Rainbow Serpent 2

I’ve just read The Book of Love by a Medium Valerie Barrow, With comments by Sai Baba.She is on the same wavelength as I am saying Star people have had a long period of contact with Aboriginals. Additional copies can be obtained PO Box 925, Bowral. NSW 2576 She had contact with a tjurunga, a sacred stone, which gave her access to channelled information from the Pleiades. This should have a wider audience as now is the time for this information to be available.

What she is saying is that the Wandjina are creation figures, or beings. The energy of the Rock Uluru is the same energy as the tjurunga because it comes from an asteroid. She describes: I found myself standing on a point where I was no longer a human being. I seemed to become an instrument and I felt energy coming in to us from thousands all around Australia, maybe even overseas, that seemed to be tuning in at the same time. The Star People can then draw upon all the energies of like-minded people and focus it, as we did in using the energies at that point between Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It was like bringing in both Male and Female energies together (clockwise and anti-clockwise energies) and they were pumped into the Earth in a very steady mechanical-like way. It was as if the energy was spreading out in circles, like if you throw a stone into a pond and you see the ripples going out further and further and this is what was happening within Mother Earth well beneath her surface, pulsating out further to other points right around the Earth.

It is like the energies of the earth are like an acupressure grid. It is these areas that the Aboriginals have been looking after so well and there is much we can learn from them. I personally participated in the energy alignment at a spot in Sydney where my Aboriginal friend had confirmed the energies were still strong. It was a 3 day event and we participated using toning and sound- a humming bee and soon the Star People wish to make their presence on Earth known and encourage us to see ourselves as aliens, to break down any fear.


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