Gallery: The Space of Abundance

The Space of Abundance

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There are a multitude of states of consciousness, I’m sure. Why would there not be? Everything is consciousness.

Abundance is a higher-dimensional state of consciousness just as mastery and bliss, love and peace are.

Abundance as a state, like love, cannot be discussed. It lives in another, higher dimension and our words don’t capture that realm of experience. Metaphorically speaking, they don’t reach that far. They’re insufficient to capture the essence of the experience.

I’ve never found words for higher-dimensional love, for instance.  It’s as far removed from my everyday experience as an airplane flying at 30,000 feet is.

So abundance too. But I can describe the space of abundance.  When I feel abundant, I feel confident. I feel unworried, relaxed. There are no barriers to my experience of other states of consciousness like happiness or peace.

I move ahead with the discussion of things boldly and clearly and leave it to others to work out the details. I think this is what Archangel Michael means when he refers to money as being creative.  I create with money as if painting and leave the business details to those whose job that is.  I do that when I feel abundant.

I imagine myself in a meeting discussing at a values level the ideal shape of the world – egalitarian, compassionate, responsible, etc.

From those values, the programs to implement them cascade and flow. Universal basic incomes, universal medicare, universal debt retirement, universal child care, universal seniors care, etc.

Planet-wide, culturally-sensitive, in support of the locally-desired outcome. But raising the standard of living worldwide, responsibly and wisely.

My saying this arises from years and years of studying what Michael has been telling me in my readings about being a funder, a flowthrough, or a pipeline. I haven’t spent a day on the job and yet already I’m thinking as if I had.

We reach a pinnacle of relatedness to a topic in the time when we study it. In the years that follow we rely on what we learned back then to decipher the present.

This last period for me has been spent studying and imagining the flows of immense amounts of wealth on very much a global scale. Michael remarked to me on one occasion:

AAM: You have reached a point in your heart, in your being, in your life, in your consciousness where you are realizing … the magnitude of our partnership. (1)

I am indeed just getting the first glimpses of it. And many others are in partnership with him or the other celestials as well.

Not like I knew what the result would be starting out in my study. In the beginning, I just wanted to know what my job was.

But the result is that I’m becoming able to think at a global level, as tentative as my first thoughts are.  I’m restricted to the flow of money, but within that domain and acting as an envisioner I’m feeling more and more competent.

I’m not afraid to think from that vantage point any longer. Archangel Michael has given me enough reassurance to make the leap.

This whole process comes from reading and rereading what he has to say about financial service or stewardship.  One comes to see things from a much wider, broader level through assimilating his words.

I’m seeing things from an altogether different angle now. I experience abundance, not as a condition, but as a state of consciousness.

Heavens, how lucky I am.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 17, 2018.


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