Gallery: Light Language update

I’ve been busy exploring Light Language and have found some new resources I’dlike to share with you.

This is new ideas and information that is coming through, so it was a surprise to discover some excellent books on the subject. Some are available in print and others online. Since few of them have reviews, I thought I
I’d review some of them, so you can choose what best suits your interests. My top pick is Jamye Price’s Opening to Light Language.

This book is available on Kindle for less than $10. It has the best overview to the types of Light language, they’re not all the same, how it comes through, how to develop it and how to understand the meaning. Unlike earth languages, light language is a symbolic language, much information is conveyed by the symbol, its non linear and its the language for the higher dimensions we are moving into. Of course people have been tapping into for eons. Lord of the Rings is an example of Tolkien tapping ainto Elven light Language, though he would have called it ‘the muse’ rather than light Language. Religious leaders called it ‘speaking in tongues’. Everyone can tune into it, though some more familiar with other aspects of it, depending on their lineage, such as fairy, elemental, angelic or galactic.

My second book I chose is Sacred Symbols of Light by Jean Logan, PhD. This book is especially for healers, it takes reiki symbols so much further. It has 36 glyphs in colour, with full page copies of each glyph to work with. Glyphs are symbolic language which convey information non-verbally. There is one to Restore divine DNA blueprint. Each glyph has suggested Affirmations and instructions on how to use it. This book has many colour plates, reflected ain the price and is not available online, so at $56 it’s a bit overpriced for general readers.

The next book which I purchased online, The Language of Light by Nadine May, is a workbook, to work through creating your own symbols and turning them into a series of Light language cards. It was technicaally challenging for me to print them from the iPad to create the cards and I was floundering knowing what to do. Later there were keys to some of exercises, and I can see how it would work in a workshop, but I found it confusing. At about $15, it was a cheaper option.

Language of Light by Suzan Ankara is a channelled guidance from the Ascended Masters. Words have power and it explains how we can use language to empower ourselves and others. The concepts behind powerful words are explained. Another section of the books allows Masters to speak about the ascended realms, the weather conditions on earth, the negativity that is blocking communication, the DEVIC kingdom, the ascension process and lots more. It covers a wider perspective than the other books.It is available in print for $30

I’m still waiting for the next three to arrive, so I’ll review them later.

Light Language Emerging has arrived and I’ve read it and its superb – maybe the best yet. Yvonne Perry has described I wanted to know and more. She even describes her walk-in experiences which I believe I had with the heart attack in 2000. She describes how different people open to receive light language in a practical no-nonsense way and its exciting and new and challenging. She gives links to websites, the danger being some have changed, but she points out directions to follow, and chants to vocalize. This is a very practical and hands-on book, available on eBay for $25.

The last to arrive by far, was Living Light Language by Bala Deva. Its from an Indian spiritual perspective but it meant;ions up to dale concepts quoting from
The Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak and talks about seed packets of information and codes of light showing how lots Of information can be stored in phrases, mantras and symbols/ It also talks about Tacyon energy assisting us to attune to the quantum field of energy in healing. It covers Glactic Art, Sacred Sound, Crop Circles Art, and Ascension. All this in a little book of 47 pages and only $14, GOOD OVERVIEW OF THE TOPIC

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