Gallery: Trinity – Creator, Nuturer , Destroyer


All things, all thoughts and all creations have this three-faceted aspect to them: They are created, and then nurtured, only to be dissolved, recycled, or destroyed.

That is why I am better known as the facet of God in Hinduism that “destroys”. But truth be told, I do not destroy anything–anything at all. All things, from thoughts to suns, galaxies and entire universes go through this trinity–this triangle I have shown in detailed visions to my messenger–like a never-ending circle of three facets: Created, nurtured, dissolved… create, nurture and dissolve… over and over again, ad infinitum, very much like an ongoing recycling process really as all is energy and therefore cannot be “destroyed” but rather transformed, transmuted into something else.

Whether you are looking at simple thoughts, their resulting creations big or small, from suns to empires, all goes through this implacable law of these three aspects which Hinduism describes and teaches as three parts, or three aspects of deity: creator, nurturer and destroyer. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA… OM NAMAH SHIVAYA… OM NAMAH SHIVAYA… this sacred mantra, recited or sang in my honour being just a reminder of these truths.

We are all passing on and on from one dimensional level to the next, expanding our consciousness, only as a wink of an eye of the Great Awakened One’s Consciousness. And we come and go, and, like all thoughts, some linger on, longer…

All over the world and far beyond the original teachings ascribed to Hinduism, this is also represented by another symbol, a much easier one to remember and register across cultures and traditions: three simple and parallel lines. Many of my Brother Hindu Gods are thus still painted with these three lines on their forehead, below their eyes, on their arms, etc.; but again the same trilogy applies: create, nurture, and dissolve.

All is destined to dissolution, or to the dimension of the unmanifest,* (sooner or later) * This is the deeper meaning of the sacred Shiva Lingam, the oval form representing the un-manifest, non-material aspect of creation.

Let it not be forgotten that the Language of Light communicates as and through communion, meaning common-union, the union of what we have in common, which is of course, the Light!

Just by imagining this symbol placed at the top of the head, right above your crown chakra, you will awaken the codes and the information it carries. So as to ensure that your missed-creations and difficult situations are dissolved faster you can spin the triangle in the general direction of your prevailing polarity, namely to the right if you are holding a male polarity, or to the left, if you are holding a female polarity, and in both directions if you feel in harmony with both while repeating the Mantra Om Namah Shivaya as many times as necessary. Singing this Mantra is even more effective.

From: The Cosmic Alphabet:An Introduction to the Language of Light

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