Gallery: Egypt – First trip Day 3

My daughter Tamara’s birthday, so I rang her in thye early morning at 1pm Egypt time. It was the day we checked out of Mena House, next to the Pyramid and headed for Aswan. But first a visit to the Egyptian Museum. Having come from a museum background, I was disappointed with the displays which were very old fashioned and with little interpretative or educational displays. That said said there were some beautiful objects, the treasures from Tutankarmon’s tomb being notable, a seperate entry fee required, also a photographic fee for taking photos inside. I did see the statue of Sekmet and on my feed was psychic drawing of Bastet,another cat goddess.The statue of Zoser looked very ape-like to my eyes. One of the objects which drew my attention was the tiny statuette of Khufu, in ivory. It is considered to be the only existing complete sculpture o King Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza.The Egyptian Museum Guidebook, an excellent production has a modern approach to the treasures. Of course the new Egyptian Museum, when it finally opens, will have a display of many more objects currently in the stacks. It’s a huge construction site near Cairo Airport.

In my  reading from Min, on the bus, I was given the message to “feed the cats”, so this was synchronicity as work. I also had some insight into the pain in my right foot which felt like a cattle prod, it was about grounding the energy and also about my stomach issues, which related to liver problems. As the trip progressed most of these issues were resolved and went away. We missed lunch but luckily I had an apple. We got take-away on the way to the airport and it was a very rushed departure and a long way to the plane and the only time I had difficulty with avoiding the scanners with my pacemaker. They held the plane for us anyway we all made this, Pamela being memorably escorted down the steps by an airport official, another victim to the Goddess.

We arrived in Aswan about an hour later, to a completely different pace. It was relaxed with hardly anyone at the airport and our bus waiting nearby. It was after dark and as we drove into town our hotel, the Novenpick tower stood out on the island on the horizon with the tombs on the West Bank illuminated as we drove in. We caught a ferry across to our side hotel on a beautiful moonlit night. There are two dams at Aswan to hold back the floodwaters of the Upper Nile and it was from here we were to take the cruise down the Nile in a few days.

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