Gallery: Lightworker User Manual: Introducing our Star Family

Lightworker User Manual: Introducing Our Star Family

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Billy Meier is visited by Semjase the Pleiadian


I’m willing to be that there will be many events and occurrences between now and our Ascension. However, none short of Ascension itself will probably compare with the arrival of our star family.

That will be a time of huge celebration, especially by those who’ve maintained their knowledge that our galactic family exists through decades of ridicule and suppression. We’ll probably swell with pride when the first star brother or sister gets off a spaceship.

The arrival of our star family means the end of the line for those who haven’t had humanity’s best interests at heart.

A supersonic jet fighter is a party favor to their spaceships. Tanks, nuclear weapons, lasers, TR3-B spacecraft – there’s no force anywhere on Earth that could prove successful against them. Compared to them terrestrial society is primitive.

It’s almost as if, when our star visitors arrive, we can say, “OK, now the work can begin.” At that point, if not earlier, we won’t have to watch our backs. At that point the truth will be known and a cascade of new technologies will be released.

They not only have been visiting this planet for eons, but first populated it.

Sheldan Nidle’s Galactic Federation sources tell us:

“You are the magnificent prodigy of star colonists that long ago came here to help maint

SaLuSa the Sirian

ain and sustain these lovely water worlds. Much happened over the intervening years.” (1)

SaLuSa of Sirius elaborates:

“You do not exist by some freak of nature, and are not the result of natural selection, but purposefully and lovingly created to exist in your environment. You are a special species of Humans that have taken over from Cro-Magnon Man, and have been genetically engineered to allow for a speeding up in your evolution.” (2)

They’ve watched over us, preserving our free-will right to determine our planet’s direction and future while preventing the planet’s destruction from such threats as depleted-uranium radiation, nuclear holocaust, manmade pandemics, etc.

The galactics we’ll meet will be human in appearance, (3) although not all galactics are, as any Trekkie can guess.  But all life forms have the same soul or Self.

Being higher-dimensional, they do not age, get sick, eat much, or sleep much.  Nothing can be hidden from them as they have the ability to know our thoughts.

They serve the one God as we do, follow the Divine Mother’s Plan and archangelic advice, and serve Gaia as well.

They don’t use force unless necessary and then only as much as is needed to defuse or neutralize a harmful situation.  They work with the universal laws.

They’re represented by confederations like the Galactic Federation of Light and the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies.

At the present moment, they have let go of their efforts to convince Earth governments to disclose their presence and are working with unofficial delegations of terrestrials to make their presence known. (4)  We anticipate that these efforts will be revealed this year.

I don’t think we could have freed ourselves from cabal control or saved the planet from nuclear destruction without their help.

(To be concluded tomorrow.)


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