The Incredible Shrinking Man/Woman

The Incredible Shrinking Man
December 15, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Credit: The Incredible Shrinking Man, Universal International Pictures
It’s eerie when you come across a quote from a spiritual source that lines up perfectly with what you yourself are experiencing.

In the course of researching, I came across one quote from Aisha North and another from the Arcturian Group that touched on three things that were happening with me: (1) the feeling of my personality shrinking, (2) the disappearance of my fear of dissociation, and (3) the quieting of my physical senses.

I sometimes feel like the Incredible Shrinking Man in that my personality seems to be shrinking more each day.

Aisha North captured that feeling when she said:

“Even if you have all come to a point where you are so much more than what you were only a short time ago, you will also come to a point where you will feel so much less than ever before.

“Because you will at one time or another find yourself as if dissolving into nothingness, like there is no more substance to you.” (1)

I do in fact feel “so much less than ever before.” Not like that is necessarily a bad thing.

And the way it appears to be going is exactly that: “as if dissolving into nothingness.” No residue, no trace of my personality seems destined to remain.

The second part paralleled my own discovery around dissociation, which also ties into “dissolving into nothingness.”:

“We can guarantee you all that you will never feel yourself more substantial as when you find yourself scattered into a billion little pieces, seemingly tossed up into the air, for the wind to blow about like nothing more than scraps of paper in a storm. For then, you will truly feel the real power of who you really are. …

“For as you find yourself falling apart, disintegrating into seeming nothingness, you will also find yourself stepping into the real you, the limitless you, the one that has no borders, and therefore, the one that has no end. No end to what you can achieve, no end to what you can be, no end to what you already are, and as such, this falling apart will quite simply be the coming together of the realization of your own true self, the self that is not inhibited by any concept of time or space or indeed matter.

“For then, you will simply know that you ARE, and no matter what you do or what you choose not to do in the upcoming period, it will have no impact on this, the very core of you. For it is indeed eternal, and it is indeed omnipresent, and it will always be thus.” (2)

During every spiritual experience, the sensation has been that the constructed self or personality has “[disintegrated] into nothingness” and that “I” am released.

Every spiritual experience has been one of radical dissociation of all that’s ephemeral and a radical unveiling of that which is eternal. Scarey while it’s happening but, in the end, nothing to fear, there and much to feel blissful over.

I’ve had minor and inconclusive experiences of “the real you, the limitless you, the one that has no borders,” but nothing major and conclusive. But that too will come in good time.

The second quote was from the Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaele and it touched on another process that I was feeling.

My interest in food and drink continues to go down. The other day I went out looking for a restaurant and walked the entire length of a major downtown street without finding anything that interested me. I turned around, went home, and had a modest, home-cooked meal. I feel less and less engaged by my physical senses.

Here’s the Arcturian Group explaining that very thing:

“This year, many are finding that holiday lights do not seem to be as bright, festivities not as attractive, shopping more of a burden, and that holiday celebrations no longer hold the same sense of excitement and enjoyment that they used to.

“This is because your evolving energetic frequency has shifted you out of alignment with much that up to now you enjoyed. Foods, entertainments, friends, etc. as well as many traditions no longer hold the same value they once held, which can make things difficult when you are in situations surrounded by people still in alignment with these things. Because you have evolved, attempts to revive the past and ‘get on board,’ as before, simply will not work.

“This does not mean you will never again enjoy these things but rather means, you will begin to see and experience them in new ways and with a deeper understanding of what they represent rather than from a level that is in alignment with the emotionally based commercial hype being broadcast to you 24/7. Excitement and celebrations will no longer be as intense as they were in the past simply because you are now experiencing them from a different level of awareness.” (3)

That fits for me. It’d be very difficult to get me too worked up about many things these days, I’m afraid. At the same time, my interest in such things as love goes way up.

All of this points to our pulling back in general from the world of the senses, passions, and extremes to a comfortable residence in the middle, the center, the heart.

It also, I think, points to our continuing, gradual transition from a carbon- and sense-based body to a crystalline and supersensory one.

I find that seeing my own situation reflected in the messages from our sources is very comforting. I go from feeling distraught and concerned to feeling reassured and comfortable each time I see a passage that explains what’s happening to me.

I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off around Christmastime.


(1) “The Manuscript of Survival – Part 385,” channeled by Aisha North, January 12, 2014 at

(2) Loc. cit.

(3) “Arcturian Group Message 12/3/17 via Marilyn Raffaele,” December 4, 2017, at

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Blink and You’ll Miss It: Total Reassurance for Those Subterranean Fears (Repost)
December 12, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Folks, I’m reposting this 2012 channeled message from Saul through John Smallman because it addresses questions from readers through “Contact Us” on the fall of the cabal, the new economy, and how matters will be managed thereafter.

I think what Saul said yesterday (1) is so important that I need to lend it emphasis by metaphorically drawing a line under it.

He begins by telling us that “the old established order” or Illuminati, by whatever name you wish to use, “has ruled life in the illusion for so long – under different names, different disguises, and with seemingly different agendas.”

He tells us it is “crumbling and cannot be restored, repaired, or rescued. Its time is past.” Very reassuring.

But then he reminds us that, even though the old order is falling, “that [crumbling] is causing some alarm. ”

People are worried, he says, that “as it crumbles it will destroy all the services and organizations that are presently seen as essential to life on Earth.”

But he assures us that “this will not happen.” And I think this is the essential piece that people have been waiting to hear. And before going to it, I need to add that I don’t think he’s addressing our surface fears, but deep, unconscious, I’m tempted to say subterranean fears are there that, without the Illuminati, as heartless as they were, every service and organization that exists will crumble too.

Saul tells us that this will not happen. Not only will the Company of Heaven not allow it to but they have a plan in place that will see to our needs as soon as the old world order has been moved aside. He reveals that:

“Everything that is essential for your daily existence will be maintained, repaired, or replaced as necessary and appropriate with the absolute minimum of disturbance to all of you.”

And he gives us a hint of how this will be done.

“Those who are destitute, in poverty, homeless, diseased, or suffering in any way will immediately have their circumstances improved in a fashion that is way beyond anything you can presently foresee, because there are advanced technologies prepared and available to clean and heal the planet and all who live on her that will be put into action as soon as the old order has crumbled. Every conceivable disruption that could occur as a result of the old order collapsing has been taken into account; nothing is being left to chance, so that the New Age will arrive and thrive instantly for the benefit of all.”

If we needed any reassurance, here is Saul offering it. Everyone’s circumstances will be immediately improved “in a fashion that is way beyond anything you can presently foresee.” Advanced technologies will clean up the planet and heal all who live on her. And every conceivable circumstance will be taken into account.

If we really got that reassurance, down to our toes, those subterranean fears would be gone. And please note that we who are reading this are among the few on the planet that know this to be the case. Only we who read Saul will have gotten this reassurance. Others will remain in the fear that Saul describes.

And this is why the Company of Light says that it falls to us to tell them.

Then notice the subtleties in his reassurance: “The corrupt ones themselves will indeed move on.” Not be hung from the nearest lamppost, as George Bush Sr. worries will occur. They will move on. On to their next lives, still on 3D to be sure, but without massive reprisals against them, without us staining our hands with blood.

Yes, they will experience the lessons that come from their actions. Yes, the universal laws will serve as bumpers and guide them back onto the path to God which even they are following. Everyone will reach God one day. Everyone. (OK, a few will have to drop back and start again. But a very small number.)

But, no, they will not be tortured or sent to a heavenly Gitmo or roasted in hellfire or any of that nonsense or destiny that they themselves would have consigned their victims to. The galactics, the masters, the celestials don’t do those things.

And then he explains to us again the new paradigm that will accompany our co-creation of the New Age:

“Your remaining task is to release all negative and unloving thought forms, attitudes, and behaviors so that you can soar into the New Age on the wings of unconditional Love. Love is the divine field of life, of existence, and of creativity. … Heaven, the divine realm, is all that exists. It is infinite, and contains all that exists within it, eternally. And that is where you have your eternal existence; you are just momentarily unaware of it. And as you awaken, your awareness will return — bringing you untold happiness.”

Where is the new paradigm in this? Universal love, infinity, eternity, awareness, untold happiness – these divine qualities and conditions are themselves the new paradigm. Life lived in a Fifth-Dimensional world of these qualities is itself the new paradigm. It isn’t something we learn; it’s something we will live in. And, even more to the point, it’s something we are.

Here is Saul saying these things day after day, for no charge, scattered on the winds of change for us to read – or not. But what he says is priceless, reassuring, healing, restorative.

We humans sometimes forget as quickly as we read so perhaps put this one message from Saul aside and read it whenever you feel yourself going off the rails. The masters (and, according to AAM, Saul is the higher aspect of the being who was St. Paul), the galactics and the celestials are doing all they can to inform and reassure us about what lies ahead, just on the other side of this present chaos. We have to do the rest. We have to take it in and say to our doubting side: “Enough. This is what’s going to happen, in large measure because this is what I’m creating, welcoming, opening myself to.”

(1) “Saul: Everything That is Essential for Your Daily Existence Will be Maintained.” as channeled by John Smallman, June 20, 2012, at

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Archangel Gabriel and St Germaine on the New Grid

Transcript ~ Archangel Gabrielle & St. Germaine On The Gift Of The New Golden Grid For Nova Humanity ~ It Is A New Day! December 7, 2017
December 11, 2017 By Paul Backes

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.

Archangel Gabrielle & St. Germaine On The Gift Of The New Golden Grid For Nova Humanity ~ It Is A New Day!

“What I am also responsible for is what you think of as the grid: the grid of Gaia, the grid of this Solar System, and it is also the grid of Nova Being and Nova Humanity. It is the operating system. So let us suggest that your internal computer programme just got a massive upgrade!”

Heavenly Blessings ~ December 7, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 29:06 to 32:08]

Archangel Gabrielle

Greetings, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome! Welcome, beloveds. And yes, I come as Central Administrator for the Mother, for the Father, for the One, Central Administrator of this universe and many more.

Now dearest hearts, when I say to thee that I am Central Administrator, many of you think of some bureaucrat or business man in a corner office, and some of you think of a file clerk and someone taking notes at a meeting. I am none of those things!

So what does it mean when I tell you that I am Central Administrator? Let me put it in the simplest, most straightforward way: my service, my mission and purpose, is to have in place, to put in place, to ensure that there is in place the structure, the details, the energy, the materiality for the fulfilment of our Mother’s Plan.

Of course I am assisted by all who serve, and never has or will it be a hierarchy, for I could not do this service for our Mother if there was not infinite cooperation amongst all who serve and are the love. And I mean this of all the realms, all the kingdoms, not merely the archangelic or angelic or seraphim.

I am a mediator, I am a mentor, I am an administrator – but even before that, sweet ones, I am the Lily of Love. Note what I say. I do not say I am the sword or the shield of love. It is the gentle fragrance, the softest petal of our Mother’s breath, and it is the brilliance of the sound of One.

That is what is blown and exhaled through my Trumpet of Truth. It is the breath of the Mother, it is the messages of hope and fulfilment, and it is the guidance that suggests – and sometimes strongly suggests – in which direction best to move. And when I say ‘best’, I do not mean simply for you; I mean for the collective, for us, for the One, for the All. But never… whether we guide you to what is best and you choose something else… we do not interfere.

So what I am also responsible for is what you think of as the grid: the grid of Gaia, the grid of this Solar System, and it is also the grid of Nova Being and Nova Humanity. It is the operating system. So let us suggest that your internal computer programme just got a massive upgrade!

And yes, there are new rules and new functions that you can take full advantage of – and you are doing so, yes, of course, in concert with Universal Law, with the ability to create, with claiming your Divine Authority – because many of you have been pleading and saying, “the old system is gone.” We know that. It is whispers and echoes of an ancient time, and yet it appears to have substantial reality even if it is only historical reality.

So what is our new reference system? To what do we refer to in terms of our belief systems? What is our library of how to proceed?

And that is what I, on behalf of the Universal Mother, the Divine Mother and the Central Source, have laid down for the collective and for each and every one of you.

We have been speaking of trust and discernment, of courage and fearlessness, of valour, of being authentic and genuine, and as you proceed, generous, in alignment with collegiality and cooperation, unity and understanding.

Hierarchy, false use of control, is what got humanity – many times! – into trouble in this scenic detour that has taken thousands and thousands and thousands of years to course-correct. You are choosing kindness, you are choosing compassion, you are choosing to be the Creator Race. You are remembering the truth of who you are and who you have always been.

In this, you do not always know – you do not always know the full detail of either the Mother’s Plan, or even your own, because it is not merely an illusion when we say you have free will. So your choices determine your plan, and within that, the fulfilment of our Mother’s Plan.

Now in your acceptance, in your surrender, you allow yourself, finally, to do what your heart dictates because when you follow the truth and the dictates of your heart, which is where your true eternal knowing is anchored, then it is in absolute alignment with the unfoldment of the Plan. So we do not say to you, and the Mother will never say to you, “On Tuesday I want you to do a-b-c and on Friday I want you to do x-y-z,” because that path of excitement is yours!

When the Mother has bestowed upon you, reawakened, your mantel of Divine Authority – think of this – She has granted you a higher/broader/deeper/more profound level of permission to go forth.

This is not simply saying to yourself or to each other: “I have a right to choose.” The choices of humanity have been constricted and restricted for a very long time because the choices that have been made out of the reference, the operating system of your old grids, those false grids, were so destructive, so defeating, so self-annihilating.

But you have awakened! Whether you feel you have awakened fully or not, let us suggest to you that you have awakened to a new realm of existence, a new realm of understanding, of spiritual evolutionary commitment – and in this new realm there is a new set of rules, there is a new operating system.

There is a set of laws that are given directly by the Mother herself so that you understand how to proceed – and it is not proceeding meekly. There is a time for meekness and now is not one of them!

You proceed not with bravado or false pride, pretending that you know what you are doing, but you do proceed with ingenuity, with excitement, with exuberance, and with the creativity that is your birthright!

You are not on the precipice of a new realm. You are in a new realm, an interdimensional reality that you have claimed for yourself and for this planet, and that is why I have laid down this new grid.

Gaia has taken her new grid decades ago. Now you, sweet ones, are claiming yours!

So look at yourself this day and see the golden grid, the net that I cast upon you – that you are bright and brilliant and shiny, and you are intelligent and powerful in the truest meaning of the word… adherence, alignment… and love.

Anchor this golden grid I give you and that I spread in the spaces between each and every one of you. Take my gift and see who you are – that you are the rebirth, you are the reconfiguration, you are tomorrow, and you are today.

Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell. Thank you so much.

St. Germaine

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome!

StG: And welcome to you, sweet friends of Gaia and, dare I say, sweet friends of Gabrielle, co-creators of this planet, co-creators of love, co-creators of kindness and consideration, co-creators of expansion.

I come humbly and quietly [chuckles] – which is not my normal way! – following Gabrielle to also share my heart with you.

This planet and, might I say, humanity has been in deep distress and deep illusion, oh, for an extraordinarily long time. And it is not that someone has simply turned on the light switch, or lit the lantern or the candle, [chuckles] because there were not these wonderful inventions even when I have walked the planet. They have not lit the fire.

But the fire underneath each and every one of you, the fire in your guts, the fire in your heart, the fire in your brain is ignited. And it does not destroy you. It is bringing you forth to a new way of being.

Often previously I have said to you – as Keeper of the Violet Flame, so you know my preference to ignition and fire! – but I have said to you that I would not return to the planet. And part of this, even though I have delighted and, yes, in many ways, enjoyed my time upon Gaia, there was also very much a knowing – not simply because of mastery but because I could be in the fullness of my service – that I would not return to the planet.

And it was not that I would not return because it was in the false grids of the old third – but I have to tell you, at best that detritus, that debris, that disillusion was very disconcerting!

I have sat at a table and manifested diamonds and rubies and sapphires, and literally demonstrated the power of creation. And while some would appreciate it, I was also often confronted by that greed, that selfishness, that sense of being acquisitive.

And some would say, “St. Germaine, can you not make it a little bigger next time?” Or, “May I have that for my collection?” when she is already wearing diamonds and pearls. This, when people were starving in the streets, was disconcerting.

So I did not really want or beg the Mother to return until such time as Nova Earth, what I had worked for, and continue to constantly work for on this side, was in place. Now I did not need it to be fait accompli. I did not need everything to be down and ordered and organised. But I most certainly wanted a different paradigm within which to walk with you – as did Yeshua, as did many of the masters that return now.

And that new paradigm not only has been given to you, laid down by the grace of God, has been explained to you, the invitations have been issued and you have all accepted! This allows for a completely different reality than what has been known within human memory to truly emerge.

And you are entering into a new level, shall I say, of co-creative partnership – yes, with us – most certainly with your Star family, your brothers and sisters who have been catching bombs and putting out fires [sigh] for a long time! It brings you into co-creative alignment, but also power.

This word “power” has almost become like a swear word, a dirty word. But, in fact, what I am talking about is the essence of who you are, the essence of your divinity coming to the forefront that you may go forth in the fulfilment of what is not just desirable but really possible.

You see, you have been operating – and it was a necessary part of this process – you’ve been operating in many ways in a dreamscape; you’ve been operating on what you desire to bring forth.

This new grid has tangibility; it has solidity that you are going to begin to truly perceive in and of your bodies and yourselves. You are entering a realm where you are doing, not just dreaming, and you are doing so most certainly with each other but with us as well.

You have graduated! – and now you are simply putting things into place. Think of it, of the joy and excitement when you got your first car, or your first bicycle, or your first apartment, or your own room in a shared space and how precious that was that you could choose to put in that apartment the dishes, the food, the chair, the covers that you wanted, that you would actually set up and live in that apartment.

That is what has been gifted to you! We have been gifting it for a while, but today you have unwrapped it and you have seen the grid that beloved Gabrielle has given you.

It is a new day, my friends! Let us celebrate together! Go in peace.

Suzi: Thank you.

StG/Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

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Chakra System is new Communication System

Your Control Panel For Higher Dimensional Information

Transmitted to Suzanne Lie from the Arcturians
via a LONG morning dream

This morning, I had a LONG dream about using our Chakras as Inter-dimensional Communication Centers. I was able to deeply observe how each Chakra serves as a “relay system” to inter-connect us with certain components and areas of our Higher SELF. In this manner, we can better connect with Gaia’s planetary earth grids.

Simultaneously, these Planetary Earth Grids are connected to our complete Chakra System, which actually serves as an extremely complicated system for Inter-dimensional Communication. These Inter-dimensional Communications Systems are fifth dimensional in nature, and are innate components of our Chakra System.
What humanity has not widely known is that their Chakra System, once calibrated to their Inter-dimensional, fifth-dimensional SELF, their fourth-dimensional Astral SELF, as well as their fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, and as we resonate more and more to the fifth dimension and beyond, this Inter-dimensional Communication via our chakra system will be as natural as third dimensional communication.

We will go into deep detail, as well as link our information with the information that we sent to Suzille many decades ago about the manner in which each Chakra serves as an “Inter-dimensional Communication System.”

We came to Suzille in her dream life to guide her to the Ship so that we could best explain the complex mechanisms of Inter-Dimensional Communication that we have decided to finally release to humanity.

Of course, much of humanity can not believe in this “innate, inner, system” of their fifth dimensional Lightbody because their consciousness has not yet expanded beyond the many cares and challenges of third dimensional life.

We, your Arcturian and Galactic Family, are so sorry that so many of you are still living within the dark density of the “NOW Before the Beginning.” We, the Arcturians, wish to deeply commend each and every one of you who feels trapped within the “crossfire” of both fifth dimensional information and the muggy messages being released by the Lost Ones on Earth.
We ask you to take a moment, in fact, please take the rest of your incarnation to imagine how dear Gaia suffers with the “crossfire” of the advanced communications She is being given from Her “Fifth Dimensional Planetary Command Center”, and the confusion and cries for help from the frightened, un-awakener humans, and the dark ones wearing a human form to disguise their true, dark and very “non-human” true self.

All of these different frequencies of humanity exist within the same NOW of the same places on Gaia’s body. These places/areas of Gaia’s body are “under attack” and being bombarded with lower dimensional, power over others, energy fields.

We wish to remind our “awakened ones” who are wearing 3D forms to disguise their true SELF, that their “Call to Active Duty” is being given. If you feel that you need to keep your Mission “invisible” to others, or keep your name “invisible to others,” that is fine with us.

We are happy to see that our grounded “Emissaries of Light” are finding ways to protect themselves from the “dark night of the soul” that some area’s of Gaia’s planet are experiencing. This “dark night of the soul” which is Gaia is, and has been experiencing at the hands of the “Dark Ones,” is also being sent towards our Emissaries of Light.

Fortunately, our Emissaries of Light underwent long lessons on “The REAL history of Gaia’s Past,” as well as special ways in which the Dark Ones can easily be recognized, no matter what “disguise” they are currently wearing.

We say the above not to frighten you, but to remind you that you ALL have been fully trained before you decided to take this Mission to Assist Gaia. Please remember that Gaia is ONE Being which included All Humans, ALL members of Gaia’s plant, animal, bird, insect, human and ALL of our Galactic Members who have volunteered for this Mission.
We realize that once one takes a human form, they are struck with the third dimensional operating system which usually erases their fifth dimensional, inter-dimensional communication systems.”

We are VERY happy to see, and proud of our grounded ones, who have managed to “re-connect” with their innate higher fourth and fifth dimensional Operating System. These higher dimensional Operating Systems are easily forgotten once one’s consciousness slips into the fog of third dimensional “logical-sequential operating system.”

Dear Volunteers to Wear an Earth Vessel during this NOW,
we, your Galactic Family greatly commend you for your

Free Will Needed

Regard for Free Will Needed
December 1, 2017 By Steve Beckow

So much misfortune these days seems to come about because of our disregard for a fundamental universal/human right – the right to free will.

Why is that phrase so much neglected? Because we hear our parents say, “Now you two play fair with each other” and we grimace at being controlled (never mind how much we enjoyed disagreeing with our sibling)?

Is it because we think anything “free” mustn’t have value? Or that “will” equates to wilfulness and that’s a bad thing?

Whatever it is, we overlook the fact that “free will” is the right of every sovereign and independent being. If our free will is violated, a universal law has been violated and that results in unlearned lessons or karma.

What does the law say?

Matthew Ward put it this way: “The law of free will is a cosmic law decreeing that it is the birthright of all souls to choose their pathway toward or away from spiritual enlightenment.” (1)

Hilarion gave a good statement of it as well:

“Each individual has the right to express and act on their own inner convictions of what they feel is the right thing to do and it behooves everyone to begin to respect each other no matter what the diversity of their opinions and convictions are. Everyone has the right of free-will choice because you live on a free-will planet and that is what it means to live on a free will planet!” (2)

He expands on these summary statements:

“It is the right of each individual to access their internal sovereignty and use their Divine wisdom and knowledge to make free-will choices in that which they feel is the right and good thing to do. Because opinions differ does not mean that those you oppose are less than you – all it means is that they walk to a different beat. All that means is that they have taken the time to go within and choose that which they believe is the right choice to make.

“These current times are all about choosing to follow your own star, to walk in joy, to do those things that bring you joy, that bring you happiness. It is not required that you need the outer world to dictate to you what can bring that joy to you, it is all within you and it has always been within you – for that is where the Divine lives – within you!” (3)

The law applies to everyone, Matthew says. “God,” as used here, refers to the conditioned God, the personal God, God in form, ruler of a universe. The formless, impersonal, and unconditioned God cannot be limited in any way.

“Neither God nor any soul in physical or spirit worlds is permitted to interfere with anyone’s use of free will.” (4)

He tells us here that the Creator has enjoined them all to respect free will:

“Everyone’s free will must be honored in accordance with Creator’s edict to rulers of all the universes.” (5)

“Creator established the cosmic laws and God, by whatever name one calls the Supreme Being of this universe, must honor those laws in this universe.” (6)

He continues:

“This is with sound reason. Interference would deny countless souls the karmic experiencing they chose so they can evolve, and evolvement is the goal of every soul in every lifetime. What God and all of His emissaries are permitted to do is send all souls love-light, the most powerful force in the cosmos, to open hearts and minds, give solace to the grieving, courage to the faltering, hope to the struggling, momentum to the newly awakened.” (7)

I once asked Sanat Kumara what the consequences were of routinely violating the free will of another. He replied:

“Well, the most dire consequence is you will never be happy. You will never move into the expanded heart consciousness. You will never know the bliss and the ecstasy. You will never be the fulfillment of who you are, your sacred design, your mission and purpose, if you persist in such behavior.


“Why would you wish for someone to align with your will when it is not their will? What is it within your being that makes you think, feel, believe, that you are more aligned, more correct, and have the position to assume superiority over another’s life? How, in any construct, could this ever be considered love?

“How – in overriding what you think of as right or wrong, correct or incorrect of what you think someone else is thinking, doing, behaving, feeling – how can that ever be translated as love? Well, it obviously cannot. It is an egoic move, and it is a move that is rooted in insecurity and lack of trust, forgiveness and self-worth.” (8)

“At risk of your soul and your soul purpose,” he cautioned us, “you cannot interfere or try to override another’s free will. It is highway robbery.
” (9)

Jesus through John Smallman describes how an organization works on fear to create a hierarchy to which we feel we must conform:

“You have always had free will, but, within the illusion where you have taken form as individual humans, seemingly totally separated from one another, you have accepted the illusion as a real state comprised of levels of authority to which you have to submit.

“Most of you believe that where you are situated in that power structure is as a result of your family’s place in that structure, modified by your own intellectual abilities and academic achievements. In other words you can progress upwards through that structure to places of power and influence, and the system encourages you to believe this and to do your best to rise through the ranks.

“Initial successes or achievements can be extremely rewarding and addictive, encouraging you to attempt to climb ever higher in the organization and claim the further rewards that success offers you. You bend or modify your honesty and integrity in apparently small and unimportant ways to enable you to rise upwards to positions of increasing power, authority, and acclaim, only to discover that you are no longer free, and instead belong to the dogmatic authoritarian structure to which you have given away your power.

“It becomes apparent that however high you rise there is always someone above you to whom you answer and whose authority you have to accept even if you utterly disagree with the directions and orders that you have to follow. By then, because of your personal commitments – financial, family, and friends – and your small indiscretions where you have abandoned honesty and integrity to support your superiors, you find yourselves trapped in a web of deceit from which there seems to be no escape.” (10)

Meanwhile people who have made it to the top live in the greatest fear of all.

“At the highest levels in all organizations people live in intense fear! Fear of discovery or fear of dismissal, and so they are encouraged and tempted to discard all their remaining integrity and honesty, the aspects of themselves that they were originally taught to believe were the most sacrosanct. To arrive at this level and realize that there is no way back is shocking and terrifying, because all personal power is now lost, given away, and for nothing!” (11)

At some point we awaken to the fact that nothing can take our free will from us, Jesus explains.

“Of course, you always have free will. It can never be taken from you. However, to reclaim it demands honesty and integrity. … To come clean and apologize is both extremely painful and absolutely essential if you are to regain your self-esteem. …

“It demands courage at a level that you have never had to call on before – it is terrifying, it is the edge of the abyss, and you have to jump.” (12)
Sufficient has been said, I think, to suggest ways the sense of free will has been eroded in our society.

Like Plato’s prisoners in the cave, we come out into the Light and see that, as eroded as that sense of free will may be, we still are and always have been free.

But all our relationships would be enhanced, I think, if we rigorously respected each other’s free will. Sexual assault would stop. The rationale behind hierarchical structures would be revealed as hollow and self-serving.

Sooner or later, we’ll have to begin to respect that everyone has been given the right of freedom by the One to pursue the paths they wish to, without censure or penalty, as long as they harm no one.


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Exiting the matrix
If you would like to do a visual exercise to tap into these codes, you can focus on a spinning 12 sided dodecahedron that has been brought into the middle of the Earth. It is spraying out encoded golden light. Imagine that light going into every cell in your body, filling it with a new program. As each person takes these new codes in and removes the forgetting code, it will spread throughout humanity since we are all connected. The codes will be available for all who choose to question what is happening in their lives as their reality continues to dissolve