Gallery: What happened to HAARP? Part 1/2

What Happened to HAARP? – Part 1/2
September 17, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Thanks to Ed for catching the error: The last sentence should read “The weather that occurs now is not man-made.”

Was Hurricane Irma or Harvey a manmade storm? Or was it caused by HAARP and other weather-warfare technologies?

If it was, it’d be an instance of the secret government turning death and destruction on its own citizens to incite fear and confusion.

However, it wasn’t HAARP.

Our sources agree that HAARP was decommissioned in the early 2010s. Even prior to that, our star family was doing all it was permitted to do by universal law, to mitigate the circumstances created by the terrestrial weather-warfare scientists. One source even reports the removal of the scientists.

Before I turn to that subject, however, let me preface my remarks by saying that our star family moderates the storms that the Illuminati do (or rather did) cause. Matthew Ward tells us:

“When the Illuminati cause a geophysical event, the [galactic] crews lay down an electromagnetic grid that distributes earthquake or volcanic activity and lessens destruction and death toll without reducing the amount of negativity released by those events.

“In the case of Illuminati-created weather, the crews decrease the wind velocity of violent storms and steer them away from heavily populated areas along coastlines.” (1)

When readers write in, I ask Sanat Kumara or Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel or in a private reading for the status of HAARP. Not of one installation of HAARP, but of the entire HAARP system. Here’s what Sanat Kumara said in early 2013:

Steve Beckow: If I could get you to comment, please, on … whether HAARP has been decommissioned or neutralized. …

Sanat Kumara: HAARP has been decommissioned, as you would think of it. (2)

When one reader wrote in, I asked Archangel Michael the same question in a personal reading in August of that year. It gives us an additional confirmation.

Steve Beckow: XX would like to know if HAARP has been deactivated.

Archangel Michael: Yes, it has. (3)

HAARP did cause much of the extreme weather of yesteryear. Here’s Matthew Ward explaining the situation in 2010:

“Yes, the unusually severe weather conditions in many parts of your world, including heavy snowfalls, flooding and temperature extremes, are man’s handiwork. It is not necessary for the scientists who are doing the Illuminati’s bidding to initiate each incident anew – once elements in the atmosphere have been strongly set in motion, the domino effect takes over. When conditions start to ease as the energy within them dissipates, weather control technologists set off another disruption, and the same is so with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

“Your off-planet brotherhood reduces to the extent possible the intended harmful results of all the manipulated happenings while still enabling their full release of negativity.” (4)

Why is the Illuminati controlling weather and creating ‘natural’ disasters? “To produce the negativity that arises out of high death toll, grief, fear, chaos, widespread destruction, disease, economic disasters and hopelessness,” Matthew says. (5)

What’s the difference between HAARP and scalar weapons? Suzy Ward explains:

“HAARP sends out electromagnetic waves over a wide area and scalar weapons beam at a specific target. The latter was developed by Tesla but not for harmful purposes — he refused to use it in the disastrous Philadelphia experiment but one of his associates did.” (6)

HAARP was not the only energy wave polluting Earth, Matthew tells us:

“You also are encountering the effects of low frequency emissions from HAARP and other surveillance systems, the radioactive fallout of weaponry, cell phones and electric power stations in addition to the proliferation of pollutants in your air, soil and water. If we can say “that’s the bad news,” we hasten to give you the “good news.” Your benevolent space family is using their technology to ameliorate to the greatest possible extent the damaging effects of those toxic ingredients.” (7)

Later that year Suzy Ward referred to “the removal of weather-manipulating scientists by space family members living among you. Mother Nature is back in control of storms, earthquakes and wildfires, her means of releasing negativity.” (8)

That means that the “terrorists” (because their motive was to excite terror) operating the weather-warfare systems are now gone.

In summary, HAARP was used to cause severe weather and Earth changes from hurricanes to earthquakes and tsunamis.

However, our star family and their white-hat ground crew have succeeded in having HAARP decommissioned and the weather scientists removed. The weather that occurs now is not man-made.

(Continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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