwater journey into Andromeda, you will meet many exotic beings.

‘Majestic sea horses are one such being, which by our vocabulary and understanding have only be described in fairy tales. The sea horses swim around and assist you in getting where you need to go. The other beings to mention are golden, illuminated starfish, emanating brilliant golden light energy that surrounds you when you are in their energy field. Their energy is serene and helps you to eliminate any pain (physical or emotional) you may experience at the time. The starfish’s peaceful energy calms down all new nervous visitors who astral travel here (consciously or unconsciously). On these astral visits, Andromedan and Atlantean starseeds are able to connect with their home world to their original soul energy. These astral journeys are an important part in soul awakening and assist in activating DNA. After a refreshing relaxation in starfish golden light, you may notice silver sparkling light, penetrating water like sunrays. The silver light is the energy emanating from Silver Dolphins. When silver light combines with your energy, you can experience a beautiful tingling sensation in your hands and in your whole body.’

‘After a refreshing relaxation in starfish golden light, you may notice silver sparkling light, penetrating water like sunrays. The silver light is the energy emanating from Silver Dolphins. When silver light combines with your energy, you can experience a beautiful tingling sensation in your hands and in your whole body. To be in the presence of Silver Dolphins feels like angels are surrounding you. When their loving and healing energy merges with your whole being, you may feel like a beautiful mermaid/ merman. This place is truly an underwater heaven and its energy is highly seductive. Andromedans built huge caves in their underwater world. These caves serve as a meeting place for Andromedans and other star nation members.’

I had some amazing dolphin experiences including one my Fijian friend Ben saw me swimming with a pod of dolphins around me at Jervis Bay while I was snorkeling when I couldn’t see them. I asked about this during a channeling and was told I created the experience.  Because I was part of  the experience, I couldn’t see it.

When I had a heart attack in the water in 2000, I was tuning in to the dolphins, I said when I came into consciousness, 18 hous later, that ‘I was off with the dolphins.’

‘Many ceremonies, meditations, celebrations, planning and schooling take place in underwater caves.’

Energy Power Center -EPC

An Andromedan’s EPC is in their 3rd chakra, clairsentience is their strongest natural ability. When they first start to notice their abilities, Andromedan starseeds experience discomfort in their stomach. This odd feeling is from energy waves travelling through their bodies. They may feel confused about why they mostly feel energy in their body but cannot see the energy or receive telepathic communication.

‘For Andromedans the clairsentient energy waves in the body are their natural way to perceive energy and they need to learn its meaning. After they learn to understand that this energy has its own language they very easily move toward mastering other abilities such as: telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and others. Note: Each Star Nation has its own signature abilities. In our human body, we have what I call an Energy Power Center (EPC). This energy power center connects to your strongest ability depending on your DNA. This is the place where you receive the energy information and process it. You also emanate and vibrate energy out of this center.

‘This EPC may be in a place of a particular chakra, or maybe two or more chakras merged; it depends on your DNA. If you have single DNA, you have one EPC. If you have merged DNA, you have two or more EPCs. Andromedan Starseeds on Earth Andromedan starseeds are strongly connected to nature. They are attracted to water, especially the body of the ocean. They have an unexplainable love for the ocean.

‘Some have had miraculous recovery from very bad accidents when doctors predicted that they would never walk again, but they fully recovered while others took longer to heal. All that I have met, who had physical heath challenges, started to be drawn to energy healing modalities, for a reason to heal, such as hands-on healing and most became healers. In my experience, an awakening point for Andromedan starseeds comes with physical injury or challenging illness. This pattern seems to apply mostly to those with single Andromedan DNA, as those with merged DNA may experience the same or different kind of awakening. In addition, I would like to point out that if you consciously work on your spiritual growth, you may avoid many unpleasant triggering points you agreed to prior your incarnation. You may wonder; why did I have this, for example, car accident? What is this physical illness about? The answer is simple. If you run out of options in western medicine and have a strong purpose to be healthy, then you look into other possibilities that you may have not considered before. Your physical body challenges may bring you on a totally different path. There has been many Andromedan starseeds who came to me out of frustration because they cannot see energy and wish that their third 3rd eye would open. Some of them have been trying to achieve this ability for a very, very long time. The answer is simple. They are focusing on the wrong ability to develop. They do have clairvoyant abilities; but it will not become strong until they learn about their primary ability to sense energy through their body, starting in Solar Plexus. An Andromedan’s gift is to have what I call a “liquidy” energy.’

For me health has been an issue, beginning at age 9 when I was told I’d never walk again after having  osteomyelitis. Of course I did get better when a wonderful doctor told me I’d dance again.

‘Instead of receiving energy messages telepathically, Andromedans receive messages in the form of energy waves or feelings, that pass through their 3rd chakra’s and then throughout their bodies. It is crucial to their spiritual development to learn to interpret the energy language and learn to use their whole body as one “sensing machine”, after that their 3rd eye vision and other abilities can open. The reason being that if they are allowed to see or hear clearly before learning to interpret energy vibrations in their body, finding words for it and meaning, it would become too easy for them and they would become easily disconnected. They would not strive to work hard or learn to understand the healing energy that flows through their bodies. Andromedans must be one with the energy to be effective healers. I compare this spiritual progression to when a baby tries to walk before learning to stand up and hold its balance. You have to take one-step at a time, before the next one. Please note this is a unique spiritual pathway for Andromedans and it varies with other star nations. Once Andromedans learn how to work with their EPC (3rd chakra), the rest of the work becomes much easier.’

‘One step at a time’, is a mantra, I repeat all the time.

‘While passing the hands over a client during an energy healing session, they can read the energy vibrations in their own body (I call this a human X-ray) and intuitively diagnose any issues. They are literary a living, scanning, energy machine if you want to look at it that way. Andromedans are natural empaths and it is important that they release all the energy imprints they collected throughout the day out of their bodies. This should be done at least once a day, a good energy cleansing routine is very important! Andromedans are passionate for classical music. When carrying out a reading for an Andromedan starseed client, I heard within my inner ear the Andrea Bocelli song ‘Con te Partiro’. My client confirmed that she loves classical music and that it always raises her vibration.’

I have also experienced this x-ray ability while healing, I thought everyone could do this in a healing state. I also like to use water in a spa or the ocean to clear my energy field daily. I also use some music to raise my energy.

i also found myself waking at night being drawn to certain stars over several years. I was particularily drawn to Sirius when it was in the night sky.


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