Gallery: Two Accounts of our Ascension Journey Part 1

Matthew Ward: Two Accounts of Our Ascension Journey – Part 1/2

In this part of a two-part series, and the next, Matthew Ward offers a thumbnail history of Gaia’s Ascension journey.

(Matthew’s Message through Suzy Ward, Nov. 21, 2008 at

Your recorded history is but a minute fraction— and a very inaccurate fraction at that—of your planet’s universal history, which is accurately known in the continuum. For millennia darkness controlled the minds and hearts of the peoples, and lifetime after lifetime souls incarnated with the self-chosen mission to break free of that control, yet all except a very few continued to fail. They were not bereft of the self-empowerment every being has as a god or goddess self; it is that the fear perpetrated and perpetuated by off-planet dark forces and implemented by its puppets on the planet was so pervasive that knowledge at soul level was blocked from reaching consciousness.

All the while, the light that was Earth’s very life force became dimmer and dimmer. In conjunction with her choice to ascend out of the depths of third density, where her planetary body no longer could survive the ever accumulating negativity, the alignment of celestial bodies and the strategic direction of energy presented another opportunity for light to vanquish the darkness that so long had controlled life on the planet. This time history would not be repeated. This time there would be the assistance Earth needed and requested, a massive infusion of light from other civilizations that not only would assure her survival as a planet, but also would enlighten her residents so they could make conscious choices in keeping with Earth’s vision of a peaceful, healthy world where humankind lives in harmony with Nature.

Only in the timelessness of the continuum could the countless complexities needed to manifest that vision into reality be most carefully considered and arranged.  A foremost consideration was the cosmic law, that Creator’s gift of free will with its inseparable power of manifestation had to be honored; and because the world Earth desired would be co-created for and BY her residents, it would have to be according to what they envisioned. Each individual manifests his or her personal life and, in combination, all the lives make up the world; so it was necessary to insure that enough of the collective minds would be enlightened, inspired and dedicated to creating the Golden Age of Earth’s vision. Of paramount importance was the balance that had to be achieved through completion of the third density karma that had been incurred by souls in their multiple lifetimes on Earth and various other places in the universe.  And there was the need for souls to come from highly spiritually and intellectually evolved civilizations to be the way-showers and leaders of the souls who were less evolved.

Carrying out the mandate of God, who was honoring Earth’s free will to ascend, members of galactic and intergalactic federations sought counsel of the highest beings in this universe, and out of discussions at that level, a plan was developed that would enable Earth to leave third density, where darkness thrives, and rise into fifth density, where darkness cannot exist.  During her ascension process, third density karma would have to be played out, so most roles were for very difficult experiences: impoverishment or brutally oppressive regimes; lives cut short by war, genocide, starvation, murder; grief; physical or mental debilities or incapacitation; slavery, legal injustice; family, national and international discord—everything that could assail body, mind and spirit had to be over and done with. Some souls had to be the individuals who would cause all the suffering, hardships, disharmony and death so the masses could complete their unfinished karmic experiencing.

Knowing all the ramifications of the plan, and because unconditional love for all souls is the basis for each choosing its role in the lifetimes it affects, many more souls than could inhabit the planet during the ascension decades wanted to participate. Those who were not selected to embody would contribute in other vital ways, and those who were selected looked forward to filling the roles that would let them evolve themselves at the same time they were assisting others in their spiritual growth.

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