Gallery: What are replicators? Part2/3


“Star Trek Sixth Fleet industrial replicator”
(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

Turning from in-depth reporting, in another message, Sheldan’s sources tell us something of their plans and schedule:

“After disclosure and the accompanying broadcasts, we intend to accelerate the work of your governments in bringing forth our various technologies. Our plan is to provide all of you with a replicating device and to complete the distribution and training-phase within one month from the start of this project.” (1)

His sources tell us about the training we’ll receive in the use of replicators:

“The landing group is now busy working on how and when to land the ‘special’ technicians who are to install technologies such as replicators, communicators, and healing devices. These technologies are mostly operated by the use of telepathy and we need to demonstrate how to restore this ability in your minds, as this will also make it a lot easier for you to interact with us.

“We see this restoration of one of your natural abilities as your first concrete step on the path to full consciousness. These living Beings (technicians) will also teach you about the various realities that manifest once you begin to use these devices. You could say that this technology transfer signals the moment when you truly commit to your return to full consciousness.” (2)

The introduction of the replicator is also a big step towards a money-less economy, his sources say. It’ll free us from debt slavery.

“Various technologies as well are ready to be introduced, which end the days of money. This money-less society is to emphasize the rise of the replicator.

“These technologies are to free you from the numerous forms of debt slavery now prevalent on this world. One of the greatest tests for humanity is to learn that the universe provides what you need in abundant form. We have all, at one time or another, lived in a society in which most of us were poor and daily believed that our abundance was impossible.

“This belief is now to end. You are ready to learn about abundance.”(3)

“We need to be very sure that these devices are not operated improperly; failure to comprehend the operating parameters will result in repossession, as this Light technology must not be abused. It is important to get this first step in the technology distribution right, as it is to be followed swiftly by even more advanced concepts and devices once the consequent responsibility of Light technology use is fully integrated into your collective mindset.” (4)

The replicators will not prevent us from doing things we like, Commander Ashira of the Neptune tells us.

“You will have Replicators – you will have various pieces of equipment – but none of this would ever require you to relinquish what you truly like! So if you are one that still writes with pen and paper we have no problem with that.” (5)

Tomorrow we’ll look at more ways our life will change, beyond the replicator.

(Concluded in Part 3, tomorrow.)


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