Gallery: BLue Cloak Meditation

Terrorism amid the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, Using Her Cloak of Blue Velvet
June 8, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis

June 3rd, 2017, Universal Mother Mary asked us to do two things in our daily peace meditations — Her Tsunami of Love — every day.

  1. To travel deep in Her Tsunami of Love on Her Blue Velvet Cloak (riding Her Cloak much like a magic carpet) to the places of violence, abuse of authority, war.

  2. To pray for the women and children of Iraq and Iran, and then to expand it.

Just hours ago, terrified workers fled from ISIS gunmen inside Iran’s parliament during twin attacks that killed 17 people.

The Mother asked us to expand our prayers to what we choose to look at — places of disharmony — the dis-ease of war.

“You can ride the waves when you stay upon my cloak. And we can cover and wash clean these areas of intrigue and hatred, misunderstanding and abhorrence.

“And we will cover them with the blue cloak.

“Literally we will cover them as they are immersed in my tsunami and cleansed, washed clean and refilled with my gifts of clarity, and purity, grace, awe and wonder.” (1)

She says that this is where we affect change, as Her anchors in human form, Her Daughters and Sons, “into the bones, into the ground, into the hearts and minds and wills of those who have not known any better.”

Please join us,
travel on the Mother’s Cloak
to Iran and Iraq
and everywhere there is war,
meditating within, without for peace,
peace for all humanity

I invoke Universal Mother Mary and Your Blue Velvet Cloak,

Your Tsunami of Love for all war-torn areas on Gaia,

Your Clarity, Purity, Grace, Wonder and Awe.


(1) “Spread My Blue Velvet Cloak Over War-Torn Areas”, June 4, 2012,

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