Gallery: The Radiating Letter of Light Language

The Radiating Letter

I radiate gratitude and I often leave my mark where I am, forever radiating the blessings of Love.

Children of all ages love throwing pebbles in lakes and waterways. I love it, too, for in those gentle, transient ripples, I leave my signature behind, thus becoming visible to your physical senses for a little while.

Rivers and lakes thus, like me, thank the children of all ages for the pebbles offered and returned, even though they may not know it, as they remain fascinated by the ripple markings in the water. It is to play with me that they throw the pebbles, to see me responding.

Children know this and interact naturally. However, effulgence of Divine Love is what I really represent even though that you cannot see–that can only be felt.

Unlike my brother the spiral, I am seldom visible or seen, being of a more nurturing, hidden, feminine polarity. But radiating love and blessings is what I do and in so doing, I move in one circular motion, ever expanding and beaming my ripple effects to the hearts of all creation and all that is receptive to my radiating blessings of love….

When you look closer using the eyes of your heart, you shall see that I live in living trees. Be them standing or fossil, there I live. In them I leave my circled markings and writings, a full heartbeat for every Earth year of love radiated and life lived by each particular holographic life stream.

When you imagine yourself as a series of circles of light beaming, like I do, your love to all you have created, you then embrace equally all the parts of you, especially those you may now still judge unworthy of love, or the parts you feel deserve more love than others.

From: The cosmic Alphabet: An Introduction to the Language of Light

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