Galactic Federation Starfleet part 4

Sheldan Nidle: The GFOL Starfleet and Its Deployment – 4/8

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Sheldan Nidle, in his Galactic Federation of Light: Updates Archive 1997-2007, published a most absorbing catalogue of our star family’s spaceships and their deployment, etc., etc.

I think I’m safe in saying that you won’t find this kind of information in any other place than (namaste) Sheldan’s archive. We look forward to his complete recovery.

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In Four Rings (Continued)

The Second Ring of Fleet components is headquartered on Mars. These support groups consist mainly of sentient Beings who are not Human in form. Many of them will be introduced to you soon after the beginning of the “First Contact.”

Others will wait until you are restored to “Full Consciousness.” Within this second series of the Fleet are included some small, planetoid-sized Motherships, whose purpose is to augment the research and observations being done by the innermost ring of ships.

They also have a number of tasks involving watching over the weaponry and technology that, in the course of the past decades, has been given by the Forces of Darkness to your Secret Government.

Most of this technology was supplied by the off-world former Anchara Alliance Star-Nations, Star Leagues and Star Empires whose ships are also to be found here now cooperating with the Forces of Light.

On Mars, a network of underground and surface Bases acts as the ‘Control and Command’ segment of this exceedingly diverse Fleet. These Galactic Federation personnel are also busily preparing Mother Mars for your arrival en masse, after your journey to full consciousness is completed.

Between the Second and Third Rings are a large number of special, planet-sized Command Ships from our Science and Exploration (S&E) Fleets. They will serve as the Command Ships for this First Contact Mission. Standard procedure is to cloak these ships and keep them away from the prying eye of your many space telescopes. Their aim, essentially, is trying to find us.

From time to time, we very briefly uncloak some of these Motherships in order to show your Secret Government that we are still here and do not intend to go away. We know that infrequent sightings of these Ships by your astronomers go unreported. They fear reprisal, either by their peers or by those who give them their grants.

Your Secret Government fears these Ships the most because they fully realize the capability of such a fleet and the insignificance of any response they themselves could mount. Here, we must repeat that we are benevolent and operating under the full supervision of Heaven.

The Outermost Ring of our vast Fleet is, by far, the largest. It contains millions of immensely varied ships, ranging from Motherships the size of large ocean liners to those nearly the size of Neptune or Uranus.

These Motherships are simply our final back-up, serving as components that will enter the Second Ring only when necessary. They proclaim to all potential adversaries that Mother Earth and your Solar System are clearly experiencing a transformation that no Being, corporeal or non-corporeal in form, can prevent.

Within this Ring are the main Transport Stations that lead back to our vast profusion of Home-Worlds. Here, as well, are to be found the traffic coordinators for this immense Fleet of Space Ships. They serve to move all Ships between these Rings and back into Interstellar or Intergalactic Space. (Ibid., June 25, 2002.)

First Ring Limited to Humans

Our fleet continues to rotate. At present, we have limited the inner ring around Earth to the ships of human star nations. (Ibid., Sept. 2, 2008.)

(Continued in Part 5, tomorrow.)


Gatekeepers on Standby For Activation


Not all can remove the density required for the intensity of the energy that will be experienced so yes some will drop their physical vessel for rebirth. There are also many who have integrated enough light to light up the grid sufficiently many are transversing and anchoring into the higher dimensions through each quantum shift. This is what is meant by gateways we open up higher consciousness star gates as within and without. As above so below. Gatekeepers open them so all can experience at their own given time. Gatekeepers are strategically positioned like lightworkers to activate these gates at pinnacle planetary conjecture points to allow the codes to flow in anchor within their vessel and then activate in others when the soul is ready. It’s a magical process

Use crystals on the way above, the symbol of the Grail, including obsidian as it’s Equinox obsidian alignment. This is a symbol of the Grail and I feel it should be added to the Cosmic Alphabet

Light workers Reach Higher!

Wendy Hutchinson: Lightworkers Reach Higher!

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Lightworkers Reach Higher!

June 1, 2019

by Wendy Hutchinson,
Contributing writer,

There is a huge shift upon us, and I am witnessing many lightworkers being brought to their knees, questioning their path, questioning their gifts, and feeling tremendous torque and friction in their personal lives. 3D Earth has closed and completed and those who have chosen to go higher have entered the lower harmonics of 4D. They are being squeezed through the eye of the needle as they are being asked to go higher. The density of the bandwidth in lower 4D is working against them as this is where fear and separation are strongest. Many have languished here too long as it was expected that most would have ascended by the end of 2012.

Opposition pours frequency down which can often be mistaken as positive energy downloads when in fact they are targeting and instilling fear and doubt in our light worker communities worldwide. Discernment is critical. Not all energy is aligned or sanctioned, can you discern a download from an integration or negative energy? Are you feeling off? Are you experiencing fear about your financial situation, your family dynamics, your gifts and abilities? If you are experiencing any kind of doubt or fear around who you are and why you are here, it is the reflection of bandwidth or frequency you are currently living in. You must release this fear program to ascend.

“True evolution is when a being chooses compassion, love, forgiveness, and acceptance while striving for the highest expression of themselves in all things. This is the god particle at work within the human consciousness matrix, whether it is in the case of the believer, the nonbeliever or indeed an atheist”
The Elohim Collective

Many are shedding density which presents as chaos, doubt, uncertainty and fear programming. We must reach higher, which means using our spiritual tools. Spiritual hygiene is critical right now. Ground and protect yourself energetically, close portals that are not in alignment with your higher self to source, cut cords, honor your body, meditate, walk, do yoga, be mindful of what is being invited into your life. Participate in things that bring you joy, connect with people who lift you up. Use your own discernment around what information feels aligned for you. Allow all that doesn’t resonate to fall away. Rise above the fear frequencies. Stay in your lane, honor your truth, and above all love yourself! Many have exited the 3D but are languishing in the lower bandwidths of 4th and not quite high enough to reach 5D. You are vulnerable here. Strive to be the highest expression of self in all things, in this state of being you will ascend.

Ascension isn’t a direct hop to 5D as most people believe. It’s not an instant shift. We must transition to light body, each human must shed density, old fear programing, reactivate DNA and navigate the physical ascension symptoms. This is not an overnight process as some believe, nor is it a journey of only love and light. Polarity exists, creator destroyer energy is necessary. You must experience it all in order to transcend and level up. This is a shift into a new way of being. Ultimately, everyone who wants to experience 5D must stand in their alignment with their higher selves to source and listen to their own guidance, follow their own compass and use their own discernment around what they believe and how they are going to get there. The destroyer aspect comes into play in standing in our integrity and power, setting boundaries, and honoring our personal truth. No longer can we sacrifice aspects of ourselves to make others happy, dim our light or focus on giving and giving while not honoring ourselves and what we need. We as lightworkers must put our oxygen masks on first. This requires us to stand firmly in our power.

As 3D closes, many are navigating the squeeze through the 4th dimension. You will feel pressed and challenged by the lower density experiences coming up to clear. Your deepest vulnerabilities will be exposed and emotionally triggered. Know that you have everything you need to overcome these challenges. We are at the edge of changing the course of human history and the roles each and everyone of you have agreed to play are critical. Humanity needs you right now. There is a push pull as we anchor higher dimensional frequencies while those currently in power will do everything possible to keep humanity dumbed down and asleep. Each and everyone of you can create tremendous impact and help the collective by reaching for those higher bandwidths.

If your life is one of ease and in the flow, you are already there, extend a hand to those around you who are struggling.

About the author: Wendy Hutchinson is a Writer, certified level IV Marconics Energy Practitioner, and Intuitive Life and Spiritual Coach. In 2017 she was spotlighted as the Life Purpose Institute’s top coach. She also wrote for The Missing Piece Magazine and was voted Life Coach of the Year. She’s a contributing author to the 2019: Inspirational Almanac.

Passionate about walking people through the ascension process, she helps people overcome adversity, release karmic debris, and align with their highest potential. Contact her here. Follow her blog. Her show The Path of Me can be viewed on her YouTube Channel Wendy Hutchinson.

To ascend we must all reach higher and expand our consciousness. Alignment with higher and higher aspects of self to source is critical. Think for yourselves, find YOUR truth, shake the old paradigms and social expectations to conform. Each of us must find our way out. Know that everything is possible for each and everyone of you and the only thing standing in the way of your ascension is choosing fear over the frequency of LOVE. This means unconditional love of self and love of others. Love and honoring of your physical body, love expressing in your thoughts and response to everyday life, and ultimately complete alignment with your truth will help you to navigate the shift to 5D. I honor the journey of each and every one of you, as there is no wrong turn or choice. Eventually you will arrive at your destination right on time.


The Adam Kadmon Template

The Adam Kadmon Template Common in the Multiverse

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Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man: The Adam Kadmon template

The Adam Kadmon template, so well illustrated by Leonardo, is apparently the most common form in the multiverse.

Here Archangel Michael discusses why and how that is so in the case of the angelics or celestials.

“Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom,” June 13, 2014,

Steve Beckow:   Angels … are typically represented in Adam Kadmon form. Are they really in Adam Kadmon form?

Archangel Michael: More or less.

SB:  Really?  So is that the form that is preferred throughout the universe?

AAM: Yes. Now take this understanding. The expression of form is the Kadmon.  Do we have other expressions?  You see, your definition, what is your native form?  We appear to you in this form. Do we appear to everyone in this form?  Do we appear to one another in this form?  Might I say, usually.

But I can as easily, as can any of us, appear as an orb, as streamer of color, a flash of light, a sound, a scent, as anything that can be perceived.  Your eyes are not the only sense you have.  So very often, what you have thought of as the Adam Kadmon form is used as a template on many planets but it is not exclusive or necessarily preferred.

The Voyager Plaque: Another view of the Adam/Eve Kadmon Template

When we go to a planet, for example, that does not use that form, we do not appear in that way.  So we adjust for whatever universe or dimension we exhibit in.  When we are simply, can I say home, which is beyond dimension, our true form is simply light. …

And there are many humanoids, well you will see as you encounter your star brothers and sisters, your family, that the humanoid form is the largest percentage of forms throughout the multiverse.

SB:  Again, Adam Kadmon template?

AAM: Yes.

SB:  Why is that preferred, Lord?

AAM: It was a design that could incorporate a magnitude of light that would resemble and allow beings, who were in that form, to shift back to their angelic form very easily.

SB:  And who designed it?

AAM: The Mother.  She is the ultimate architect, you know.

David Wilcock in “Project Camelot Interviews David Wilcock, Part 2 of 4,” at

The human body shows up in the galaxy on every planet where life can form. It’s a natural evolution. Some might get there by an insect; some might get there by a lizard; some might get there by mammals like we do; some might get there by cetaceans; some might get there even by vegetation, apparently.

St. Germaine at

The vessel of the human as it exists on the planet today is a variation of what has come as a hybrid race because do not forget that there has been intermingling amongst the races for billions of years. So, while you tend to think of this form as unique, it is in fact very hybrid. But it is exceptionally Pleiadian, Sirian and Hussian.



The Essence of Creation

Archangel Michael June, 2019 Message ~ The Essence of Creation

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By Ronna Vezane Sacred Scribe, May 30, 2019,

Beloved masters, have you ever wondered about the true meaning of the phrase, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light’”?

It is a complex statement and it has been interpreted in many ways. Hopefully, you are beginning to understand how profound and all-encompassing it is. In your recent past history, as children of God you could only understand the story of Creation in its most simplistic form.

But as you awaken, raise your consciousness, and tap into the cosmic truth of Creation, you now have the ability to access all the wisdom and majesty of your Divine origins and birthright.

In the beginning of the beginning, all that existed was the great void – which was filled with unlimited, unmanifest potential. The Supreme Creator was in repose within a sphere of unimaginable power and magnificence. The mind of the ALL THAT IS stirred, and from within ITS Core Essence, a White Fire Seed Atom came forth with the desire to create and experience more of ITSELF.

The words, “Let there be Light,” were not spoken, but from within the heart of the Creator there burst forth a beam of radiance of gigantic proportions. This beam of the Creator’s consciousness radiated forth out into the void, illuminating the great void, and thereby creating what was to be the Omniverse of the First Cause.

Within this Light hologram were all the components of Creation, everything there ever has been and everything there ever will be: pure love, wisdom, the Divine Blueprint for all future universes, galaxies, star systems, planets, as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal kingdoms, and YOU, dear ones.

When we speak of Light, it is in all-encompassing terms. Within the Light are all the love, wisdom, power, virtues, attributes, and aspects of the Creator. And because each of you is a child of our Father/Mother God of this Universe, you were decreed to be a cocreator, and you were endowed with your own special Divine blueprint containing the virtues and attributes of our God Parents.

A White Fire Seed Atom of individualized God conscious – a precious Spark of the Creator is who you really are.

Oh, yes, you are in a dramatically stepped down form, and you carry only a minuscule amount of the Creator’s Light, but nevertheless, you are a Being of Love/Light. The Light is your life-line to the Creator. The Divine Essence of our Mother/Father God is what you draw upon to bring your creations into manifested form: either joy, peace, love, and abundance, or you turn the energy into the lower frequencies of fear, pain, and limitation.

Remember, you are a cocreator, and it is your choice as to what you manifest; however, it is a Universal Law that you must always experience that which you create.

The time has arrived. You are in the midst of a shifting of the Ages, and a great upward turn in the spiral of Cosmic Creation. You have journeyed down through the multi-dimensions to the farthest outward point allowable for this experiment in duality and polarity. You have existed in the DIM-ensions for too long, and now you are being given the opportunity to return to higher consciousness within the entry level of the Fifth Dimension, which is the next step in your never-ending journey back into the rarified realms of Light.

Fear, ignorance, lack, pain, and suffering are all a result of being cut off from the refined frequencies of God Light. The love of our Father/Mother God is contained within the Essence of Supreme Creator Light — all is contained within this radiance — remember that. All of Creation is manifested through Light vibrations, which create sound, pulsations of wave forms, and specific RAYS of consciousness.

Imagine yourself as a tuning fork or resonance receptor attuned to certain frequencies and vibrations.  As you refine your frequencies, you begin to vibrate and attune to higher and more refined energy vibrations, which contain more and more of the Creator’s Light — the components of Creation.

And so we ask you, what is your Light quotient? How much of the Creator’s Light have you integrated and claimed as your own? We are not looking for a number, dear hearts. We already know the answer. We can tell by the radiance and love you project from your heart center. We can tell by the qualities of the thought forms that permeate your auric field, and by your deeds, large and small. As you tap into and integrate more of the Light, you begin to walk tall, with purpose, and you make a positive impact on those around you.

You become a leader instead of a follower – beginning by becoming the master of your own destiny – and by breaking free of the popular mass consciousness beliefs, thereby living and following your own truth and journey instead of that of someone else.

As we have told you before, this Universe is in a megacycle of increased Light impulses, which are radiating directly from the Heart Core of the Supreme Creator. The refined octaves of Creator Light are available to ALL at whatever level each Being has prepared their vessel to accept and integrate them.

The higher frequency Light cannot begin to infiltrate the static or jumbled frequencies that make up the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional physical vessel without the permission of the recipient and an opening of the heart center. Your Soul Self, OverSoul-Higher Self, and God Self are just waiting for a signal from you to begin the process — to open the Light line of eternal life.

Light is in your DNA, and every atom of your body is filled with Light to one degree or another. If it were not so, you could not exist. It is time to unlock the flow of God Light from within and from without.

Envision billions of tiny Light particles turning on within your body, and billions more radiating down from your White Fire God Seed Atom, your God Self, in the form of sparkling, diamond crystal pyramids of Light. See yourself surrounded in a golden aura of Cosmic Light, and then observe as your circle of Love/Light begins to expand.

Know that you are emulating the Creator as you say to yourself, “Let there be Light.” Now, watch as your unique beam of God’s Light streams forth before you, smoothing, harmonizing, lifting, and transforming via all the elements of wondrous refined creative energy.

As you learn to move back and forth between your Fifth-Dimensional Pyramid of Light and the sphere of Light you have built around you, you will be not affected by the negativity of the lower-frequency vibration patterns. You will create a sacred place within your heart and mind, and your world will begin to reflect your highest desires. Your sphere of influence will expand, and you will draw to you those who are in harmony with the refined frequencies and ideals you embody.

Together, you will begin to be active participants in weaving the gossamer fabric of the new reality that is being birthed. And eventually, if it is your desire, you will be allowed to actively participate in the formulation of a future Divine Blueprint of Cosmic Creation within this Sub-Universe.

As a part of your transformational process, you are once again becoming aware of the energies and uses of the crystals and gemstones found within the Earth. They, too, carry Creator Light, and they will assist you to clear and balance the energies within much more quickly, if you attune to their individual energies and program them through your higher conscious intent. They are eager to work with you, for as you awaken and come into harmony with the higher frequencies, so do they.

There are great sentient quartz crystals, which resonate with the heartbeat of your Mother Earth, and other huge strategically placed crystal clusters which are attuned to the pulsations of the new Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe. There are also huge Amethyst clusters that radiate the transforming Violet Flame, which were strategically placed deep within great caverns of the planet.

These powerful sources of Creator Light are now being activated in order to send forth the transmuting vibrational frequencies of the Seventh Ray of the Aquarian Age. As we have told you before, they act as receivers and receptors – transmitters and broadcasters of energy and information – both around the world and out into the solar system and galaxy.

There are also Record Keeper crystals, both large and small, and they will assist you to activate the Memory Seed Atom Light packets within your brain structure – your Sacred Mind. They can also help you unlock the mystery and wisdom of your and the Earth’s ancient past. The mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms are also in a state of transformation into a renewed, higher awareness. Beloveds, none will be left behind — all are in a state of transformation and awakening.

It is a time of liberation. The desire for freedom is growing stronger within the heart of every sentient Being on Earth. It is also a time of coming together. Even as you are being reunited with your Soul or Star families, so are we of the higher realms joining forces. For many Ages, you have journeyed your separate path in order to fulfill your particular part of the Divine Mission.

But now, you are reuniting in order to create a synergistic overlay of consciousness that will be available to all who are prepared to be a part of the TEAM effort. We use this term, for you are comfortable with it, and it creates a mind picture of many working in harmony together with purpose and a common goal.

As we have told you in great detail, there are great and magnificent Pyramids of Light in the Fifth Dimension, where they are easily accessible to those of you who have done your homework, and who have attuned your physical vessel to the realms of Light.

Within these Pyramids that you have access to and can draw forth are all the components of Creator Light you will need to create anything you desire, for the greatest good of all. Your angelic guides and teachers are waiting there to join you and to be cocreators with you. So, bring forth your visions and your pure intention so you may claim the miracles that await you.

What if we were to tell you that it is quite possible that your earthly spiritual contract is completed? Many of you would go into fear and you might say, “But that is not what we have been told by others.”

Allow us to explain and help you understand what is taking place. Yes, each of you have a contract that you made before you assumed your fleshly garment in this lifetime, and overlaying this is a more all-encompassing contract that you made when you came into your consciousness within this particular Sub-Universe.

When you reach a certain level of en-LIGHTEN-ment, it is possible to complete the contract you made before coming to Earth for this particular embodiment. That contract was to bring together, balance, and harmonize all the loose ends or the major unbalanced energies you left behind from all your previous earthly incarnations (these were energies, probable futures, and agreements you created from all your past learning experiences).

Remember, we explained long ago that in the higher realms it was known this would be the most important lifetime any of you would ever experience on planet Earth. As a condition for being allowed to return to Earth during these exciting times of great change, there were three prerequisites that you had to agree to.

First, much of your minor imbalances were eradicated via a special dispensation of grace. What remained in your auric field and memory banks were the lessons, energies, and creations that were most important for you to bring back into balance and harmony. Remember, we have told you, that the experiment on Earth was about polarity and duality / balance and harmony.

Second, you were given a general overlay of what you would have to experience during this one lifetime: all the trials, tests, challenges, and opportunities that would be presented to you in order for you to accomplish this assigned task.

Third, because of the overlay of total free will that was granted humanity at the beginning of this experiment on planet Earth, you were asked if you would allow us, at the proper times, to set aside your free will in order to nudge you onto the path of awareness – to help you awaken to who you are, and to reveal to you your earthly mission. EVERY ONE OF YOU AGREED, or you would not be here.

That is the beauty and wonder of what is taking place at this time on Earth. Many more Starseed than we hoped for have accepted the challenge, and via tests and trials, they have taken advantage of the opportunities to awaken in consciousness as they were presented to them. We are pleased to say that a vast majority of you have bravely triumphed.

Your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds, as you balance and harmonize your inner force fields of Light, and then project your Creator Love/Light out into the world. You are coming together in greater and greater numbers, and you are joining forces with us as Warriors of Light and as champions of peace. When you have reached a certain level of harmony within, and you have balanced the ledger of life via loving interaction, deeds, and by gaining the wisdom of past experiences, that is when you are given an opportunity to gain access to your new Divine Blueprint for the Aquarian Age.

Beloveds, we would have you know that you have experienced every major Facet of Creation – either personally or via one of the many Soul Fragments of your God Self. You are much more ancient, and you are encoded with more wisdom than you could ever imagine. Do you not carry all the virtues and components of God within you?

And so, as a part of bravely accepting this assignment on planet Earth, you were assured that at its successful completion, you would be allowed to choose your next assignment — you could join the ascended masters as they serve humanity and move forward on the spiral of evolution. Or you have the potential to experience and enjoy the many wonders and diverse creations within this Sub-Universal experience that you desire.

The return path that you chose before or during this incarnation is being modified. This is what your universal contract states: A candidate to partner with our Father/Mother God in the creation, seeding and overseeing of the mansion worlds.

Yes, this will happen far into your future, but you may begin to draw forth the components, gifts, and wisdom which will help you fulfill and realize your new contract. It is assured, for it is your destiny. Know that we are not your superiors, we are your friends and partners. Let us join together as we walk boldly into our grand new future. You are loved and cherished beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael.


What’s new? everything!

I thought I’d write about what’s been going on for me in the last few weeks. Firstly, I’ve been sick, but unlike any other sickness.

I have been very tired but sleeping well or better than I usually do, by body having readjusted to the new energies. I can’t seem to bear the sight, smell or anything to do with food. Nothing seems to taste right, it’s bland, tasteless and unappealing.

I’m hearing through a fog, like I’m in another dimension, like I’m switched off. I heard some games music on ABC radio, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, beautiful new music, uplifting, enticing, soul music.

I’m seeing beautiful colours, new shades and tones that I want to surround myself with. I’m smelling fragrances that uplift and transform me, taking me into bliss. Something new is here.

I’m the same, yet I’m different, it’s more joyful, fulfilling, exciting. I feel enthusiastic, ready to begin something, create something beautiful. Is this what it means to be 5th dimensional?

The Transition 2012-2013

This evening of your time we are to speak to you about the transition, the transformation not only of human consciousness but of the entire planet. It is variously called transition, transformation, enlightenment, super-consciousness and yes, even ascension – whatever that means.

Now, many beloved ones are on this path termed spiritual expansion of knowing, of coming into knowing of truth. The search for that which is sometimes termed enlightenment can be quite a desperate struggle. For many, that which is the fervent yearning and desire for this transition is a desperate desire to escape this reality of the discordance, the violence, the humdrum, the pain, the anguish and the fear.

Well, you know, the truth is that the desire to escape does not bring transformation. You may say that this transformation, this transition, from third density reality in your terms to what you may term the fourth and fifth density is the result not only of loving every facet of you absolutely, but also of looking at that which is your world. It is to look at this reality and to be able to observe what is occurring without the negative judgment. It is to be in loving allowance and compassion and to be in the joy of your day-to-days without the need for anything else. Does that make sense to you? To be, without the need for more.

You see, as you are in that place of joy, of deliciousment, as you are in that place of blessing, gifts are put forth for you of your own creation. Indeed you automatically put yourself in a frequency termed open to expansion, open to transition and transformation. This is a grand dichotomy.

Now, you may say that this reality called third density is a world of polarity. Good-bad, black-white, love-fear, and all of the other polarities. Sometimes you judge one part of the polarity to be negative. That indeed is a subjective judgment because, of course, the polarities exist in every level and without them you do not have what you perceive to be this reality. We are speaking in terms of physics here.

So in terms of that which you judge to be negative — good-bad, love-fear, light-dark, black-white — whatever it is, it is for you to learn to see what the reality is of that which is judged to be negative. It is to be in the embracement, to be in the loving allowance. It is to allow the transcendence of the polarity. It is to see that love, compassion, embracement, and allowance create a synergistic affect where the result of transcending the polarities becomes more than the polarities themselves. Does this make sense? All right.

So it is not to look at that which is judged to be negative as something to be pushed away, something to be overcome or overpowered. Rather, it is to look at the why of the negative judgment and how that which is perceived to be negative is created out of fear. And through that love and compassion and allowance you automatically create the more.

Now this loving allowance, of course, must start with who you are, every facet of who you are — that which has been unembraceable, that which has been unacceptable, that which does not match up to your highest idea of who you can possibly be, which is being gods and goddesses realized in this dimensional reality. And it is to acknowledge that those facets of you, hitherto judged very harshly, can be embraced and in the embracement, automatically creating transformation.

So you may say that each of you has chosen to come forth in this timing, in this incarnation, to take part in this grand end-time cycle. You have chosen this for the adventure and for the self-realization.

Now you know, in a way, this is no big deal. It is not something of great seriousness. Rather it is to learn the joy of being who you are in the laughter and the play of your day-to-days. It is the embracement in the moment where what you are creating is not bringing you joy that will make the change. It is when you are in this space that it occurs automatically without you having to do anything.

It is you in that place of love, of embracement, of allowance, that the following occurs. Automatically that which is the frequency that you are, the vibratory frequency of your rate of being, of your energy, becomes faster. You may say that the transition to occur is a speeding up of your energetic frequency.

Now there is also the idea that when you have attained this extraordinary state called super-consciousness, called enlightenment, that there is nowhere to go; that that is the end and you have attained perfection! It is not so. You are not to attain perfection in this transformation; you already are perfect. When the transition comes, you will not be more perfect. You will simply be in the realization of the perfection that you are in this now and in the realization of your own perfection.

All right, so this is a coming time of change, soon in your time and not in some far off mystical future. It is imminent, this transformation, and it is that which quickens within the breast of you that will make you so very excited. It will make you so fervent in your desire to know your truth.

2012 — it is not long to go. And this transformation is occurring now. Every time you are in the excitement of the idea of this transformation, so you are assisting yourself in the ease and flow.

It is not about struggle, it is not about trying to be spiritual, and it is not about trying to be good! You are spiritual and you are goodness. What is that, hmm? What is goodness? You are perfection now — glorious, powerful, perfect creatures — unto infinity. You are your perfection.

This transition, if you will allow it to be, will be a soft and gentle ease, a flow. It is about love. And that which is your enlightenment is the natural result of loving who you are absolutely and unconditionally. There is nothing to do but to be in that place of love. When it is not thusly, stop and deal with what is occurring, with the feeling, to create the transformation, the transition. That is who you are.

And we say, even if there were to be no end time and beginning time, still you are always in a place of transition. Transition is a natural state. That which is termed God/Goddess, All-That-Is is in a constant flow called transition, called transformation, called change, called expansion. That is your natural state of being.

You are creatures of love, created of love for love in love eternally. Love is your perfection. There is nothing else. And so you may say that the transition is only about realizing your natural state.

There are also, of course, many questions? What will occur after the transition? That is what you all want to know, and the more you know, the less you want to be here, hmm? We know.

Well, you want to know how it is to be in that place of expanded consciousness, to be in that place of knowing the truth of you. What do you think it might be like to be in bliss, to be in bliss more and more each day? To be in love? To be in love with you and to be absolutely in love with everything and everybody in the recognition of the God-light of all things? How does it feel?

Well, it will be that when you perceive things exterior to you, you perceive that which is the God-light, the Light Sourceness. In that state of being you are lighter. You are less dense in your physicality. You will have a physical body; it will simply be less dense. Your perceived reality, exterior to you, will be less dense.

The power of you will be realized to manipulate matter at a consciousness which most of you do not have in this now. Of course you manipulate matter in this now else you would have no reality, but most of you do not know how you do it. You will, in this place of love and loving, come to the realization that the thought embraced by the emotion termed love immediately creates coalesced energy into physical matter.

Also you will have the ability to manipulate your own physical matter termed your body. So there will be much fun and games. You are learning this already. You are starting to feel this power of manipulation of matter, of physical matter. As you learn to heal your bodies, as you learn how it is that your emotion — that energetic power-sourceness of you — creates your beingness, your physicality, so, if you desire change, you will know how in the power of love. You will also have the knowing to use sound and color to assist you in this changement. You are learning it now. In this change you are recognizing your own power.

Many of you become quite terrified at the thought of this boundless power that you are. However, we say to you to look at your life in this now and look back a few years and see how you have already come forth in that place of expansion. See how much you have learned. You see, it has been almost imperceptible in the time that has passed and you are now, in this moment, quite comfortable with that expansion. And so it shall be, the more and the more.

But it is for you to be in the ease and flow so that it certainly is not what you would term a great shock. It is not as if you would wake up one day and there is a stranger with unlimited power looking at you from the mirror, hmm? No. It will be gentle and soft, exciting, adventurous, joyous, and wondrous beyond measure.
In a way it is difficult for us to use just words to describe that which does not fit into the limited boxes of your conscious understanding. Of course, we say the words to you to keep your mind busy, but really it is that which is the emotion. It is the grandeur of love that touches you so that rather than an intellectual understanding, it becomes a knowing of the heart, a feeling about this change, this transition.

Your minds, no matter what we say, can really and truly grasp mostly intellectual ideas, but it is in the feeling where the transformation takes place. It is in the love where we really communicate with you. As we say so very often about what is the incredible reality of this state of being, it is like explaining to a fetus within the uterus what life is like after birth. So it is not to speak about the reality after the transition, but to speak of the natural wondrousness of the reality now which will gently unfold into this place of transition.

In a way you may say the transition that you call death is the same. Death is a natural state of beingness of this dimension of reality. It is as natural as birthing. It would be our desire to see the humanities come into more of a knowing about the truth of death so that the fear component in the contemplation of death is totally embraced.

Death truly is like stepping out of a suit of clothing that no longer fits you. It is stepping forth into a grand and wondrous new adventure. It is to rejoin with that which is the greater part of your soul energy. And it is to rejoin also with the soul energy of those who are your beloved ones of other dimensions, both from this reality and of other realities because, of course, none of it is separate. It is simply that you are not, in this timing, so aware of those other beings.

And that is exactly as it is to be. You come forth, after all, to have this great adventure uncontaminated. We mean no negative thing here by that which are your past and future lives and that which are your lifetimes of other dimensions of reality. You come here for a very pristine adventure. This adventure has great integrity in and of itself, hmm? You are here simply for the experience. You are really not here to learn anything. That you do learn is wondrous and it is all very exciting for you, but you’re simply here. If you look at the greater picture, you are here to have an adventure, and it is an adventure of emotion.

No matter how you judge it — good stuff or bad stuff — it is all energy. You are here to have an emotional adventure, and you are here in this lifetime to learn to embrace absolutely all of the emotions so that there is no negative judgment about any of it. You see? It is quite simple, indeed. The natural next step in your adventure;

What is to occur is that very gently you are unfolding, unfolding — learning more about who you are. You are learning more about love, learning more about allowance and embracement. Every time you choose love, you are changing your frequency. You are lifting that rate of spin faster and faster. Every time you choose love, you are changing the reality. Every time you choose love, you are choosing for all of your species. Every time you choose love, you are changing your physical reality. It is a gentle unfolding.

This growth of consciousness, this expansion, is growing exponentially and the matter, the mass, the energetic mass of consciousness, is reaching a critical explosion. And there, in this most wondrous blink of an eye, the consciousness of your entire planet has changed.

And nobody will be left behind. Nobody will be left behind! Why? Because this transition is about love, and love means no separation. It is about love. It is about your truth. It is the most exciting adventure for the humanities for 25,000 of your years. In a greater sense, it is even longer than that, and you have all chosen to partake in this adventure. But we remind you there is nothing to do. It is about being. About being who you really are and recognizing the truth of you. Stop struggling!

Copyright Jani King 2001

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Ascension – a Flowering of Consciousness

Ascension: A Flowering of the Consciousness

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What does Ascension mean? Many people will have differing viewpoints on the subject; I can only offer mine.

For me, Ascension means a deep and continuous relaxation of inner tension and the assumption of a permanent and complete experience of life as love. Not the love that we commonly experience, which is “weak meat soup” compared to higher-dimensional love. But rich, red, living love as flows continuously in the Fifth Dimension and higher.

And not a love that’s vanilla in Fourth Dimensionality, chocolate in Fifth, and strawberry in Sixth.

But the same love we experienced when our hearts opened; just deeper and deeper and deeper.

There is only one love.  Only our experience of it deepens.

Ascension is complete when we live in a full and permanent experience of higher-dimensional love and/or the divine qualities, all of which are forms of love. That implies a full and permanent heart opening.

As it happens, there’s an enlightenment event that closes off our Ascension cycle. It’s called Sahaja Samadhi. And it is in fact and reality a full and permanent heart opening. When we know our heart to be forever open, we can know that we’ve ascended.

Ascension as a process is both gradual and sudden. It’s gradual in that we’re integrating and assimilating each enlightenment event after it happens and preparing for the next one, over sometimes long stretches of time.

It’s sudden in that the process consists of several sudden, enlightenment events (1) spaced in between times of assimilation and preparation.

It’s necessary to divide up the enlightenment experience, and not to skip stages, so as not to burn out the human body.

In the past, people ascended after the death of their physical form. In this first mass, physical Ascension ever, people will ascend with their bodies. It’s a first in the universe, being eagerly watched by all.

When we say “ascend,” all we’re really talking about in the final analysis is a flowering of the consciousness.

We come alive in ways we didn’t even imagine we could. And our experience of love, bliss, joy, etc., leaves us wanting nothing.


(1) Radical breaks in continuity of experience, accompanied by an inspiring, empowering, and ennobling expansion in our consciousness, knowledge, and ability to love.