Gallery: Missing text Uluru-By-Arunda

P46 missing

Toning vibrates the three glands the pineal, pituitary and the masal spaces in the head. These act as resonance chambers in the head. These glands are associated with the functioning of the 3rd Eye and the ability to channel which is sometimes called second brain functioning and is associated with the midbrain and the pituitary gland.
We are always keeping an eye on you. As you get to be a channel you have the authority and you must be able to handle that. Most of you can channel.Its only a matter of expressing your guides, yourself and your Higher Self through speech and telepathy.

Toning is a means of sonic entrainment coming into tune with others of the desired frequency by vibrating the chakras in tune with the cosmic blueprint. Your Higher Self comes into alignment when you are in perfect harmonic resonance.
Missing text p 50
What can be felt is reality on your planet.
Those that feel they have to go against life create karma. Those that like the salmon run with the stream, find things easier. One lifetime with many bodies in past lives and one body with many bodies in the aura in this life.

The more you surround yourself with sensual things, crystals, books and so on, the jewel you are guarding is your own knowledge. The more you understand, the more people will come to you.

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