Gallery: Gratitude to our Earth Mother :Gaia

Gratitude to Our Earth Mother, Gaia: Creating Peace On Earth
May 14, 2017 by Kathleen Mary Willis

Voice of Freedom, May 14th, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day, Gaia. Thank you for your patience, your fortitude, your perseverance, your Love for us. I apologize, I’m sorry for my part in contributing to your suffering.

Tonight at 9PM, please join in meditation,

Archangel Michael’s Plea for Peace Now.

Thank you to everyone, above and below, and especially to our Earth Mother, Gaia.

As a way to peace, Universal Mother Mary spoke to me in a personal reading, through Linda Dillon April 2015, about the power of forgiveness and compassion:

“Apologies — receiving a genuine ‘I’m sorry’– when someone says that truly from their heart, it is a request for forgiveness, and so, in the person receiving the apology, it is not only the transmutation, and what I would call the rectification of an injury, it is an expansion of the receiver to then, from a higher realm, grant forgiveness and feel compassion.” (1)

We have all witnessed actions that are not of love, and either been the perpetrator or on the receiving end of this behaviour.

With growing conscious awareness of our wholeness and with help from the Divine teachings through the Council of Love, I witness myself shifting.

The Buddha teaches us that compassion is not “permissiveness,” tolerating, allowing excessive behaviour — for example bullying — it is not stepping back in agreement of the behaviour, but at the same time, it is never judgement because that is never of love.

The bully without could be reflecting the ‘bully’ within, for us to see ourselves, without judgement.

When I ‘bully’ myself within,

I am contributing to the sorrow of this planet.

Not judging anything — ourselves, any person or situation — and sending compassion, the Buddha says works miraculously.

“If you switch in that moment of feeling ‘less than’, in that moment of ‘I am tired of not being seen and understood and accepted and loved’, if you switch and you say ‘I am going to send compassion because obviously this person, this group, this organization does not understand’.

“So you are not judging them as the injurer, as the predator on your happiness, you let them go, you send them compassion and then that compassion comes back at you. It works miraculously.” (2)

Consciously aware of how we feel, yet holding the higher vision, we can take sensible action with excessive behaviour patterns, within and without with Love, as the Buddha suggests below, and our divinity rises up:

“You are practicing compassion and you are holding the higher vision while taking sensible action and going forward, not contributing to the chaos and the mayhem, but holding the higher vision.

“You are calling out to that divinity to rise up, that is what Compassion does, it calls out for that divine spark to rise up rather than to assume an ego defensive stance. And you want the defensiveness, the need to defend to be gone, it serves no purpose.” (3)

As an act of Love, Archangel Michael asks us to stop all judgement of self and others in his Plea for Peace Now Meditation by saying, “Enough!”:

“It does not need to take nations making decisions. It does not need to take decades or years. What it takes is you claiming your creator self in sacred union with us and deciding right now, ‘Enough!’

“We will proceed and we will anchor not merely as an act of will, as an act of creation, but an act of Love.” (4)

The Buddha says when we act with compassion, with Love, the perpetrator, within and without, becomes the apologist, and the apologist becomes the accepter of actions, with forgiveness of self and others.

“Now does this mean that everybody will have laid down their guns or their hatreds? Well, yes it does because there is no room where there is love.

“It is just the antithesis where the perpetrator becomes the apologist and the apologist becomes the accepter of their actions.

“Is there reparation? Yes there is and it is accepted in the spirit in which it is offered with compassion.

“It doesn’t mean that there is a magic wand and you say ‘today everybody changes and all is forgiven.’ “. . . even during this time of karmic dispensation, there is the balancing out. But it cannot balance out until there is forgiveness, self forgiveness, and then forgiveness of one another.” (5)

May I have the strength to engage with myself, with my fellow Gaians, to apologize, forgive, be compassion, peace and Love.

The sorrow of humanity is all judgement.

All judgement creates suffering within and without.

Judgement of others is judgement of self. Compassion — forgiveness and non-judgement of self — creates peace within and without, freedom from all dis-ease.

I invoke Archangel Michael with his Blue Flame of Truth for peace and Love within and without.

Peace and Love on Earth for our Mother, Gaia.



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