Gallery: Egypt- First Trip Day Eleven

Before dawn we set off for the West Bank at Luxor in the dark on the ferry, then onto a minibus and drove to a big area of uncultivated ground. There was lots of activity with noise and bustle as the balloons were filled. We were shown the landing position, then climbed up steps into the basket. What a magic sight with dozens of balloons. In the dawn sky.

We climbed very gently to 2,000 feet and could hear everything, crickets on the ground, the Immans calling, we could see the river and the town waking. We drifted past the Valley of the Queens and saw Hatshepsut’s Temple from the air, we saw Ramses I  Temple and other unexcavated sites very visible from the air as we passed the Valley of the Kings.  We saw a mosque and drifted over the desert where we spotted people on donkeys as we came down for landing.

it was pretty exciting landing – we had to brace ourselves low in the basket and hang on as we bumped across the rough ground. Guys appeared to jump on the basket to keep it down until the balloon deflated. A wind arose and we bumped across the ground. The kids on the donkeys had been following us to sell carvings. They had to get out of the way. Then we had to climb out of the basket on footholds in the cane, which we hadn’t noticed, and onto the steps which had been brought along by the support crew. It was Pamela’s birthday, so we cheered as she got out.

Back for breakfast at Sonestra Hotel, minibus and ferry ride, then off to Karnack

Karnak Temple is a vast complex and the first I’d seen with some greenery, trees and shrubs and a pleasure to visit. It’s at the other end of the processional  way from Luxor. The oldest part is dedicated to Amon it is linked to the First by ram headed sphinxes the dominion of Mut – Wife of Amon and symbolically represented by a vulture. The third part to the north is the dominion of Munt, theGod of war.

i saw in my mind’s eye marshy land, reeds and people gathering food and fishing from sciffs. It was near the entrance that the Sacred barques had approached the Temple. They were stored in the Temple of Seti I near the northwestern corner of the Great Courtyard.

Karnak is a huge complex, over 9 hectares, and the largest columned Temple in the world. The obelisk of Hatshepsut has  exquisite detail and is considered Egypt’s finest, the other having been removed.There is also a huge Sacred Lake for purification.

Perhaps most interesting for us was statue of Sekhmet, bride of Ptah ,the lion headed Goddess who wears the crown of solar disk and the utaeus on her head. She was the Goddess of war and also of healing fractures. It was here the family saw the orbs. She’s in the Temple of Ptah, against the north wall of the dominion of Amon. It was 31st Oct, Halloween, All Souls Day.

This report from Aluna Joy describes her 2013 visit.

Sunrise in Karnak Temple is stunning and incredibly peaceful. The site was anchored by Ascended Master Serapis Bey, and is the home of the Great Goddess /Mother Sekhmet. We were allowed into the inner most sacred chamber/temple of the Mother Sekhmet. It has been her home from the beginning, and her statue is one of the few artifacts that is still in its original location. Many Ascended Masters, Atlantian Priests and even Anna Grandmother, Jeshua and Mother Mary have worked in this humble temple. Because of this, the energy is quite powerful, and its energy has not been altered for many centuries. We had a small window of time before the director of the site arrived.

When we entered the tiny chamber, in nearly total darkness, the energy roared into us with all the uncompromising qualities of a fully empowered mother/creator. There was an incredible amount of deep unconditional love, but it was laced with a humbling request for living impeccably and to have deep respect for her. This is a mother you would not want to cross. She could level you in a heartbeat if she wanted to. But we came in silence and with respect. Thus she showered us with priceless gifts; these gifts being the full-on power and love of the lioness mother. This is the power that will protect the Earth and all her children at any cost. Just by her presence she commands respect, impeccability and truth. It is an energy that can complete the most challenging work, and the work is done with a tenacious energy that keeps on, does not waiver, and reaches the spiritual goal no matter how challenging or costly.

She said we must defend Earth and her children with impeccable justice and fairness . . . laced with gentle love. It is like the lion who walks gently on the Earth, but when crossed, can access its swift lioness power to put things back in order in an heart beat. Like I said . . . you would not want to cross this Goddess at any cost. We gave her love, and she kneaded us into soft putty. We floated out of the site and sailed the rest of the day to integrate this precious energy. We did get to make an essence here, and yes, we had thousands of orbs once again!

From Aluna Joy:

The ancient ones would sit in these chambers in silence for a very long time. Soon they could hear their heart songs. They would enter the void, as we do in mediation. They focused their energy and light into their heart, and soon they could hear their unique higher heart song. Then they would anchor this frequency into the earth. This is not like sound frequencies that we are hearing in our ears right now. The high frequency that we hear now is from the sun activating us. (Those reading this can hear this sound, as well.) So they are asking us again for permission, so they can start integrating into our hearts all this ancient and powerful energy we have collected in the last few days and lifetimes.

This realignment with our hearts will make our energy run a lot smoother and easier. But they warn me, we are going to get another blast tomorrow in Karnack. (And we did!) Sekhmet already knows we are coming to see her. Hatshepsut has followed us here from yesterday. I feel there is something coming about the great mothering of a new world that we are being called to be a part of. This will take a tremendous amount of heart energy. This vital work will insure that we will end up in a love-based world, and we can finally put the lower ego driven world behind us. What we tried to do in the past, but failed, is to anchor a heart-based world. This was the experiment of Atlantis. We will not fail this time around.

It is no longer “I AM.” It is “WE ARE.” This is not a singular path anymore. It is a collective one. We are the way, the truth, the life. We are the love, the wisdom, the power. Jeshua says that what is being transmitted to us now is an egoless power, one that is not used with force but with love. This new power is the way of the future: the power of love, unity, and respect for all life. We are the way, the truth, and the life. We are love, wisdom, and power. We are our ancestor’s children, and we accept this starry heritage.

Take a moment to let this sink in.

Back to the Sonestra for lunch and rest. I was able to channel some energy into the pool right beside the Nile in the afternoon and prepare for trip back to Cairo.

When we arrived  back in Cairo it was to a 1 am traffic jam, all the trucks, restricted by  day, we’re on the road at night, There were cement trucks, heavy machinery, even a Ute with 4 camels sitting in the back, their heads bobbing up and down watching the traffic. We reached Mena House about 2 am after a 22 hour day.

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